The Risen Dead Chronicles

When the World of Tomorrow is rift with ruin and the Risen have inherit the Earth, those few Damned souls still amongst the living must bring Humanity back from the brink of extinction, if that’s even still a possibility.

They find the horrors of a post apocalyptic world are filled with nightmarish creatures intent on savoring the flesh, blood, and bone of anyone unfortunate enough to survive the first wave of death incarnate.

When Death is its own salvation, and living is a virtual Hell, our protagonists fight to find the happy medium in the Purgatory in-between, before it’s too late ..



The Risen Dead Chronicles

Vol 1: The Risen and the Damned

Mini Series: The Cursed Life of Gail

Mini Series: The Perils of Limbo

Vol 2: Apocalypse of the Risen Dead – Coming Soon…

Vol 3: Coming Soon…

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