RDC(R&D): The Hot Trail

*Chapter  Twenty-Seven*

I stepped off the RV, scanning my eyes around for the Doctor and the Wolf, immediately finding them by frontside of the Betty. They looked to be in a heated discussion, but that quickly changed once they saw me in approach. Karishma turned away from me, clearly upset, but the mercenary gave me that charming smile of his.

“When should we be expecting the others? This isn’t a good spot to camp very long.. I’m getting a bad feeling, I don’t know why.” I warned nervously, wrapping the leather I wore tighter around me, as a brisk gust of wind billowed pass.

“ETA was about thirty mins ago.. but I trust Bloodhound has everything in control, don’t sweat it kid, they’ll be back soon” He replied, giving me a small nudge with his elbow, I just nodded as I suspiciously watched the posh dusky skinned woman with her back to us.

“What were you two talking about.. the princess seems over it? Not even ten minutes ago she was having the time of her life.” I mused, causing Karishma to cut her eyes in my direction, huffing, as she stalked back inside the Betty, slamming the door behind her.

I looked to the ebony skinned man, with question in my eye, but his only reply was to break out into laughter. I soon joined him in an infectious fit, and it took a moment for us to catch our breath, that woman was just too childish. When I finally calmed down, I placed a hand on the front grill of my black beauty, noticing someone had cleaned her up pretty good.

With the metal all battered and bent, it gave her the appearance of a crooked smile, and thoughts of the day Hunter came up with the bizarre idea of even purchasing something like this crossed my mind.

“I had Saint give her a good scrubbing after he tuned her up, the ol’ girl is beat but she’s not beaten..” The Wolf said, breaking me out of my little spell, I looked to see he had been watching me.

“Look, I’m really sorry abo..”

“Don’t mention it.” He interrupted, placing a tender hand to my shoulder. “You took care of business, that’s all I could ask for.”

“Aren’t you sick of losing the ones you love? All your family and friends.. just gone. What is a life, in a world like this, if you’re all alone?” I replied, moving from his touch, for I refuse to take pleasure in it with the guilt I felt. “How can you not be upset with me, when I killed him! He was your friend and I put a bullet in his head.. are you okay with that? How can you not despise me?”

“You and I are more alike than you think.” He said, so sure of himself, with that velvety baritone. “We get the job done, we make the tough decisions, and we make them fast.. When everyone else hesitates. You’re a survivor and a leader, you take responsibility, no one delegates it to you. I don’t know what’s happening to you or what changes have happened.. but you seem to be in control for the most part.”

“But I don’t want the burden anymore, I can’t.. I can’t save everyone, how can I when I can’t even save myself, it’s clear I’m nobodies definition of a Hero.”

“Listen, YOU saved that girl in there, and gave her a second chance at life. YOU saved the Saint from an eternity as one of those things, and I bet he would have thanked you if he could, and it was you who was able to get a warning to us before it was too late..” He grabbed my shoulders, and gave me a gentle shake as he spoke, as if to snap me out of my pity party. “If that’s not a fucking Hero, I don’t know what the hell is. All I know is whether you like it or not, that person is you now, and there’s no going back.. there’s too many people counting on you.”

“You’re right, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just wish there was something more..”

I couldn’t finish speaking as he had put my lips to better use, the softness of his kiss and the tenderness of his grasp, sent a flush of heat through me. He pulled our hips tighter together, and began to grind his meaty groin into mine. My hands couldn’t touch enough of his skin, it was so supple and smooth, while the muscle beneath felt so hard and ungiving. It was enough to make me nut right then and there, the climax, before the introduction had even gotten started.

I tried to pull back, but he wasn’t having it, his grip getting even tighter. He pushed me back, until I was leaned up against the front of the Betty, and took hold of my legs, bringing them up to his hips. As if on instinct, they locked tightly around his waist, and he growled in approval. He let his hands stroke down my back, following the hot trail of skin, to grasp hold of my ass. I moaned into his mouth, the intensity of the moment overtaking every part of me, but I was soon jarred from the trap of passion.

I could hear the roar of the engine before I could see it, I recognized Sera’s mustang immediately, it was getting closer and gaining speed. I tried to warn the Wolf, but he was unrelenting, leaving me dazed and breathless with his kiss. When I heard the gunshot, I knew playtime was over, I bit his lip kinda hard and caused him to draw back fast. He suckled his bottom lip, giving me stung look, that almost made me want to laugh.

“The others are close.. sounds like someone’s shooting!” I informed him, climbing down off of him.

“What? I don’t hear anything..”

Then the unmistakable sound of an assault rifle could be heard right on the other side of the trees, followed by the explosion of a sudden crash, but the roar of the mustang continued on closer. Timber Wolf just watched me, concern in his eye, because he could hear nothing I spoke of. I told him to wait a moment, he would see for himself.

It wasn’t long before they came barreling down the dirt path, pulling up beside us, dust kicking up everywhere. My cousin Balthazar jumped out the back seat, and ran over to me, grabbing me into a deep hug. Caiden came over next and pulled me in with one arm, the other was carrying two large bags, no doubt bounty from their scavenge. He kissed the top of my head, and held me for a moment. Buster ran up to us barking requesting his turn for my attention, he licked my hands as I felt for him around my legs.

“You had us scared there for a moment..” The blonde mused, as he let me go, giving the beagle room to relish in my affections.

“Major understatement, boy we ain’t know what the fuck was goin on wit you!” Tzar cut in, watching as I scratched the dog’s belly, his last statement catching my immediate attention. “Now the damn General has his men tracking us down, and they’re taking no prisoners.”

“I heard the gunshots, and then a crash..”

“How could you have heard that?” Bloodhound asked, walking up on us, with an AK in his hands. “We were more than a mile away!”

“Look, that’s not important right now..” Wolf replied, focusing us on the threat at hand. “Was the General there in the flesh?”

“Yes, and he’s irate as all hell!” Jerry chimed in, looking at me sideways, as he headed toward the Betty. “Seems he has a vendetta against the little mutie that destroyed his town of humble cannibals.”

“You were welcome to stay and finish dinner, you know?” I replied, with a full toothed smile, that was soaked in sarcasm.

“The General has enough firepower to blow a target like the Betty sky high.” Husk broke in a word, trying to ease the animosity and tension. “The guy he sent after us was just a scout on a bike.. back at Fort Wayne, I remember seeing Rapid Combat Tanks and other state of the art heavy artillery vehicles.”

“What the fuck, RCTs?” Wolf replied, and for the first time, I saw a fleeting flash of worry in his eyes. “We’d be sitting ducks if he got us in clear view, within as little as three miles from here!”

“He won’t do anything like that.” I said, grabbing one the heavy bags from Caiden, preparing to take it on the RV.

“How can you be so sure about that?” The Hound asked skeptically, his gaze letting me know I wasn’t considered the most credible source for certainty.

“I know, because he wants me alive.”

Once we were all packed up, we wasted no time hitting the road, opting to take the side ways and byways, instead of the freeway which was probably blocked and congested with the undead.

Husk, Jerry, Tzar and Bloodhound opted to take the smaller vehicle, and I got the feeling they weren’t too comfortable being in my presence, the dangers of my mutation had possibly proven itself too unpredictable for some of them. Or maybe I was just reading too much into things, either way it suited me just fine, it meant the Betty was less crowded.

I sat at the bar, watching as Granny tended to Serafi, and Patience soothed the dog who whined at the injured woman’s side. He licked her hands, as if to rouse her from the feverish sleep that plagued her, his effort of little use to qualm her suffering. She tossed side to side on the sofa, while Granny kept her from aggravating her wound, and dabbed her brow with the cool damp cloth. I’d given her some antibiotics and a mild painkiller, I was still afraid of her turning, so was everyone else. It was why I didn’t ease her suffering further, I figured if she was still responding to the pain, she would be okay. Even still, constant eye had to be kept on her till we were fully assured, it would mean she had to break this fever spell soon.

“She doesn’t look so good Granny.. should I sing for her?” The young ebony skinned girl asked the older matron, a sadness in her eyes, as if she felt the pain as her own.

“No, don’t do that, remember what we talked about?” She answered, in sort of a hushed gentle tone.

“I know I remember..” She replied solemnly, and resigned herself to cradling the dog. “Not everyone will appreciate my gift the same.”

I caught granny looking over to where Karishma sat not far from me, she was furiously looking over her notes and paperwork, like something wasn’t adding up. I lent my gaze back to the old woman, and I made a note to speak to her privately when we got the chance. Wolf and Caiden were up in the front cabin, and when I looked I could hear them talking a little loudly.

I rose from my seat, just as the vehicle swerved to the right, nearly knocking me from my feet and Sera from the couch. The Doctor’s paperwork flew everywhere, and she shouted in surprise and frustration. As I made my way to the front, I could see they were indeed fighting, Wolf had just socked Caiden in the face.

“What the Hell are you guys doing?!” I screamed, as they both stopped to look at me, reality setting in. “Are you two trying to kill us all, with this madness?”

“Talk to the Ken Doll, I don’t have a problem.” Wolf replied, looking to the Blonde in the passenger seat angrily, I turned to him since they were both accountable.

“I don’t a have a problem either..” Caiden replied looking out the window, into the night, refusing to face me.

“You both sound like children, get ahold of yourselves, I thought we were all adults..”

“He started it!” They both exclaimed, as if on cue, I could only sigh in frustration.

“Boys, I think we’ve got company!” Karishma yelled out to us from the back, just before the shooting started, the women screamed as they all ducked for cover.

I ran to the back, and quickly pulled out one of the assault rifles, Caiden was right beside me with a sniper rifle as I went to check the back window. There were two motorcycles, two passengers on each, and they were gaining on us. I looked to Caiden in fear, and could see him looking through the scope, so I knew he could see it. The guards on the cycles weren’t the ones that sent the icy shivers down my spine, it was what I could see several miles further down the road behind them, slowly but surely in pursuit as well.

There were three RCTs traveling in formation, the one at the head had a huge searchlight at the top, illuminating the road ahead as it plowed through any obstacles, clearing the path for the rest. I knew the General was in one of them, if not the one in the very front, and as if he knew there was doubt in my mind, he let off a rocket that landed just 20 yards to the left of us.

The cycles soon encroached upon the Betty and littered her hull with a barrage of bullets, I saw one of them get the clever idea to start aiming for our tires, but I had gotten it first. I let off a shot right to their front wheel, sending them into a series of flips, that ended in its own fiery display of an explosion. The other rider was as incessant, as he was skilled, proving much harder to get rid of. There was suddenly another shot from one of the other RCT vehicles, but Wolf cut sharp to the left, causing it to hit a large spruce tree to the side, just a few hundred feet ahead of us. It was falling fast, threatening to block our path, though I knew Wolf was pushing Betty to the limit.

The burning tree landed right on top of the cyclist behind us, the blaze of its fire missing us by mere inches, keeping the troops following us at bay, if just for a short while. Everyone was on edge, no one really knowing what to do for a moment, the cherry red mustang in front of us didn’t slow down, and neither did we. Though we had no idea what faced us ahead, few things were evident that didn’t leave us with solace.

The trail was hot, whomever made that shot and missed was a dead man, and most certain of all..

The General wouldn’t stop until he had me.

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