RDC(R&D): Thy Brothers Keeper

*Chapter Thirty-Eight*

Tears trailed down my cheeks as blood continued to spill from my mouth, the taste of copper and silent screams overwhelmed my palate, the searing burn of my ability was immediate. Noxious tar soon began to rise in my throat, causing vomit to spill from the ragged flesh beside my mouth.

“You stay the fuck over there! You’re gonna turn, do us a favor and kill yourself now, please, for God sake..”

It was the one that had been crying, the other didn’t speak, but from his eyes I could tell he was afraid of me too. They had all right to be, for more reasons than one, that fear would heighten their chances of staying alive. I hit the floor in agony, as the pain of my resurrection knocked me from my feet, breathing proved difficult and I felt sharp pains in my ribs like I was being cut from the inside.

“We need to kill him, he’s going to change soon, If we get him now it’ll be easier.. I don’t know about you but I want to live!” The man said to his comrade who still remained silent, I didn’t hear if he agreed but the shuffling of their feet was answer enough, I opened my eyes to see them maneuvering closer to me as they travel along the wall.

I struggled to my feet, nearly passing out in the process, and stumbled clumsily against the wall to evade them. Eventually there was no way to get closer to the door, Gunner had strategically placed the spoke that held Beau’s chain so he could cover the area completely, you had to inevitably go through him to get out, leaving me at a literal dead end. With nowhere to go, I knew I had to fight, as they were getting closer with every passing moment.

Beau was growling and reaching wildly for me, like I was a medium rare steak in a room full of tofu burgers. Those dead eyes were locked on me and I would swear the bastard seem to recognize me, I had never seen eyes so alive with intent among the risen dead, his gaze filled with an abnormal intensity as he clawed fiendishly for another taste of my flesh.

“Just stay still, we’ll make it as quick as we can, I promise..” The man pleaded to me, but I ignored him, going over every possible scenario I could think of to end this.

The pain had begun to cease to a single numbing throb, dare I say it was bearable, I put my hand to my face and could feel my exposed teeth and gums. I didn’t panic, because the bleeding had stopped, I knew I was healing. I tried to speak but a sharp stinging pain persuaded me not to, so I shook my head ‘No’ with no other way to communicate with them.

The silent one frowned and lost his patience, he lunged for me but I rolled out of the way in time, causing him to slam hard against the wall, with enough force to cave it in from his momentum. He recovered fast and swung at me, I blocked his attack, then used that moment get in close. I gave him a swift knee to the stomach, and pushed him away. He proved to be persistent, and the two of us had gotten tangled up in a grapple match, I noticed quickly we were venturing too close into the danger zone.

“Dammit, watch yourself Harry!” The other man screamed, as Beau had grab onto his jacket, pulling him close enough to tear into his left bicep.

Once we saw the blood soak his jacket, we could tell Beau’s teeth had breach the skin, Harry held onto his arm in shock, looking to his friend for help. The other man just cower in the corner, his pants leg wet with piss, saying a prayer to whatever God above he believed would help him best, it was no use cause we both were fucked.

It took a full forty five seconds for the bitten man to begin showing signs of turning, but once it started, the transformation was immediate. He gave a shriek that pierced my ears, as the infected man bolted toward his comrade, and I tried to block out the screams as I searched the stark empty room for a weapon. My eyes scanned around till I came to the hole in the wall Harry had created, the wall was made of cheap plaster and sticking out was a metal pipe of sorts.

I ran over and grabbed it, only to be zapped by a jolt of electricity that left my dreadlocks smoking like reefer, I cursed to myself for not assuming it could be from the electrical wiring of the building. I was making dummy mistakes, and I couldn’t afford any of that. Even now, the jitters and shakes plagued me as the lingering current course through my body. My hand was slightly burned but I worked past the pain, ripping my pants off and tearing the denim as fast I could. I could hear the horrid sound of Harry consuming the other man’s inner organs, the tearing of flesh, the wetness of blood, the agony one could feel as they were being eaten alive had its own unique melody.

This time when I grabbed the pipeline, I used the denim to wrap my hands and cupped the insole cushions of my boots, the rubber had the insulation to allow me to pull it free from the wall. Unfortunately, I made enough noise to draw the attention of everyone in the room, and Harry made a record breaking thirty yard dash for a flesh meal. I swung for his face and almost shit myself when he dodge my swing for his head, he ducked low and tackled me into the wall, sending us crashing through to the other side. Miraculously I held onto the pipe, as we had landed with such force the wind was knocked from my lungs, and Harry wasn’t giving me the chance to catch another. I swung again, this time connecting hard with his skull, succeeding in getting him off of me, though not for long.

This time when he lunged, I stabbed toward his open mouth trying to aim for the brain, thinking I would scramble that shit like an Egyptian mortician prepping a Pharaoh. But my aim was off, and it only manage to pierce the back of his throat, missing the brain completely, to protrude out the other side. His corybantic hunger for my flesh was so all consuming of his lost soul, that he pushed of his own accord down the length of the pipe, as I knocked his arms away. He scratched toward my eyes in an aggressive combination of strikes to distract me, and it was then I knew this was a different type of predator. This virus was as volatile and unstable as the beasts it creates. I lost the pipe, but that was for my benefit, his teeth had nearly chomped into my fingers.

With no other option in the moment, I ran, moving as fast as I could, which wasn’t saying much. I looked down to see a large jagged piece of the wall sticking through my side, I hadn’t felt it till now, and I nearly double over in pain. My legs refused to give out on me, and instinct had taken over the driver’s seat, my mind going numb from the pain. Harry was behind me, sprinting with the unbelievable acceleration only the freshly turned could have, the fact that he was on a full stomach was just a boost to his speed and ferociousness.

I had no time to stop and check just ANY door, it had to be the right one, there was the chance this thing could tear me apart. I felt sweat bead down my forehead, leaking into my eyes, the light burning was a thankful distraction from my aching side wound. I saw a door that looked familiar, and even better, I could hear laughter on the other side.

I tried to go faster but ultimately I felt like a wounded gazelle in the African plains being stalked by a starving lion, I hadn’t heard when he pounced, but he slammed into my back just as I had reached the door. We went smashing through, taking it from in hinges, and crash rolled onto the floor, I could feel it using the momentum of our tumble to its advantage and I twisted sharply in the opposite direction to counteract. I was able to grab the exposed pipe so I tried to pull it out, only to find it now firmly lodged. With no other choice I used the metal rod to slam his head to the ground, with considerable effort I held him to the floor with one hand and used the other to pull the bloody shard from the side of my abdomen.

Once I had pulled it free, I implanted the jagged edge into his head, stabbing as many times as I could, until it broke, splintering off into his cranium. I collapse to the floor, heaving from the exertion, my body crashing from the adrenaline high, so the fresh wave of pain hit me like a truck as my body fought to repair itself. There was loud clapping, and I open my eyes to the room spinning, and when my eyes started to focus I found myself looking up into the shit eating grin of Bison.

“What did I tell ya boys, this one puts on a fine fuckin show! Pure entertainment!”

The others just laughed, as they watched me bleeding out on the floor, the Wolf was staring at me with such intensity, I knew it was taking everything he had not to break character. When I shook my head ‘no’, he turned away angrily, and shut his eyes.

“I’d ask how you got out but you’ve always proven to be quite the escape artist.. Gunner, go check on the other bastard we had in there, Charlie Boy, the one with the sweet ass, make sure he doesn’t get away.”

He must have been referring to the poor guy that was ripped to shreds, I thought about telling them he probably had Risen already, but I decided to let them find out on their own. When I could finally struggle to my feet, Bison grabbed me and pulled me towards one of the offices suites. Once inside, I could see they had been here for a couple days, maybe even a week. He had already settled in, turning the large office into a makeshift hotel suite.

“Go clean yourself off, there’s a shower just through that door.” He said, as a command, not an offer, his tone was crystal clear.

I went into the bathroom and quickly stripped before jumping in the small shower, grateful to rinse the scum, excrement, and filth from my skin. I kept the time to six minutes, not wanting him to come in after me. I turned off the water, and stepped out to find my cloths gone, a sole folded terry cloth towel sat on the edge of the sink. I didn’t even hear him, he was so fast, I couldn’t slow the rapid thumping in my chest. I wrapped the towel tight around my chest like a woman would, I didn’t want him seeing anything. I stepped out to find him laid out on his ‘bed’, he looked so comfortable, like I wasn’t even in the room, like the last time we had seen each other I hadn’t tried to kill him.

“You like my little set up, huh, I see you admiring it.. You don’t have to hide it, this is luxury, you prolly never seen better since the World’s End.”

I stood as far from him as possible, looking around the room, just as he accused. It was dirty, with clothes and trash on the floor, a cardboard box was in the corner and I could see the swords sitting inside. Decorative but fully functional, the sheaths gleamed just as bright as the blades. There was a knock on the door, and Bison growled angrily at the interruption. It was a younger guy, looked barely out of his teens, he was breathing hard like he was running.

“Sorry to bother you Sir, but Gunner ordered me to report that Charlie is missing. Far as we can tell, it looks like he ran Boss, we’re tracking him from the bloody footprints.”

“Well you bastards better find him dammit!” Bison screamed, throwing the nearest thing he could grab at the boy’s head, the kid had sense enough to duck and the steel toe boot missed him by a couple inches. “Take this box out of here with ya, put it with the others on the truck outside.”

He hastened his exit out of the room as fast he could drag the heavy crate behind him, scampering out the door before he would face more of this mad mans wrath, and I felt a cold bolt of fear sear its way down my spine. The infection could spread tenfold before they found him, that left me with no more than fifteen minutes before all hell would break loose, even worse, the Wolf was still out there amongst them.

“That sorry fuck was a good piece of ass, can’t let’m get too far away can I? Look what happen when I let you get the great idea that you could escape me.. Bet you thought I was dead, I thought it was the end too. When that crazy red eye mutant motherfucker caught up to me, I thought I was a goner, but guess what got his attention.. the blood on my hands, YOUR blood on my hands.”

I tried to recall every detail of that night, how we’d heard the roar of the beast, how it was so fast and so ferocious. I never got a chance to look at it, because I couldn’t find the courage to dare to look back, not with those two predators behind me.

“He licked my hands clean of every drop, savoring the last before he took off after ya.. That’s when I knew you were more special than anything I could have imagined, even these things could sense it, Hell, they could fucking taste it!”

He laughed crudely at his own joke like he was the funniest thing in the world, while I silently stood in the same spot, wrapping the towel tight around my nude form. I didn’t know what to make of his revelation, the thought of such monsters stalking me, threaten to drive me to insanity but that time may have pass already. This world was overrun by the insane, so why I should be so surprised, look who had inherit the earth, if you can’t beat’m you join’m, right?

“I knew I had to have you, no matter how far I had to travel, or how long I had to wait, I knew we would find you, so we had to be ready.” He sat up on the bed, and stood to his feet, walking toward me slowly. “There were many groups of survivors, large and small, but we devoured them along the way. We only had need for the strong, so we killed anybody over sixty and any kids under 12 years of age, we had no need for the weak, unless we were running low on food.”

I swallowed the bile that had risen to the top of my throat, as he came to stop right in front of me, my heart beat heavily in my chest like it would burst from the pressure. I could smell the whiskey on his breath, and his naturally masculine aroma. He didn’t stink, but he smelled like the woods, and all the good and bad that came with it. A man like him didn’t need a group to survive out in the wild, but there was a desire for power within him that was evident to the eye. He relished in the attention and control, the order and the punishment, the jealous and avaricious appetite of a conqueror.. the deranged logic of a genocidal extremist.

“How did you rationalize that madness? You’re effectively wiping out the human race.. You’re doing more harm than the infection ever could!”

“Humanity will survive, It will by the seed of my loins, that’s why you were so important to me..”

“Umm.. You do understand the anatomy of a male doesn’t work that way right? I hope I don’t have to explain..” I replied, but then I thought deeper into what he meant.

He didn’t just want me, he had to have it all, and that included Patience as well. He could see I had added it all up and smiled at my surprised reaction, my mind went back to his very words from the first time we met.. the rarest of things. A mantra that had proven its credibility countless times since, one that would haunt me with its accurate portrayal of post apocalyptic life.

“I never got to be number one, no matter what I did, even when I went to prison, I never got what was due to me.. I was gonna ascend to greatness, every detail was planned, but some unforeseen circumstances arose that should have been expected. You see, all empires end over a piece of ass, it’s the fuckin circle of life. You remind me of that bastard, even though the two of you couldn’t look any more different. He stood in the way then, I refuse to let anyone stand in my way now. I’ve learned the hard way, you gottta take what you want in life..”

There was a series of hard knocking on the door, but he ignored it, taking the moment to push our bodies up against the wall. He lift my legs till they wrap around in waist, this gave him the leverage to thrust his groin into mine, and assault my mouth with his tongue. I beat against his chest, and pushed against him but he held my arms above my head. He started to get more aggressive to counter my defiance, but the door burst open once the people outside realized it wasn’t locked. About fifteen men came barging into the room, and I knew they had finally found Charlie.

“It’s overrun out there, the motherfucker was bitten! The shits spreading outta control, and we gots nearly a’hunnit men in our coup.. What the fuck are we gonna do Boss?” Screamed the kid from before, he had panic written all over his face, and he looked as white as a ghost.

“Calm the fuck down.. Dammit! Never a moment’s peace with you morons, ya can’t do nothing without me.” He sighed loudly and growled, punching the wall by my head, cracking the plaster. “Where the fuck is Gunner? If I find out you pussy yeller’ sons a bitches abandoned him, I’ll slit yer throats one by one!”

“No sir, he told us to go on while he went back for his brother..” The kid replied, cowering slightly away from the larger man.

In truth Bison and me were about the same height but his persona made him appear twice as large, he was imposing to look at, and it was a wonder to how a man could become such a beast of ‘natural’ causes. He was as dangerous as any risen, mutant, or monstrosity out there running around. The Wolf caught my eye, he was near the back of the pack, barely visible through the crowded room until someone stepped out of the way. We made eye contact and he stealthily let me catch a glimpse of Hunter’s Desert Eagle. My eyes brightened, but that’s all I would allow myself, because Bison was watching me intently.

“You knew he was bitten, and you didn’t warn us..” He stated, rather than asked, in my direction, and his soupy sable black eyes were burning wildly.

“No, I didn’t know.” I cried, wondering when I had gotten so good at this lying thing. “He must have been bitten by Beau when he tried to flee..”

At that moment, There was a fierce banging on the door and the howling moans of the undead, Bison stalk toward the door to everyone’s dismay. He swung it open and a flurry of pale blond dreadlocks came snarling through scratching and screaming. Gunner had his brother by chain, like a rabid pit bull, the undead twins attack had missed Bison by mere inches. His mouth was dripping with blood down to his tattooed chest, and his eyes were blackened with the ghastly tint of decay.

“Are you fucking crazy mate? What the fuck do you think you’re doing going back for that dead piece of shit?” Bison asked his partner in crime, not understanding the sentiment.

“He’s my fuckin’ brother, my twin brother, he’s all ah got left! Your little bitch boy over there took everything I held dear. I’m gonna..”

Gunner was interrupted by his brother attacking someone who had wander within reach, the sound of him tearing a chunk of the guys ear was sickening, the screams of the man ended with a snap of his neck, and Bisons booted heel to his skull till it cracked.

“See! That’s why you need to let me put’m out of his misery.. He’s a fuck’n danger to us all!”

“I’ll keep’m close, he won’t hurt nobody we don’t want him to, like I promised..” Gunner pleaded, and I found myself with the slightest touch of empathy.

It was quickly extinguished, such a thing could get me killed, instead I had to use such an opportunity to take advantage. There was a pair of jeans and an old worn leather vest, sitting on top of my boots, as I put them on I noticed some of the men watching me with lust filled eyes. I was further disappointed that the jeans must have belonged to one of his past female conquests, they fit me more like leggings than anything I would ever consider pants, and without underwear all my privates were on full display. I had never felt so nude with clothes on before, and it did nothing to offer me any comfort or protection, Bison just smiled lewdly in approval.

He walked over to me, and grabbed hold of my ass, trying to palm all of my cheek with one hand, and shook it to make it jiggle. I pulled free from his grasp, just as we heard the dead banging wildly on the door, it wouldn’t be long before they broke in. The room was so congested and claustrophobic, with too many people packed into this one little room, we had to get out before they tore their way inside. I looked around the office for some kind of weapon, but came up empty, anything of use had already been snatched up by Bison’s panicking men.

“Time to weed out the Meek from the Strong boys, this will shed some dead weight in this bands of fuckheads!” The man himself bellowed to the others in the room, a burst of murmuring and protest erupted but he ignored their pleas, everyone was on edge as he walked over to the door that was buckling from the flurry of risen behind it.

The three seconds it took to turn the knob felt like three cycles of an eternity, but I wasn’t the only one whose palms were sweating, my look of angst was mirrored across the room. I don’t know if he opened the door or if they broke in themselves, but the dead had immediately begun to swarm into the room like rabid wild dogs breaking into the kitty kennel at the local ASPCA. The collision of bodies and the screams grown men overwhelmed my ears, and I was soon rushed by the fleeing crowd, getting crushed into the corner wall of the room.

I pushed back but it felt like pushing against an aggressive tidal current, and at times it was as if I was drowning in the sea of bodies surrounding me. We were essentially trapped, as all of us were tangled together and bombarded by the oncoming rush of risen dead. Since I was backed furthest into the corner, the attacking swarm was literally eating away at the wall of soon to be infected victims between us, the harrowing cries of death getting closer and closer.

The younger man next to me was so afraid, he was trying to climb the walls, I had to turn away when his fingernails splintered and flaked off in bloody pieces. I don’t know how, but I was knocked to the floor, and was quickly trampled upon. I crawled in earnest to safety, but was kicked and stomped in the head multiple times along the way, there was blood trickling from my nose yet I could feel it wasn’t broken. Once I clear the group tearing each other apart in the corner, I was able to get to my feet, and immediately began scanning my eyes for the Wolf. I tried to focus but there was so much happening, so much carnage, so much chaos.

I saw the door was clear and dashed towards it, a stray hand snatch hold of my vest, but I shook free before the infected heathen could bite at my ankles. In the dark hallway it was extremely hard to see, but the slip of my foot I knew the floor was slick with blood and littered with bodies, or at least the stray parts of some. I didn’t pay much attention, and concentrated on either finding the Wolf, finding a way out, or both. I turned down two corridors and ran into one of the few women, she was crouched down on the floor chewing a man’s throat, his head separated from the body, rolling away as she concentrated on her meal.

I took a step backward, hastily deciding on taking another route because of my lack of a weapon, when my boot crushed a piece of glass. The sound was enough to get her attention, I cursed inwardly, but suddenly a hand went over my mouth and an arm dragged me back by the neck. My scream of surprise was stifled by my assailants hand, as I got pulled into a dark closet, I hadn’t even seen was open. The door slammed shut and a light came on, and I found myself in a maintenance closet. A hand touched my shoulder and instinct forced me to strike for the throat, but the Wolf’s swift gentle hands grabbed mine. I almost cried when he brought my hands to his lips, leaving the softest of kisses, that sent my heart aflutter. We shared a brief kiss before we returned our attention to the danger in the present circumstance, I wiped my tears and held his hand tightly as he lead us out of the small closet.

“I’m pretty sure I found the best way for us to escape, I saw a couple of motorcycles in the garage, they are pretty dinged up but they work..” He informed me, leading us through a series of doors till we found the partially completed garage. “There are a few cars down here too, in similar shape, but I still think the bikes might be our best bet, can you ride?”

“Can I ride?! Ha, I should be asking YOU that.. Be sure to keep up babe.” I said, walking up to the purple Suzuki, while he sat down on the blue Honda.

He was right, both bikes were ridden hard in their past life, but I guess one of Bison’s men was quite the handyman, and the work was good. My mind flashed back to how I used to ride with Hunter on his baby ‘LiL Red’, breeze in my hair, my arms tight around his waist, the warmth of his broad back as I press my face against him. The only thing Hunter loved more than me, was that goddamn bike, he’d often go off riding for a week, stopping only to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. She was his mistress, and he was emotionally invested in his side piece, so she got what was coming to her in the end. I had ridden the damn thing several times, and I admit she was an exceptional beast with sleek feline lines, making this fuchsia hued bike look like a alley cat in comparison.

The Wolf went over to the garage door and hit a green button on the panel, then swiftly sprinted back to his bike, he revved his engine and whistled to get my attention. I broke thoughts from my musings of the past and tried to start up my bike, the engine sputtered to life just as two men came dashing through the garage door, I could tell immediately they were infected. The both of them went straight for the Wolf as he was closest, the darker skinned risen lunged for him, tackling him off the bike.

I hopped off of my cycle and grabbed the other man from behind, just as he was about to bite into the mercs leg, I pulled the him by his hair and slammed his head to the concrete floor. It did little to faze him, but I noticed that the Wolf’s bike was still on, and I pushed its face toward the spinning wheel. Blood and scraps of flesh scattered everywhere, yet surprisingly I got none on myself, I turned back towards the Wolf and move to help him. I kicked the guy on top of him in the head before he could sink his teeth in, giving the mercenary the advantage he needed to gain the upper hand. I was going to add further assistance but two strong arms wrapped tight around me, the hands were dirty and coated in dry blood. I turned my head to see but was head butted instead, this time my nose WAS broken.

I opened my eyes to see the cracked and blackened eyes of Beau, he was muzzled, but still continued to attempt tearing his teeth into my flesh, which explained the forceful head butt. His nails dug into my skin, and scratched across my chest and arms as I fought to get away, my hair was grabbed from behind and my head was purposely twisted to look the person in the eye.. It was Gunner.

“You thought you were gonna run off this time huh? Not this time.. I say you owe us a little payback, don’t you think? let’s see if my bro agrees..” He said, smiling cryptically as he started to unlatch his twin brothers muzzle. “What do ya say we start off where we left last time and you give Beau a little kiss.”

My eyes widened in terror, as images of my facial flesh being torn away flashed through my mind, I was frozen with fear and had even ceased to struggle. Gunner laughed manically at the anguish in my face, finding such pleasure in the pain he caused me. Suddenly there was a new pain, one I felt physically, one that cut deep and through me. I looked down to see a blade protruding from my chest, it swiftly disappeared and Gunners weight as he fell brought the three of us down with him. Beau’s mask was barely covering his mouth, and he went to bite at my throat, some swift maneuvering caused him to miss me, and he kept going toward the next available flesh. Gunner screamed as the his twins jagged teeth tore into his shoulder, and I looked up to see a hand extended out to me, I took it and was pulled to my feet by the last man I expected to see.

There stood Husk, holding one of Bison’s swords, it was stained in red, that was dripping off the blade to floor. I could see him nursing his shoulder, and he looked like he was still soaked from his fall into the river. As a bad as he looked, he was a sight for sore eyes, so I ran up to him and hugged him tight.

“I’m insulted you even thought I was dead, takes more than a good shot by an amateur to take me out kiddo, we’re the fuckin A-team!” He joked with a grin, before he changed up to absolute seriousness in a flash and pushed me behind him, I looked to see Gunner pointing a gun at us.

He was barely holding his brother at bay, but had the gun perfectly aimed to take one of us out. His eyes were swollen red, and his breathing was haggard, spittle flew from his mouth as he shout in anger.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me, YOU don’t get to walk away, I’ll fucking kill you..”

“Don’t waste the bullet.” I replied, already feeling the burn of my back and chest wound fading away, leave it to Husk to make the tough choices to get the job done.

Gunner seemed to get my meaning, in all the many ways that I meant for it to be taken, his eyes soften from a stormy dark grey to a clear pristine blue. It looked as if he were truly awake for the first time, like it was his first time walking into the sunlight of day. He turned to his brother and hugged their faces side by side, the other twin fought wildly and bit into Gunners flesh again. I closed my eyes just as he pulled the trigger and the two of them laid there still.

“Come on you two, it’s time to go..” The Wolf said as he picked up his bike and restarted the engine. “Loki you ride with me and let Husk use the other one.”

“I got a better idea, I ride with you, and you take me to the gas station outside.. I seen what they got out there and I got our escape planned out, just trust me.” Husk replied, hopping on the seat behind the merc.

I hopped on my bike and followed them outside, the bikes were loud, and I knew the dead would arrive shortly, anxiously searching for their next meal. Behind the building there was a lot filled with trucks, mostly cargo, Bison and his men must have salvaged this stuff. Husk informed us it was mostly crap, the most useful thing was a shipment of Japanese memorabilia and artifacts that mostly for sentimental value.

On the other side of the lot there was an old gas station, with a rig parked out front. Husk jumped off the bike, ran over to the rig, and climbed in. It took a moment but he found the keys and got it to start, he drove ahead of us towards the bridge, the combined noise of our vehicles bringing the scores of dead from their trenches. They seem to scour from every building, the infection destroying a group of a hundred men in less than an hour. We got to the center of the bridge and the risen hoard had gathered behind us making it to the bridge seconds after us, running so fast that they were gaining on us at a full speed pace. Husk spun the truck and came to a stop just before the end of the bridge, he climbed out and ran toward the Wolf trailing gas from a small tank in his hands.

As soon as the Wolf Started his bike, Husk lit a book of matches and tossed it over his shoulder with the tank, we sped off into the next town barely paying any mind to the explosion at our backs, nor the howls of the risen dead as they met the fiery flame of true death.

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