MOI(1): Dangerous Girls

*Chapter Three*

The stairs seem to go on forever, it was a dizzying downward spiral that never seem to end, I wiped the mixture of blood, sweat, and tears from my eyes, feeling exhausted as I noticed I had only made it down to the twenty ninth floor.

The place where this dance with death began, it was where I was supposed to liaison with my asset, a source that could breach the event horizon of the nearly impenetrable Inner Circle. But in the midst of it all, something had gone wrong, we were made, and our location had been completely compromised, and sadly, it would be the last place I saw her.

My sister…

For so many years, I never knew I had one, yet the only reason I was still alive right now was because of her. She had sacrifice herself, betraying the one man we both feared above all others, a monster of a man.

A man that would go to any lengths to have his way, even if it meant murder, which was more often the solution than not, and that’s why I had to keep running. That’s what saved me before, I ran, going as fast as my limbs could take me.

That time, I got away… yet my fate in this instance was, at best, quite uncertain.

My arm went numb, as more blood had soak through the thin material of the makeshift tourniquet, I had to stop and find a better solution or I wouldn’t make it. Running into the empty office space where equipment was still set up, my eyes dart around searching for a first aid kit or anything else I could use.

When I came to another door, noises immediately alert me to the presence of someone on the other side, the person sounded like they were on the phone arguing, I recognized the voice right away, it was Him.

Slowly, I crept back the way I came, finding the staircase I entered through, it was still empty. So I traveled down three more flights of stairs, coming upon what seem to be the site managers workspace, there were some blueprints to the building and a walkie talkie on a table.

There was an audible click, just behind me, it was the sound of the safety being deactivated on a gun. I turned to see a woman, one who had become all too familiar, I’m surprised it took her this long to catch up to me.

By the look in her eyes she was ready to put a bullet in my head, a bullet that had my name on it for a while now, but this bitch had to get in line.

My name is Yurika Ymoja… and EVERYBODY is trying to kill me.


《 2 months ago 》

Upon exiting the bathroom and re-entering the Grand Ballroom, I immediately noticed the woman with the green dress, it was hard to miss her now that I knew she was there, still, I tried my hardest not make direct eye contact as I gave her a once over.

Waist length jet black hair, that cascaded in waves down her back, strong defined brows over beautiful dark eastern eyes, a small but full red pout. Her face was so familiar to me, but I couldn’t place it, and I felt her fierce gaze burning at my back as I made my way over to where Rich was patiently waiting, I had also remembered to cut my link to Hatch back on.

• {{ “Yuri, what happened, are you okay? The feed was out a long time..“ }} •

“Hey, sorry I spent so long in the ladies room, I got caught up in a bit of chit chat with some senator’s wife, really finding myself ill-equipped with the social finesse needed to leave without offending her.. I don’t know how you and your mother do what you do.” I spoke as if I were apologising to Richland, but what I wanted was Hatch to hear me to get the message, It would be easier to fill him in later.

“Trust me, you don’t want to find out, the price includes a piece of your soul and rent is due every month.” He joked in reply, but I could tell there was a seriousness in his tone, I was starting to get the feeling politics wasn’t as natural to him as it was to his mother.

“You know, we all live lives we don’t want to, we live compromised versions of ourselves for the greater good, that’s what makes the world go round.”

“And all this time, I thought that was money..” He mused, moving in closer, focusing those piercing sandy eyes on me. “So tell me Yurika Ymoja, how have you compromised your way through life?”

• {{ “Yuri..” }} •

Hatch’s tone was a clear warning, as our conversation was heading into sensitive territory, I was about to hold true to what I had said earlier about being completely honest with Rich, but once again CIA action Marilyn Monroe Barbie had to make an appearance.

“Reeka girl, is that you?! Omg, we haven’t seen each other since the big Ellison wedding, well, technically the third big Ellison wedding, but you know what I mean. C’mere honey, I’ve missed you, give me a hug!”

I looked at Rich nervously, and tried to ignore Hatch asking me who the hell she was, because hell, I barely knew myself. The senator had an amused but bewildered look on his face, he probably knew every person here by first and last name, yet up saunters this striking woman with a boisterous personality.

She was the type of woman that could stop traffic, so I easily read the suspicious gaze in his eye, this crazy girl was going to blow my cover, especially using Madame Speaker’s faux ‘Hey Girlfriend’ autonomous greeting.

*Why would she risk coming up to me?*

I got my answer when her dramatic embrace, brought her lips close enough to whisper an urgent warning in my ear.

“We have confirmation from one of our assets, that the Jade assassin has an order to eliminate her target, here at the banquet.”

My eyes grew wide as they instinctively search for the lady in green, though she was nowhere to be found, that meant I was in danger!

• {{ “ASSASSIN?! What target is she talking about? Yuri, answer me!” }} •

“Hello, Senator Rockefeller, I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced, my name is Valissa Vance.” The blonde expertly diverted, noticing I was frozen cold with fear from her warning, as my mind registered the incipient danger I was in. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet the political pedigree sensation, and youngest member to ever be elected to the Senate in nearly fifty years, quite a feat to eclipse Joe Biden.”

“Don’t mistake my youth, for unearned experience, nor my so called pedigree, for my election win. It was hard work to gain the trust of people in my district, if anything my family name was an adherence, people have lost their faith in government, my aim is to change things, full transparency is the way.”

“Or the illusion of it, we both know everyone has their secrets.. secrets we would sacrifice anything to keep.”

“I can honestly say I have none.”

“Well, we will see..” She eyed him knowingly, seeming to get a thrill at his confident integrity, and the possibility she could bring all that crashing down if they found something on him.

• {{ “Yuri, if you’re in danger, you have to get the hell out of there. Head to the side entrance we talked about, evac procedure Delta initiated, a car will be waiting in six.” }} •

“If you two will excuse me, I’m feeling faint again, Richland, please forgive me for cutting the night short.” I interrupted their little colloquial pissing contest, playing it up, but not having to fake the cold sweat of fear that had moisten my brow.

“Wait, do you need Dmetri to look you over? I told you he has EMT training.. let’s get him over here.”

“No, it’s okay. I promise I’ll be in touch but I have to go now.” I replied, as a flash of jade pass by my peripheral, though when I look she wasn’t there.

“Yurika, it will only take a few minutes.”

“Senator, she seems to be adamant about leaving, maybe the poor girl feels out of place.”

She said it in that elitist and condescending way, a woman in the grain of who she was pretending to be would say. It was just offensive enough that it got Richland to take his eyes off of me for more than a second, and as bad an exit as it was, I had to take it. A quick dash towards the kitchen, made sure I was gone before he could turn back toward me.

The path I needed to take would bring me through the reserve kitchen that wouldn’t be in use, and out through the service entrance on the left side of the building, Hatch would have a car waiting. In a perfect world, that’s the way the plan was supposed to go, but when a butcher knife went shooting past my face, I knew, as always, plans were bound to change.

If the knife wasn’t enough, the fist that came flying toward me next was confirmation, I dodged nimbly and grabbed the nearest thing I could reach, a ten inch cast iron skillet. The thing was so heavy it took two hands to swing accurately, making a sickening thud as it collided with her head. As I look down at the Jade assassin, now garbed in what look to be a python skin body suit, I knew full well I’d survived this encounter by luck.

I thought about killing her, but I wasn’t a murderer, it wasn’t in me, so I did the next best thing. I found some zip ties and duct tape, in a utility drawer and fasten her wrists and ankles three times over. A quick glance to the clock on the wall let me know I was cutting time close, so I grab her gun and took it with me as I ran through the next set of double doors, pulling the fire alarm on my way out. Once outside, there was a black Audi S8 waiting, with an impatient looking Umpelo sitting in the driver’s seat smoking a cigarette.

“Put a step on it gal!”

“Who’s car is this?” I asked, as I hopped in, barely able to buckle up before he sped off to the music of screeching tires.

“Borrowed some keys from the valet station, they won’t miss it.” He replied, blowing smoke out the window and turning on the radio, the latest Rihanna single was playing as we drove toward the safe house.

– -“ We interrupt this broadcast with an urgent report… I’m Rebecca Chambers coming to you live from the Astor Grand Ballroom, where fire safety, city tactical police forces, and secret service are responding to a tripped fire alarm. Sources say, the ballrooms reserve kitchen sustained fire damage, and there are reports of at least one casualty, no information has been found on the identity of the victim but there is a press conference announced for tomorrow morning…”   – –

I cut off the radio, and could feel Umpelo glancing at me every so often, as we travel the rest of the way in silence. My phone was ringing but I ignored it, didn’t need to look to know it was Richland, though how could I face him after dashing out like a mad woman. Not to mention the suspicious timing, and the unexpected surprise of a dead body at the banquet.

Was I a killer now?

Did I murder that woman?

Taking a life in any form, just didn’t sit well with me, flashes of her familiar face haunt me. Leaving me to wonder, if this is what it felt like for all who’ve taken the life of their fellow man, does the guilt eat at their soul like mine?

Because it seen to be eating me alive…


The next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs, and the sound of the morning news report playing from the television in the common area of our suite. I stepped out of bed and put on a robe, stopping in the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, listening to the TV through the open door.

▪▪▪ “Hello, this is your morning hour with ‘Vern and Nance’, I’m Vernon Jones…” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “And I’m Nancy Hope Van Duyn.” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “Nance, do you ever get tired of saying your whole name like that every single morning?” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “Of course not, apparently I have a reputation for being long winded.” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “Who am I to argue with that observation… moving on, Top stories for the morning come in from last night, where there was an apparent fire in an unoccupied kitchen at the Astor Grand Ballrooms annual ‘Save The Children’ Fundraiser. Authorities report one casualty, twenty six year armed forces veteran, and newly confirmed Secretary of Defence, General Ferdinand Bogart. The coroner’s report is still out but no foreplay seems to apparent, initial unconfirmed reports say cause of death might have been a heart attack.” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “The President offered condolences and announced the replacement for Defence Secretary will be officially revealed Friday, leaks from the white house say the top contender is four star General Anderson Brutte, a Vietnam and desert storm vet with decorated credentials that span nearly three decades. Vernon, didn’t you interview General Brutte, when you were a correspondent for ‘News World Report’ in the early 90s?” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “Thank you, once again, for checking my pulse Nancy, didn’t know if I was old enough to be dead or not… The second big story, coming out of the ‘STC Annual Fundraiser’ was the daring rescue of an unnamed woman on the red carpet as the event opened, the moment has gone viral on social media. Freshman senator, Richland Rockefeller, who is again in the headlines for saving the beautiful damsel in distress, by carrying her in traditional ‘Hero’ style up the famous Astor Ballroom staircase in leaps and bounds. Let’s cut to the footage..” ▪▪▪

I poked my head out the bathroom, to see Hatch and Umpelo had stopped what they were doing to watch the scene, they had footage of Rich picking me up when I fainted. He definitely looked like the charming hero, much to Hatch’s disdain, as he gave me a searing side eye before returning to his newspaper and coffee.

▪▪▪ “She’s perfect, she’s beautiful, she looks like a model.. that hair, that dress, those shoes, Vern, I don’t know about you, but I hate her.” Nancy replied, bringing a mug emblazoned with her own face to her lips, for a long sip of her ‘morning beverage’ of orange juice(and vodka). “I mean, who does she think she is? She’s throwing herself all over him like a thris…” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “Dont forget we’re LIVE, Nance… also, it appears she indeed suffered from a mild dehydration, and was treated on the scene by a certified EMT. Our people reached out for word from Congress’s most eligible bachelor and received no word on the identity of his mystery damsel, that has taken social media, and America’s hearts, by storm.” ▪▪▪

▪▪▪ “I still hate her.” ▪▪▪

The show abruptly cut to commercial, and Umpelo whistle as he cook to fill the awkward silence that fill the room, Hatch was livid, I was embarrassed, and we were in over our heads. How were we supposed to save Jynx with an assassin after me? because clearly I hadn’t killed her like I thought.. or better yet, like I should have.

And what about General Bogart? How did he end up dead, was it by her doing?

A fresh wave of guilt wash over me, as I could have possibly prevented that man’s death, simply by ending the life of a professional killer. I sat down to the table just as Umpelo served us breakfast, and while eating, we sat in an awkward silence, Hatch didn’t even touch his food or put down his newspaper.

“You could at least thank your brother for the wonderful meal he’s prepared, you were never one to be rude.”

“Nor were you ever one to be so goddamned reckless!” He yelled in out burst, slamming one of his heavy hands down on television table, nearly splintering wood. “Getting tangled up with an assassin and some treasonous rogue CIA operative working on US soil.. what the hell were you thinking? And then you almost revealed to that snake politician, something that could..”

He paused, both of us glancing toward Umpelo, forgetting he was sitting there listening. The man gave us an odd curious eyebrow, questioning the sudden secrecy, especially from his brother.

“Keep going.. something that could?”

“He was going to say, something that could put my life, and the Senator’s career in jeopardy.” I replied, taking over for a speechless Hatch, who was so intent on holding onto secrets when I wish to live in truth. “Senator Rockefeller isn’t aware that I’m Transgender.”

“Wow, um.. fuck me.. I mean, cool, well in this day and age whatever floats your boat, though I fail to see the danger. Sure, the press piranhas would have a frenzy, but I doubt the Senator would try to harm you.”

“It isn’t the Senator we are worried about, Yuri has been in hiding for most of her life, her initial transition was basically a spur of the moment self imposed witness protection operation. She’s been in hiding since her teens, and before last night we were sure everyone was under the impression her old identity was dead.”

“Could the assasin be working for this person you’re hiding from?” Umpelo asked me, but I shook my head.

“There is no way to be sure, Agent Vance said the woman’s been on my tail since we arrived in DC, though it’s still possible.”

“Maybe we can get some information from Jerry, when you two rendezvous at the Playroom, we did some research and found it to be an underground fetish factory for perverted Washington elites. They have a strict door policy, but Umpelo can hack their system, and put you on the guest list. The facility is heavily secured, with very few exits, so utilize caution, because we can’t save you if you get yourself into trouble, you understand me Yuri?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good, any questions.”

“Only one, what do I wear the place like that?”


Later that evening, as I walk up to what look to be a vacant factory, the nerves finally set in. All I was wearing was a long black trench coat, a black lace La Perla custom made lingerie bodysuit, and black alligator thigh high Louis Vuitton pumps.

I was serving Sex.. and it wasn’t cheap.

But I had to blend with the crowd, and that meant fitting the bill, I got an appreciative glance from the security man at the door, as he he search for my name on the list. I could tell he was listening to someone in his earpiece, as I was scanned with the metal detector, and in his hands was an assortment of wristbands in several colors, some more than others, he ended up giving me the sole red band.

“Have a good time sweetheart.”

Was all he said to me, before closing the door, leaving me in a dark corridor, only the light from my glowing wristband to guide me. I traveled several feet before I came to a door, the pulse and vibrations of loud music could be felt from the other side, even though I couldn’t really hear it. There was a scanner, so I tried waving the band over it, which unfortunately worked better than expected. Seconds later I found myself sliding down a shoot, twisting and turning till it ended, leaving me airborne.

I landed, disoriented from the fall, in a mosh pit of grinding nude bodies. Hands were everywhere, grabbing and pulling, some even tearing at my thin delicate attire. I screamed, desperate to be heard over the music and libidinous groans, but my cries went unheard.

I was Lost in the Lust…


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