RDC(R&D): Let Go

*Chapter Thirty-Four*


Continuing down the pebble path that seem to travel so far from the house, I felt inclined to find out where it lead, and considering how old the grounds were, it shouldn’t have been surprising to me to have come upon an old graveyard.

The path of pebbles lead down a hill to its gate, thoughts about how the old me would have turned around and ran from a scene like this crossed my mind, but I now knew there was nothing to fear from the dead that lay here.. there were countless things worse to be afraid of.

I made note of the stereotypical hazy fog coating the grounds, but otherwise ignored it, the gate shrieked as if it hadn’t been opened in years. I could see that wasn’t the case, the lawns were immaculate, even though the headstones were old, I saw an old grave-man’s cabin and figured Saundra Dee let him out every so often to tend the to the graves. Most so old the engravings had worn away, leaving nameless resting places.

Making my way past the slate gravestones, I read a few that simply said ‘loving mother’, or something else similarly scribed, I noticed there were allot of women who died during childbirth, many were really young, and just as many were close to my age. I crouch down to fix one of the flower pots adorning a young woman’s grave but I could feel something coming up close behind me, I felt a hand grip my shoulder and I spun round to strike, but the Wolf quickly grab hold of my wrist, my fist a mere inch from his face.

“Relax.. It’s just me, it’s okay.”

“Just you?!” I spat, looking him up and down. “You work for these people too, even if you’re just a hired grunt.”

“I wasn’t part of those things, at least not knowingly, I never would have unleashed something like this on humanity. I would have never taken your life from you..” He pulled me close, I felt a wetness on his shirt, not realizing I was crying softly. “If I had known about this, you would still be with the love of your life and we would have never even met, if I had known, the virus would never have gotten out.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, and we just stood there in the graveyard, holding tight to each other. Our bodies felt so right together, even though mine was now naturally cool to the touch, and his had a natural warmth that radiated from within. He breathed into my neck, as he stroked my lower back, soothing me with just a gentle stroke and touch. I turned my face, anxious for our mouths to meet, fiendish desires to taste him overwhelmed me.

“We can’t, not here in a graveyard..” He objected, but I cut him off with a deep kiss, that signaled even deeper intentions.

I let my fingers nimbly unbutton his shirt, then I let my hands explore the smooth tight skin of his chest, and the hard muscle underneath. I ravaged him in a feverish hunger I hadn’t known was trapped within me, I couldn’t get enough of this man that seem to be made of black marble. I freed his torso of any garment that impede my view of his perfection, then took a step back and drank in the sight of him, it was undeniable he was a true vision of man.


My mouth was dry, and my dick was straining painfully against my jeans. I removed my shirt, ignoring my involuntary shiver from the cold, then dropped everything below my waist in one swift movement. Just at that moment there was a break in the cloud covered sky, a spotlight of the moon’s luminance caste down on me as I stood framed in the thick fog, revealed to this man in all my glory.

“God, Loki.. you’re beautiful.”

“But I’m a monster.. now you, you are man at the peak of his form, you’re perfect.”

He wrapped me up in his arms, his mouth tasted a trail of skin that lead down to my belly button, before he spun me around. He played with the fatness of my ass, as he suckle the spot at the base of my spine, causing a groan to escape my lips. I whimpered as he kissed his way towards the treasure between my cheeks, I felt the cool air on my exposed hole, before his hot tongue broke through the tight ring. I was left breathless, I saw stars, as my head arced skyward from the pleasure. He spat and lap at my ass like he couldn’t get enough of me, I arched my back and spread my legs further, giving him the access he needed.

“Damn baby, you taste better than I could have ever imagined..”

I answered him in an incoherent mumble of jumbled words, as my body shook and shiver but this time it was not from the cold, pleasure had racked through my body. He stood up and unbuckled his belt, next his pants, but he moved his hands when he saw the look on my face, and let me unwrap the rest like a gift.

“What the.. Fuck!?!”

“Aww.. You scared now?” He laughed, enjoying my reaction to his endowment.

“Would you think less of me if I said yes?” I replied with all seriousness, he had a weapon of mass destruction in his pants, it was so warm and hard in my hands I didn’t want to let go

“That would turn me on like you wouldn’t believe.. the Loki I know isn’t afraid of anything, I know he ain’t gonna run from some dick.” He taunted in his sexy baritone, shooting me that grin of gleaming white teeth, as his dick jumped a little.

Without breaking eye contact I took him into my mouth, and swallow his length till the crown hit the back of my throat, it was so long I wasn’t even to the halfway point yet. He groan my name, as he threw his head back, overcome with pleasure. I tried again, determined to take more of him, but I gagged as it started to slide deeper, a long strand of drooping saliva connect between my lips and his meaty dick.


Swallowing hard on my third attempt, was causing him to suck breath through his teeth when the head sunk deep into my throat. He look down at me with that grin, as he slid out and crouch to kiss me, his tongue tasting deeply into mouth. He picked up his jacket and shirt, draping them on the ground, before he took a seat. He pulled me down on top of him, and we made out passionately, as our bodies entwined.

“I wanna feel you inside of me.. I want to give you all of me.” I confessed to him, when we broke for a breath.

“You don’t have to do that, there’s nothing for you to prove, that this right here doesn’t.”

“I know, It’s just.. I’m finally ready to move on, I’m ready to give you everything I gave only him. You already have my heart, it’s only right you have my body too.” I replied climbing on top of him, straddling like he was a wild bull at the fair, because I knew I was in for a ride.

I grabbed the meaty club, and aimed the head at its target, my ass slick from his spit and precum. I missed the first two times, cause I was too tight to break through, frustration making me clumsy. He flipped me over in one swift gentle movement, ending up in between my thighs, suckling my neck.

“I got this.. Let me take care of you. Do you trust me?” He whispered upon my lips, as he kissed me softly, savoring every breath I exhaled. “I asked, do you trust me?”

“With my life..”

His face disappeared, and my knees were pushed back into my chest, the position spread my cheeks slightly and I soon felt the warm wetness of his tongue burrowing its way inside me. He kept me trapped in ecstasy for several minutes, and when he stopped I was so wet, I could feel it dripping. His face reappeared over mine and our lips connected in a tender kiss, soon the first sharp pain of entry shot up my spine, I groaned deeply into his mouth. He paused a moment, stroking my skin with his hands, they were hard worked but smooth to the touch. Slow and steady he rocked himself into me, giving me breaks in between, after what seemed like forever he finally hit rock bottom.

“Damn, baby.. You got me grip tight.”

I couldn’t answer him back, as the pressure and fullness in my gut overwhelmed me, I felt as if I would nut any minute. I breathed deep breaths to ease the stretching of him inside me, I couldn’t help to wonder where did all that dick fit?

“You ready?” He asked, with that damn smirk, painted across his lips.

“I been ready.. AAAHHH!”

He began to grind into me, softly at first, but slowly gaining speed. He stifle my mouth with his own, and he took me to heights I hadn’t been in ages. I clawed at his muscled back and nibbled the flesh of his shoulder, squeezing my walls with every out stroke, desperately trying to keep him within the depths of me. Even as I begged for him to fuck me harder, he took his time churning my guts, exploring every crevice his girthy length could reach. With each stroke, he hit my prostate, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on long.

“Damn, I’m about to cum Loki..” He whisper in my ear, with a heavy breath, in response I squeezed tighter on his thick meat.

A groan escaped his lips, and his pace quickened, as he spread my legs wider. I cried out his name, not caring if anyone near or far could hear, I damn sure wasn’t worried about the dead that rest beneath us. I lasted about six or seven more of his deep strokes, before the orgasm hit me, I hadn’t even touched myself yet I was going off like a geyser.

“Fuck!” We both yelled out at the same time, as he had climaxed as well, I could feel the heat of his nutt coating my insides.

He sat up, slowly pulling out as he still shot the thick liquid into me, and watched intently, as it spilled messily from my hole.

“Mmmm.. Look at that.” He said softly, more to himself, as he inspected his damage.

I whimpered as he slowly sunk his hardness back into me, I was sore and tender, but I still let him in. He leaned down and placed soft kisses up my neck, that lead to my mouth. He nursed my bottom lip, and continued to grind into me softly, this man was insatiable but I needed a minute to recoup. I rolled him over, till I was on top, keeping him inside me the whole time.

He gave me that grin, clearly enjoying my aggressive turn, I leaned over him and he moved some of the dreads out of my eyes so he could see my face. I began to rock my hips, moving slowly up and down his length, but then I saw something that made me pause. We were directly on top of someone’s grave this time, as I looked at the worn and nameless headstone for a moment, my eyes seem unable to move pass the inscription.

‘she lived hard, she loved harder, and so she conquered…’

A small smile graced my lips, as I began to rock my hips with fervor, I attacked the Wolf’s mouth with my own. Determined to wear him out this time, from the look on his face he welcomed the challenge, little did he know, this time I intended to conquer.

“I would do anything for you, you know that.”

“What if I asked you to run away with me?”

“You know we can’t do that, the mission is too important..”

“I know, I know, I’m talking about after we’re done at Lost Creek..” I clarified, knowing he would never run away from any responsibilities. “What I’m saying is, once Dr. Jhedav gets her tissue sample and runs her tests, I’m getting the hell outta there, and I want you to join me.. We’ll take our loved ones and try to make a life together somewhere.”

“Are you saying you wanna jump the broom and play house with me or somethin?” He asked, cracking jokes when I was trying to be serious, I sighed and socked him in the gut. “okay, okay, I give in.. Haha, I swear I’ll make an honest man outta you, we’ll even say vows and you can wear a veil, and we can spend our honeymoon trying to make babies.. You think I’m playing, but I’m dead serious.”

I couldn’t stand him, when he was in his one of his playful jokey moods, yet I found myself giggling along with him. He had a way of making me forget where we were, and all the death and despair that consumed the world around us, it helped me forget how helpless we were in all this.. While Caiden did nothing but remind me of his brother, the similarities between the siblings a comfort and a curse, the man before me had the intrinsic ability to make me forget my lost love, his natural warmth melted my cold heart, his genuine integrity allowed me to trust again, and the flames of his passion could ignite my body like dry kindling downwind in a forest fire.

With the Wolf, things felt fresh, they felt new, there was none of the guilt to complicate things. I could have a brand new start, I could finally embrace more of the love around me, before it was too late.. there was no doubt about the feelings I was beginning to feel for this man.

As we made our way back up to the house, I tried to ignore my newly acquired limp, and the proud smirk he didn’t even bother to hide. His strong hand clasped one of mine, and he brought it up for a gentle kiss, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my lips if I tried. For once in the longest time, I was honestly happy, such a feeling was something foolish to aspire to with the world in the state it was. But, here I had accomplished it, even if only for a fleeting moment, I had truly conquered.

I felt a tingling sensation and shivered, as goosebumps coated the skin on the back of my neck, suddenly a familiar emotion I knew all too well hit me like an abusive husband home from a bad day at work.. this was fear.

“Loki, what’s the matter?” The Wolf asked, confused as to why I stopped.

“Do you hear that?”

“I don’t really hear anything..” He answered, looking more concerned with me.

“That’s the problem! Where are the crickets, the frogs.. Not even the hoot of an owl.” I could hear none of the nocturnal wildlife, I could hear nothing but the wind in the trees, and the erratic thumping of my heart in my chest.

“Loki, please calm down there’s nothing out there..”

The snapping sound of a twig, caused me to spin and look behind us, I could see nothing but trees swaying in the wind. The fog was still thick, so whatever lay waiting in the darkness had the advantage of concealment.

“Something IS out there.. It’s watching us, I know it is.” I told him, pulling out the Desert Eagle, as I loaded the chamber he gripped my wrist to gently bring my hands down.

“Remember the defense systems, KITT has all types of surveillance and defense mechs out there, anything deemed hostile would have been taken care of before they even got this close to the house. We’re fine, we’re safe here.. There is nothing to be afraid of.” He sounded so earnest and convincing, I took a moment to think about it.

“The AI is a fucking perv then.. It must have been watching the whole time, did I tell you it talked to me?” I said, looking around us as I put the pistol away, my instincts were still screaming at me.

“Oh stop, KITT only speaks to Saundra, he wasn’t programmed to talk to anyone else, you probably imagined it.. You were kind of freaking out, we all were.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me..” I replied, shaking my head, still trying to wrap my mind around the perversely wealthy destroying and abandoning the planet. “Seriously thou, that thing spoke to me, I’m not making this up.”

“I’ll take your word for it then, but I’m a skeptic till I hear him speak to you myself..”

“That’s all I’m asking of you, come here..” I commanded, smiling as I pulled him in close for a kiss. “Now let’s get inside, I think I need to go for another soak.”

I turned and started limping toward the house, this time an extra pep in my step, The Wolf lead the way up the pebble stone path as I tried not to linger behind. There was a faint aroma in the air, that same cold shivering fear course through me, as I found it eerily familiar, too familiar. I tried to tell myself my brain was playing tricks on me, and fought the urge to look back, I felt like Lot’s wife in the biblical fable. I knew that if we just got to the house, we’d be okay, everything would be fine.

Once we reached the steps leading up to the back porch, I heard more movement in the distance, and I wanted to kick myself for instinctively turning to look. The trees blew furiously from a western wind, dancing into its warm caress, I watched the scene in search of any anomaly. Yet, there was nothing there for my eyes to see, the smell was even gone, I felt foolish and finally eased my nerves. Timber Wolf stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for me, arms crossed and an expectant look in his eye, I just sighed and started up the steps.

“Sorry babe, some things are just too hard to let go of..”

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