RDC(POL): Balthazar {Part Two}


“What are we doing here? I’ve never been to this floor before..”

“Keep it down, Jerry..” I whispered harshly, trying to be as stealthy as possible in the cramped custodial closet, which was just down the hall from the room they were in. “We’re just.. Look, we are just waiting, that’s it, now please keep your voice down.”

“Why did I have to come with you again? I don’t even have the clearance to be here, I’m barely allowed to leave the common room on our floor, why do you think I’m always on the game bro.”

“You’re here cause like it or not, you’re my only friend down here too, so I need your help with this.” I told him, peeking out again, because the final two guards had left the room, perfect. “And wait a minute, I’ve seen you come from several different places beyond normal access before..”

“Just because they don’t give the security clearance, doesn’t mean I won’t take it, haha.. If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a little guardian angel up above watching out for me. You want to know my talent? I’m gifted at making myself useful to that little angel in the sky. Plus, I could hack into fifty percent of this facilities systems in less than three minutes. Now you’ve already got me down here, tell me what the hell for?”

“It’s Loki..” I replied, and his face immediately changed, it wasn’t a grimace but it came close. “He’s in there, and I want to know what they are doing to him, you said I may never see him again, and I SAW him.. I know they have him in that room, SHE has him.”

“I’ve told you before, Karishma isn’t the one to mess with, that woman is the most dangerous threat to our survival, she’s become ruthless. Long gone is the person I thought I knew years ago, and it’s sad, she was such a sweet girl.”

“Speaking of the devil..” I whispered, as I watched her and Zachari leave the room completely engrossed in conversation, so I acted fast, knowing we only had a few seconds, I had to pull Jerry behind me. “C’mon, you have to hurry!”

We dashed to the door, catching it just in time, barely slipping through. I had gotten tripped up when the door caught my foot, and slammed unexpectedly to the floor, I struggle to free myself and almost lost my shoe as I escaped.

“Thanks for the help..” I muttered sarcastically to Jerry, rising to my feet and dusting my pants off, wondering why I got no snarky reply.

I looked up to see him gazing around, slack jawed and uncharacteristically at a loss for word, that’s when my own gaze traveled the room. It looked like something that belong to a mad scientist, there were two vertical rows of cylindrical tanks set up, the glass tubes were filled to the brim with a liquid that was a sickly chartreuse color. Housed as well, was one of the most grotesque sights, I think I’d ever seen.

“Holy fuckin Hell, what kinda freak shit is this?!” I asked, looking at what appear to be a dark skinned and decayed human arm, with a face where the shoulder would be.

“This can’t be real..” Jerry muttered, more to himself than to me, I looked over at him and could see he was having a break down. “This is.. No.. The tech was years off.. This couldn’t be possible.. This SHOULDN’T be.. No!”

“Get a hold of yourself, what are you talking about? What kind of technology is this?” I wanted answers, he knew something, he might not know what they were up to, but he knew enough secrets to recognize it.

He didn’t say anymore about it, he just kind of stumbled around the room, I guided him over to a chair by the Holo-desk. I was going to press him further, but that’s when I saw him, it was Loki in one of the tanks. I ran to him, yet had to pause at the sight of him, as I drew closer.

The skin wasn’t right, it was peeling with decay, the limbs were mismatched to the point, it look like someone took apart a doll and put it back together wrong. I grabbed the chart sleeth and read the information, this was subject seventeen, marked failure and manually terminated. I walked further down the line of tanks toward the rear of the room, astounded at the many ‘failures’ they had housed here. There was so much pain on all their faces, so much agony, the true definition of tortured souls.

At the very back of the room, there was some kind of surgical room set up, and a body was on the table. The sheet was bloody, but the machines around it was still on, the heart monitor showed no signal of life, yet they continue to have it hooked up to the tubes. I moved closer, afraid of what I might find, afraid of if I was too late, just very afraid. My heart danced wildly within my chest in deep erratic beats, as I survey the machines, trying to see what it was doing, it looked as if they were harvesting. I grab the sheet, letting it slip off slowly, finding myself horrified to the point of vomiting.

There were needles injected into nearly every part of him, even the eyes, rendering him barely recognizable from all the tubes. His right hip was drilled into, like they dug for the marrow from his bones, one tube was feeding on marrow from his left leg.

“Jerry! How do I get him out of this thing? safely..”

“I’m not sure, let me see what’s in the system, the mech is powered by the VI module, which could be set up with the new Lock Keeper software.”

“Umm.. I’m gonna pretend I understand some of what you said, and say go for it, let’s just get him out of this shit. I think he might already be dead..”

“Yeah, he’s definitely looks fuckin dead bro..”

I shot him an icy glare that sent a clear message, ending the jokes, and he quickly went back to work, who knew how much time we had or if this would set off any alarms, I just had to trust Jerry’s talents and hope he was as good as he boasts.

“I can confirm he really is dead.. really dead, but also that this isn’t the first time. The last listed time of death and resurrection was.. yesterday afternoon, yikes, looks like they been killing him twice a day since we got here.. That’s freaking horrible.”

“Can we get him out?”

“Um.. Yeah, hold on though, you might want to back up a bit.” He warned, before he started the extraction, I moved to where he was standing and could see the chart work they had, I could also see Jerry had his chip key locked into the Holodesk. “Are you duplicating the data? Why would you be doing that at a time like this?”

“Duh, you think all this shit is regulation? I doubt the President even knows about this, because my employer doesn’t, and HE knows everything, I make sure of it.. this crazy bitch is totally out of bounds.”

I just continued looking through the file on Loki, not understanding even half of the medical scientific bullshit they were talking about, but I knew enough to know they had been killing my cousin for sport.. like he wasn’t even something close to human. They wanted to find out what he wouldn’t be able to come back from, and that shallow list was growing shorter it seemed.

“Hurry up, we have to hope we can revive him somehow.”

“Oh.. They’ve found a way, trust me. From what it says here, they observed that in the worst trials it takes thirty five to forty eight hours for him to come back on his own, but Dr Grannison was able to induce the effect instantly with a combination of electric and chemical stimulants. I already have the protocols sequenced..”

We watched as the machines moved in synchrony, prepping his chest and sitting his torso up at an angle, two pads were place right on the outskirts of where his heart would be. Another machine moved closer and it had what looked to be an adrenaline shot, I gasped as it quickly stabbed into his chest, and the the defibrillator charged the pads, sending enough voltage to light up a small building. I nearly jumped in Jerry’s lap when Loki gasped to life, immediately fighting against the straps that held him down, he looked crazed. I watched as the second machine swiftly injected his arm with another needle, that seem to make him woozy enough to calm down.

“What did it give him?”

“I would love to tell you a mild sedative, but that was enough for an adult elephant..”

“And he’s still awake, what the hell..”

“Look, figure out what you want to do, I don’t think it’s safe to stick around here much longer.”

I knew that warning was more for me than himself, the reason I picked him to help was because of his seemingly de facto immunity to punishment around here, I’d already seen him commit infractions that would get others exiled to the surface, but not Jerry. I knew my only option was to take Loki and run, it was the only way, but how the fuck were we going to do that with him in this state, let alone get through the security clearance to the surface, and now that I thought about it, could we even get out of this fucking room?

“I’m gonna run for it..”

“That’s suicide Tzar, you don’t owe him anything, especially not your life.. Don’t throw it away like this.”

“I know, this is the kind of thing you should do for people you care about, I’d do this for you.. I would risk my life for a loyal friend as much as family, I say that with my heart.”

“Ugh, you don’t have to pull that card.. I’ll see what I can do.” He grumbled, all annoyed with me, I knew I was asking a lot from him.

While he was busy, I went over to the bed, trying to check over Loki’s wounds, it was a sad sight to see anyone in such a condition, it was tragic. I stripped him of the bloody hospital gown and began tending to the wounds, at first he tried to fight me off but he was too weak, making me slightly thankful for the sedative.

As I wiped him down and bandaged him up, I could see the signs of his mutation at work, mending muscle and skin tissue before my eyes, I knew the deep wounds would take longer. I found a pair of hospital issue sweatpants and a t-shirt, but the slippers were made from some recycled tissue paper, I knew it wouldn’t last long. I took his arm and slung it over my shoulder, which caused him to cry out, signaling to me he was hurt worse than I thought.

“Loki, it’s me Balthazar, I’m here to heeEEEELP!!!!! I screamed, as the limb snaked its way tightly around my throat, constricting so swiftly, I hadn’t time to take a breath.

Jerry had to run over and pry his arm from around my neck, but he seem intent on strangling me, our only option was to further sedate him. I looked to my cousin, truly afraid he was lost to his mutation, nothing left of the man I knew, maybe Loki had been gone for a long time now.

“Good news and bad news my friend..” Jerry said, kinda out of breath after our ordeal, my neck was still hurting a bit, so I could barely croak out my answer.

“Good news first.”

“I was able to find a way out for you, plus I was able to schedule an impromptu reboot of the entire facilities systems, we’ll be on emergency power for fifteen minutes.”

“That’s amazing, what more can we ask for?”

“There’s the bad news.. I can’t crack the clearance to get us out of this room, we’re stuck in here until someone comes in.”

“That can’t be possible, maybe we can break it?” I said, walking over to the door, half dragging Loki with me. “I’m getting out of here, even if I have to kick the fucking door down, I thought you could hack your way through half the damn building?!”

“Well.. this is the half that gives me a fucking problem.”

“We can’t give up, keep trying.”

We both kept at it for a few minutes, before finally stepping back in defeat, nothing was working. This entire structure was one elaborate underground trap, a labyrinth, orchestrated to keep the unwanted out and the imprisoned within. Loki started to fall over, so I steadied him up against the wall, coincidentally his hand brushed over the panel.

”– access granted –”

I looked at Jerry in surprise, he checked the clearance on the console, and it showed that Loki was registered in the system with full access. How was that even possible? We all had to be imprinted into the database before entering the sublevels of the facility. I didn’t quell on it long because Jerry was leading us through the halls, looking at his watch in a panic, when I would ask him when he scheduled the blackout, he would just tell me we needed to move faster. I don’t know why we didn’t just take the closest elevator, it would have made more sense, yet he lead us in the direction of the far side of the building.

Loki was like dead weight, I was barely keeping him on his feet, practically carrying him in an attempt to move faster. I was surprised at the lack of guards, but then I remembered how late it was, and the detail was skimpier during twilight hours. There was an open elevator waiting, in an odd blessing of serendipity, so we wasted no time rushing in. When he pressed the button for the floor to our dorm, I gave him the most confused look, as Loki mumble incoherent nonsense next to me.

“What’s the deal? We need to get to the surface..”

“I know, I know, trust me, this is the fastest and safest way, if we can just get to the escape pods.. they only have them on our floor and down, they travel straight to the surface in case of emergency.”

“What about the other floors above us? Are they to travel down just to make their way back up, if something catastrophic happened?”

“If only there were enough pods for that..”

The thought of the people that would die if something happened down here, this was like a titanic tragedy waiting to happen, and what a coincidence, the ‘essential’ personnel were stationed on the lower tier floors, starting with our own dormitory on sixteen. Most of the workers and infantrymen were housed above us, and clearly considered expendable to those in charge, it seem humanity would never change. Cutthroat, callous, and conniving..

That’s all we would ever be.

When the elevator doors open, I gave a silent prayer of thanks the common areas were empty, because there was no explaining Loki’s condition, they would insist on sending him to medical. His skin was so hot with this feverish heat, being this close to him was causing me to drip with sweat. We hurried through the halls, as silently as we could, but as we passed my room the doors opened, and out stepped the last motherfucker I ever wanted to see.

“Seems we have treason in our midst..” He said, giving that poisonous smirk, how could I not see the man was a wolf in a sleek sheepskin suit from the very beginning.

“And a rapist, what do ya know?” I replied, looking at Mr Donovan with daggers in my eyes, that’s when he pulled out the gun. “I’d rather you shoot me, then have you put those disgusting hands on me again, so do your worst, you sick fuck!”

He smiled this time, pointing it at my face, but then he grew serious, and switch his aim to Loki. Before he could pull the trigger, the lights went out and seconds later the gun went off, a resounding bang followed by a flash of light. So much confusion and shuffling was going on, as the gun went off again, and once more a third time. Tears burn down my cheek as I clutched Loki’s body to me, ducking low to the floor, there was heavy breathing but the fighting had stopped.

” — Emergency Reboot of all Primary Applications in progress, essential life support systems transferring to back up generator. Personnel please return to your assigned dorms..– ”

Along the floor were dim lights, which provided minimal light as the robotic voice continued to relay instructions, but I could finally see that Donovan was on the floor. There was something wet near my feet, and tears started to flow again when I noticed the blood, Jerry was barely on his feet, clutching his side.

“Oh no, you’re shot?! Let me help you..”

“No, don’t.. I’m fine. We need to keep going, the escape pods are running on the back up systems as well, we have about twelve minutes to get to surface. It’s not much of a head start, but it will get you into the forest.”


“Let’s go! Donovan isn’t dead, I couldn’t bring myself to kill someone.. this isn’t like the video games.”

He was hurt bad, but I listened to him and followed as he lead the way, he seemed so knowledgeable of the maze of halls, while I was a wreck of nerves. There were so many lefts and rights I lost count, but it wasn’t long before we came to the row of pods. I put my hand over the console, but was denied entry, Jerry tried and was met with the same result, seems the pods were designated.

“I’m gonna try Loki’s hand, he did get us out of the room..” I said, looking to Jerry with a shrug, at this point we were out of ideas and precious time.

“What are the odds of that pony trick working again?” He asked sarcastically, and I didn’t fault him for the skepticism.

Our eyes lit up when the machines hummed to life and began to initiate exit protocol, the pods were designed for one, but Jerry told me to squeeze in with Loki.

“You’re not coming?!”

“Tzar, I’m not gonna make it.. I’m not a doctor, but neither am I stupid, this is game over for me friend.”

“No, there has to be something we can do.”

“There is.” He replied, taking my hand and closing it over a small object, it contained his chip key. “This little bastard is why I’m so valuable, it’s what kept me alive, kept me safe. With it, you will make it through this.. I promise friend.”

“I can’t take it, what do I do with it?”

“Don’t worry about that right now, you have to go.. I can hear soldiers coming, and I’m fading out man.”

“Jerry, I’m sorry.” I cried as the pod door closed, putting my free hand up to the glass, he pressed the final buttons for the escape sequence and did the same. “There has to be a place in heaven for bastards like you.”

He smiled and fixed his crooked glasses one last time, as the countdown commenced, I was so upset I was still crying. Red streaked the clear window shield as his hand slid away and he crumpled to the floor, shaking from the shock of blood loss, it would be the last sight I’d see as the escape pod was taking off.

It was like being shot out of a rocket, the pressure, a weighted force upon our shoulders, strong enough to make my ears pop. The darkness of the tunnel came to an end once we breach the ground, only for it to be matched by the pitch blackness of the night sky, which was over caste to where no light could shine through. From looking out the small window, I could tell the pod had travel a good distance past the wall, sending us deep into a thicket of trees. We landed with a loud crash, that left me slightly disoriented, I tried to clear the fog, knowing the grave danger we were in.

The escape pods were equipped with a survival bag, packed with an extremely limited supply of rations and a small medipack. I also found a gun box that only came with one clip, but beggars couldn’t be choosy, at least the gun was decent. A 9mm Beretta with laser sighting, and a torch attachment to the front of it, giving me much needed light in the darkness.

Loki was still out of it and I knew we wouldn’t get far with him in this condition, but what choice did I have, I said a small silent prayer as I lead us through the woods.


“Ohmagawd, Loki.. Damn it, we don’t have the luxury to keep stopping like this.”

He was throwing up again, it was that black tar, I knew he couldn’t help it, so I was really just thinking out loud. The poor guy was too incapacitated to understand what I was saying anyway, as the sedatives were still kicking his ass, at least the fever had gone down but his skin was still hot. I, on the other hand was freezing without a coat, the brisk night air, leaving me chill with more than just fear.

Suddenly I dropped us down low to the ground, as I could hear it again, the whizzing sound, a drone flew by a moment later scanning for heat signatures. I had narrowly avoided one earlier, or maybe it was the same one, I couldn’t tell.

I let several minutes go by before I continued on our trek, to who knows where, gone was my belief in a sanctuary or safe place in this world of ruin, there was no such thing. I traveled in the direction we had come, thinking maybe I would find Sera or Patience, but the chances were slim, slimmer than us escaping Home Base alive, still, heading north west was all I could think of.

Traveling through the thick trees and bush, it was probably another hour before I decided to stop and let Loki rest, we were pushing too hard and my stamina was really put to the test. I set Loki down on a nearby tree stump, using part of my shirt sleeve to wipe the caked black murky substance from around the corners of his mouth. His breathing was erratic, and the sciatica of his eyes was unnerving, gone was the rich brown color they normally were, the dark brown pools now swirling with greys and silvers normally associated with cataracts.

It made me wonder what else they might have done to him, and I couldn’t help but to feel partially at fault, we should have never come here, we should never have trusted what I now knew to be an illusion of safety.

There was a sudden rustling amongst the nearby trees, it sounded like something big, until it split off into six and began to circle us, it had to be the risen. The darkness of night left me blind, unable to see what predators were hunting us, I used the Beretta’s torch light but it was still no use, those things were moving too fast. The ring they made around us was getting smaller, sweat bead down my face, as the thumping of my heart was nearly deafening.

The first of them to attack, barely looked human, it’s skin was littered with boils and several ruptured abscesses. One of her breasts was exposed, and nearly severed from the body, barely hanging on, her nails caked and infected, resembling something close to talons. I put the first bullet in her shoulder, but that barely slowed her down, so the next went straight to the head, and I cursed under my breath knowing every bullet counted. Two of them closed in on opposite sides, almost taking me off guard, but I made sure to hit both targets square on.

With my attention distracted, the fourth had snuck up behind me, but I heard the snapping of the twigs beneath its feet. I swung around wildly, aiming at its face but it knocked my hand to the side, making me waste another bullet. I brought my knee up, knocking it back, then put the next shot straight to his head.

There were only two left from what I could hear, both sounding like snarling wild dogs ready to pounce, still, I had to be ready, I could no longer be Balthazar the coward. I had to show myself I could be brave like Loki, brave like Hunter and Caiden.. I needed to be brave like Jerry, I couldn’t let his sacrifice be in vain, it was time to do what needed to be done to survive. So this time, when one of them decided to attack I was ready, aiming down the sights. The first shot caught him in the head, but he kept charging at me, I shot again but saw the bullet ricochet off of a metal plate beneath his scalp.

He leapt upon me, taking us down to the ground, smashing my shoulder painfully, and possibly dislocating it. I put the barrel under his chin and pulled the trigger, leaving me covered in a mess of blood, skull, and brain fragments. I pushed the heavy body off me, and scrambled to my feet, knowing there was another of them preparing to strike.

There was movement in my peripheral, and my stomach dropped when I saw what it was, another fucking drone. I could tell it already scanned us and sent back the data, so it wouldn’t be long before they were here.

I grabbed Loki and started to move us, watching carefully for the Risen that lay in wait to strike, I could hear him as he stalked around in the darkness. Highly skilled at evading the luminance of the Beretta’s torch light, and swifter than any undead I’d come across before. Something was different about these monsters, they had become stronger, smarter, faster predators.

Checking the chamber of my gun, I was down to the last bullet, part of me wondered if I should save it for myself, just in case. It wasn’t long before I could hear the choppers closing the distance, ready to drop down the soldiers, who would soon be right behind us. Loki was groaning and mumbling in pain, so I knew the sedatives were wearing off, I wonder if he could sense the danger we were in. I was scared, clearly out of my league, a guy like me was never meant to be the hero, I wasn’t about that life.

“C’mon Loki, please.. We have to move faster.” I urged to him, hoping some part of him could hear me, thou I doubt it.

The Risen was running along side us in the darkness, I could hear him amongst the bushes, even if I couldn’t see him. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping my legs moving, Fear allowed me to ignore the burning in my lungs, and Instinct gave me the perseverance to Survive. With all those elements driving me, it still didn’t stop me from falling down a muddy slope, and ending up in a five foot stream. The icy briskness of water, burned my face as we went under, the sharp rocks at the bottom cut into my hands as I scramble to push my body upwards.

Even the first gasp of air stung my lungs, as I broke the surface, my eyes wildly searching around for Loki. He was nowhere to be seen, so I knew he had to still be under, I cursed to myself because I didn’t know if he could drown. I was about search for his body, but something slammed into my left side, sending me back under. Wrestling the creature’s hands from my throat, I came face to face with the final ghastly Risen.

He was missing his eyes, and the flesh of his nose was torn away to the bone, he lunged once again but I was able to hold him at bay. The relentless aggression of the monster would soon tire me out, so I tried to feel for a rock big enough to end it. My fingers brushed against the barrel of the gun, and I felt a small pittance of hope, but just as soon as it arrived it was gone, because I would soon learn this monster was of a different breed.
I watched as the bottom jaw disjointed, and then separated into two separate parts, littered with dozens of sharpened and fanged teeth. A long slithering tongue shot out of its mouth, that looked as poisonous as the rest of it, and came toward my face. I reached for the Beretta again, but it was gone, probably swept away with the current.

The Risen was chomping those sharp deadly teeth in my face, as I tried to hold him at bay, and I could feel my strength faltering as his relentless vicious assault was starting to overpower me. My heart was pounding so loudly in my ears, I almost didn’t hear the gun go off, it wasn’t until the body of the risen crumpled into the water.

Standing there with the smoking gun was Loki, at least I was praying it was, those eyes couldn’t appear anymore different from the ones I had known all these years. The hazy silver grey had spread all throughout the pupil, making him appear as some kind of werewolf or vampire from the movies, they seem to glow in an unseen light.

“Loki..” I said softly, but he didn’t seem to respond to his own name. “Loki, it’s me, your cousin Balthazar..”

There I was moving towards him slowly, wading through the water, unsure if it was the wisest choice with the way he was looking at me. It was like he couldn’t tell if I was friend, foe, or food. When I was close enough, I reached out to take the gun from him, but he swiftly raised it and pointed it at my face. I didn’t flinch when he pulled the trigger, but I surely thanked God he had used the last bullet, funny thing was, I didn’t even blame him, with my actions I probably deserved it.

I had given up on those that I love, for the promise of everything I’d always dreamed of, and I didn’t think of the fact that there was a price for everything, even forgiveness.

This time when I reached for the gun, he let me take it, as it was only useful as a flashlight at this point. Crossing over to the other side of the water as Loki followed a moment later, it was to the point I was shaking and shivering like a chihuahua on a walk in Alaska. I tentatively started to make my way towards the tree line but a bead of red, caught the corner of my eye, I turn around to see Loki standing there with a red dot laser aimed to his forehead.

“Get down!!” I screamed, dropping low to the ground, thankfully my cousin understood, as the shot barely missed him.

I stood up and ran into the trees, and could hear that Loki knew to be right behind me, I didn’t have to look back to know the soldiers were right on our tail. Since he was nursing it, Loki’s leg and hip were still hurting, I figure the wounds were still healing but his body was now functional. He tried to push me away, as I hooked one of his arms over my shoulder, but finally relented.

He seem like a child in a way, not able to understand what was going on around him, but still showing the capacity to learn from it. That worried me even more, what would they do with him once they found out they could manipulate him mentally as well as physically? It would be a nightmare scenario in the wrong hands, but maybe that’s why they were cloning him?

Loki was a weapon…

After running for about maybe twenty minutes, an all too familiar roar could be heard in the distance, it was unmistakable..

The Hunter.

Monstrous and loud, the sound had caught Loki’s attention, as if it beckoned to him, and I had to change our course quickly because he was drifting us in its direction. His strength was formidable, even in such a broken and weakened state, it was like trying to wrangle a bull, but I was somehow able to pull us further north and away from the harrowing sound. There was still no time to rest or to look back, the dangers around us were mounting, and unrelenting.

I pushed us harder.. praying, wishing, and hoping with all my heart we could find a way, because at the moment, there was no way we were going to make it out of this alive. Especially once I saw the lights just ahead of us, I stopped us just behind a large maple, and could see three soldiers fan out, they must have been from the detail that was sent out earlier.

“This way..” Loki said, it sounded like a low growl, and if we weren’t so quiet I might have disregarded it as such.

This time I followed, as he seem to be able to walk more on his own, the pitch of the darkness was making it so hard to see anything that wasn’t right in front of my face. Loki grabbed my hand, and lead me through the trees until we came to clearing. It was maybe about the expanse of a football field, and I could see the hills we had come through on the way here, finally the moonlight broke through clouds, but only to reveal the scorched landscape for a few moments. I hastened my pace, knowing we could bypass the mines and go around, but before I could do anything we were interrupted by the robotic muffled command of one of the masked soldiers.

“Cese y desista! Stop where you are!! NOW!”

I paused in step, but Loki seem to react differently, he turned to the man and gave a bellowing roar. His fingernails grew into claws, while the canines in his mouth extended, but neither was as frightening as watching the his silver eyes sink into an inky black, that spread throughout the eyes. Like lightning, Loki took off running towards him, looking like a beast from your worst of nightmares. When he savagely roared again, the frightened guard started shooting his semi automatic weapon, littering the both of us with bullets.

I screamed as fire burn through me, so overwhelming I didn’t feel my body hit the ground, I look down at my shirt to see four small spots spread into one giant red stain. I struggled to crawl away, instinct and adrenaline, pushing me to run, when it was no use. I couldn’t breathe, drowning in my own blood, as it fill my lungs.

There was another roar, and the new sound of the troops from both groups arriving on the scene. Loki moved in a blur through the darkness, and a horrific serenade of screams and carnage filled my ears, as he tore most of them limb from limb. The others, he feast upon, shredding the skin of their throats with his teeth and sharp claws.

“Dios mío, ¿qué he hecho?! Balthazar..” It was the soldier that had found us first, he removed his mask, revealing life’s tragic sense of humor, taking the man that I loved and proving him true to his moniker.

Bloodhound ran over to me, tears trailing down his cheeks, seemingly oblivious to the fact, Loki was single handedly tearing apart his men. He had been the one to pull the trigger on us, and from his eyes, I could tell an unbearable guilt was already eating him alive. he crouched down to me, close enough that I pulled him in for one last kiss, as it ended I began coughing up blood.

I didn’t know if I forgave him, I didn’t know if I blamed him for all this, but one thing I knew was that I loved him, I loved him enough to give him one final word of warning with my last few breaths.

“Run..” I said, knowing Loki wouldn’t end his rampage, without tasting his life as well.

And as he ran, my life didn’t romantically flash before my eyes, but fleeting haunted thoughts of so many moments.. some of joy, some of pain, so many they seem to blend together. Soon there was only the sounds of the night, and Loki’s heavy breathing, my own had ceased to mere choked shallow gasps. My cousin approached me, those eyes still as unrecognizable as ever, his mouth and hands slathered in the carmine essence of fifteen lives. He knelt over me, never breaking eye contact, as he watched me cling to my last dying gasps.

“I can help, but the pain will last..” He finally said, as he licked his dripping fangs, it wasn’t an offer, if not more of a statement of fact.

The only certainty was the death upon me, and the thought of non existence was the most agonizing reality I had to face. My vision began to fade, as blinding white took over my peripheral, and a numbing sensation began to spread within my body.
With my last precious moments of this life, I gaze into the face of a beloved relative, as he lean down to sink his teeth into my flesh.


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