MOI(1): The Playroom

*Chapter Five*

The back of the van was stale, and the rev of the engine woke me from my disorientation, my feet and hands were tied tight at the wrist and ankles. We hit a bump and my head strikes the floor of the van painfully, I don’t make a sound, as to not alert my captors I was awake.

“Aye, bet the lass will feel that in the morning, I say we should have had our fun with’er and thrown ‘er off the building, how much is this man paying us anyways?”

“Shut your fucking mouth and keep your eyes on the road, I don’t know why I even brought you in on this, a damn amateur is what you are.”

“You don’t have to be an arsehole Harry, damn!”

“Well if you did things right the first time I wouldn’t have to be, you’re lucky I covered for you, it’s your fault the boss is about to have our heads on a platter. Good thing we found this bitch, before she got to the embassy.”

That’s right, I was heading to the US embassy before I had to detour into one of the many unfinished skyscrapers in this vacant part of the city. These two men and their associates gave chase into the building behind me, and had finally recaptured me, no doubt taking me back to their employer.


The one man I wish never to see again in my life, the one that had foretold these series of events all those years ago.

“I brought you into this world, best believe, I will take you out of it for the dishonor you’ve given me.”

Those words made me run for my life, thinking back now, I’ve been running ever since, because I knew he’d make good on his threats. That’s why I was here now, like a lamb on the way to the slaughter, but little did they know about the lioness within me.

“Dammit Sam, look out! Watch the fucking road and stop fussing with the radio for christ sake, ya daft idiot.”

“She didn’t use her turn signal, what kind of country is this?!”

I took that moment to launch myself into the driver, my bound hands latching onto wheel for dear life, as the passenger struck me with his fist. I turn the vehicle sharply, into traffic, hitting another car, sending us into a tumble. I was bounced and flipped around in the truck along with the two men, but somehow manage to hold onto the back of the driver’s seat with my arms wrapped around his neck. For the most part, it kept me from further damage other than what I had already sustained, I couldn’t say the same for the other two.

The driver I had clung to, was non responsive but still breathing, his partner was covered in broken glass and blood. His neck was bent oddly, and he stare me in the eye as he gave his short final breaths, I laid there in shock for a moment, shook at the sight of incipient death.

Shifting and turning till I could make my way out of the broken back window, I aggravated the wound on my forehead, causing blood to spill down my face. That didn’t matter, I was finally free of the wreckage, free to run again.

My name is Yurika Ymoja.. and I’m gonna keep running for my life.


《 2 months ago 》

“Round One, Begin!”

I couldn’t believe I had agree to this, here I was legs spread, with Jerry’s lips against my lips, and I’m not talking about my mouth. I shudder with involuntary pleasure, as he hum against my button, showing a depth of experience I never would have guessed he had.

While he wasn’t my taste, Jerry was still a handsome virile young man, the gentle flick of his touch was evidence of that. The wetness between my thighs, a product of my own being, as the intensity of his touch incited the juices to flow from me. I grasp his head, causing him to feast with fervor, which elicit a scream of climax from my quivering mouth.

“Round One goes to Team Desire, which seems no surprise to me, I knew the challenger would put up a fight. Their team will move on directly to the next round, Team Enticing comes away unscathed as well. Team Infatuation and Craving, since you came in last, I’m sorry to say you must now participate in an elimination challenge.”

I look to Jerry confused, blushing momentarily as I notice he still had some of my juices on his face and around his mouth,of which he seem to be absentmindedly tasting with a flick of his tongue.

“As most of you know, the games are about two things.. first comes the pleasure, then comes the pain. Players please step forward and choose your punishment.”

There was a wheel with pictures of a paddle, a whip, a butt plug, and a brand. He motion for the players of Team Infatuation to spin first, and the Tall jock stepped forward and spun it aggressively, it landed on the butt plug. He was visibly repulsed, and swifty turn to his partner, who was offended he would dare turn her way.

“You two don’t have to fight about it, both of you are expected to participate, now roll the dice to pick your plug.” He gave a shrieking round of laughter, and wave the next team forward, one of the bearded boyfriends immediately decided to go first.

The wheel span gently, landing on the butt plug as well, there was an odd reaction from him and a small smirk from his partner. I wager he must not be used to the bottom role in the relationship, and it prove correct, as now both participants had objection in their faces.

“Roll the dice boys, red is the level grade of the instrument, black is the number of times you have to do a set of five strokes. Player that last the most rounds, continues on in the game.”

Both men rolled to see who would go first, Team Craving came out on top, so the man with the beard would be first to go bottoms up. He toss the die and came up with a combination of level 2 and 3 sets of five, the jock went next, receiving a level 4 and 1 set.

When they brought out the ‘plugs’ both men groan agonisingly, the two ‘plugs’ look like something out of a book of torture devices. The one intended for the jock was longer, looking like a broomstick ringed with donuts, it was just over the length of a forearm. The other was thick and short, but the base was as wide as a small plate, it was ridiculously dense.

“Don’t be scared boys, life is about the experimental process, you wont know if you like if you never try it.” Giuseppe taunted, signaling to his guard discreetly to push them forward.

In this game, you agree to all circumstances, my thorough review of the waiver you had to to sign to participate, was about as thick as a short novel. If you were somehow eliminated, you had to pay out money or serve out a sentence of sorts, in Giuseppe’s doll house, where you were used as sexual chattel.

The bearded man moved first toward the table set with two bottles of lubricants, applying  ample grease to his torture device, while the gym rat seem to be watching, like a typical jock peeking at the nerds term paper.

Where he insert, it was clear this wasn’t going to be so easy, I turn away for most of it, walking over to sideline, feel nauseous and so out of my element, I resigned myself to think what Jynx would do to get through this. It took a moment of realisation but when it came to me I turn back to the games, with a new vigor.

A person like Jynx would fully immerse himself into the environment he was in, he would exploit every loophole, challenge every rule, and find every single weakness within his opponent.

It was them I notice his eyes, it was Pinocchio, they were focuses solely on me, disregarding the punishing acts on display before us, or any of his other competition. I felt  bit like a raw steak dangling in front of a lion. I almost faltered, but I knew Jynx would never let any man intimidate him.

“Surprise, surprise, both of you were able to endure the first round, Team Craving it’s your turn to roll.”

“How long do we have to do this?!” The jock cried out, tender and bruised, from his introduction to anal play.

“Till one of you quits, then we know what happens then..”

Everyone grew silent, while I looked on evermore cautious to the game, all it took was one weak moment and you could falter. The man with the beard tossed the die, his result was 6 sets of level 3, he look nervous while his partner cheer him on from the sidelines. The jock moved to roll next, and his female companion called out words of encouragement, but he shot her a look of pure spite, she cower back as he made his move.

There was an audible groan of pain and excitement from the crowd, as the red die landed on six. I think the jock screamed but it was drowned out by the excitement of Giuseppe and his audience, apparently this was only the second time anyone had rolled a red six in the the ‘Punishment of Penetration’. If Jerry would tell it, the last person was nearly torn in half, and had to be rebuilt by elite surgeons, his luck was that his parents could afford it.

“Oh my god, what is that?!”

“They call it the ‘Phallus of Dionysus’, that this dates back to Grecian era B.C., and it was said to be used by Pope Borgia as a torture device.”

“That thing is gonna kill him! We can’t allow this to happen, you expect us to stand here and watch this man mutilate himself at the whim of a Mad Man?”

“He signed the contract, you read it and said yourself, it was ironclad. This guy is about to willingly do this, we are not the only ones Giuseppe has made promises to.”

“I can’t watch this..”

Turning to walk away, I was so distracted I didn’t notice the Tall dark and lean man behind me, it was like hits a brick wall. He had the most beguiling blue eyes, that had a way of zeroing in on you, like an eagle seeing it’s prey miles before it moves to strike. He grasp my arms to steady me, as I’d almost fallen, but I felt an immediate nervousness when he failed to let go.

A wicked smile upon his lips was my only warning, as he spun my body back around, forcing me to witness his master’s games. The clock started, giving the men only five minutes to complete their task.

I struggled to move in Pinocchio’s grasp, and there was feeling of guilt as I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the two men in such an unfortunate predicament. When the clock started, there was an immediate dash for the table this time, and once again, the bearded man reached it first. He grabbed both bottles, leaving only a small tube he couldn’t snatch in time, but the damage was already done, he had clear advantage, to which he immediately started to prep himself.

“He’s cheating, what am I supposed to do with just this?!” The jock complained to Giuseppe, calling foul on Team Craving.

The only stipulations are to beat the clock and your opponent, nothing in the rule book about hoarding the lube, you better make your own kid.” The Game Master replied, ending with a howling laughter, that was soon backed in chorus by the crowd.

It was like they were minions instead of patrons, reacting on his whim, so eager to please him. I scoffed at the thought of stooping so low, as I had served men and women a thousand times more powerful in this world. A shriek of pain abruptly broke me from my thoughts, and I could see the bearded man had reached a part of his ‘plug’ that was barbed with pointed peaks, that were sure to shred him inside and out. Yet still the man endured, as for the Jock, he had a decision to make, and the clock was ticking.

He prepared himself with what little lube he had, and I closed my eyes, in a last attempt to shield myself from the horror. Though even while blind, I could swear i heard the moment his flesh ripped at the seams. This wasn’t a game, there was no fun in this, just some sick excuse for a bunch of Sadists to get their jollies. The way the crowd and Giuseppe cheer on the blood lust was a clear sign of some cultish group of DC eccentrics, worse than I ever could have feared or imagined. There was a loud sound of a buzzer, and the clock stopped just as opened my eyes, both men were sprawled out on the floor in a pool of blood, you couldn’t tell who was bleeding out.

“That’s the time, partners you can now tend to your teammates, I didn’t keep count so we’ll refer to the judges.” Giuseppe announced, sending along the message, that the show will go on, and it was just getting started.

The young girl on Team Infatuation cried as she knelt over her fiance, not know where to even start, he was unconscious and I fear most of the blood belong to him. The other man was weak but still lucid enough to hold on to his partner as he sobbed. I shook loose from Pinocchio’s grasp and went to slap him, but someone grabbed my hand, pulling me back.

“Save it for the games baby doll.. because the result are in.” Giuseppe said, with the most bemused smirk, entertained by the drama as it unfold, he grabbed his microphone to address the crowd. “It seems ladies and gentlemen, the result of the match comes to a tie, both men failed to complete the required number. In that instance, rules state both teams are eliminated, unless the applicable partner completes the task that their teammate started and failed.”

The room erupted in a roar of approval, ready to see more self mutilation and gore, I grabbed Jerry’s hand in a moment of weakness, actually afraid for my life in one fleeting fraction of a second. He didn’t judge me but a gentle squeeze did remind me, that the guy had tried to warn me, this was the kind of game that played you.

“It’s time to see if our Teams have come to a decision, Team Craving, since your partner came closest to completion, will you complete his task?”

Before the man could speak his partner grabbed him and shook his head ‘No’, pleading desperately with his eyes, it was clear he wasn’t going to let his lover destroy himself for these games, or whatever deal they made.

“Aww, so sad to see you two couldn’t endure to our later rounds, but as you know, with a loss comes my gain. You pay the price to remain the same, servitude or financial gain?”

“We will pay your price, just let me get my husband to the hospital, please!”

“You may go, but remember to check in soon, the clock is always ticking.” Giuseppe warned as he tapped his wrist watch, a sparkling jeweled piece that glitter across the room as it tease from his cuff. “Now it’s time to deal with Team Infatuation.. what a shame, I was rooting for you, we all were, the standout favorite challengers. If it wasn’t for the fact that your teammate failed us so deliciously, he put on a show that will be remembered for ages, believe me. I now offer you the chance to be immortalized along with your fiance, even though he was only able to do three quarters, which is a record, I will mercifully only require you to beat his record to stay in the game. What say you my puppet?”

“I can’t, that would destroy my uterus, I shouldn’t have to be punished because of the failure of a weak man. I decline, respectfully.”

“A shame, a woman so fearful and meek would never survive in my time, your ancestors would spit on you. As you know, you pay the price to remain the same, you must offer a secret truth or serve in perpetual pain, please make a decision.”

“I choose truth, what do you want to know?”

A man walked forward with a laptop, and she looked down at the screen confused, there was an abrupt beep, and everyone eyes were drawn to the clock as it reset to five minutes.

“All we require is the password to your husband’s cleanse protocols with the FBI, as his future spouse, I’m sure you can guess your way in if you can’t rouse him, the time starts now..”

“What? No, wait!” she panicked, debating a couple precious seconds on whether to try the computer or wake her partner.

She chose the later, kneeling down to shake him aggressively, he could only respond in delirium as he was in need of hospital attention at this point. I could only wonder what in the hell this woman was thinking, how did they let themselves get to this place and point in time? What gain was worth all this for them?

Once she realized he would be of no help, she tried the laptop, typing furiously on the keys. The crowd started chanting the countdown at thirty seconds, the poor girl never had a chance, to her credit, she kept going till the end. Giuseppe could only smile wickedly at her, as he motion for his guard to take hold of her and her comatose lover.

“Don’t look so sad Puppet, you two belong to Giuseppe now, I shall break you and put back together again, you will love it. Also be prepared to be fully acquainted with the ‘Phallus of Dionysus’, you will feel his entire power.”

They dragged her away screaming, in a haunting display perfectly fit only for Giuseppe’s games, leaving only two teams, Enticing and Desire.

“Seems we’ve come to the finale faster than anticipated, but don’t you worry! We’ve definitely saved the best for last, what is the final Game you ask? What else, but Truth or Dare!?”

I look to Jerry for some sort of hint or explanation, he could only shrug his shoulders, admitting he hadn’t made it this far. Pinocchio stepped forward into a drawn out circle, that seem to be scorched into the floor, he taunted me, beckoning with a finger like I was a naive child willing to take a ride home from a stranger.

Team Desire, you must choose between the two of you, a representative to partake in the next round of the game.”

“I’ll do it..” Jerry replied stepping forward, looking more apprehensive than I was willing to wager my life for, so I put a hand to his shoulder to stop him.

“Let me finish this once and for all, we don’t have time for any more of these games.”

“I don’t think you quite understand how dangerous this is Yurika, that man right there has never lost in this game, that’s why he is Giuseppe’s champion. This was a set up from the start, the Puppet Master collects people, that’s his game and the way he plays it.”

“The Tarot lady told me I had an advantage in the game, I’m a child of Shibah, it’s time to see what that is.”

Walking into what seem like a lion’s den, I shook of any nerves, knowing somehow, the man before me could read my fears as soon as they were felt. Stepping cautiously towards the ‘wheel of pleasure’, I tried to ignore the distractions from the crowd, as they yell out and cat whistle lewdly.

“With a spin you choose your fate..” Giuseppe warned, his commentary proving to be more irritating with every word, as I spun the wheel. “Seems like like we’re coming to a stop on one of my favorites, ‘The Bacchanal Ritual’ also known as the Fiery Dance of the Jezebel.”

I watch as his two female companions walk toward me with a blood red cape, that had markings in black scattered across the exceedingly long train, the material was light, airy, and transparent enough to catch my silhouette in right light. After dragging the garment over me, they then signal for servants to bring out bags of coal, to which they proceeded to spread it out in a large circle. More men came out, dressed in tribal robes and carrying drums of different sizes, they set up in a circle around the coals.

The other servants began to set jugs of what look to be wine on the perimeter of the circle, then someone lit the pit aflame as the drummers started to play, I look to Jerry uncertain of what to do, which only cause booing and jestering from the crowd. Pinocchio laughed wickedly and egged them on to hurl more insults, his female partner looking more like one of the servants than an actual teammate.

“You must dance in three circles around the flame, drinking from each jar of ambrosia  then the dance should take over, the crowd will be the judge and jury, if you win you choose the path of the next player.”

I listened to him knowing he wouldn’t repeat himself, the music grew louder as I step toward the first jar, bringing it to my lips and fully indulging in the elixer. It burned going down but a part of me knew I have to immerse myself into the ritual to succeed. Moving my body to the beat of the drum, I traverse the three circles waiting for the moment when it would hit me.

There was a sudden heat that started in my chest, then spread outward to engulf the rest of my body in a euphoric trance, it was then the dance to over. The tempo of the drum increase and the rhythms become more intricate, as did my footwork and swaying arms, twirling the cape, picking up a tornado of flames. I look down, surprised to find I was in the middle of the pit of fire, looking like some sort of she devil dancing in Hell.

An eruption of applause from the crowd, who had been silent the entire time, was the only signal to my brain that I had stopped dancing. The cape was burned to tatters but my lace ensemble appear untouched, without even the aroma of smoke.

“Well done, Well done! A fine display from what is clearly a powerful and amazing creature, excellent show Miss Ymoja. We will take that standing ovation as your approval to move forward into the next round.”

I walked back over to the sidelines, where Jerry was waiting for me, eyes wide in awe of me. It left me a bit unnerved, as I could barely recall anything I’d done, like it was all a dream. Next up was Pinocchio’s female companion, she spun the wheel and it landed on a game called ‘Pokerface’, she had to be able to orgasm without making a face that displayed the pleasure she was in. Jerry was to bring her to climax in any way he could, if she failed, she would be eliminated from her team.

It took longer than expected, but Jerry put in enough work to make her shudder with delight, his abilities at cunilingus were a secret weapon of sorts. The poor girl look scared to death as her partner look ready to kill her for getting eliminated. This gave us an advantage moving forward, as it was just the champion now, Pinocchio himself.

“We have come to the final event, so why not play an old fan favorite.. ‘Truth or Dare’, first to fold loses, winners gets the prize.”

The twins stepped forward, each holding a deck of cards, the obsidian beauty held the cards of Truth and her alabaster counterpart had the dreadful Dare’s. I reach for the first Truth card, but I hesitated.

“Wait.. shuffle these cards, then I’ll pick.”

“Clever girl, you know I like to start the show with a bang.” Giuseppe quipped, with a sinister smirk, morning to his girls to follow my request.

I reached for Truth again, but thought against it and pulled the first Dare, causing everyone’s eyes to light up.

~~ Dare to go nude for the remainder of your time in the game. ~~

Pinocchio walk toward me brandishing a blade, he held it out to me tauntingly with a coy smile, all too excited to see the flesh beneath the lace. I took it from him and cut open the delicate bodysuit, peeling my way out it. There was hooting and hollering, as my body was on full display, it was so demeaning.

The Champion went next, pulling from the Truth pile, it asked him to reveal his most politically incorrect secret, and explain why. He said he hated Gays with a blunt immediacy, that caused a few grunts of disapproval from the crowd. I thought he had finally lost them, but he went on to explain why, and it’s hard to shame someone that was victim to sexual abuse, even if I disagree with the way he pander to the crowd.

I stepped forward toward the sisters, once again reaching for a Dare, groaning when I saw what it demanded of me.

~~ join with your opponent, make your bodies one, and resist the urge of climax. Remain that way for the entirety of the game, first to initiate a disconnect or reaches climax is immediately disqualified. ~~

Pinocchio smile wickedly when I reveal the card, and Giuseppe arched a curious brow to question how far I was willing to go in this game. The time for turning back was long gone, and I ignore the worried guilty eyes of Jerry Goldstein, as he knew he was the reason we were in this predicament, stuck at the mercy of a mad man’s twisted sex games.

Hardening almost immediately, my opponent seem all too ready to ‘join as one’, I fought urge to gasp when I saw how endowed he was. More length than girth, but it resemble a sword more than any type of normal genitalia. Luckily I was still pretty wet from Jerry’s efforts earlier in the game, so it was a little less difficult than could have been.

He filled me up like a full stomach, making me ache but in a way that made want to make room instead of get off of him, I noticed he wasn’t breathing like climax had him dangerously close to the edge, though I was in no position to gloat.

“Now the game is getting good, but I can tell it’s nearly over, Pinocchio.. your choice, Truth or Dare.”

Dare, of course.”

~~ allow an available opponents teammate to make out with you for a full consecutive minute. ~~

His eyes panic as they cast over to Jerry, who look in equal disgust at the thought of making out with the other man, but I knew he would do what it took to preserve his own hide, it was the one consistency about Jerry Goldstein..

He was always willing to sacrifice it all to save himself above all others.

Pinocchio was stubborn and prideful, so I knew it would take much more than that for him to waver, despite the softening of his member I could feel inside me. It was a moment of mild relief of that pressure and fullness, but it was over as soon as the minute of kiss was up. My opponent spit any remaining taste of Jerry’s lips from his mouth, like he’d bitten into a cotton Apple, the crowd was excited by his discomfort, seemingly finding pleasure in it.

I didn’t hesitate in moving forward, deciding to choose my Truth instead of daring to leave it all to chance. Picking the card that held my fate, felt more dramatic than the moment really was, but that didn’t stop the small gasp that escape my lips.

~~ reveal my most awful truth to my opponent ~~

It couldn’t have been more perfect, though the fear was real within me, my most awful truth was one I’d hidden in plain sight for longer than I remember, it was my saving grace and pestering wound that never seem to go away no matter how I felt about it. The world was the place it was, and to prosper, I could only do so by living in my truth.

Pinocchio grin with confidence, making notice of how hard the fullness within me was, by making it move ever so slightly. Little did he know, I had him right where I wanted him, all ten inches deep. I lean forward till my breath was hot on his ear, the crowd groan in disappointment when they realized they wouldn’t be able to hear it, but Giuseppe hush them down as he was trapped in the intrigue of the moment.

I pressed my breasts against the solid muscularity of the man I straddle, rocking my hips, letting out the most euphoric moans. He was guarded, but i could tell he was enjoying me taking pleasure his body, he thought he was winning. I flick my tongue against the skin of his earlobe, before whispering in the deepest voice I could muster up.

“My most awful truth is, I was born a Man.”

Squeezing tight with my vagina, I simultaneously brought him to orgasm, and made him fully recoil at the same time. He was calling everything rotten under the sun, all the while his dick was still shooting and dripping from his climax. He move as if to strike, but surprisingly Jerry stepped in front of me, looking ready to attack. Pinocchio look to Giuseppe in protest but the Puppet Maker had the most unreadable look upon his face, the crowd was riotous, alternating betwixt brash booing and occasional cheers, the champion was defeated.

“Game is set, the win goes to the Challenger.”

“You could have fucking warned me about ‘it’..” Pinocchio complained to his master, motioning towards me, as Jerry celebrated in his face.

“I never interfere in the games unless rules are broken, you know that and I’m quite dissatisfied with you..” Giuseppe chastised sternly, before turning to me, with the most rigid of smiles, it was more scary than congratulatory, like a porcelain doll ready to crack.

“I’ve played your game and done as you asked, will you allow me to leave with Jerry unobstructed?”

“Yes, Ms Ymoja, as the Winner of the Games, your desire is my command.”

“May I also have something to wear, I have to go out in public.”

One of his Girls walked up with a garment box tied with a ribbon, presenting it to me with the most beguiling smirk, as Giuseppe wave farewell.

“Do come back and play, there are many prizes to be won in The Playroom. I’m almost certain we’ll be seeing each other again soon.. my new Champion.”

I didn’t stick around to ask him what he meant by that, I just knew it was my cue to leave, dragging Jerry behind me in a tight grip. I didn’t care that I was naked, everyone was, so as I traverse through the crowd I didn’t feel the slightest bit self conscious anymore, that was the effect and aura of Giuseppe’s Playroom, yet still, It had worn out its welcome.

When we found ourselves far enough away, I saw fit to try and put some clothes on, but upon opening the box I came across a ‘barely there’ transparent silk robe and a lace thong, both items the most obnoxious color of pink. Beggars shan’t be choosers, so I counted my blessings and quickly got dressed, if you could call it that. Jerry was looking around nervously, like we were being watched, nursing his bandaged arm where I wounded him the day before, I guess he had come to Giuseppe for help and it backfired. It was hard to focus and find the exit, but that was a give in, being we were in a large room filled to the brim with people in the midst of an all out orgy.

My eye caught sight of someone in the crowd, it was the man from earlier in the night, the one that bumped me, even now his face look all too familiar despite the dim lighting.

“Who are you looking at, Congressman Peréz? He’s married, never took you for that kind of girl.” Jerry stated bluntly, and I fought the urge to punch him in the throat, settling for a sharp elbow to his ribcage.

“I was just looking, and thank you for reminding me where I recognized him from, he voted ‘No’ on the controversial bill Minerva Rockefeller brought to the chamber a couple months ago.”

“Yeah, duh.. He’s hot shit right now, he took on the Speaker of the House, and was able to rally his peers around him for one measly vote. I hear she hates his guts, he better watch out for retaliation in the upcoming midterm elections.”

“She does seem the type to hold a grudge..” I reply, trailing off as I notice, the Congressman was approaching.

“Is he coming over here? Oh no, it’s definitely time to make our leave.” Jerry replied, starting toward the exit he’d just found on the other side of the room, this time dragging me with him.

“Wait, just hold on a second.”

There was someone behind him, the woman with the high ponytail, Miss Thong and Stiletto Heels, only she’s not wearing the mask this time. I immediately recognize the woman that push me in the street, the Jade assassin from the Fundraiser. She was strutting up fast like she wasn’t ready to let go of her man, the Congressman turn to her wondering who had the audacity to be following him, but things took an immediate turn for the worse.

The woman pulled out a blade from Lord knows where, and slit the Congressman’s throat, his blood splattering over a group of girls nearby, eliciting screams from them and moans of excitement from the sadist’s present. She made a dash straight for us, and I finally let Jerry pull me swiftly towards the exit. As we ran, I felt a pain in my shoulder, but I didn’t let it slow me down, not with that crazy chick behind us.

We sprint down the corridor, pushing pass the security guard as we burst out to the street, both of us forgetting this was a club at an abandoned warehouse, far from any semblance of civilization. We both look at each other lost, fear settling into us both at the thought of out running her on foot.

That’s when we heard the roar of an engine, two bright headlights turned on a short distance away, and the vehicle accelerated to eventually pull up in front of us, screeching to a stop just as we could hear commotion behind the door we just exit out of. Looking in the cab, I saw wide brim shades even though it was dark out and big blonde hair, who else could it be but Valissa Vance.

“Hop in you sluts, let’s get the fuck out of here!”

Jerry jumped right in shotgun, while I was more reluctant, but decided to take the ride. I still didn’t trust the Double ‘00’ Agent, she was smart, she was dangerous, she was informed, and she was always on time to a party. She hit the gas, and we went speeding off in the blue vintage Bentley convertible, I look out the back just as the mystery woman made her way outside. She surely would have captured us, she was as fast as she was deadly, so it was odd to me she just looked down at her watch as we sped off.

“What’s that in your back, right by your right shoulder?” Agent Vance asked, looking in her rear view mirror, causing Jerry to turn in his seat.

I noticed what they were talking about, it was where the pain was, right now it was hard to ignore. There was no way for me to see it without a mirror, but I sure felt it, what did she do to me?

“It’s a tracker.”

“How do you know?” Jerry asked, clearly with no idea of who she was, but that was exactly the essence of her job, for you to not know who the hell she was or what she was capable of.

“I know because I’m James Bond, that is, if he had the balls to be a woman. Now would you question James Bond if he says that’s a fucking tracker in her God damn shoulder? Get a grip on it, and pull it out, before that bitch catches up to us.”

Jerry whispered a ‘sorry’, as he brace one of his hands on my back, and grip the dart wedged deep into my flesh. With a single pull, it was ripped out, and I let out a scream that probably could be heard for miles.

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