RDC(POL): Caiden


Nails dig into my back, puncturing the skin, such pain only added to the pleasure that rocked my body. I thrust harder in appreciation, eliciting a deep groan from the both of us, it wouldn’t be long before I climaxed.. but I wanted us to reach our peak together.

I dove down to taste those full succulent lips, forcing entry with my tongue, tasting all of what was finally mine.


I see why my brother affectionately referred to him as Babbit, the succulent taste of his cocoa skin, the ambrosia of his full mouth, the velvety vice grip of his insides. It felt like the closest I would get to heaven, because there’s surely a spot specially designated in Hell for people like me, my hands and soul were stained with the blood of many, all in the name of ensuring the safety of these United States. I’ve killed countless innocents just to get hands on my target, labeling them casualties of war, when in truth I had become nothing but a glorified pay for hire assassin.

How could I continue to judge Hunter for his lifestyle choices, we were both crossing the moral line, blurring the ideas of what was right and wrong, Good or Evil. Even now, here I was ravaging my brothers widower, plunging into him repeatedly, stroking deep into his guts, making him cry out in ecstasy.

I had fallen for Loki the first time I laid eyes on him in a photo my brother had sent me, those alluring eyes, his radiant skin, the crown of cascading dreadlocks that gave him a majestic beauty that didn’t at all detract from his masculinity. The feelings only grew worse when we actually met, he was so feisty and rambunctious, so ride or die for my brother, he was willing to scrap with me to protect who he loved even though I was the bigger of the two of us.

Now our size difference only enhanced our love making, yes, I was making love to this man, I needed him to feel it the way I did, I needed him to want it. So I picked him up off the bed and clutched him close as I lifted him up and down, taking the sensual growl from his lips as my answer, giving him all of my nine and a half inches of girthy meat in reply.

He moaned in my ear that he was about to nutt, and I wanted to join him, so our pace became even more feverish. His mouth latch to my neck, suckling and biting at the skin, it wasn’t long before he exploded, hitting me a couple times in the face but I didn’t care.

his was Loki, my deepest desire, my insatiable craving, and I loved every part of him. Just as I was about to join him in ecstasy, a current of pain shocked my body like a lightning bolt, I couldn’t hold in the wailing scream that escape my body.


I woke up with a start, unable to cease the screaming, nor escape the pain. When the crackling that filled my ears stopped, I could smell seared flesh, as my skin smoked. My body spasmed and twitched from residual shock as I turned to my assailants, meeting the familiar eyes of my brother as he stood next to an armed soldier, finding none of the comfort or compassion that used to be found in those brilliant bright blues.

His demeanor was stern and his gaze was cold, it was like he was looking at a stranger in the street, not someone he’d been raised up with. He was different from the boy I knew, the one that was so unsure, fragile hearted and soft tongued, you would have to ask him to speak up to hear him in a silent room.

“Zachari.. What is the meaning of this? We are brothers, a family.. even now I have so much love for you!”

“Hahahahahaa!! Love? You can’t be serious..” He replied comically, leaving me slack jawed, unable to retort to his ridicule. “Love is such an egotistical human construct, for us to use the mere fact that similar familial blood runs through our veins, to implicate any actual relativity between us. We couldn’t be anymore different, yet I’m sure you have an unfathomable amount of stories of how we are the same.. but guess what dear brother?”

I didn’t know what to say, shit, what COULD I say? I probably looked like an idiot now, staring at him like was, this dumbfounded look upon my face.

“There is no special brotherly bond, there is no love.. In the grander picture of this existence, we stand on this Earth as insignificant as a swatted fly, the universe still goes on without us. We are all brothers, sisters, and cousins to the rest of humanity, we all share common genome, so there is nothing special between us OR about you, at least.. not yet.” He trailed off, an eerie wry grin upon his lips, the moment interrupted by the sound of loud clicking heels.

“Zach, what’s taking so long? I could have sworn you were the one that said we were pressed for time..”

I turn to the door at the entrance of the new arrival, quickly earning another shock from the soldiers stun baton because I charged at her, fully intent on strangling the life from her, Dr. Jhedav and my brother laughing as a thousand volts of electricity cut through me.

“Come now, I’m through playing operation with the other one, it only took about three days, and I’ve already created what Donovan and Rockefeller THINK is an immunity serum, they are in for quite a surprise.. but alas, I’m ready to begin the SYMPHony project, you know how Mr. Ellison is about deadlines, you know what happens if he’s kept waiting? We need to get to work immediately.” The dusky skinned woman chided, as she cozied up to my brother in the way only a lover would, though that stern cold shell of his didn’t crack.

“Of course, I was merely entertaining myself.. can you believe he pulled the ‘Brother’ card?”

They spoke about me like I wasn’t in the room, laughing like I wasn’t even there, like I was one of the many rats kept in their labs. I was pulled up briskly by the soldier, and he made me put my arms out in front of me, before he slapped my wrists with a some futuristic version of police cuffs, it was braided steel and metal but acted as if it were a zip tie. He pushed me out of the room, poking his Stun Baton into my back, occasional making that loud crackling sound to let me know what faced me if I became unruly.

Karishma and Zachari went over the details of what they planned for me, but I couldn’t concentrate on them, because I was finally getting a glimpse of the facility. The atmosphere was cold and sterile, like a hospital or underground bunker, the air tasted recycled, and the fluorescent lighting was tiring to the eye. Looking around at all the occupied cells around me, it was clear I wasn’t the only unwilling test subject my brother and the doctor were holding prisoner.

I couldn’t see into the cells, but a several of them had signage that could only be interpreted as DANGER, once we entered the elevator, I noted the floor we were on was the thirtieth of fifty and the buttons were in reverse order. I’d only seen this once before, on an espionage missing in Moscow, the building was ten stories tall but six of the floors were underground.

This was some kind of architectural marvel, how did the government keep this under wraps? When the ‘Transparency Act’ was passed, it put all of the shady deals in the light, making all government classified information public domain. It revolutionized the political spectrum and brought into power a new order that was by the book and for the people.. or so we thought.

When we came to a stop on the sixteenth floor, the doors opened to reveal more steal cold walls and stark lighting, but voices could be heard just around the corner, unmistakable voices. I couldn’t control the rage that swelled within me, I swung around, one eighty degrees, and slammed my fists into the soldier’s temple. He was dazed but didn’t fall, I managed to grab hold of his baton and wrestled it towards him, making the man zap himself in the neck.

I grabbed it from him as he fell into a smoking heap on the floor, and turned toward the two mad scientists, both of whom shared matching looks of fear. I looked my brother in the eyes, unable to harm him even when I knew he would do the unspeakable to me. I held the gaze as I whipped Karishma in her knee, and gave her a sting to the chest with the Stun Baton, I ran knowing I should have given the bitch more of a beating than that.

In all my career I had never been able to do any excessive harm to women, if in chance a target was female, I would always make it as quick and easy as possible, no unnecessary suffering. Yet when it came to that woman, I wanted nothing more than to strangle her to the brink of death over and over again.

Turning the corner brought me down a hall, the first doors on the left lead to a mess hall of sorts, the occupants looked up from their meal and conversation in complete surprise. I didn’t give Bloodhound the chance to react, clubbing him in the head with the blunt end of the baton, I gave him a couple good kicks to the ribs and one good one to the face. I about face to look at Balthazar, who had this look of shocked terror, while Jerry cowered in the corner, I grabbed the paler of the two and pulled him up to stand in front of me.

I threw my arms over his head and stuck the taser end of the baton in his mouth, just as several guards and my brother entered the room. Tzar stood there looking at me like I was an animal, No, like I was a monster.

I’d seen him give that same look to Loki, all of us were guilty of giving him that look, now here I was in his place.

“Cai.. Caiden, what are you doing?!”

“You dare ask me that?! How the fuck could you form those words in your mouth, look what side you’re on..” I replied, as my brother, followed by seven guards, shuffled into the room.

“Caiden, brother..” Zachari started to say, but I quickly shut that shit down.

“Fuck you, I’ll piss in the mouth of your dead corpse..”

“You think Jerry Goldstein is of any importance to me?”

“It doesn’t matter if he means anything to you, I’d wager my life on the fact there is someone higher in the food chain that might think differently..” I gave him a smile of my own, as his face soured, he paused as his men wait for command. “Where is Loki? What have you been doing to him?”

“Oh, your little friend was quite an unexpected treat, I forgot to thank you for bringing something of a holy grail, such a magnificent specimen. Quite far the most harmonious with the original SYMPH strain we have come across. While the facilities here in the Terra-scape are bearable, we won’t be able to do our more immersive work till Arc One comes down to retrieve us. Don’t let that comfort you, because trust and believe.. The first thing we did was take him apart piece by piece, organ by organ, just to see what he can come back from, he is proving quite hard to kill, if I may say..”

“What?!” Balthazar croaked out, but quickly seem to gather himself, like he was unaffected and went back to tending to the fallen mercenary.

“I swear Zachari, if you keep me alive, it will be the end of you all, you dirty fucking bastard.”

“You pinky promise?” He asked, almost like he used to when we were younger, and it felt like cheap shot, but our colloquy was interrupted by a blaring siren and alert system.

“– Attention, attention all personnel, there is an Intermediate level exterior threat, Location: surface side B. All available security detail please report to the armory, then proceed to War Room Three. Await Lt. Donovan for further instruction… — Attention, attention all personnel there is an Intermediate level exterior threat.. —

The robotic voice of the announcer repeated the message over, the distraction was enough time for me to swing Jerry around, slamming him into the troop of soldiers, knocking several to the ground. I dart toward the rear of the room, where there were doors that lead to another nondescript corridor, lined with even more doors. Crimson lights flashed overhead, as I tried to navigate but I seem to be running in circles.

After I turned the next corner a man left a room, so I slipped inside, just before the entryway closed. It was a security surveillance office, and there were screens with the camera feed from outside. A drone was flying around the mayhem at wall B, there was another Risen horde of thousands, and one familiar beast among them, it was the Hunter.

What was it doing?

Could it sense Loki even through the walls and ground between us?

They pummel against the exterior with an infallible angst that would surely cause it to crumble soon. This was insane to witness, both of my brothers have turned into the worst of monsters…

I tried to find a map, a radio, a flashlight, something, yet there was nothing but paperwork and pencils. I knocked the desk clean in frustration, as I head back to the door and peek into the hallway, three soldiers go running pass, quietly I creep out and start to head in the other direction.

Running as fast as I could, I travel through the halls for what seemed like thirty minutes, but when I made the next left, it looked as if I was right back where I started. A growl escape my lips, admittedly getting fed up with this metal encased labyrinth of halls, that was until I finally came to a room lined with empty pods. I read a sign on the wall panel and gave a small ‘Thank you God’ that they were escape pod to the surface in case of emergency.

Just at as I turned, I felt the excruciating pain of pulsing electricity searing through my frame, the edges of my vision faded to black and my sight blurred, as my body crumpled to the cold floor. My assailant used their foot to turn me over, and as I slipped away into unconsciousness, Karishma look down at me with those dark treacherous eyes.

I couldn’t believe I had gotten drunk and pissed enough to sleep with such a poisonous cunt, sure the bitch was beautiful, but this was a monster worse than anything my brothers could ever become, evident as she smiled wickedly and venom spilt from her mouth.

“As I said, there is no more time for delays.”

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