The Mystery of Iniquity


    Impropriety                           Monstrosity

Atrocity          ▪ Yurika Ymoja ▪           Crime

     Turpitude                                   Avaricious



Cast out by a corrupt Father…

Robbed of a loving Mother…

Reared by Monsters…

Loyal to a Prodigal Son…

Yurika has always known her role.

Never straying from her place in the story of another’s destiny.

But what happens when fate comes calling…

Seeking out a vessel, not of prodigal origins, but a true child of Iniquity?

Follow her as she seeks out an awful truth, tangles with love and acceptance, all while battling with unrelenting danger.

This is HER life, HER story, HER destiny.



Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six