RDC(R&D): The Forsaken Few

*Chapter Thirty-Nine*

We rode our bikes as fast as possible through the next part of town, the radio station was about seven miles up into the hills, and hopefully the others had gotten there without incident. I knew I had to keep a sharper eye on my loved ones, because they could get hurt when I was the true target, it would be hell to live with myself if I let that happen again.

The air had turn brisk, and the chill sent goosebumps up my arms, the altitude change was noticeable. I looked out into the wooded darkness with wary eyes, the revaluation of a new threat on my mind, yet something was causing me to keep the information to myself, like I was in some sort of denial. I would probably tell someone when we caught up with the others, but right now I needed to process how I felt, before I had to worry about someone else’s feelings.

“Look over there, just ahead to the left!” The Wolf hollered to me, while Husk pointed to help me find it, it was the radio stations satellite tower.

“Why are the lights on, that only happens when there is a live feed.. I thought you told them to wait for us to arrive before contacting Command, am I mistaken?” Husk asked his leader in a befuddled tone, I figured it was because they didn’t follow orders and that was something he couldn’t seem to comprehend, men like them always followed orders.

“Maybe something’s wrong..” I replied, the grave concern I felt, etched in my tone.

I sped up, passing them in an earnest fervor, their combined weight slowed them down and I soon left the two behind, in the dusty kickback of my rapid acceleration. I just didn’t feel right, my nerves were on edge, knowing the danger was all around me. It came in countless shapes and forms, one could lose track from the madness of it all. I felt like a wanted man out on the run, the bounty, my life for the taking.

Pulling up next to the Betty, I hoped off the bike and ran to her side door, finding it locked and inside empty, I looked to the glass door of the building to find it stained with blood. My gaze was drawn to the body on the floor, that was pulled to the side, and covered with a sheet, one of my good fucking sheets. I stormed over and lifted it to find a man with a thick beard, he was clearly a lost soul before someone gave him the gift of release. I figured this is what greeted them upon arrival, and I looked around at the scene a little while longer before moving on.

I made my way inside to see the building was eerily quiet, and my footsteps echo no matter how soft I step, I gave up trying to maintain any stealth, I just wanted to find them. I came upon an elevator, that seem to be in good working order, but I opted to use the stairs. A choice I quickly began to regret, when I noticed the lights didn’t work, only flickering on every so often.

With all the dramatics to have my heart racing, the ascent up the stairs was uneventful. I came out on the top floor, and as soon as I stepped out there was a big glass to see into the broadcast booth. Dr. Jhedav and I locked eyes in mutual quizzical expressions of surprise. I tried to get into the soundproof room she was in, before she could close contact with whomever she was speaking with, but it was too late, she had hung up without even a goodbye.

“I’m gonna ask you one time the nice way bitch,.. excuse me, Ma’am, who the hell were speaking to, and what was this conversation about that was so urgent, you were compelled to disobey direct orders from the Wolf?”

She stood there tight lipped, and turned to walk away from me, I stuck my foot out and tripped her. She stumbled wildly in the heels she insisted on wearing, before tumbling to the floor in a face plant, I put my foot on her back to hold her down as she struggled.

“Who THE FUCK was it?!” I screamed again, pushing her face into carpet, with intent to smother her into unconsciousness if need be.

“Loki! What the hell are you doing?!”

I turn around to see Caiden and Serafi looking at me with wide eyes, they looked afraid of me, but right now I didn’t care. I wanted answers, no, I needed them.

“I walked in on Princess Jasmine making a little phone call, which miraculously happen to end, just as I came in the room.”

“What?!” Bloodhound asked as he walked in, drawn by the commotion, Tzar was not far behind him.

“Karishma we gave you explicit instructions.. The line could have been bugged, or worse, the signal could have leaked out to any survivors with a working server.” Caiden tried to explain, but the damage was done. “You’ve compromised the location of our destination, that could cause droves of survivors to Lost Creek, it would be chaos.”

I watched Sera help her up from the floor, as Tzar tried to calm me down, everyone watched the dusky skinned woman in confusion as she dusted debris off her ivory blouse. The group seemed shocked she would do something like this, but I wasn’t surprised in the slightest, the Doctor was always questionable from the start. There was a reason somebody was paying allot of money to fetch her and Jerry, she knew things, she knew the truth. The Wolf was the first to start grilling her, I could tell he was restraining his anger, as even now, the grizzle of his baritone had taken a tense tone.

“Who did you call? Was it our contact with Command?”

“Not exactly, I had to speak to a colleague of mine, not the one who is compensating you considerably to transport Mr. Goldstein and myself, need I not remind you.” She replied, looking calm as can be, she even picked at her nail polish. “Though not command, this person IS of considerable authority, and any information I shared with him is of a confidential status. You of all people should know that..”

I looked to see her pointing at Caiden, what was she getting at? I walked back over to the group, Tzar at my side. The blonde looked at her like she had grown another head, not understanding the association.

“It was YOUR brother that was in charge when the ReGen strain escaped, not me, I was merely her creator..” She smiled, and her eyes seem to brighten almost, it was so eerie. “If you would call me the strains Mother, than I guess he would be the Father. It would be no guess to me, why he would unleash such a thing into the world, especially with such little testing beforehand. I was merely updating him on the status of the mission.”

“Zachari?” Both Caiden and I asked in unison, but that couldn’t be possible, Zach was the most responsible man I knew, he prided himself on his ethics.

“Yes, he was the only one with the passcode, plus, it took an eye scan, fingerprints, and a DNA sample to bypass the rest of the locking mech.” She replied, as she started to gather her notebooks from the desk. “My life’s work wasn’t meant to be used this way, this apocalypse wasn’t the purpose, there were grander schemes in the midst. We were looking for the holy grail of human achievement, but it clearly came with certain sacrifices I wasn’t willing to make. I had warned of its instability, but look at what the strain has achieved in Loki, I say the price of all this may have been worth it, look at the promise of humanity’s future! Imagine the advantages our children’s children could be blessed with, if we can replicate his results in us all in a controlled setting, under proper guidance..”

“All this.. Worth it?! You BIT**..!” I went to grab her but Balthazar was there in time to snatch me back, in my rampage I was able to knock her papers from her hands, causing the books to spill to the floor.

Bloodhound pulled her behind him, while giving me a stern glare, I don’t know what came over me but I spit in his face. He made to swing but Husk caught his hand and the Wolf was there to push him back, while Tzar and Caiden pulled me kicking, cursing, and screaming from the soundproof booth.

We ended up in what looked like a lounge where guests for the podcast might have waited or been catered to. Patience and Granny had amused looks on their faces as I was dragged into the room, Buster could feel my distress and barked loudly at the two holding me, growling when they didn’t immediately let me go. Granny was changing Kahlil’s bandage, and he was laid out across a cleared bar top, he was moaning so I figured he was asleep, probably from some of the hydrocodone supply I had.

“What’s your problem now? Why does it seem like you’re always going through a constant menstrual cycle?” Jerry asked, as he lay stretched out across one of the sofas in the corner sipping a drink, I shot him a look that quickly shut him up.

“I knew Zachari was getting into some pretty bizarre things working at Arkham, but I never could’ve expected him to be capable of this..” Caiden said morosely, I could tell he was in shock, I think I might have been too. “The Zach I know would be devastated he indirectly caused his own brothers death, it would destroy him, they were the closest of the three of us.”

Hunter loved few things in this world, there was Lil’ Red, his granny, myself, and his brothers, the favorite of them, always being Zachari. It was soul crushing to believe such a twist of fate to be reality, and I wiped away the single tear that had trailed down my cheek.

“Well, she did say he was still in Lost Creek, I say we confront him.. It’s the only way we’ll get the full story, he probably doesn’t even know about Hunter.” Tzar said, as he rubbed my back comfortingly.

“What else could Karishma have to tell him that was so important?” Caiden asked me, but I hadn’t a clue, it might have very well been something about me.

Jerry sat up abruptly, as if he just bothered to listen to what we were talking about, he downed the rest of the brandy in his glass before speaking.

“Wait, so you guys are saying Karishma made a call to ..” He trailed off, quickly standing to his feet, and stumbling from the room like he had to vomit.

“What a fucking lush..” I spat snidely, watching him rush out the door, while the others acted as if they didn’t see him.

I looked at Granny to see her oddly quiet, lucid and attentive, but uncharacteristically the most silent in the room. I knew she had picked up on what was going on, all she had to do was look at Caiden’s face to tell something was amidst. I watched as she got up and moved closer to Patience, almost protectively, like she recognized the unseen danger that surrounded us.

She had a keen intuition, one that only came with age and the many tragic experiences she’d face in that time. I looked to the door that had just opened, Sera walked in and closed it behind her swiftly, she was carrying something in her hand.

“Good news and bad news guys, what do you want to hear first?” She asked us with an intent look on her face, Caiden wanted the good new first. “I found a map of the area, so now we know exactly where we’re going, the location is about ninety miles east of here, probably in the mountains if the topography displayed here is accurate.”

“And the bad news?” I replied, knowing I’d be sorry I asked, and my instincts proved correctly.

“There’s no possible way to drive the last fifty miles of it, we’d have to travel on foot..”

“No, absolutely not, we’ll just have to take another route. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m not leaving the Betty behind.” I turn to Caiden, pleading with my already tearing eyes, it felt like Hunter was dying all over again. “I can’t leave her, we bought her together, I can’t just toss her away..”

“How are Granny, Patience, and Kahlil going to travel fifty miles on foot through the mountains? There must be some other way..”

“There isn’t.. the Wolf, Husk, and Bloodhound are still looking into it now, they want to leave at dawn after they make a call to their commander.”

I looked around at the people in the room, I considered all of them my family, and I would give my life for them without a second thought, even the damn dog. My family was strong, but we would be nearly powerless without the Betty, she was our shield from the cold dark world outside, our home, because we were without one, she was proof home was where the heart is.

Hunter and I purchased her together, an investment that sprung from both of our pockets, it was proof we were making a future together, just as good as an engagement ring, even though it was mostly for him. Saying goodbye to Betty, was like saying the final goodbye, it would sever the final link that really held us together. Caiden rubbed my back sympathetically, and pulled me to his shoulder as a fresh tide of tears spill down my cheeks.

“Sacrifices have already been made, we have to finish this, we made a promise to do what we can to save the world.” I said, wiping my tears, still not sure if I was ready for this or not but knowing I had to move forward. “Granny, Patience.. you girls up for this? It’s going to be hard, especially since we have to think of the kid.”

“I’ll do my best to help Kahlil, he can be my other arm and I can be his other leg, we should balance out nicely.” Sera joked, but I could tell she was serious, I smiled appreciating her offer of help, I was the one that brought him into the fold without any input from them.

“Damn, I don’t know if I packed my walking heels ya’ll.. is somebody gonna help me with all my bags?” Balthazar sighed dramatically, causing a collection of us to groan.

The warmth of his breath, the trail of his kisses that tingled down my spine, his tight grip that spread my thighs wide. The things that make you go ‘Hmmm’, the gas that lights the fire, the glory in the spirit.

The Wolf’s soft breath blew gently upon my expose hole, causing another blissful cry of agony to escape my lips. I tried to hold it in but he spanked me on my meaty cheek, I held this cry in with all my strength.

“You don’t have to hold it in, don’t forget, we’re in the soundproof booth and I locked the door as I was drawing the shade.” He whispered in my ear, that husky baritone cause my dick to harden to its full length just at the sound of it.

We had snuck away from the rest of the group, most catching some rest wherever they could, the two of us sneaking around like a bunch of randy teenagers. It was his idea to sneak away to talk, it was my idea to fuck instead. I wanted him to consume me in the most lewd of ways, I wanted to fulfill his every fantasy, since I would have no more of Hunter, he could finally have all of me.

I knew this was a man I could live with, one that I could love and trust unconditionally, a cohesive union with no complications, we were damn near perfect for each other. He was another piece to the intricate puzzle of my heart, that could complete what was left of me.

“Oh my god, is that just your tongue?! It feels like the head of your dick, ughh..” The rest of my words were an illegible mumble of euphoric moans, as he penetrated me.

He was on his knees behind me, so he pulled my ass up to meet his face, forcing my back to arch like a cat, and he ate me till I purred like one. Once he thought I was wet enough, I felt the pressure and heaviness of his crown, as he tried to push in. I almost laughed out loud when he gave the same grunt my deceased love used to give, because I was always too tight, and so, he had to dive back down to soak me up some more.

I didn’t hold back the cry of painful pleasure, as this time, I was wet enough to let him through. He growled in my ear, but like usual he exercised restraint, holding still so just the head and a couple inches pierced into me. I felt the heat of lust flush through my body as I started to rock slowly to open myself up, I needed him in me, but I knew he refused to hurt me, any sign of hurt and he would pull out.

“more..” I moaned softly in shame, reduced to begging for it.

“All you have to do is ask.” He replied, sliding into his full length, reaching deep into the depths of me.

We hit the road at dawn, and the ride was like going to a funeral, no one of us was speaking to each other. We all just sat in whatever seat available wondering how we were going to make this work, Kahlil had woken up but still needed to be drugged due to the residual pain. He didn’t say much to anyone, but I was glad when Patience chose to sit closest to him, even though she didn’t speak either.

Ironically, I was ecstatic when it had finally come time to disembark, astonished how something as big as the Betty could begin to feel like a clown car. I was even a little light headed from the altitude and fresh air, when all of us had gotten outside. A thought that popped into my head that wouldn’t go away, till the point it started to nag me, it was something Sandra Dee had said that stuck with me.

So as the group started to walk ahead, I grabbed two people and pulled them in the opposite direction, everyone gave me the weirdest stares but I pulled the two I chose back onto the Betty. I gave the Wolf a look, and he just nodded, commanding everyone else to start walking.


“Where are you taking us?”

“Loki.. You’re starting to scare me, where are we going?”

Serafi and Patience were full of questions as I drove us through the wooded landscape, traveling as far as Betty could go into the narrow trails cutting through thick brush, I knew her overcoat was littered with scratches and dents but the damage was superfluous. The girls were getting scared, but I still didn’t say anything, I couldn’t.. not just yet. I brought the Betty to a stop, after making sure I parked in the most obscure place possible, and ordered them off the bus.

They watched in silence as I used every piece of foliage I could to mask her position, it took about ten or fifteen minutes but when I was done, you could almost miss the huge vehicle on a walk by. I stood back and looked at Betty for a few more moments, I thought of every time I cursed her, every time I praised her, knowing it would be harder to say goodbye the longer I lay my eyes upon her. While blinking back tears, I turn to the two women I had brought along with me, Patience watched curiously and Sera seemed to look more frightened.

“The two of you are the only ones in the same predicament as myself, the world out here is dangerous but more so for the three of us.. that is why I brought you here, so if something happens you know there’s a place to go, somewhere safe out there in the chaos. Betty will be here waiting.”

I told them of Bison and the tragic conditions suffered by the woman he had in his group, I had to tell a young girl she was the perverse desire of some creep, who might not be the only one to covet her in such a way. I told Sera she was in danger as well, even with her missing appendage, she was still a beauty, the men would surely overlook it, and probably prefer it for easier restraint.

I asked them if they would try to watch out for Granny and Kahlil, I saw them as the strongest of the weakest of us. In order to survive, we had to work as a complete cohesive unit, as any mistake will cost us our lives.


“Oh, Dios mío, por fin! We lost more than two hours of daylight waiting for the three of you to get back here.” Bloodhound complained, as we finally caught up to them on the trail.

“I wouldn’t push him right now, pick your battles.” Serafi warned the Spanish merc, knowing I was ready to snap any moment.

“I don’t suppose you’re gonna tell us what u did with the Betty, or am I being presumptuous” caiden asked with a smirk, as he walked the trail next to me.

“Sera showed me how to set up a fuse to the gas tank, and I sent her into the afterlife in a fitting blaze of glory.” I replied, keeping a straight face as he stared at me in shock, jaw slack.

“Oh HELL no, I left my Prada loafers on that damn bus!” Tzar cried out, getting emotional over the many treasures he imagined burning away.

“I tried to convince him not to, but you know how stubborn he can be.” Sera chimed in, backing up my story, and Patience just nodded her head when they looked her way.

“What an asinine thing to do, ugh.. such a waste, purely on an investment level, I don’t understand you people sometimes.” Jerry replied from behind us, clearly listening in on our conversation, and I heard Karishma whisper something as well.

“Excuse me? What you mean by ‘you people’? Don’t get fucked up, cause I’ll remind yo ass real quick bitch, only YOU can prevent forest fires..” Balthazar snapped at him, shooting flames with his eyes, and I was thankful I didn’t have to say anything, Tzar always had a way of making me remember why I loved him.

“How much farther until we can stop?” Dr. Jhedav whined annoyingly, as we hiked up the steep hills leading into the ridge and valley of the Appalachian mountains.

“Maybe if you didn’t insist on heels, you wouldn’t be hollering and complaining so much you God damn twit!” Granny yelled at the younger woman, from near the front of the pack, Karishma looked offended at the thought of wearing anything less than a five inch stiletto.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything BUT a heel!” The dusky skinned woman retorted, causing us to groan and roll our eyes.

The bickering and arguing went on like that for the next nine hours of sunlight, taking the combined effort of Wolf, Caiden, and Husk to keep us from killing each other before any Risen could have the chance to. Thankfully we came upon an old abandoned two story cabin, that had a good foundation, it made the perfect shelter for the night. Despite Bloodhound’s bellyaching earlier in the day, we had made good ground, with less than thirty miles to our destination.

The Wolf, Bloodhound, and Sera went inside to clear the place, checking every nook and cranny before allowing any of us in. The place seemed to be owned by an old man, who passed away in the first few days of the apocalypse. He was in his bed asleep, the body left an odor that lingered, even after they buried him. Granny spent a long time looking at his decorative metals from serving in Vietnam, she didn’t say anything, so I wouldn’t know if she recognized him or not.

Tzar made a meal for everyone from the canned food we had carried along, somehow he managed to create a magical feast from the limited resources. If there were only two fish and a loaf of bread to feed a crowd of the hungry, Tzar would give Jesus a run for his money. He pulled out a bottle of wine he had stashed, with some paper cups, and I rolled my eyes at his sense of priorities, no one else seem to mind cause they all rushed to indulge in the treat. I was passed a cup and told I better drink or face his wrath, because it was to all our fallen friends and family.

Everyone got a little bit solemn and emotional but that soon turn to laughter and shenanigans, I found myself sitting in the den with Granny, Tzar, Patience, Kahlil, Buster, and Sera, all of us talking about people we missed and how much we cared for one another. Sera began to explain how much she love Saint, you could tell she still missed him alot by the way she would absentmindedly clutch at his dog tags when she spoke of him, she was smiling at first but then she took a serious tone.

“I have a confession, I wasn’t being entirely truthful about how you found me and Him, I was so ashamed at the time I didn’t think about what it could mean down the line, or the what the consequences would be.. Then it occurred to me that you all are truly my family now, even you Kahlil, I know I can trust you so there is no need for the secrets.”

“Of course you can trust us honey, none of us can stand above you and look down in judgement.” Granny said, patting the girl on her knee in encouragement, the rest of us confirmed the same sentiments.

“When Saint and I went searching the Academy, we DID stop in the kitchen, he ate some of the food, mainly the tainted meat, and we continued on our way. He was being flirtatious and I was willing to entertain the thought of fooling around. We went into the first room we found and wound up making love for twenty minutes, we got dressed and he kissed me. He looked into my eyes and told me he loved me, and had never felt so lucky in his life, that’s when he began to turn.”

“Oh no, you poor child..” Tzar said, moving to sit next to her so he could wrap his arm around her comfortingly.

“There’s more, you guys..” She said, cutting him short, yet there was a hesitant silence when it came for her to speak, until she could find the courage. “I’m Late..”

“Come again?” I asked, looking to Granny with wide eyes, she looked pale faced and faint herself.

“I’m Late.”

“Honey, what do you mean, ‘you’re late’?” Balthazar asked looking as clueless as Kahlil, Patience, and Buster. “You mean, like as in.. Cinderella, late for ball? I don’t get it.”

“I might be with child, daffodil.” She told him condescendingly as she rubbed his face softly, closing his mouth as it hang open in shock.

The two younger kids clapped excitedly, celebrating the news, but the rest of us recognized this for what it was. It was a tragedy waiting to happen, especially now that we were without Betty, and who knew if the facility in Lost Creek had any baby friendly amenities. I was the first to awkwardly congratulate her, and tell her I would be there for my new niece or nephew, but as I left the room I could only think of the struggle she face going forward.

Most of the others were catching up on rest as I slipped my way outside, I found myself wandering and inspecting the perimeter of the house. Though I knew Husk was on the ceiling, taking first shift of watch duty, I needed to ease my nerves with a look around for myself.

The night was admittedly peaceful and a bit warm for this time of year, the nocturnal sounds seem to be nature’s lullaby, the chirping of crickets and ‘who-ing’ of owls blended together in sweet song. The moon was bright and large in the sky, illuminating the surrounding area with its soft light. I did a walk around the property and was drawn to a old weeping willow, that had a swing, I could make out two names surrounded by a heart carved deep into the wooden seat, Danny and Corinne. I sat for a moment, not swinging, just rocking on my heels stuck in my thoughts. It was weird how long it had been since coming across any Risen, this area was remote but I figure the ReGen Strain left no area untouched. For some reason this place felt safe, not quite like Sandra Dee’s set up, but it had the same feeling of isolation, like we could stay here forever.

I walked over to the base of the tree, and dug a small hole, I took Hunters glass bowl from my pocket. It was broken in two pieces, and I held back the tears as I cradle them in my hands. I put my lips to the mouthpiece one last time before burying it in the hole I made. I took a moment to collect myself and was about to go back inside, when suddenly, I felt a strong grip upon my shoulder. I panicked slightly as I was pulled into the warm embrace of two strong arms, but once I noticed the smooth sable complexion of my assailant, I nuzzled into the strength of his hard chest.

“Somebody’s breaking curfew, I’d hate to have to punish you..”

“Oh, I’m sure you would love that. Does it excite you when I’ve been bad?” I coyly asked the Wolf, as I tried to slow my heart rate back to normal, not wanting him to know he had startled me.

“You like to play Mr Badass, but I see right through you.. I see the real you, no matter how many masks you wear.” He replied, moving some hair from my face, and his gaze appear to really pierce me as deeply as he claimed.

“So tell me, what do you see?” I asked, unsure if I wanted to hear the answer.

“I see love, I see compassion, you emit an aura of strength, but I can also see the delicate vulnerabilities underneath, even with all the changes you’re going through you still manage to be the most humane out of us all..”

“Well, I can tell you’re tryin’ to get lucky tonight..”

“Is it working?” He asked with a deep sly laugh, showing off that beautiful ivory smile.

“Almost, but you’re still learning..” I snipped playfully, trying to back up slightly, but he swiftly wrapped me up in a punishing kiss.

The taste of his lips were addictive, and his tongue fill my mouth with his flavor. I relished the feel of his hands, smooth, yet clearly those of a working man, strong, but tender to the touch. I groaned beneath the burden of pleasure he assaulted my body with, desire weigh heavy upon me, and a furious lust flush my body as he rubbed our crotches together. I wanted him as much as he wanted me, I needed him to fill that void within me, to heal my heart thou it was missing pieces.

I don’t don’t how we ended up on the ground, but we had manage to get undressed without ending our enrapturing kiss, the intoxicating heat from his body fueled the burning friction of our lovemaking. There was such power in his kiss, that I barely notice as he lifted my nude form up, yet instinct cause me to wrap my legs around his hips. I used the strength in my thighs to try and pull him as close to my body as I could, while he sat back on his heels. His tight grip on my ample bottom cause me to groan into his mouth, more so, when he gently dug one of his thick fingers into my hole. It barely went to the first knuckle, and the tightness turned him on further, I knew he was fighting the urge to ravage me like an animal.

“Loki, I don’t want to scare you, but.. I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

“I hate to break it to you, but you’re late to a party already in progress.” I joked, pulling him in for another kiss, savoring the unique taste of him.

He lay me back down on the ground as he trailed another journey of nips and kisses down my body, he growled, pleased at the gasp of pleasure that escaped my lips, when he began to lap at my hole with his girthy tongue. He rolled, twisted, and flicked it, as he pierced me deeply. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I probably looked like I was overdosing off of some hardcore drug, and I damn near felt like it.

“You ready for the ride baby?” He asked me, in that low gravelly tone he always settled into as we made love.

“Ain’t I tell you before I was born rea.. Ahhh!”

He stifled my cries with his soft kisses, as only the head of his length was in me, he waited and savored the spasms of hole clutching tight around him to adjust. I finally open up a little more for him, and he was wise to take advantage, sliding in a couple more inches. He paused again, giving me time to catch my breath, he spent the wait stroking my hair and watching my face closely, determined to never hurt me during our love making. I couldn’t take anymore of the multiple little stabbing pains of entry, so I pushed out with all I had, letting the rest of him slide into the hilt.

“Fuck..” He growled, at the sensation of my insides, swallowing all ten of his meaty inches.

He didn’t move for a few minutes, because I think he had climaxed, but he never got any softer either, so his cream just added more lubrication. I purred as He just kissed me softly and stroked my body. The tears fell on their own in betrayal, and when he noticed I was softly crying, he kissed them away without a word.


“Yea, babe?” He asked concerned, probably thinking he was hurting me, he couldn’t have been more mistaken.

“I want you to take me away from here, I want you to make me forget all of this, just everything.. I wanna forget it all. I want right now to be about nothing but you and me, us in this moment, and no one else. I don’t want to think of what will be and what the future holds for us, I don’t want to think of the past and what I’ve lost, I want all of that to be irrelevant. I want you to give me more love than I’ve ever seen..”

He didn’t say another word and let his body to the talking, and his stroke game had me speaking in tongues like an old lady with the Holy Ghost. I was being taken to the heights of ecstasy, and I couldn’t come down. He was skilled at hitting that spot in me, the one that makes me feel as if I were about explode, the man showed me no mercy as he rhythmically tortured me with his swift thrust.

Time was at a standstill, and I couldn’t stop think about how perfect the moment felt, for if I had, I would have turned eye to the flaws in such disorienting perfection. I would’ve notice that something wasn’t right, it was suddenly too quiet, the brilliance of the full moon had dim to that of a flickering candle, and the air smelled too familiar.

I knew I would cum at any moment, and Wolf seem to sense it naturally, like we were in sync, totally in tune with each other’s bodies. He somehow manage to time our orgasms perfectly, I could feel him thicken inside me before he burst, filling me till I was overflowing, and that cause me to shoot my own nutt between us. He pressed us together and kissed me with the same passion as our beginnings, still grinding inside me, not as hard as he was, but his length still felt solid and full within me. The moment was so cathartic in more ways than one, and it was nice to finally let it go, let it all go.

“If it meant anything in the world we live now Loki, I would have asked you to marry me, I would have wanted to spend the rest of my life, in moments like this with you. I love you so much, that if I died right now, I’d be..”

He didn’t get to finish his words, and I would have screamed had I not been drowning in his blood, as it spray into my mouth from a wound on his chest. I stare in shock as a clawed hand protrude from his chest, holding his still beating heart mere inches from my face.

There was roar from the creature behind him, as a scream struggled from my throat. Tears burned down my face, as Wolf’s eyes started change, the love and the life was slowly fading away. I kissed his lips, not caring we were smothered in blood, I wanted him to feel my love in the short seconds of time he had left. I gasp as his body was snatched back, and tossed to the side like a rag doll, and I could only see the looming back of this humongous mutant man as he feasted on the rest of the carcass.

“Heeeelp! Husk! Caiden! Somebody, help us please!” I yelled, as I crawled backward, till my back hit the old willow.

The scaly bark scratched at my skin, as I rubbed against it in my panic, and it caused the mutant to start sniffing the air, so it must have begun to bleed. He rose up to his full height, which had to be close to nine feet tall, with the muscularity and proportions to match. He was as naked as I was, and had pale white skin covering most of his body, the exceptions were his hands, feet, face and equally monstrous phallus. They were darkened to a shadowy black, each appendage looking equally dangerous, as he licked his talons of Wolfs blood.

When the creature finally looked at me, my heart stopped and my lungs ceased to function, I just couldn’t breath. I felt trapped as it stalked closer, moving with the intricacy of a predator, a true Hunter, one that moved in the shadows.

I still found myself unable to budge, only able to focus on the eyes, those eye, his eyes, the ones I would never be able forget no matter how many lifetimes I’d lived. I could barely speak above a hoarse whisper, as I choked back uncontrollable sobs, as my mind seem to crack like a raw egg hitting the floor.

“God, you’ve truly forsaken us..”


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