MOI(1): Lost in the Lust

*Chapter Four*


“You didn’t think I was just going to let you get away with double crossing me did you?”

I didn’t answer her, figuring silence was best, seeing how I was staring down the barrel of Agent Vance’s gun. Her usually bright clear blue eyes were red and angry, she was sweating, like she had run into trouble getting here. A few lacerations decorated her arms and legs, and a small cut in her hairline, tainted her pale blonde hair with blood.

“Yeah bitch, you did, but I’ve been doing this far too long to let some godforsaken amateur get away with that shit. Fool me once, shame on me, you won’t fool me twice, cause you’re about to have a bullet in your pretty little head.”

“Valissa I can explain..” I started to plead, yet just as I was about to speak the sound of several men coming up the stairs cut me off, it was enough to distract her momentarily, and I regret my next action but in a panic I acted off of reflex.

I gave her a heel to the chest, sending her flying back, tumbling down the flight of stairs a couple feet behind her. I thought she might have broken her neck, but since I ran away to the sound gunfire, I didn’t dwell on it long.

Running for dear life, afraid one of my red bottoms would break, I burst through the closest door, and down a long dark hallway, searching for another set of stairs the blueprints displayed would be around here. My breath grew short and blood trickle down my arm, probably leading the people after me like cookie crumbs.

It was never my intention to double cross Valissa Vance, using people wasn’t something I normally pulled out of the playbook, but a hail Mary and some grace was needed. Hell, I needed some more of it now, though if only I believe in the Grace of God, but to be honest, the thought had forsaken me a long time ago.

A time when I was running just like this, running for my life, imminent death merely seconds behind me. The only difference was karma had traded the scenery of a natural forest, for a concrete jungle, leaving me to live out this ill fated and tragic deja vu.

I finally found the stairs, and burst my way through the door, only to be clotheslined by a stiff arm as I cross the mantle. A man grabbed me by my throat, lifting me up and pressing my body hard against the wall, I kick wildly but he was taller me by more than a head. My vision blurred and my lungs soon found themselves being depleted of precious oxygen, all I could focus on were those dark beastly eyes and the pungent smell of a rotten tooth.

“You’ve cause meh quite a bit of trouble, Boss wants you brought in alive, but hey.. accidents happen.”

My eyes watered, as I squirm in his grasp refusing to scream for the bastard, but the inevitable darkness of unconsciousness was coming, and it seem there was nothing I could do but pray.

My name is Yurika Ymoja.. and dear God, I could use a little bit of your Grace.


《 2 months ago 》

“Get off of me!”

The people grabbing, caressing, and pulling at me look confused as they continue their assault of my body. With a little bit more fight and force, I was able to pull myself out of the pool of bodies, grateful they hadn’t torn my La Perla lingerie.

I fixed my hair, and settled myself before venturing further into this fetish den, looking for the troublesome Jerry Goldstein. He had said to arrive at ten, but I was a couple minutes early, intentional, in order to scout the place out and make sure he wasn’t setting me up, I still didn’t trust him.

His lies had cost me the most important trial of my life, there would be no way to repair that damage caused, but with his help, there was a small hope we could build anew upon the ruins of the lives destroyed.

A man brush by me, he was a nice looking Hispanic man, tall enough to look me eye to eye in my heels. Warm brown eyes and brooding swagger remind me of Hatch, they were of similar ages, closer to forty than thirty but still maintaining a timeless sex appeal. There was something familiar about him, it was nagging at me, but I couldn’t place it. Believe it or not, there weren’t that many attractive men in the upper echelons of the Washington elites. Money and power were far more attractive here, than beautiful faces and washboard abs, so they were a rarity indeed.

I knew he wanted me, and that even before he lifted his left hand to gently stroke the skin of my jawline, moving in close enough that I felt the heat off his body. I might have entertained him, had I not noticed the mark of his removed wedding ring or if I didn’t have a greasy slick accountant to locate.

The man looked mighty disappointed as I walk away, but it didn’t take long for this slim thick woman in nothing but black stiletto heels and a mask, to saunter by and catch his attention. Her hair was pulled up into a severe high ponytail, and her sallow nimble body was to die for, I would have thought him crazy had he pass her up, she was a great consolation prize.

Looking around, there were people of all colors, shapes, and sizes, doing all sorts of things I’d never even seen before. There was a nude woman covered from head to toe in semen, as men stood around her, more than ready to dress her in white. A man was getting his scrotum electrified, by a woman with a cattle prod. While another was hogtied and having candle wax dripped down his back, leaving his pale skin a searing red, as he groan out loudly to join the chorus of pleasure sounds that fill this place.

*Why would Jerry have me meet him here and where the hell is he?*

That’s when I saw the red door, it was near the back with a burly guard at the door, even bigger than the one at the entrance. As I walked up, he cautioned that only red bands could pass through, so I held up my wrist and he grinned, while looking me up and down.

“Pinocchio and Giuseppe are gonna like you, step inside beautiful, this is the Game Room, you pass the first test and you get to the common area, private suites are invite only.”

“What’s the first test?”

“Step inside.”

I apprehensively cross the mantle into the candle lit space, there was a older woman with the same smooth sable complexion as my own, she had on a skirt of silken rags yet she was bare chested, her breasts covered by a multitude of colorful beads. A glorious crown of wild free form locs tumble from her head to the floor, she was still beautiful and had a natural grace to her aging, keeping an palpable sex appeal that simmered in the room.

She beckon for me to move closer, and take the available seat across from her, at the table. There were colorful cards in her hands, and I figured a tarot reading couldn’t be too bad, so I sat watching as she shuffle. Pulling six cards from the top, she place them in front of me, pointing to the first.

“My job is for us to discover your Sex Sign, it will determine the advantages and disadvantages you will face in the Game. These are six signs applicable to women, even those of a third nature.”

She gave me a knowing look, clocking my tea, but it wasn’t because of how I looked, it was like she could see into me.

“There are six Sex Signs that make up the psyche of our carnal nature. This here is the Siren, and then the Succubus, similar but different. As both have a skill at drawing in potential partners, but one feasts on the attention, while the other feasts on pure sexual energy. The next duo are complete opposites, we have the unchained Jezebel and the Virgin Mary, the liberated she beast or the sexual purist.”

None of these sounded like me, at least not in full, but I guess she knew that, passing over the first four ceremoniously. While all of those symbols were very apparent first glance, the last two gave me pause, and the woman grinned as she notice my intrigue.

“Finally, we come to the Amazon and the Black Widow, both relish in the servitude of man. An Amazon uses the male form as a tool, he is simply that, and nothing more. While the Black Widow, she relishes him like a delicacy, and she doesn’t mind playing with her food, climax with her can often prove psychologically fatal.”

“All of these caricatures seem so extreme, not everyone can be labeled or stereotyped, least of all, when it comes to sexuality.”

“You question things you know not of to speak on, human beings have predictable instincts, we all share them in individual ways. While it’s hard to stare your reflection in the face, you may find the truth is more extreme than you think.”

She gathered the cards, reshuffling them into the deck, after ensuring a good mix, she place them in front of me to cut. I did a classic three split, and she looked me in the eye as pulled the card.

“This first card is your Sex Sign.”

With that said, she flipped the card, it was a new one. I started to laugh, figuring this to be a blooper that came along with this kind of astro spiritual hocus pocus, that laughter faded when I saw the seriousness and genuine surprise on her face. She look to me and back down at the card a few times, like it would change, before she finally spoke again.

“This card, I didn’t even bother to mention because it rarely comes up, I could probably count on one hand out of thousands that have pass through here over the years. I feel foolish for my underestimation in the potency of your essence.”

“What does it mean, who is she?”

“She is the ‘Six’ all in one, and her true name cannot be spoken in the human tongue, the Ancient Origins allowed our ancestors to praise her by many names Bilquis, Shiva, Djinni, Sheba.. though her true origin is Shibah. The the only Sex Sign with her own free will, that’s what make her so powerful. This card would only be called upon, if I was in the presence of ancient blood, Shibah knows her children.”

She gave me that look again, where her eyes seem to gloss over, as they peer into the depths within me. The woman was able to see the darkness, pain, and betrayal buried beneath my meticulously crafted shell that shield me from the world.

“No, sorry.. I’m of no particular pedigree, I’m afraid.”

“But you are, I know.. I see the past still haunts you, and it will repeat itself to prove it.”

As she gave this ominous warning, she closed her eyes, flipping over three more cards in front of me. The first depicted two men, tearing a woman in half as they pull separate ways, next was a scene of three furies serenely bathing in a lake of fire, and lastly was a plain white card with a single black rose.

“Hmm..” She replied as she read the cards, taking quick glances back up at my face, in assessment. “Congratulations, you’ve past the first test, continue through the door and down the hallway. You are not to stop at any of the rooms till you reach the end, where you will be greeted by an escort.”

“Wait, what? You didn’t tell me what the cards mean, what kind of test was this?”

“I did tell you, Child of Shibah, and as for what’s in the cards, let’s leave them in the deck. Trust me, I’ve seen enough to know everything, and your secret is safe with me, now move on to the next room.”

I stood from the chair, unsure as if I could go any further then this, I wasn’t liking this game one bit. She watched me until I left, and found myself in the hall she spoke of, it was lined with rooms all the way to the end. Curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn’t help but to peer into them as I pass by.

Each room had a person, male or female, who was always bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Some were hanging from the ceiling over various torturous devices, one woman was being pounded relentlessly with an enormously girthy dildo, and a man had a literal flame under his ass that kept him standing on a permanent pointed toe. I couldn’t tell if their pleasure was pain, but I would later learn this area was known as the ‘Pig Pen’, and these people were those who owed Giuseppe a penance but didn’t wish to opt for a permanent exile, they were addicted to the Playroom.

Following the woman’s orders, I didn’t stop till I reach the end of the hall, where I was met by a red haired woman in a muzzle, she bowed to me and silently motion for me to follow her. Before coming here, I had promise myself to keep an open mind, but I was getting freaked out.

The woman brought me to a large room filled with people, there was partying and drug use all around, some were even having sex. I relaxed a bit, as it seem more tame than what I’d already witness. This seem more organic, like a Romanesque celebratory dinner, than an S&M torture den.

“There she is, and so beautiful, come closer and join us, please.”

It was a man in the center of the room, he was at a table joined by a set of twins, they were striking to look at. One had my complexion, yet she was gifted with eerie catlike green eyes, and while the other had the exact same facial features, her apparent albinism giving a stark contrast to her sister. They look like two versions of the same woman, and I’m sure it gave the man before me, much to play with.

He had a warm face and welcoming eyes, but there was just something about his grin that sent shivers up my spine, this was the puppet maker himself, I couldn’t let my defences down. This was a man, that even now, had someone tied, hooded, and bound at his feet.

Hatch and I had done our research on Nathan Lancaster, also known as Giuseppe the Puppet Maker. He was a guy from the wrong side of the tracks whose mother used to be an elite class Madame back in the day, catering to the most exclusive clientele in DC. He took over her mantle after she died, turning her little black book into a premier legal enterprise. As you see, Giuseppe didn’t sell sex, he sold an experience. There was no money exchanged here, and the puppets were willing volunteers, ready to do what the puppet maker asks.

“Hello I’m..”

“Yurika Ymoja, herald to Jynx Joseph Ellison, yes you’re much known around these parts, I was actually quite excited when I learned you’d be visiting my establishment.”

“Is that so? Then you’re aware I’m looking for someone, he has something I need.”

“Does he now? Well then that puts us in a peculiar predicament, because he belongs to me, him and everything he owns. So it seems, it’s I that has something you need.”

He smiled again, leaning back in his seat, as the twins fawned over him. There was a groan from the bound man on the floor, and I sighed knowingly, reaching down to snatch the hood away.

“Jerry what the hell have you gotten yourself into now?!” I admonished, looking down at him in disgust, he couldn’t answer because of duct tape around his mouth, so I ripped it off in one pull.

“Holy fuck that hurts!” He cried, as Giuseppe and his girls laughed, I sternly look down on him expecting answers. “I seem to have outstayed my welcome, I thought I could win the game.”

“What’s this game everyone keeps talking about? I’m not here for that, I’m about business, I need to take him with me and I need to go asap.”

“Now I’m insulted, you don’t want to play? How about this, you play the game AND win, I not only give you the prize but I’ll throw in this piece of shit as a bonus.”

“How do I know you aren’t tricking me, like you did this idiot and all those others? I don’t even know how to play.”

“Something tells me you’re gonna be a natural Child of Shibah, I’ll even let you take the dog here with you to show good faith, you might even be able to find use for him.”

“Okay, I accept.”

“Well now, I think tonight just might get interesting after all, and I was just getting bored.”

“What are the rules? How does this work?”

“Right now there are 8 players, so teams of two will play against each other till one team is left.”

“Let’s get started already, Jerry, on your feet.”

“Yurika, I don’t know if this was the best idea.” He cautioned, as he saddled up next to me, to close for comfort given his undressed state.

He only had on a pair of black boxer briefs, so his leanly muscled frame was on full display, he wasn’t my taste but I wouldn’t say he was bad to look at. I could tell he felt exposed, so I gave him my coat, he blushed red and mumbled a ‘thanks’ as he took it.

“Gosh, it’s scary what Man can create, because you’re as beautiful as the real thing.” He mused, looking me up and down in appraisal, my response was a swift hard knee to his nuts.

“Let’s get this over with.” I said, stepping over him, as I follow behind Giuseppe and his girls.

“Aarggh.. dang woman, I meant that as a compliment.”

“And I meant that as a thank you.”

I continued walking with Jerry limping behind me, and it wasn’t long before we came to another door, I knew once I step through all bets were off. Inside the room, we met the three other teams, who were a mixed bag of nuts.

There was a man that towered at six foot six, who had a slim brunette with him, she was pale skin with bright green eyes, and he was the all American jock. Next to them were a gay couple, who looked more like brothers than an actual couple, they had the same tawny brown complexion, thick beards, and low dark caesar haircuts with pristine hairlines.

Off to the side talking with Giuseppe were a man and woman with tanned olive toned skin, the woman was dressed in a green leather corset with a black lace catsuit underneath, her golden brown hair fell down to her shoulders in waves. The man was in conversation with his companions, but his sights were set on me, those stormy blue eyes almost look a hazy purple. He wasn’t as tall as the Jock, but he seem just as imposing, he stood with the pompous swagger of King, little did I know he was the king of lies, tricks, and dirty games.

“That’s Pinocchio, he is Giuseppe’s partner.. and the reigning Champion of the Games.”

“What’s so special about him?”

“Well, you know how in the fable, when the Puppet lies, his nose grows? Pinocchio is a notorious liar..”

“It must take one to know one, cause you’re seeing something I don’t, his nose looks fine from here.” I snidely replied, looking at the couple that seem to have walked off a fashion runway in Milan, their exotic Italian looks were beautiful in the most perfectly boring way, it almost made them basic in my opinion.

“It ain’t his nose that grows, look again.”

The man had started to undress, watching me from across the room as he did, I tried to mask my look of horror as he seem to have three legs at first, but once his hardness started to fill out, it rose to rest it’s crown above his navel.

“Now you see why I lost.” Jerry said, noticing my stunned silence.

He held tightly to my hand, sensing I was ready to run back the way we came, I wasn’t built for this bullshit. That’s when Giuseppe stood high on a podium, just as the wall to the left fully retracted to reveal a cheering live audience, and my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.

“Alright everyone, welcome back to the Game Room! Tell me.. Who’s ready to play?!”

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