RDC(R&D): Elysium

*Chapter Twenty-Six*

When the beat dropped the crowd went wild, the energy was so intoxicating it gave you a rush that sent you into a frenzy. I hadn’t had a drink, yet I was down in the pit with everyone else, cause the club was lit. I looked up to where Hunter was, up high above the crowd on the DJ platform, and could only see the top of his head bobbing as he played.

It was his 30th birthday, so if that’s how he wanted to spend it, I was only happy to oblige. I brought out all the big guns, when planning his party, and I would accept nothing less than the most epic gathering of the year.

I called up an old flame of mine, as his dad owned the hottest new club in the city, aptly named ‘Elysium’, it was so ultra exclusive many never made past the line outside. Ol’ boy came through, and cut me a deal to rent the place for the night. Of course it cost a pretty penny but Hunter told me not to worry about cost when it came to planning, so I had no choice but to go big. Little to say, the night was going all according to plan, and my man was happy as he could ever be.

To my surprise, He threw on some throwback Nas and got everybody even more hype, I never knew Hunter had the talent for this kind of thing, but it was a recurring suspicion. I had always felt he didn’t have to resort to street life, because he was just so clever and talented, It was even clearer that he had been raised better. But fact is, there were only a few ways to make lots of money in the Big City, and Hunter chose his path, so he had no choice but to make it work.

I continued to dance, having the time of life, when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned to find Balthazar, and just from the look on his face I could tell something was wrong.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Someone say something to you at the bar?!” I yelled to him over the noise, ready to flip out if anyone tried to disrespect, I didn’t play that at my gatherings.

“No, it’s Reginald..”

“You mean Reggie the dread head trade, I told you was a punk ass bitch?”

“Ughhh.. Yes, that Reginald.” He replied with a pained look on his face, I already knew the story before he could open his mouth but I let him go on anyway. “He dumped me, bitch! The fool had the nerve to do it over a video chat, how fucking rude is that, when you live right in the fucking city?! He said my cooking was against his healthy lifestyle, and he was surprised my body has held up so well from the trash I put into it..”

“He didn’t like your grilled veggie lasagna or the Hummus? He isn’t human ..probably eats some nasty shit like frog legs or pigs feet, but has the nerve to come at you sideways about your cooking! Men would kill to have a dude like you by their side, you just have to wait for the right ones. He’ll come one day, right when we least expect it.” I said with a smile to reassure him, as we walked towards the bar.

“I’m sick of waiting, the world will probably end before I find my Prince Charming!” He whined, and I could only laugh, just then, a sexy piece of chocolate in an expensive Armani sauntered on by. “Damn, you might find’m tonight if you play your cards right bitch..”

“Yeaz gawd! Let me get at him before Eddie gets ahold of him, you know how fast that ratchet THOT could be.. Lata cuz!”

I laughed as he skedaddle away, determined to find his prince, and decided to continue on to the bar. I hailed the bartender and she came right on over, a raven haired buxom Brazilian beauty who played that card for all it was worth, and I’d bet she made a killing in a joint like this.

“Ola bonito, what you drink tonight, this is your first right? I remember every face!” She said, with a dazzling smile.

“Yes it is, I’m not much of a drinker, so you surprise me babe.” I replied, returning a smile of my own.

While I wait for my drink, I let my eyes scan the room, feeling a sense of pride I pulled off such a great event, this party was sure to be the talk of the town for a few weeks. Since everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves for the most part, it was easy to notice Zachari down at the end of the bar, tucked off to the side by himself.

He was clearly out of his element but how could I not invite him, he was Hunter’s brother, and I knew he’d want his family to be here. Hell, the first thing on my list was to send out all the invitations, the other brother, Caiden, had yet to respond, but I hoped to see him sometime tonight. I caught the bartender’s attention, and nodded my head down the bar, she understood, so I made my way over to the wallflower.

He smiled softly at me when he noticed me in approach, and I took notice of how bright his eyes were. The resemblance between Hunter and his brothers didn’t make sense to me, until a picture of their mother fell from an old wallet of his. I happen to chance upon it as I snooped through his closet this morning, looking for a hot burner I had begged him to get rid of.

I was proud to find he had listened to me, and there was the added treat of finding the pic, Hunter was stubborn but it pleased me I was getting through to him, seriously couldn’t remember the last time I liked a guy as much as him. While he often spoke of them fondly, I could tell there was a past tension Hunter never brought up, still, I knew he loved them unconditionally.

“Hey Zach, what are you doing over here all by yourself.. aren’t you having fun?” I asked, taking notice he was sipping scotch on the rocks, and slightly fidgety. “You look nervous, there’s no need for that here.. everybody is cool, you just have to talk to them.”

“That’s the problem, I wouldn’t know what to say.. My work is usually all that’s on my mind, and it comes off as monotonous rambling. Plus, I’ve been going through serious issues with my fiance and I think we’ve now broken up for good, I also didn’t realize it’d be so hard to get back into the field, so I’m questioning my decision.” He looked down at his drink, and I could see him thinking that a sip wasn’t going to help, he then raised the glass to his lips and finished it in one gulp. “It’s a fucking shame I’m thirty three, yet I’m sitting here skittish as a high school girl without a date at the prom..”

“It’s okay, don’t feel bad about it.. Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind, what has you so frazzled talking to new people?” I asked him, sincerely interested, because I knew little about what he actually did for a living, or that he even had a significant other he was on the outside with. “Hunter mentioned you’ve been working on some seriously heavy stuff.. you got a government grant for your research on the human genome, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. That was last year though, I’ve since been working for Arkham’s special research team in Canada.. So the government is still funding my work, but this time, through heavily inflated subsidies.”

“Ah, the joys of corporate welfare.” I starkly replied, with a grin. “Wait, Arkham? When did they become Big Pharma? I thought they made weapons and hi tech..”

“Well the company has recently expanded, and they’ve spared no expense..” He replied lifting his sleeve, and revealed the company’s newest rumored invention, a watch that could produce holograms and be used as a multi tool for military tactics. “These babies won’t hit the public market for another fifteen years, as it’s still in beta stage..”

“That’s amazing, they sure know how to please, is it worth what they’re paying you?” I asked him, and he paused, always thinking carefully before he spoke.

“What would be the price tag for your soul?”

I looked at him speechless for a moment, and the Brazilian bartender picked that time to come over with my drink, a thankful interruption. She smiled at us, and took Zach’s glass to refill, I discreetly told her to give him some water as well.

“Well we can talk all about work and the big bad ex fiance when we get home, let’s get you out on the floor, hell, let’s get you fucking laid!” I told him after we got our drinks, he only smiled at my enthusiasm, but I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and pulled him with me towards the dance floor.

We got out there right as Hunter threw the new Beyonce track in the mix, it cause the females to rush the floor, all trying to shake it like Bey. The best was my classmate Natasha, a mixed Russian and Black girl, with the bubbliest booty out there. Zachari couldn’t keep his eyes off her, and it was funny to see him so mesmerized. When the song changed, she stopped dancing and went back to her group of friends. Zach continued to watch her, like she was the only thing in the room, I could only smile.

“Go talk to her, she’s really nice.. I bet she’s going to be the best biochemist in my graduating class, her talent is incomparable.” I told him, breaking his concentration, he blushed when he realized he’d been caught staring.

“I couldn’t.. I’m not.. Please, don’t.” He stammered nervously, breaking out in a literal sweat right there before my eyes, all this just at the mere thought of talking to her.

“Okay, okay, calm down.. stay with me.” I said soothingly, easing him down from a panic, getting his nerve back. “Look over there, you see my cousin Balthazar? You remember him, right?”

“Yeah, I recognize him..”

“See what he’s doing? He’s owning that crowd.. Most of those people are friends of mine he’s never even met before.” We watched Tzar from a distance, as he worked his magic, the people feasting off every word from his lips. “You would never know it, and I’m a dead man if you repeat this, but Tzar had a severe stutter growing up, doctors thought he might have some type of development issues mentally, they wanted to drug him up and classify him as something he knew he wasn’t, Tzars only problem was his insecurities with speaking.. As he was always sharp as a tack, there was no doubt about that to anyone who really knew him. He fought to overcome his fears, and look at him now.. a social savant!”

“What makes you believe I can do that? Especially around a girl like her..” He said, sounding defeated, but I wouldn’t let him sabotage himself any further.

“You won’t know until you try.. Look, here’s your chance, she coming this way!”

“Aww, shit, Loki.. I can’t..”

“Hey, Natasha!” I yelled getting her attention, her light hazel eyes found me and she excitedly ran over.

“Loki! Thank you so much for inviting me, this has to be the party of the year, and I’m here!”

“No problem, you’ve always been cool, let me introduce you to my future brother in law..” I told her with a wink, and pulled Zach back towards us, as he was trying to slip away. “This is Zach, he’s works for Arkham’s  Bio Genetics Division..”

“Oh wow, THE Arkham? It’s like my dream to work there when I graduate, with the things I’ve heard they’ve been doing, I’ve already applied for an internship.” She revealed, grabbing his arm and leading him towards the bar, he actually smiled, so I figured mission accomplished.

I went over to the stairs that led to the DJ platform, as I had to make sure Hunter was enjoying his party, now that everybody else was. When I reached the top, he had his broad back towards me, his head bobbing up and down. I walked up behind him and placed a light kiss to the back of his neck, and wrapped my arms around him.

“Damn, I’m glad you back sexy but we have to make this quick, I don’t want my shorty to find out..” He replied, without turning around, and I tweaked his nipple hard. “Akkkhhh, damn babe hahahaha, okay.. I’m sorry, I was just playin! I knew it was you..”

“Yea, what ever nigga, for all I know you could playin with the fuckin truth..” I snapped and turned to leave, not in the mood for his games, he sucked his teeth as he grasp my hand.

“Aww, don’t be like that.. I know I’m an asshole, but that’s what you like about me.” He replied with a smirk, pulling me back into his grasp.

“No, that’s what I put up with, to get what I really like from you..” I said, sliding my hand from his hard chest down low towards his crotch, he licked his lips and squinted his misty blues at me.

“That’s what you like from daddy, huh?” He asked me all breathy, as my right hand stroked down his girthy length, I could feel it swelling under my touch.

“It sure is..” I replied with a seductive smile, holding his wallet up between our faces, with my left.

“Oh that’s cold.. and you’ve said some foul shit before.” He told me, after we laughed a good minute. “But guess what?”


“I like that about you..”

“On shut up, You cornball.” I replied, swatting him in the shoulder, but he laughed it off.

“No but foreal, thank you for all this..” He whispered in my ear, as he snaked his arms around me, pulling my back against his chest. “You made this night one of the best of my life.”

“Don’t mention it.” I replied kissing his lips softly, stroking my fingers down his smooth cheek.

I spun around so we faced each other, and his hands roamed my body, coming to rest on my ass. I pushed him back a little, remembering we were in public, and had to adjust my strained hardness, as it was slightly painful. Hunter gave me that ‘I’m ready to fuck’ look, and I felt my face flushing, even though I knew he couldn’t see the blush. He reached around me and hit some buttons on the screen, and took the headphones off.

“What did you do?”

“I put a track list on..” He answered with a grin.

“Wanna go dance downstairs?” I asked, pointing down towards our friends, family, and acquaintances partying it up below us.

“Naw, we can do our dancin’ up here.” He replied, grinding his hips behind me.

“As long as it’s only dancin’, don’t think you slick.”

“Aww, come on Babbitt, you owe me one.. no wait, correction, you owe me two.” He whispered end in my ear, as I could feel his hardness settle between my cheeks.

“Hold up, how the hell I owe you two?!”

“One from the other night, and two from last Saturday, when I told you not to eat that Curry chicken at the Indian restaurant down the block from us..” He replied with a laugh, hugging me tighter, as I growled at him with a death glare.

“But here? With all these people.. You must think I’m one of them around the way bitches you used to fuckin wit, huh?”

“Naw, you know better than that.. It’s the fact I know you not the type, that has me on brick like this.” He replied, grabbing my hand and placing it on his rock hard dick, he gave me one his sexy grins that just made me melt like ice to water on a summer day. “I get turned on from knowing I’ll be poppin one of your cherries..”

“Wait.. so I’m like a virgin?” I asked coyly, fluttering my lashes dramatically, causing him to laugh.

“Of sorts.. I can’t wait to pop ALL your cherries thou, especially when we fly to Cali next month..”

He trailed butterfly kisses up the side of neck, sending shivers down my spine, I could only groan in response. I guess he took that for a yes, because he bent me over the DJ table, and pulled my pants and underwear down all in one swoop. Truthfully, I would have given in anyway, it was just something about Hunter I couldn’t pinpoint specifically. I had broken up with him twice before, but he would always find a way back, and I always seemed to be waiting..

“Oh fuck!” I yelled in surprise, at his invading tongue, reaching deep into me.

The crowd danced wildly, and were totally oblivious to the goings on above them, I just hoped we wouldn’t get caught as I’d die from embarrassment. With the way he was making me feel, right now, I probably wouldn’t care, let the death take me. I could feel the warmth of his body behind me, so I turned to look, and watched as he beat his heavy meat against my cheeks. He reach down into his pants pocket, and returned with a gold magnum and a small packet of lube.

“Came prepared did we?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“I knew I’d wants some, at some point tonight.. This is just too good to pass up.” He answered, as the crown of his lengthy girth pressed against my tender tightness. “And no matter when I sling this dick on you, you always clean as a whistle, so you one to talk.”

“I always come prepared because you’re horney like a fuckin nymph.. Ugggghhnnn..!

He broke through, sinking deep within me, about half the way. He knew to stop, even though he was only four inches of the way into his nine inch journey. He leaned over me to kiss and suckle the tender skin of my back, rocking back and forth, churning my guts slowly.

“Just give it all to me dammit, stop fuckin playing!” I screamed at him in frustration, his teasing was torturous.

He slowly but surely, filled me with the rest of his ample flesh, satisfying my need to consume him. Long forgotten was the crowd below, long gone were the insecurities, now replaced with an overwhelming need for him and only him. His long stroke had me on my tippy toes, the pleasure almost too much. I cried his name and he growled deeply, grabbing hold of my long dreads, wrapping the locks in a fist as he pound into me. Suddenly, he pulled all the way out, and spread my cheeks to inspect his damage.

“Damn.. Babbitt you always so tight.. Shit!”

We both groaned deep as he squeezed his way back in, the journey just as difficult the second time around. He taste and nibbled the skin of my neck, leaving a few dark discolorations, but I didn’t care if he marked me.. I was his. We were enraptured in our lust, for about six or seven songs, they had become my only measure of time.

That’s when I heard the scream, and my eyes jolted open, scanning all around. My gaze finally fell upon the Brazilian, and I could immediately see she was attacking a man, it was Hunter’s lawyer. His wife was the one that screamed, but she was soon hushed by her jaw getting ripped off, by the buxom former beauty. That’s when it all came rushing back to me, they were infected, this wasn’t real.. Wait, no that’s not right.. This IS REAL but this wasn’t now.

“Hunter you have to stop, there’s something wrong! Ugh.. Hunter! Ughn.. stop!”

It was as if he couldn’t hear me, I tried to turn around but my hair was yanked tight, and my face pushed down hard onto the table. Tears streamed my eyes as he slam into me, no.. This wasn’t him, Hunter would never do this..

I could still see the party below, and I watched in horror as the infection spread throughout the room, among my family and friends. I struggled against Hunter and was able to flip over, I tried to scream but it came out more like a strained gasp, Hunter was one of the undead. His skin was rot, his eyes cracked and red, the flesh of his chest torn open to reveal splintered bone beneath. Lava hot tears streamed down my eyes, as the horror of this nightmare, shattered the most cherished memories I held close to my soul. I had the slightest bit of sense to start fighting back, but by then it was no use.

His hunger had set in, I could see it in the eyes, and in the lips that currently snarled and salivate. His teeth bared and with a swiftness I couldn’t comprehend, they sunk into my throat, and tore the flesh.

Blood splattered and I began to bleed out, as his clawed hands rip my abdomen open to pull out my innards, I couldn’t even scream as blood bubbled in my throat, drowning me faster than the essence of life could leave me.


I woke up screaming, terror being all I knew for the first few seconds, till finally the Wolf grab hold of me. He pulled me tight to his chest, and just held me, as the tears continued to fall. I tried to contain myself, but I couldn’t stop trembling, the hauntings of memories past were just too much for me.

It was like I was there, every detail exact, up until the involvement of infection, was grounded in reality. The dreams only reminded me how much I missed the normalcy of life before the outbreak, and how much I missed Hunter. My body felt cold absent his touch, my mouth dry, my heart beat just a tad too still, even in my excitement. The lack of Life within me, was frightening, yet here I sat among the living.

“It’s okay Loki, you’re fine.. I got you.” He whispered to me, rubbing my shoulders softly with his firm hands, but they did little to warm the cold flesh beneath them.

“Want me to grab some water? He’s probably parched beyond belief after such an ordeal.”

It was the last voice I wanted to hear, and the moment it hit me, that the Wolf and I weren’t alone. Granny and Patience sat near Sera’s unconscious form on the wrap around, while Karishma was pouring a glass of water. As for the rest of the boys, and Buster, they were gone. I looked around to see we were still on the Betty, but she must have been parked somewhere, because we weren’t moving.

“Where are we? ..How long was I out?” I asked after gathering my bearings and climbing down from the bar, quickly assessing that other than the obvious emotional turmoil, I absolutely fine.

“Just ten or so miles shy of Springfield, and you’ve been out for two days..” Wolf answered tentatively, watching me with worry in his eyes.

“Two days?!” I asked, genuinely shocked.

“Yes, even Sera, in her grave condition, had awoken before you.. even if only once.” The Doctor injected, as she returned to hand me the glass of water, I held up a hand in decline.

“How is she?” I asked, as I knelt by her side, taking in the sight of her slumbering form.

“Obviously not as good as you.” Karishma remarked, sipping from the glass. “She’s been feverish, but that’s not out of the ordinary.. How exactly, did you know severing the infected limb would work?”

“I don’t know, I may have seen Brad Pitt do it in a movie..” I replied imitating her sarcastic tone, not taking my eyes off the wounded girl before me, I watched as Gran wiped her brow with a cool damp cloth. “Fact is, it worked, and at the very least, I gave her a fighting chance.”

“What happened to Saint?” Wolf asked tensely, the edge in his tone was sharp, but I still gave him the truth he was owed.

“I shot him in the head.. he had turned, I believe from the meals being tainted, and it caused him to attack Serafi. I was barely able to save her..” I paused and met his gaze, and finished with all the sympathy I could muster. “..But there was a way I could save him, so that’s what I did. No man left behind, right?”

He looked away from me, and gave a slight nod as he rose to his feet, mumbling something about checking the perimeter. I truly felt sorry about what happened, I only hoped everyone else was as forgiving, Granny lay a tender hand on my shoulder, to let me know I had done the right thing.

“Where are the rest of the guys?” I asked the old woman, as I rose to my feet.

“They went on a supply run, should be back any moment now.”

“You mentioned the General tainted our meals..” Karishma asked as she ran over to her notes, she scribble some things down before looking back to me. “The implications are extraordinary if that was the case.”

“Yea, and he planned to serve me up on a platter, thanks to you squawking like a parrot!” I chided her, as I made myself a drink, a double shot of Jack straight up.

“The man had vision, whether it was agreeable to you or not is debatable, but it’s a fact you cannot deny.. who knew you could administer infection in doses? we’ve only witnessed near immediate reactions thus far, and while his methods may have been misguided, it was truly unprecedented.”

“Why the fuck would you want to do that? You see what it does to people.. just look at what it did to Lieutenant Banks!”

“That was the man he said..” She paused, her words trailing off, the picture drawing itself for her. “But that monster out there couldn’t have originated from a mere man, it would mean the virus was in constant state of mutation. Have you been experiencing other adverse effects from your infection we have yet to witness firsthand?”

I didn’t answer her, even though she watched me with an expectant gaze, giving me that lab rat feeling again. She furrowed her brow and scribbled some more notes down, her perspective was always so annoyingly clinical, it’s something many would confuse with apathy. I had gone to school with many personalities like her, they often excelled at the job in ways those like me couldn’t, but it often came with a social disconnect that was hard to overcome.

“If my suspicions stand correct, we may find that you still have an active strain within you that continues to develop.. I’d also guess that the process of regeneration, aggravates the mutation effect, causing it to accelerate.”

“You have no proof to claim such, and with the way you talk, you’d think the boy no longer human!” Granny interjected, just as upset as I was, at the woman’s theory.

“Sorry to say but odds are, by now, he’s evolved into something much more.” The Doctor continued, as she rose to her feet, and started towards the door. “Once we get to Lost Creek, I’ll finally be able to get to work..”

“I can’t wait..” I replied, with a roll of my eyes. “I’m sure it will be a pleasure to have you, and the rest of your government cronies, poking and prodding at me in a lab.”

“Who said I work for the government?” She asked, stopping momentarily to look back at us with a wry grin.

“It was assumed, but now I stand corrected..” I said, with a raised eyebrow, the woman was so full of surprises.

“Who exactly is it you work for?” Granny asked, her suspicions from the start coming to fruition.

The posh Indian woman started towards the door again, she gave a laugh like that was the most foolish question she had ever heard, looking back at us like we were naive little children.

“We all know it’s corporations that pull the governmental puppet strings.. and there’s only one company that could afford a woman of my credentials.” She stated, more like it was fact than opinion. “It’s Arkham that lines my pocket darlings, not Uncle Sam..”

“Arkham?” I asked, admittedly taken aback, she only laughed at my astonishment.

“Who else did you think ran the world?” She replied, as walked off the bus, leaving Granny and I just sitting there looking at each other with a mirrored sense of dread.

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