RDC(CLG): Treason

*Volume III*

《 May, 1965 – Hour Unknown 》


Was I dead? The voice of God sounded so soothing and familiar, the way it caressed my ears reminded me of love, the strength in the tone gave me hope, my soul could finally embrace the serenity of death.

“Gail, please..”

Why did God sound so sad? What have I done to make him cry for me? I could tell I upset him further, I could feel the serenity and calmness of the void dissipating, why had he turned from me so? Suddenly I could feel a burning sensation sear its way through my body, and reach down to my very soul, it was then I knew I had been Damned.

“Why are you just sitting there, give her some of the water!”

The cold taste of tin, entered my mouth before the cool liquid refreshment of tepid water followed to quench some of the heat, water was splashed on my face causing my eyes to flutter open.

“Gail.. are you okay? Please just answer me.” I could see the voice wasn’t God, it was Baxter.

My love was chained to the wall, and looked like he hadn’t washed or been fed decently in weeks, he wasn’t alone, there were two other men with him.

“Obviously she’s not okay, just look at her, She’s totally out of it!” Retorted a voice I immediately recognized, it was a man, he too was chained and in a similar roughened condition.

“I can speak for myself, Reginald, don’t ever figure you need to answer on behalf of me.”

“I take it back, she seems perfectly fine to me, just like her old self.” He huffed stubbornly, looking dejected and embarrassed.

“Where are we? What is this place?” I asked Baxter, as I tried to sit up against the opposite wall next to Madeline, we were the only two not fastened to cement.

The four men chained next to each other dangled about an inch from the ground, held up by a thick bolt lock, that caged their wrists. It now occurred to me that we were supposed to be extracting Woodrow and Grande this whole time. They had been waiting and longing for rescue, we were it, now we needed the same, it was pitiful. I thought of that bastard, Major Brutte, I at least hoped his sacrifice of me allows him to get reinforcements or something to help us, it’s the least the devious scoundrel could do.

“We are in Ky Son, in one of the few cement structures found in the village, Sarin keeps us in this room until he feels like torturing us for information, majority of it is stuff that sounds highly classified, we weren’t exposed to any information on what he’s asking about and it has absolutely nothing to do with why we are even here.”

“Why were you here in the first place?” I asked the Ebon skinned man with the Amber eyes that warmed the coldest depths of my soul, he was still something beautiful to behold, even in the haggard state he was in.

“We got word about an arms deal with the Russians, they were trying to hawk a bio chemical to the communist regime, a confirmation of such an event would set a precedent for the rest of the war. We had the proof we needed, but ran into a troop of scouts before we could make a clean getaway.”

“So that’s where this man got his name from, he must live up to one stellar reputation.” I replied, looking around the room for a way out, seeing Baxter had given me a renewed motivation to find a way to freedom.

He nodded in answer, though grimacing from the ache of a bruised rib. I gave him a worried look, but he just smiled softly at me, masking any further discomfort from me. Here he was shackled and bound, still trying to protect me. There was movement on the other side of the only door, and it soon opened, the light from outside so bright compared to what was offered in the dim cell.

Five Vietnamese men stepped inside and each took to unshackling the captured soldiers, another two then stepped in to grab Madeline and I, leading us down a dark hallway. We entered a pathway that opened up into a large room, that seemed to be set up quite comfortably. There was a large mattress off to the side, that was styled in tacky but expensive looking sheets, a bar was set up on the other side.

“Ah yes, bring them in! Closer, closer..”

I looked to where the voice came from, and my eyes soon found a man sipping champagne from a glass on a small love seat. He had on a dark hunter green traditional military garb, that was pressed and clean, his hat sitting on a marble and mahogany coffee table in front of him. There were several native woman present, in all manners of undress, lined against the wall as though awaiting instruction.

“Ladies, you may have a seat, one on each side of me please.” He asked, in English that was actually very good, his tone was syrupy with an eastern exotic accent that was slightly charming. “I admit this is my first chance to see an American woman so close, television doesn’t do you justice, all differences aside you are all quite exquisite, even your colored woman are an exotic vision of beauty. I’m actually quite excited to have all of you here, not many people in my country are fluent in English, so I relish the chance to put it to use.”

Madeline and I just sat there in an uncomfortable silence, he seemed so enraptured by her natural red hair, a strong trait found in her family. He coiled some of her hair in a finger, smiling charmingly, with his even set of teeth and amused smile. The man wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but he was far from a gremlin, I could see how some women would be attracted this man and the power he possessed. The deadliest things sometime come in the most appealing packages, only to make you a susceptible victim.

A reminder of that, was when he forced the men down to their knees on the other side of the table, he ignored them as he fully inspected our beauty. One of the guards came over, he had some of our things, he pulled out a stick with a strip at the end, and said something to the man I now assumed to be the infamous Sarin.

“Hmm.. My men question what kind of weapon this is? Seems they found it on you when they searched your cloths earlier.” Sarin inquired of me, garnering questionable looks from my comrades, my face turned a severe shade of scarlet as the blush spread across my cheeks.

There was a laugh from one of the girls lined up against the wall, they all seemed to be gossiping amongst each other and giggling, that was until Sarin noticed. They immediately became silent, an unspoken fear written in each and every one of their eyes, he asked them a question in their native tongue but none of the woman seemed to want to speak. Then one was brave enough to step forward, she appeared to be the youngest, the prettiest, and the most eager to please him. She answered in bold factuality, and he immediately broke out into a riotous laughter, to the point of tears, he stood and held his arms open to her, showing her high favor amongst the women.

He said something to the man holding the pregnancy test, causing him to balk and drop it to the ground, horror etched on his face as they explained what he was touching, the other guards present broke out into hysterics along with Sarin.

“Ahhhh hahahaha! I must say you Americans are the best thing since white rice, and the fact that you can be so absolutely scandalous, yet still wear your bright white hat of honor and morality, it’s something to be admired, it truly is.” He gave me a jovial elbow tap as he wiped his eyes, but I was mortified, these people knew my secret and I didn’t even know the results of the test.

I kept looking at the stick on the floor, unable to move my eyes away, still, I could see the judgmental look Madeline was giving me in my peripheral vision. She had to recognize it, the woman was too smart not to know, I knew better than that.

While they wouldn’t be introduced to mass consumers for several years, the medical Black Market had the ‘at home’ pregnancy test for years. Every girl in our field knew they were out there, and only those dumb enough to possibly get pregnant had to ever search for one, my foolish ass just happen to chance upon one in a rundown hut.

I felt Baxter’s gaze upon me, his brow was furrowed, and he seem to know I was hiding something. It took several moments for me to get the courage to meet his eyes, when I did, it was as if we were the only ones there. In his eyes I saw no judgements, no sign of doubt, nor the presence of anger, all that was there was love. It was then I noticed the commotion Sarin and his men were making, they were throwing money into a helmet, while their leader was absolutely giddy as he held up a stack of bills of his own. They seem to be debating over Baxter or Reginald, and It finally occurred to me that they were placing bets, Sarin could see my horrified expression. He finally put voice to confirm my suspicions, and answer the question on all of my comrades minds.

“We’re betting on which one of these two American idiots are unlucky enough to be the baby’s father, hahaha..”

“You’re fucking pregnant!?!” Reginald screamed at me, his face so red with rage, he looked like he was sunburnt.

Most of the people in the room erupted into cheers, like they had won the lottery, while Sarin just watched us intently from over by his bar.

“Obviously I didn’t mean for this to happen, at least not yet!” I cried, looking over at Baxter, yet his eyes were closed as if he were deep in thought.

“What is your family going to think?! How could you shame them this way? Bad enough you were fornicating with a colored man, but to bring child, It’s.. It’s an abomination.” Madeline spat, looking at me like I had the heir to Satan’s throne in my womb.

“Look, I don’t care about my mother or my father, nor what they have to say.” I replied defiantly, looking at Reginald as I said it, then slowing turning to the amber eyes that had finally opened. “This is between Sergeant Woodrow and I, nobody else.”

“YEAH! Hahaha!” Sarin exclaimed, slapping hands with one of his girls, an older one wise enough to vote with him to gain her own favor. “I knew it was the black fella! I told you all!”

Nearly his entire group had gambled on Reginald being the father, they were giving me even worse looks now that they lost money, Sarin sauntered back over to the couch next to me with the same exuberant look on his face. He slid in close to me, and threw an arm over my shoulder, reeking of liqueurs and cheap cologne.

“You just won me the pot, you’re like the golden goose..” His dark eyes cut to Baxter, and took on a sinister aura, accentuated dramatically by the slant of his eyes. “Let’s see if the goose can keep on giving?”

“Don’t you touch her!” Baxter screamed, his eyes burning with fury.

“Ah, at last! I get a reaction out of the immovable man!” Sarin feigned shock and awe, as he played with some of my pale flaxen tresses, I didn’t even feel when he removed it from the tight bun. “Do you people know I burned this man on his ass three times with my cigar, yet he didn’t move a muscle!? So to see him now, with a weakness many valiant honorable warriors have had before him, the love of a woman is always a hero’s downfall. In real life, there are no happy ending for any of us.”

He had whispered the last part so close to my ear, the words seem to imbed themselves into my psyche. Could he right? I mean, wouldn’t he know? He had brought a tragic end to many lives and now he planned to do worse to us and possibly the world. He had one of his guards slam Baxter’s chest hard onto the coffee table, with such force I thought it was gonna break, the dusky skinned asian leaned forward till their faces were level.

“Tell me what your government knows of the Superiors? What have they found?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! I told you we don’t know things above our pay grade.”

“You lie! I know you lie! You know something and you’re going to tell me.” Sarin said, as he snapped his fingers at a guard by the bar, the younger man quickly ran over with a bottle of the foulest potent liquor I had ever smelled, the bottle didn’t even have a label.

He took a double shot glass and filled it up, right in front of Baxter’s face, letting the pungent aroma fill his nostrils, from where I sat it favored gasoline or something closer to motor oil.

“I’m going to ask again, but before you answer, know this. Every time I feel you are lying, I will make her drink, and she will drink until she passes out. Then, then I’m going to have my men take her away and when she wakes up, they will force her to smoke opium till she finds it to be the nectar of the gods. From there, I’ll have her injecting heroin into her own arm willingly. If the baby isn’t dead by then, you will wish it would have died here today.”

Sarin’s threat wasn’t idle, he was set in his decision once he took the shot glass to his lips and swallowed the fiery liquid down, involuntarily he winced from the burn, it took him a moment to collect himself before he started to speak.

“I ask you again Sergeant Woodrow, What do they know?”

“I already told you, I don’t know anything!”

“How unfortunate..” Sarin replied with a sigh, as he poured another shot into the glass, and slid it my way.


I was about eight shots in, needless to say, I was buzzing bad and ready to puke. Tears streaked down my cheeks as Sarin slid another shot my way, he had started making sure he filled them to the rim, each and every time. Still, he question Baxter for information he couldn’t give him, we didn’t know anything about these people he called ‘Superiors’, hell, we were here about chemical weapons in their arsenal.

“Look.. He obviously doesn’t know anything about the group you’re talking about, he would have said something by now. This is bullshit!” I said to Sarin, after the last shot in the bottle, all I could think about was that I was fucking pregnant and my baby was already drunk as a sailor.

“You are right madam, maybe it is time I change tactics.. What your lover doesn’t know is I can tell he knows something, I can feel it.”

“So this is all about you having a strong hunch?!” I asked incredulously, this man was absolutely insane.

“Oh, it’s more than a guess, I’d go so far as to call it a talent of people like me.. People like the good Sergeant Woodrow.” He spoke with such certainty, it was unnerving, I still didn’t understand the man’s agenda.

Sarin stood up and walked over to where Reginald, and the other two soldiers, kneel on the floor at gunpoint. He had them stand the olive skinned guy from Tango team to his feet, I could hear Madeline draw a quick breath, she must have formed a bond with him.

“Now admit what you are.. admit that your government knows about us and what we are!”

“I swear, they don’t know anything! None of these people here know anything! You don’t have to do this.. you don’t!” Baxter pleaded, some would say begged, as if he knew this man’s death wouldn’t be simple and painless.

“Okay, Stop!! Please, I’ll tell you everything.. They were here because the United States has reason to believe that you are harboring a chemical weapon purchased from the Russians, we knew of them funding the northern resistance, but they just had to confirm it. The rest of the groups were sent in to extract them, once we knew they were captured, that’s it, that’s all we know!” I cried, feeling like a traitorous rat, a traitor to my fellow soldiers, and a failure to the country I was fighting for.

He laughed at my revelation, and I had a brief reminiscent moment of what Baxter confided in me when we first met. I wondered if this man was different in the way Baxter was, did his ‘talents’ have anything to do with fire? I was soon to learn it was something worse, like something out of a horrific nightmare.

“Why would I need chemical weapons when I am a god among men, it’s laughable and insulting that I’d need to use the inferior tactics of MAN to win this war for Viet Minh, when I can end a man’s measly life without laying a finger on him. In truth we have no plans to introduce the gas into our arsenal, we plan to sell it to buyers in Syria and Iran. The Russians told us to think of the money as a loan.. Hahaha!”

“You are not a god, you’re just a man! You think you are one of the people influencing this world? You’re just a pesky insect buzzing in their ear.” Madeline insulted him, spitting at his feet.

“How vile.. yet so American of you, I’d imagine your people spit on the floor in the house regularly.” Sarin stated dismissively.

“Sarin just release us, we can go back and tell our people to bow out of this, we’ll let them know we’re out of our league, and that there’s no way for us to win this.” I tried to reason, but his mind was already set.

“I gave the Sergeant plenty of opportunity to confess, so now I will force it out of him, he will have no choice but to be revealed as his true self forevermore. I think I’ll start by making an example of this one.” He mused as he stare the olive skinned man in the eye, the man gazed back at him defiantly, pushing through the immense pain his bruised body already felt, this only made Sarin smile. “I first discovered that I was different at the age of nine, I was a young man in love, she, a rose amongst dandelions in the small secluded village we lived. Tho we live in squalor, she was able to appear so beautiful and full of life, it was a shame my first experience with my gift brought all of that to a regrettable end with nothing but a simple kiss. Come to think of it, I believe that was my first kiss, it was so.. unforgettable.”

“Get to the point already.” Madeline murmured under her breath, I shushed her because we had no idea what this man was capable of, I figure as long as he was talking he wasn’t killing.

“It took me years to learn I could do the same thing, without the burden of getting quite so intimate with whomever I decided to use my talents on, but till this very day I think back to little Anh. I think about the lives we would have had, the person I would have been just to earn an ounce of the love I had for her back in return, I think about how, if she saw me now, would she recognize me or see me as a grotesque strange shadow of the person I was? She was so sharp, witty, and curious at such a tender innocent age, I have no doubt had she lived she would have changed the world. Though tragically there’s only me, a different man, hardened by time but plagued with the same ambitions. ”

As he spoke, I noticed the guard holding the soldier he chose withdrew and stepped back, all of Sarin’s men seem to have the same nervous look about them, in fact, they were all the way in the farthest corner of the room with the women. I turn back to where Sarin had now lift the olive skinned soldier to his shaky feet, smiling eerily, the fact that he was so friendly was more unnerving than if he had been an outright deplorable character like the Brutte had been.

“When first I met people like myself, there was the most irritant of sensations, instinctively signaling to me of their presence as if in warning. I’m getting multiple signals from your group, one is accounted for, though he vehemently denies it, and the other is a little bit harder to pinpoint.” He mentioned, looking over to the love seat where Madeline and I sat, we both looked nervous and clueless to what he was talking about.

“Well it’s definitely not me! She’s the one that was sleeping with him, maybe the baby caught whatever he’s got.”

My eyes got wide in surprise, as the bitch threw me under the bus, I wanted to rip her fire engine hued red hair out, even if it was a logical theory in concept. I thought about if my child turned out like his father, in more ways than one. Sure, I could handle a black baby but could I handle a child that could burn me alive in a temper tantrum. Baxter hadn’t mentioned or shown sign of being able to conjure fire, but what if the child was stronger, what if I had in fact given life to a fiery son of Satan?

“That may the be the case here, and it would make the most sense, a shame, it’s messy business to kill children.” Sarin replied, giving Baxter a pitiful look, one that almost seem like it was truly genuine. “Sergeant Woodrow, I’ll give you one more chance.. What does the United States government know about the Superiors?”

“I don’t know! As far as I know, there is no such thing.. I’m still not exactly sure what the hell you’re talking about to be brutally honest.” Baxter replied, trying to get the man to realize the truth, all of us here were pawns with limited information from the true players in the game.

“Such a shame.” He murmured, as he took a drink and turned back to the chosen soldier, The smile from before casually returning. “I forgot to mention how I mastered my technique, it was quite simple, all I had to do was think about that first time with Ahn. Emotions.. the true trigger of the power within us, and the power is all consuming.”

I didn’t know what to think, when he began to draw a deep breath, one that seem to last agonizingly long, I wanted to pull out a watch and time him. He stopped when he reached his limit and stepped close to the soldier, the man still staring defiantly through a bruised and broken jaw. Sarin stopped about a foot away from our olive skinned comrade, a tear escaped his eye as he began to blow softly, in one constant drawn out exhale. We watched the peculiar scene with a skeptical eye, wondering what the hell he was doing, it wasn’t till tears started to fall from our comrades eyes that we knew something was wrong.

“Arrrghhh.. It won’t stop, my eyes.” He complained, as Sarin now stepped back towards the bar, he looked down at his gold watch as if he were timing himself.

There was nothing we could do, as the young man started to cough violently, so much so that it soon induced vomiting. Madeline screamed as we could clearly see blood mixed in the expelled excrement now pooling on the floor in front of him. His eyes still watery with mucus dripped from his nose, as he tried to stand to his feet, only to grab his stomach in pain. Piss ran down his left leg and it sounded as if he had bad gas, nothing but shock registering our faces when we realized he had shat himself in a bloody mess.

It was as if he was dehydrating before our eyes, as all the liquids expelled from his body through every orifice. It took just under five minutes for him to die, a horrific end to bear witness to, and I fear I would fall to the same fate.

“Four minutes, thirty two second, damn.. I’m losing my touch.” Sarin sighed and huffed with dissatisfaction, he then let his gaze fall to our mortified faces. “Record is three o’two, I guess I’m a bit rusty, since the boys have been doing majority of the killing.. I got to let them have some fun too, you know?”

“What the hell are you!?! Some kind of demon or monster?” Reginald screamed, as we all stare at the shriveled lifeless body on the floor, Sarin just stood there, eyes closed, with a wicked smile gracing his thin pouty lips.

“No more than the man you call friend chained beside you, we are of something older than humanity, humanity is actually nothing but a sterile copy of us with a cancerous ability to breed and spread to every corner of the earth.”

“I’m nothing like you!” Baxter yelled defiantly, his Amber eyes burning with fight.

“Oh no, let’s see how much longer it takes for you to crack and reveal yourself, It’s only a matter of time.”

Sarin walked over to me, placing a hand to the barely noticeable bump of my belly, I held my breath not wanting to be in such a close proximity to a man with the breath of death. It was eerily uncanny how his toxic exhalation mirrored the chemical weapon he was so aptly named for. Baxter fought against the guard that restrained him, but it was no use, he struggled until he was able to look me in the eye.

“Okay.. I admit that I’m different, I’m not like normal men, I wish I knew why but I never found an answer myself. I’ve never been able to be burned, at least not for long, when I was younger the fire hurt, but now it doesn’t. That’s it, nothing more, so you see how wrong you are, I’m not like you, I’m the one and only me. The government never knew about me, so they had no reason to involve me in anything concerning a global threat like this.”

One of Sarin’s soldiers came running into the room, he crouch down and spoke in a discreet tone, since I was sitting so close I could hear the urgency in the man’s voice, I tried to make sense of their intricate language. Sarin seems to stiffen at the news, signaling the fun and games were over, as his friendly grand smile was replaced with a menacing cold scowl.

“Seems American troops are heading this way, this man says there is word they raped woman and killed children as they drove their tanks through Tuong Duong, that means they’re about three and a half hours away.” Sarin translated for our benefit, before he seemed to break off into calculated thoughts, I felt a glimmer of hope but I knew it was cast from a fleeting flame.

“American soldiers wouldn’t do that, our boys aren’t barbarian heathens.” I said, seriously doubting the ‘word of mouth’ news, passed between his people.

“Is that so? Excuse me for being mistaken.” The fiend said with a smile, too nicely for my liking.

“What are you going to do with us?!” Madeline nervously asked the man, her voice betrayed her when it cracked, revealing her fear of his answer.

“I wouldn’t dare lay a harmful finger on such beautiful specimens, I will leave your fates in the hands of your own countryman.” He replied apathetically, signaling to his men to collect Madeline and I, at gunpoint we were forced to line up with the other women by the wall.

“Where are you taking them!?! Sarin?! Please don’t do this!” Baxter pleaded, as the man stepped forward and pulled the eager young informant and the older wise gambler from the line up, both girls had relieved looks on their faces as they snuggled up to the man affectionately.

One by one, basket weave sacs were placed over each of the women’s heads, I took one last look at Baxter and was unable to wipe the tears from my eyes as a sac was put over mine. My vision was obscured but I could see the forms of figures against the light, a hard poke to my back was the only instruction to move forward, the men could be heard fighting against their captors as we were lead out of the room.

They lead us outside and on into another structure, that seemed to be made of wood instead of concrete, I could tell from the creaky floor, I also knew it was large because they lead us to a second story, splitting the woman up into separate rooms, with groups of twos.

Of course, Madeline and I were placed in the same room, they stripped us to bare skin and threw us on the beds, then attached our cuffed hands to the headboard. The only sources of light in the dark room where the gentle flicker of a weak candle on the nightstand to my right, and the luminous glow from the half moon cascading through a window to my left, I could just barely make out Madeline’s pale nude form in the bed that sit the closest to that side of the room.

I could tell she was struggling against her restraints just as I was, yet the cords just seem to get tighter the harder I fought against them. After about twenty minutes or so, I was exhausted and my wrists were going numb from the constricting cords, they now dug painfully into tender skin enough that I could feel blood running down my forearm.

It was hot and muggy, so the sheen of salty sweat that had formed upon me now irritatingly stung at my cuts and scrapes. I could barely breath through the weaved mesh of the bag over my head, every panicked inhale caught the stale aroma of the dirty sac. I thought of Baxter, Reginald, and the other captor, wondering if Sarin had spared them, yet I knew such a thing would be out of character for such a deviant individual.

I heard Madeline swear under her breath, and I knew she had finally realized there was no way out, we were both trapped. She started to inhale and exhale erratically like she was hyperventilating, if she didn’t stop she’d suffocate herself, even though we’d been life long rivals I couldn’t help but try to comfort her.

“Madz, just relax, rescue will be here shortly.. someone will save us!”

“Are you an idiot, do you know what they do to the woman in these third world villages they capture?! Did you think Sarin put us here by chance, covering all our faces and mixing us amongst the Vietnamese women? He knows what will happen, he left us here to die at the hands of our own people.. he’s showing us who the true savages are.”

“But look at us, we look white, you even have freckles and a fire crotch.. They’d be idiots not to be suspicious.” I exclaimed, having more faith in our boys than she did, sure the Major had fucked me over but his actions didn’t account for everyone.

“And you think we should leave it to chance?! I don’t know about you but I refuse to leave my life in the hands of a pussy deprived troop of infantry marines, Sarin is gambling they won’t even take the bags off our heads.”

Her breath grew short once more and I knew she was having another panic attack, all I could do was lay there and watch, as she began to choke from asphyxiation. What happened next made me think I had succumb to delirium, Madeline just disappeared, no, it was more like she sunk away into nothingness. Almost immediately after, there was a thud on the floorboards, and the girl crawled out from under the bed.

“Madeline, oh my god, you’re.. one of them.” I whispered, in total shock at what I had witness, if she wasn’t running around room at the moment I would have thought I was crazed.

She ignored me and ran to the open window, after looking down and judging the distance, I guess she figured she need a rope. I kept whispering her name but she didn’t register that she was even hearing me, the sheets were stripped from her bed and tied together to extend the length. I didn’t want to call her name too loud, and risk her getting caught because she was my only hope right now. She attached the rope to her bed post, and thread it through the window, I couldn’t believe she was going to leave me, this wasn’t happening.

“Madeline, please! Just my hands, that’s all I ask! Give me a fighting chance for my baby.. All you have to do is free my hands and you can leave me to the rest. I just want a chance, just a chance.. I beg you.”

She paused, thinking about it for the briefest of moments, that’s when she took a step in the direction of my bed. Suddenly sounds of footsteps could be heard in the hallway, coming towards our direction, I look to the door and then back to Madeline but she was already making her descent out of the window. The bitch had fucking left me, she left me to die, left my baby to die.

Tears burned down my cheek, as rage, regret, and revenge ignite my emotions. I waited for the person to come in, but they kept on going down the corridor, not even slowing down as they pass by. I felt more than betrayed, as I thought about how she threw me under the bus to Sarin, it must have been her gift he could feel earlier. There was a weird sensation deep in my belly, and my mouth felt like sandpaper, a groan emitted from my gut.

I tried to ignore the thirst and hunger that plague me, making an attempt instead to focus on the fact help was coming, getting nearer by the second. Madeline would be proven wrong, they will save us, I had to believe that.


A woman’s scream from down below, wake me from my nutrient deficiency induced nap, I had only meant to rest my eyes for a few minutes, but the sweltering heat was overwhelming me. It was so hot in the room I had began to sweat, the slight breeze coming in from the window, was stuffy and humid.

I listened to the sounds of the voices and the terrified hollering of the women in the rooms below. There was laughter, that sounded so sinister, like it took enjoyment in the chorus of high pitch squeals of horror. I became panic stricken when I listened to what seem to be a multitude of male voices coming from down there, It was clear to me that Sarin’s men had returned, I thought they were smart enough to be gone by the time the American troops arrived.

There were footsteps of a group heading toward my room, causing the pace of my heartbeat to quicken, I had to suppress my sobs as the door began to open. Three men stood in the passageway, and I couldn’t see anything but their silhouettes from the dim light. One of them step forward, and as he got closer I tried to scoot as far up the bed as I could go.

“Boys, look’it this here lass, didn’t know one of these jungle maidens would av’ such a pink pale pretty pussy katt like that, I tell ya!” The man said, as his hand reach for my crotch, and I kicked it away.

“STOP! I’m an Amer–!” I was cut off as he backhanded me with a balled fist, sending my head reeling, and setting my jaw afire.

“Shut the hell up you fuckin whore! I don’t wanna hear another word from ya! I’m sick of these chink broads and all their jibber jabber.. Jesus Christ!”

I sobbed openly at this point, they ignored my cries and talked amongst themselves, it was immediately apparent these weren’t Vietnamese soldiers. They spoke English in various accents, two sounded like they were from Brooklyn, another had a Spanish accent but he didn’t speak much. I could tell the one in charge was the big mouth Irishman, he was boastful and brash even with his own men, showing off anyway he could. I worked up the courage to speak again, but the group leader returned and gave me two more hits to the face.

“Whoa, ease up on her sarge, I don’t wanna hit no beat up and bruised pussy.. She already got enough scars as it is.” Spoke one of the men, he sounded like he was a New York bred Italian, I prayed one of them would be curious enough to remove my face covering, then they’d know I was one of them, I was an American.

I cried out as two of the Irishman’s thick fingers pierced my vagina, he dug around like he was searching for loose change. He moaned as he stroked himself, and the other men around him followed suite to some degree. I couldn’t fathom this was happening, I felt my body freeze up and go rigid like a dead fish, there was a coldness within me that caused a numbness to spread through me. I knew the man had removed his cloths and started to mount me, but I couldn’t feel a thing, it was like I was slipping further and further away, my mind felt like I was under water barely holding on as I sank towards the depths of the dark below.

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