SCS(MD): Titans Among Us

*Chapter Two*

With as much force as I could muster, I push him away from me in disbelief of what he’d just said, it sobered me up and brought me roaring back to reality.

“What do you mean, back to you AGAIN?” I asked, dreading any answer he would be bound to give.

“Sím, again.” He reply as he reached down, stroking the hardness that strained against his pants. “I told you we had a connection, you visited me in my dreams, so real and vivid, I wasn’t entirely sure at first if you were really here or not, but you might as well had been. Our minds linked, apart of you reached out to me, called to me…”

He was smiling, as he stepped closer, but I took a step back to keep the space between us.

“I don’t know what you think happened but it was JUST a dream, a figment of your imagination, in this reality I despise every fiber of your being.” I said, with a loose tongue, admonishing myself after such an emotional reaction. “Look, i’m not here to fight with you nor to fuck you, but I do need something, that right now only you can give me.”

“Is that so? Who knew the gods show such favor upon me.” He mused, stepping back to lean against the wall, crossing his arms as he stared me down.

“I guess so.” I reply, feigning indifference with a dismissive wave of my hand. “I’m asking for your full compliance with Dr. Jhadav and I need you to provide a sample, a DNA sample, to be more specific.”

“Am I the baby’s daddy?” He crassly joked, grabbing his stiff bulge.

“Oh wouldn’t you be so pleased with yourself, if that were the case.” I rolled my eyes, inwardly cringing at the thought, and silently thanking any powers that be that I was born a male.

“We can try again if you like, I’m willing to put in the extra effort.” He replied, licking his lips slightly.

“Are you going to cooperate or not, RJ,” I snapped at him, my patience wearing thin.

“There it goes, the truth of it all!” He said, with approval in his eyes. “You stand here still so full of rage.. um belo espetáculo para ser visto.” He stood up straight and closed the space between us, this time I didn’t back away. “But you ask something of me, so it’s only right I ask something of you, as well.”

“Depends entirely upon what it is you want.” I said, wary of any desire the man had.

“There are many things I want, muitas coisas que eu desejo..” He said, getting so close, we had to share the same breath. “But all I ask of you, is that the next time you walk through that door asking a favor from me, be prepared to pay in full.” He brought our hips together and stroked my ass, giving it a squeeze.

“What makes you so sure there will be a next time?” I asked snidely, making it clear I had no reason to come back to him for anything else, let the day I die come first.

“Don’t you see by now, é inevitável, all the paths of fate will lead you back to me.” He replied forebodingly, before placing the softest of kisses upon my lips, I pushed him back before the will within me succumbed to his seductive touch.

“I accept your terms, but I warn you, I don’t plan on coming back. While I don’t plan to kill you, I did make arrangements for you to rot here in hell.” I said coldly agreeing to his terms, but he didn’t blink an eye, only smiled a bit. “I know you aren’t the only splinter cell implanted within these walls, Another one of your people was placed here, I assume another handler to try and break me in”

He raised a questioning eyebrow at me, and shrugged, as he took a few steps away from me.

“So, Belladonna Van Duyn doesn’t ring a bell to you? I’m told I am bound to have run ins with her grandson when they transfer me to purgatory tomorrow, am I to believe you know nothing about that?” I asked him incredulously.

“She finally sent him here? hahahahaa, I knew it would happen one day!” He commented, more to himself than to me, finding it a total riot. “If you think me the son of the devil himself, then think of Caspen as one of my brothers.”

“If he fucks with me, I’ll have him sharing this piece of shit cell, right along with you!” I replied to him, with all seriousness in my voice as I turned to leave, giving the cell door a couple knocks.

Ramón plopped down on his mattress, and laid down like it was the most comfortable thing in the world. He chuckled at me, with his eyes closed, stretching out and putting one arm behind his head, the other stroked his visibly hard dick through his pants.

“The escort will arrive to take you to the medical ward tomorrow, the Doctor is to have no difficulties getting the sample needed. I expect your full cooperation, am I understood?” I asked him, as Cerberus opened up the door to let me out.

“Sim, Minha Rainha, eu entendo” He said, eyes closed, an eerie smile gracing his lips.


When I awoke the next morning, the sticky dry cotton mouth and a bit of a headache, signaled to me that I indulged a tad too much the night before. The cell was sweltering, feeling like a boiling box, I quickly rose to knock on the door.

It opened a few moments later, and a guard opened up and let me out, I told him to take me to the Admin building immediately. There was much to take care of, before I would be transferred to Purgatory. When we got there, a technician was installing some small AC units in the top offices, I barged into the Warden’s office irate.

“You have me boiling in that piece of shit hot box, while you motherfuckers enjoy air conditioning?!” I yelled at him, as he sat there wide eyed, sipping his bourbon spiked morning coffee. “I expect to be accommodated accordingly in my cell, you got me all the way fucked up, if you think..”

“I’ll tell you something funny, I already had the tech make a stop down there, just before he came here to me, trying to avoid this exact scenario.” He said, with a wry smile, and my face flushed a bit in shame. “Now you see why I drink.. The rich can be so temperamental.”

“Well then I apologize.. cherish it, because it’s a rarity coming from me.” I said with a smile, taking a seat in one of the lounge chairs across from him. “Are we all set for this evening, I don’t want any surprises, the last thing we need..”

There was a knock on the door and Saundra came in with a small stack of papers, she was dressed in a nicely tailored royal purple outfit, almost looking like she was on her way to church on Easter Sunday.

“Warden, I have the paperwork for the prisoner being transferred to Huntsville, his name is.. Woodrow, Castor Woodrow.” She said, looking down at the page in front of her, fiddling with her reading glasses.

“Did you say Castor Woodrow?” I asked, looking from her to him, and back. “When is his transfer taking place?! Is it for his trial?”

Yes, I may have been a bit frantic, but the truth was, I was mighty worried, because there be a chance he could wind up in segregation for the next 25 years, all because of me.

“Yes it is, they arrived to pick him up early this morning, this is the last of the paperwork we have to fax over.” She replied apologetically, holding up what she had in her hand.

“There’s nothing we can do but wait.” The Warden said, throwing up his hands. “But from what I understand, Ms. Ymoja will be representing him, she seems most capable, so I wouldn’t fret.”

“You’re right, Yurika can handle it..” I said, but I’d lie if I tell you I wasn’t the slightest bit afraid for him.

The Warden signed the papers and gave them back to Saundra, she told us my escort would be here a quarter after one. With that, we thanked her and she made her exit soon after. There was still over an hour left to kill, so before we went over any further details, he pulled out a menu, I took it and looked it over. There was an assortment of items, distinctly southern in cuisine, I ended up ordering something simple, but not on the menu, I wanted shrimp and grits, with scrambled peppered eggs, and a few strips of bacon.

He called someone and placed his and my order, and after maybe fifteen, twenty minutes, the food arrived. Two men carrying several covered plates entered the room, followed by a heavyset man in a chefs toque, he was a light brown skin complexion and had reddish brown eyes. He wore a white chefs button up, that fit him nicely, every inch of the fabric was pristine white and tailored to perfection. He reminded me of a more attractive, several times over, André Leon Talley, with this larger than life snobbish aura. I could definitely tell, this bitch was feeling himself majorly.

“Jynx, this is the chef we were able to import from Savannah, he’s been making a big name for himself in Georgia, but your offer was too attractive for him to pass up on” The Warden said in introduction, as the men placed the food down on his desk.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ellison, you can call me Gio like everyone else.” He held his hands out and took hold both of mine, so dramatic and daint, I was taken off guard. He had a velvety toned drawl, when he spoke, that was distinctly southern. “Normally I’d be offended if a patron ordered something as simple as grits and egg from me, but with what you’re paying me, I’d make Top Ramen, goddamnit.” He let out an infectious bellowing laugh, we all couldn’t help but join in.

“Are you prepared to cater the meals of the entire prison ward?” I asked him, as I started to taste my food. He pulled out his tablet and started showing me samples of the menu.

“I’m quite excited, I’ve come up with a nutritious menu, stock full of variety.” He said, scrolling through the pictures of gourmet meals. “It was a challenge but I’m quite proud of what I..”

“No.” I said cutting him off, my mouth full of food, he looked at me shocked along with the two men with him.

“What’s the proble..” He started, but I held my finger up to stop him again.

I chewed the food I had in my mouth, and couldn’t suppress the groan of pleasure that came from me. I was glad my mother was nowhere around, or I’d have to smack her, it was all just too good. He waited for me to finish, but clearly looked upset.

“Scratch all of that, I want their food to be generic and bland, tasteless, a step above barely edible. They don’t deserve anything better than that, Maybe in the future I’ll let you do your magic, but not now.” I said, and I could clearly see the disappointment on his face. “From now on you can surprise me with any meal you choose, extend that to my personal guard, and the staff as well.”

“I’ll do my best sir, if you would excuse me we have much work to get to, please enjoy.” He said graciously as he sashay shanté out the room, followed by the two men.

As soon as they left, I received a message on my ipad from Dr Jhedav, she needed to see me. I told the Warden I was about to leave but he told me to wait a bit, the guard detail was ready and would escort me to where I needed to go. While I waited, he informed me that Cerberus was the new operations manager of Hades, I was happy he got a promotion but he had a daunting task ahead of him.

I had heard the riot siren in the distance several times these past few months but things still were in a state of anarchy over there. Saundra buzzed in on the intercom, that the guard detail was here.

The Warden escorted me into the common room, and upon entering I was greeted by the sight of six men, all dressed in fully modified and updated TAC gear, lined up in a row along the right side of the room. They were all different sizes, some taller some smaller, but they were all built like brick houses, immediately two of the men stepped forward and took off their helmets.

One was older, probably in his mid to late forties, and the other appeared to be early thirties. The older one clearly seemed to be in charge, as the other followed his lead when he crossed the room to greet me. He had a dark complexion and a goatee that was spotted with a few grays, his hair was shaved bald, his dark brown eyes stern. He was tall, maybe six foot one or two, his frame was broad shouldered and very imposing, I wouldn’t wanna fight him even if he was a seventy year old man, he was just so big. The other guy was closer to normal, he was a lean and toned six foot one, and was a pretty generic looking Caucasian guy with dark features, might even be more of a white Hispanic.

“Good morning, Warden” said the tall older gentleman, as he shook the man’s hand, he then turned to me and only nodded in recognition. “Mr. Ellison, nice to finally meet you.”

“Likewise, Mr..?” I left the opening for him to fill.

“Just call me ‘One’, I’m the leader of the team, this here to my left is ‘Two’. We will be the main security heads of the three man teams. This will be the last time you see our faces, as we prefer to stay as anonymous as possible.” He said, as they put on their helmets, when he spoke again his voice was entirely different, it seems it had a voice scrambler. “Today for our initial transfer we’ll run a six man team, when we split, it’ll be odds and evens. ‘Five’ and ‘Six’ will act as couriers but just think of us as a Secret Service of sorts, we’re there for your own good. Only stipulation is that neither of us are to be separated into packs smaller than three, that’s for our own safety, and our only prerequisite.”

“That works for me, you’ll know if at any point I’m displeased or object, to any of your rules and protocol.” I said to him in a serious tone, he nodded in the affirmative, I then turned to the Warden. “Have they all signed confidentiality agreements? I won’t have to explain the delicacy of this operation, will I?”

“Excuse me, not to be rude.” Number Two spoke up, his voice similar to One’s, thanks to the scrambler. “We’ve seen things that would make you piss your panties at night, things that would..”

He got hit in the side by One, to shut him up, the older man could tell I wasn’t to fond of his subordinates tone.

“What my colleague here is trying to say, is that we’ve built our business on secrecy, you won’t find us in the Yellow Pages.” One said, sending Two back to the line up. “Either way, we’ve been fully briefed.”

“Let’s make moves then, I need to see the Doctor.” I said walking towards the elevator door, pressing the button.

When it opened, One’s group of three entered, while the other three took the stairs, I went inside and hit the second floor. It was a short ride down, and when we got out, they took a pointed stance around me, in a triangle formation. I could see the other three already down the hall, posted outside Karishma’s office. When I entered the room, leaving the guards outside, I found her looking into a microscope.

“It’s about time you got here, this is incredible, I don’t even know where to start!” She said excitedly, not even looking up at me. she pointed to a folder and made a gesture for me to bring it over, I followed instruction and brought it to her.

“How about starting with, telling me what exactly am I?”

“That’s easy, you’re most definitely human, or at the very least some extension of homo sapien, I almost have the urge to rebrand you homo superior. The DNA structure in both you and the other subject, is perfect, it’s showing no anomalies or defections at all. That’s very disconcerting..” She said shaking her head as she looked over her notes.

“I’m sorry, but I fail to see the problem, wouldn’t that be classified as a good thing?” I asked, failing to see the issue, the lack of genetic anomalies should be a positive.

“97.2% of the population carry at the very least a 2-3% defection rate, many things contribute to that. Things like race and our diverse ethnic backgrounds contribute heavily,  over time we eventually receive damage to our DNA from the sun itself.. I see signs of none of that.” She said, looking at me concerned, as if I had ebola or rabies. “I’d like to set up an appointment to get neural scans on both you and Mr. Carlo, my research would be inconclusive without it. Some good news is your sample showed an acceleration in cellular repair, it would explain how you healed so fast from your injuries.”

“We have to keep this as highly classified as possible, handled with the utmost secrecy, am I understood?” I asked, and she nodded, I’ll ask Yurika to get a NDA set up just in case. “How much is the CAT scan machine? I’ll buy one, simple as that. We’ll update this piece of shit medical ward while we’re at it. Send a list to Ms. Ymoja, she’ll take care of it.”

“You do know I’m eventually going to need help on this, I can’t do this alone.. It’s beyond my abilities.” She said, looking overwhelmed, her hair was unkempt and her scrubs were disheveled.

“What if you assembled a team? I’ll spare no expense, so make of list of candidates for that as well.” I reply as I looked over her notes, searching for any clues, but she was right in the fact that she would need help. “I want the best of the best working on this with you, tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest.”

“There is something else.” She said a bit hesitantly, almost as if she was afraid.

“What is it?” I asked, ready for anything at this point, expecting the worst. “I have cancer or something, don’t I? That’s just my kind of luck.”

“No, nothing like that, it’s just that I went into the medical records of all the prisoners we have on file. We take DNA samples on almost every inmate in the facility during processing, Mr Castro being one of the few exceptions.”

She pulling out a stack of paper from the folder, there were names and information about their offenses, most of it was science jargon that might as well had been braille for all intents and purposes.

  • “I wanted to compare the DNA structure ratio of the men we have on file to the global statistic, what I found out was frighteningly extraordinary.. There are almost FIFTEEN men so far with DNA structures comparable to yours, locked within these very walls. What are the odds OF THAT? Three, four, even five would have been a coincidence but this is a crystal clear sign of what they were doing here. They’ve been collecting you all, and hiding you in the prison, caging you away.”

    “There are so many of them.” I  looking over the list of names, a few stood out, and I suppressed the shiver that threatened to crawl up my spine.

    Caspen Van Duyn: Class lvl 3 inmate (cell block B)▪ Ernesto Pandorán: Class lvl 3 inmate (cell block A)▪ Castor Woodrow: Class lvl 3 inmate(N/A) 

    When I came to the last name on the the list, it felt as if my heart skipped a beat, I blinked back a tear and my throat dried up.

    ▪ Peace DéVantae Rosen: Class lvl 1 inmate (deceased)

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