The Cursed Life of Gail


 “What’s wrong with the path you chose?” I asked sincerely, as she had to have had an eventful life, she had to have had experienced so many amazing things through the years.

“I’d have to start from the beginning, when I was still but a girl, yet becoming a woman. It was before I married the boy’s grandfather, before I had given up.. everything. I’d given up my goals, I’d given up my dreams, I left my desires and true love behind, I sacrificed my sanity, I sacrificed my morals, And when I thought I had nothing left… My life was taken from me and given to another.”


This is the story of a Woman…

Her Life.

Her Love.

Her Tragedy.

Her Survival.

Her Curse.



(Caution: contains extreme violence and sexual content)


Vol. I

Vol. II

Vol. III

Vol. IV

Vol. V