RDC(R&D): The Cold Embrace of Death

*Chapter Sixteen*

A splash of water to the face, brought me abruptly back to consciousness, I sputtered and coughed from the rancid water that had permeated my nose. My nostrils burned, and I could taste the metal from the rusted bucket, as I caught my breath my eyes began to come into focus.

I was on my knees in the dirt, with my hands restrained behind my back, the glow from a nearby fire was the only light. From the sounds around me, I was either by an open widow or we were outside, I could hear the nocturnal creatures that roamed the night around us. I coughed to clear my lungs, and tried to clear my nasal passages some more, but the sharp pains I felt, made me think my nose might be broken.

“That’s it, that’s it.. You’re alright.”

I looked up, and my vision cleared to reveal my antagonist, the blood that coursed my veins ran cold and my stomach threatened the upheaval of its contents. The man grabbed my chin and lifted my head, as he brought our faces close. Looking me straight in the eyes, his nefarious gaze was filled with such a delight, not unlike a pleased child on a Christmas morning.

“Hehehe.. Ello’ beautiful, thought you seen the last ah’ me, eh?” Bison asked, before pushing me back with a forceful palm to the head, the twins could be heard laughing the background.

My back struck the hard bark at the base of an oak, and I just laid against the tree as the tears burned down my face. I didn’t know whether I was deathly afraid or infuriated as hell, maybe both, because I suffered from all the symptoms.

I had underestimated how resilient these bastards were, and I had to wonder if it really took men like them to survive a god awful apocalypse such as this. I could see the twins chewing on some meat, that had the distinct aroma of bad hamburger meat, it made my stomach do a couple more twists and turns.

The three of them laughed and continue to eat for a bit, totally ignoring me, as I sat there up against the tree, never taking my eyes off of them for more than a blink. Listening closely, I learned the blue eyed twin, Gunner, was the one that had dragged me under the car. His brother, Beau, kept the mercenary busy as he made off with me. The scuffle with the Wolf attracted the infected, so they had to both retreat.

From their conversation, I would come to learn they wanted one of the girls, but they seemed to settle on the thought, I was just as good of a replacement to satisfy their needs. It was a shame we had to fear the people left alive, just as much as the dead that rise.

Bison stood up and belched loudly,  which made me look around nervously, afraid of such loud noise in a wide open space. They didn’t seem to be, and it seemed they’d almost welcome calamity. The darkly featured man took that moment to make his way over to me, the look in his eye sending a chill up my spine. A brisk wind blew, sending the thick billowing cloud of smoke from the campfire, in my direction. I coughed and tried to move, and the three of them laughed at my efforts. I held my breath, and got as low as I could to the ground, when Bison suddenly grabbed my ankle.

He drag me through the dirt, and straddled my waist, leaning into the crook of my neck. I squirmed and protest, as he began to kiss and lick his way up to my jawline, the smell from him alone making me gag. When he got to my jaw, he licked the rest of his way to my lips, and tried to break entry into my mouth. I bit his lip, only to receive a punch to the face, I now knew for sure my nose was broken.

“See what ya made me do!” He screamed at me, I had the metallic taste of blood in my mouth, as it leaked from my nose. “Now I don’ fucked up that pretty lil face ah’ yours, I was trying to avoid that.”

“His pussy still work tho boss!” Gunner chimed in, causing his brother and Bison to laugh.

“I guess yer right, I’ll finally bust that in tomorrow, when we get’m back to the group. After we’re through, we’ll barter to the rest of the boys with’m” Bison said, smiling at the two twins.

“Fuck you sick motherfuckers!” I screamed, and spat towards Bison, missing his face by an inch.

He laughed some more, as he move my way once more. He stomped his foot in the dirt, trying to spook me, but I didn’t give him the satisfaction of jumping. He grabbed me by the collar and picked me up to my feet, and on his strength alone, bringing me eye to eye with him.

“This is why ah’ always been fond of dark chocolate..” He said, as he brought his lips close to my ear. “Even when yer scared shitless, you still have a little fight in ya, almost like a pit bull.”

A shiver went through my body, and I know he could feel me trembling, I could hear the smile in voice.

“I was hoping the boys would get a hold of the lil girl.. Oh boy, I bet that black berry sho is sweet, I tell ya, I could almost taste it now..” He looked into my eyes, and I felt as if I stare the very Devil himself in the face. “That’s the one I wanna keep around, figure I’ll repopulate the Earth and sow my seed. Gotta do my duty for the sake ah’ mankind, don’t I?”

He laughed, as he licked away one of my tears, and I kneed him in the groin. He tossed me to the ground, and nursed his bruised manhood. The twins laughed at him, as he glare at me with daggers in his eyes. I did my best to crawl away, retreating to the tree, placing my back to it.

“You little bitch, Ima fuck you up bad! Lucky I gotta take a shit..” He yelled, inciting further laughter from the two blondes. “Beau, what the hell did you season the meat with, got my insides all fuck’d up! Keep a close eye on the prize while ah’m gone..”

He grabbed his gun, and walked off hastily into the darkness of the woods, the twins suddenly looked to me with this libidinous look in their gaze. They feasted upon me with their eyes, and if possible, I felt even more in danger. Beau was the first to approach, his blue eyed brother sitting back for the moment, just watching. I tried to get to my feet, but he only pushed me back down to my knees, taking ahold of my dreadlocks and pushing my face into his musky crotch.

The smell of filth and the stench of body odor disgusted me, making me gag worse than the camp fire smoke. They both laughed as I struggled, but I continued to fight, head-butting him in the abdomen. He yanked me by my Locs, bringing my face close.

“I’m warnin’ ya one time, an one time only.. play nice, ya lil punk bitch!” He growled, scowling at me, he let me go and began to unbuckle his dirty jeans.

When he pulled out his dick, I couldn’t help but to burst out laughing, his pale face flushed scarlet. His brother joined me, and we both laughed out loud. Beau looked at his brother, then back to me, rage on his face. He lifted his fist to strike me, but Gunner stopped him, making his way over to us.

“It’s ok bro, you should be used to it by now..” He said patting him on the back, it seems this was a common reaction to such an infant like penis on a grown man.

“Fuck you too..” Beau replied, shoving the hand off his shoulder.

It was hard to wipe the smirk of my lips, but now that they both stood over me, the fear quickly returned. Gunner looked down at me, with an evil smile upon his face, as he unbuckled his pants.

“There’s two ways to tell me an my brother apart, eyes are the most obvious, but you’re about to get a little more personal.” He said, looking down at me, I could smell the pungent musk, that wafted from his crotch from here.

He whipped out a bull size slab of meat, that was one of the most frightening things I’d ever seen, there was no way a man was supposed to be endowed in such a way. It wasn’t just the impossibly oversized length that was daunting, it was the width as well, the thing had to be as fat as grown man’s wrist.

“You laughed at my brother, so you must like big dicks, huh?”

He slapped me in the face with it, leaving a streak of his precum, across my cheek. He grabbed my chin, to beat and bruise my lips, with his club. When it hit my nose, I expected a sting from the fracture, but it was just a dull throb. He went to force his dick past my lips, but it was a tight fit, for even just the head. His brother pushed him out the way, and grabbed hold of me.

“Naw dude, I wanna feel that mouth before you stretch his shit out and tire him, I hate your sloppy seconds!” Beau protested, as he tried to force his miniscule dick into my mouth.

The two argued over me for a moment, before Gunner relented, letting his brother have first dibs. He pushed his dick past my lips, and my face immediately buried in his blond bush of pubes. I fought the urge to vomit, as the taste of his dick was probably the worst thing I had ever tasted in my life. He fucked my face hard, and it felt as if he was going to crush my nose with his pelvis. I suddenly couldn’t take it anymore, so I crunched down with my teeth, as hard as I could. His scream was deafening, so loud it startled his brother next to him, and he punched me in the face, sending me flying back into the oak tree.

“Bro, what the fuck did he do to you?! Did his teeth scrape you?” Gunner asked his brother frantically, Beau was hunched over next to another tree, holding his crotch tight.

“Ahhhh, he fuck’n.. he fuck’n!! Aahhhffuck!” Beau screamed, barely able to get a coherent word out, Gunner looked to me with murderous eyes.

My back and shoulder hurt, from the impact with the tree, but I was able to gather myself enough to stand to my feet. I looked past him, and I could swear I saw something move in the shadows, as soon as I blinked and it was gone. Gunner tried to see his brothers wound, but he kept pushing him away, fighting the tears that pour down his face.

“If you seriously hurt my brother, I’ll fuck’n skin you alive you..” He threaten, pulling out his knife and pointing it towards me.

I stared him dead in the eye, and spit the contents of my mouth to the floor, right at his feet. He looked down close to the ground and his eyes grew wide in shock, then suddenly, we heard another scream from his brother.

It was an infected man in tattered business attire, whose ribcage had been torn open. He had latched onto Beau’s neck, gorging on the fresh supply of human flesh. Gunner yelled in anger and knocked the flesh eater from his brother. The man stood up quickly and lunged for him, and they started to tussle. I could hear Bison running back to the campsite, and I knew this was my only chance.

I turned to run, only to bump into a young Asian woman in a bloodied pantsuit, she was missing an eye and black tar seep from her mouth. She pounce at me teeth first, going straight for my throat, but I moved to the side and she snagged a chunk of my shoulder. I screamed and kicked her away, sending her into the fire, she stood up just as Bison burst through the trees, and lunged for him.

I took off running into the darkness, not caring which direction I went, it seemed a small group of Risen had descended on the camp. I had to dodge two, that swiped at me from the right, luckily they were the slower moving ones. I sprinted and zigzagged through the trees, my nose burning, from me breathing so hard. The wind in my face, drying the tears that streamed from my eyes.

I kept running, hoping I would run into a road or stream to follow, and hopefully I could chart a course to rendezvous with the group. I know Balthazar wouldn’t rest till they found me, no matter who protest differently.

I came to rest by a tree, that looked like the same tree I past three minutes ago, I looked around me hoping I wasn’t just going in circles. I read somewhere, that when lost a person subconsciously goes in the direction of the hand they used to write, that didn’t help me any cause I was fucking ambidextrous.

My shoulder started to burn, and my stomach did another flip, I couldn’t help the volley of vomit the spewed from my mouth. My throat stung, and fresh tears burned their way down my cheeks. I needed to get out of these restraints, the thick rubbery rope, was so tight, it hurt to even move my wrists. I heard movement in the forest, and I knew I had to keep going forward, I was bound to come to a road.

I had run for about ten more minutes, still finding myself lost in the thick of the forest, and panic slowly setting in. I stopped because could hear the sounds of something following me, my lungs burned, and I couldn’t run anymore, so I took several breaths to prepare me to face the flesh eater behind me head on.

“You run so fast, just like them when you’re first bitten..”

It was Bison, I could hear his voice but I couldn’t see him, it seemed to surround me yet feel as close as a whisper in my ear.

“I was going to stop chasing you once I saw you’d been bit, but then I could see you weren’t turning. Now it don’t take a genius to put some two plus two shit like that together. You got’s some special blood there boy, I know plenty who’d pay a pretty penny to get ahold of the CURE! Hell I could keep you alive and sell your blood by the pint, like a miracle potion.. I can see it now.”

“It doesn’t work that way, you dumbfuck!” I yelled out into the darkness, hoping to draw him out to where I could at least see him. “You just can’t hawk my blood to people, like some snake oil salesman..”

Suddenly, I heard something else, it was moving fast and in this direction. Bison was silent, so I know he had heard it too, and I couldn’t bring myself to run. I was crying heavily at this point, unable to hold back the tears with all the horrors of this reality crashing down upon me. I thought of Hunter, thinking that if it be heaven or hell, let me join him in the afterlife. I thought of Balthazar, my unconditional love love for him, knew no bounds and I hoped he’d be strong without me. I thought of Granny and Patience, and hoped they’d never have to face men like these, and if they did, let them be strong enough to break free. Caiden crossed my mind, and I couldn’t deny that I often felt confused when it came to him, a forbidden fruit that was also a pillar of strength to lean and depend on in the hardest time. I hoped he wouldn’t beat himself up about losing me, and get the others to somewhere safe and secure. Timber wolf and the others crossed my mind as well, the dazzle of the man’s smile would rival a pale full moon, at midnight.

Thinking of all these people I loved, I somehow found the will to move, just as Bison jumped down from a tree. I screamed and ran as fast I could, darting through the bushes. I could hear Bison right on my tail, and at this point, I think he was running away from what was behind us, more than chasing me.

Whatever it was, it was big, and it sounded ferocious. I had flashback of the mutant freak from the farm, and pushed myself to run faster. I heard gunshots, and bullets skimmed past my head, barely missing me. Bison was shooting at me, I guess he’d rather kill me than let me escape from his clutches. I heard him yelling, as whatever the creature was, caught up to him. I kept running, but I could hear several more gunshots as Bison and the monster battled it out. I didn’t even look back to see what it was, I didn’t even care to know.

“Run, Loki! Just keep running..” I spoke to myself, trying to push past the burning.

I burst through the next thick set of bushes and trees, but came upon a sudden steep downslope in the hill, all I could feel was air beneath me, as I went flying downward. With my arms restrained behind me, there was no way for me to brace myself, and the first contact I made with sloping ground was so hard I felt my shoulder dislocate. I bounce, and continued to roll down the hill, till it eventually plateaued about twenty feet down.

When my body finally came to stop, gasped out a groan of pain. I literally hurt everywhere all at once, I wouldn’t know where to begin on a self diagnosis, everywhere in my body felt on fire from the hurt. I dipped in and out of consciousness, as the dark world span around me in a haze, and I willed myself to stay awake. I knew If I blacked out, I was as good as dead, so I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to push myself up to my knees.

It was then I noticed, that I wasn’t in the dirt, but on the hard pavement of a road. I went to stand, but my skin suddenly started to burn like acid, and my heart started to race rapidly as if I were about to have a heart attack. Another volley of vomit spewed from my mouth, like a fire hydrant had burst, my stomach continued to heave until it’s contents had emptied. I needed to move my arm to the front of me, otherwise I’d die out here.

My skin still felt flush with fire, and my shoulder throbbed fiercely, from the pain. I tucked my restrained hands underneath my knees, inching them forward, towards my feet. It felt like I was ripping my arm off, and I think I blacked out for a moment from shocking pain.

I laid there in the road, wondering when death would take me, as I knew I had enough, I was ready to finally give in to her kiss. It hurt to breath, and I could pick up the metallic taste of blood mixed with bile, in my mouth. I knew I’d soon succumb to my mortal wounds, and I couldn’t help but release the tears, that had welled in my eyes. I could see light in the distance, and I didn’t feel like I was moving, but it was coming closer, like I was floating towards it.

A small smile graced my lips, and suddenly, I felt my body get warmer. I didn’t fear the light as it drew closer, because in my heart, I knew I was ready to fall into the embrace of death, and find the salvation of eternal rest in her arms.

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