SCS(CP): The Queen’s Gambit

*Chapter Eleven*

Upon entering the mess hall, we made our way to O Reis table, I went to take a seat but he motioned toward his lap. I obliged, knowing it wasn’t up for debate. Ramon handed me a fork and requested I eat from his plate, I wasn’t comfortable with all that so I just picked at it, taking a few bites here and there.

Probably about ten minutes after Obispo and I arrived, in walked Cavaleiro, he came to Ramon and whispered in his ear. It seemed there were still hard feelings amongst ‘os negros’, they demanded answers for Stryfe and his ward Peace.

The understanding before the incident, was a cease fire between the two groups, it had lasted for a couple years. Surprisingly, they also felt slighted that I was taken, after all considerations, I guess I was wrong in my assessment of them. Though they may not have been able to identify with my upbringing, they still saw me as one of their own. Since I was of Black American descent, in their eyes, I was supposed be protected under the pact as well. I couldn’t help but feel responsible for this, the guilt returning, only for a moment, before I reminded myself where I was and who was watching.

Ramon’s was dismissive of the news, his reasoning, the blacks simply didn’t have the numbers for an uprising, and they knew that. Pandora cautioned against ignoring the problem and Cavaleiro agreed, they recommended making a statement of through blood. Torre simply didn’t care, and Obispo said it wouldn’t take much to rectify and deescalate the problem peacefully, more than half came to him for product and a third of that number held debt.

As the three argued, O Rei remained silent, just listening. I reached over the table and grabbed a few strawberries, leaning back into Ramon, getting as cozy and comfortable as I could. I fed him some of the fruit and continued to watch them debate.

“What do you think?” Ramon whispered into my ear, wrapping his arms tighter around my waist.

“What do I know of such matters, my opinion is irrelevant.” I answered, not really wanting to be dragged into this.

“Your opinion, at this moment, is relevant because I say it is.. so answer the question.” His voice was stern, and I knew he would take silence for an answer this time.

“My initial instinct would be to eradicate any dissenters to make a statement, but that might be rash and counterproductive. In my opinion, those men are more valuable alive, as they contribute to the economic system you have here. So diffusing the situation might be a better solution, to a minor problem.” I answered, quickly brainstorming an idea, one that would benefit me with a possible advantage. “I could speak to them.. Let them know I chose to stand at your side, it would probably settle their anxiety more to hear it from me, instead of through one of the others. You can send Obispo with me, to protect me and endorse the seriousness of my words.”

“Why him?” He asked, causing his face to sour, showing me he was getting hot with jealousy and suspicion.

“I only chose him because I sense he doesn’t really like me much, so there wouldn’t be any reason for jealous feelings in the first place. You can choose one of the others if you like, how about Pandora?”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” He hugged me tighter to his chest and ground his hardness into my ass. “Tell os negros I will decimate them if they choose to revolt, and any carvao that enter Mythos afterward will automatically be os Reis prostitutas.”

I nodded and leaned in to kiss and suckle his bottom lip, when I stopped, we turned back to the three bickering. Ramon allowed them to continue on for a moment before he interrupted.

“I’ve made my decision, we will give them an ultimatum. Should they chose to accept, fine, if not, then we will act accordingly. Jynx will go down to speak with them.” He commanded, then looked to Obispo. “You will go with him, ensure the message is clear.”

Cavaleiro and Pandora looked ticked off at his decision, but were smart enough to hold their tongue, Obispo just nodded nonchalantly. I knew he wouldn’t have a problem with it, and it was decided we would meet with them after breakfast, which came soon enough. Ramon made request that I change once we entered his cell. Obispo was waiting for me outside, but Cavaleiro, Pandora, and Torre were present in the cell with us. He threw me a pair of red short shorts, similar to the now torn blue ones, these had a little bit more breathing room but not much.

He expected me to change, right there in front of ALL of them, possibly a test, so with no hesitation I made my way to the full length mirror to disrobe. I saw he had some cocoa butter lotion on his dresser, so after I was nude, I gave my skin some much needed moisture. I preferred Shea, but this would do, it gave my light olive skin a healthy glow. I slipped up the shorts and stuffed myself into them, then after adjusting the collar and jewel comb, I turned to him for appraisal. He grinned and I looked to the three to his left on the sofa, Torre and Cavaleiro were salivating, while Pandora had this indifferent look upon his face.

“I don’t know what ya see, the bitch look straight up common to me.” Pandora sneered, rolling his eyes for effect. Cavaleiro, Torre, and o Rei broke out into laughter, and I couldn’t help but to blush in embarrassment, never one to be put on blast like that.

“Stop being a hater, that ass is plump and fat as fuck, it’s perfection. No offense, Minha Rainha.” Cavaleiro mused to Pandora’s distaste, I waved off his apology as it surely wasn’t needed. “It truly don’t get any better than that around these parts, o Rei is a lucky man. Hahaha”

The three men broke into another fit of laughter, and Pandora kept his eyes on me, looking silent and deadly. I knew I had to handle this bitch soon, but it would have to wait until later. I left them to their devices, bowing to o Rei before I made my exit, he didn’t stop his conversation but I could see he took note of he formality. When I got outside, Obispo gave a raised eyebrow at my costume change, but didn’t give me a hard time about it. He lead the way and off we went.

Most of the Black coalition was housed on the fourth and third floors, We passed the cell where Peace and I resided my first couple of weeks. When we got to the farthest cell on the top floor, I could see it contained four men. I was taken aback for a second, because these dudes were sexy as hell.

*Well damn! Where in God’s name were these box of chocolate lookin motherfuckers a week or two ago?* I thought, the thirst so real, my throat even got a little dry.

Obispo stepped into the cell first, I followed, it was bigger than I thought it would be, possibly because it was handicap accessible, the purpose of one being  on the fourth floor was besides me, maybe just strategic engineering for prison captivity. I surveyed the men before me, seeing that two of them were a deep dark chocolate and the others a medium pecan brown, all four were exceptionally attractive, which I found to be a rarity in Mythos.

“Minha Rainha, these men will be representing the different factions within the black prison community. This is Chi and Escro” Obispo said, pointing to the two with the darker complexions. “They run two, muitas vezes opostas, sets of black gangs, the other two represent the Muslim brotherhood. This is Hassan and his brother Muhammad.”

“Yo, what’s the meaning of this, where o Rei at?” Said the one I believe was named Chi, sounding like every black dude I had ever heard from Chicago.

He wasn’t very tall but he was built like a brick house, he had a few tattoos and a cute astro boy type part in his hair. Obispo gave him a glare, before he let them know I would be representing the King and handling negotiations, they didn’t seem to like that too much.

“No offense, my brother, but we are here to handle men’s business. I believe you gave that up when you decided to become one of o Reis concubines.” Hassan said condescendingly, looking at me like I’d slapped his mother or something.

“Watch it!” Obispo cut in, but I held my hand up to calm him.

“No, allow them to speak freely.” I replied, looking them all in the eye.

“How you just gonna lay down and spread for these fucking spick niggas, after they did ya boy like that, letting them turn you out. You could’a at least found a black dude to give you some real dick!” This came from Chi, and I knew then he wasn’t the alpha here, just a mouthpiece, he lacked the restraint.

“I’m going to get straight to business, o Rei wants this settled, now. So I don’t have time for the bullshit, I am going to give you three options, your fate is entirely up to you.”

“What happens if we don’t like any of the offers?” Muhammad spoke for the first time, he had a deep husky voice and a sexy tone. I smiled at him, his question comical in its naivety.

“Then the choice will be made for you, of course.. Now shall I continue?” I said looking between him and the one I assumed was Escro, by process of elimination. He had been silent the whole time, listening intently, but he gave a nod of his head. “Your first choice, would be to pledge yourself to o Rei, same stipulations as before.. ”

“You mean the treaty that HE broke? What kind of shit is that! Dude must think we ain’t worth a damn thing!” Chi spoke up, looking to the others. The Muslims spoke to each other in a hushed tone, and Escro just sat there, watching and listening.

“The second choice o Rei has offered you, is death. You simply don’t have the numbers to stand your ground, and you all can be easily disposed of. This also was the preferred option amongst a few of o Tribunal and it will be the court’s decision should you be unable to come to a collective consensus.” Looking at all of them individually, stressing the dire circumstances of such a misguided path to choose.

“What kind of choices are those! He thinks we some punks, sending his whore down here in some panties to sell us this bullshit! Fuck outta here man!” Chi yelled, standing up.

“Chill out, this ain’t his fault, you wild’n out. Have a seat dawg…” Muhammad said, standing up for me.

Chi calmed down and Muhammad looked at me, I nodded my head in thanks, he gave me a sexy grin. I had to watch myself around this one, he was charming and flirtatious, with an attractive swagger. He had these hershey brown eyes and full succulent lips, a long and lean muscular body completed the package. His brother Hassan was looking at him, clearly pissed off, with his brother antics.

“What’s the third option.” It was Escro, speaking for the first time, his voice was deeper than I thought it would be. Everyone turned to face him, he only looked at me.

“The first two choices I gave you, we’re from o Rei, the third is coming from me.”

“And just what exactly can you offer us, other than another way into a coffin?” Hassan said incredulously.

“He right, you ain’t nothin but this nigga bitch. You couldn’t even protect your own friend, you let them go out like bitch niggas.” Chi said, in agreement. Escro stood up and gave him a right hook took the jaw. Chi fell to the floor and Escro stood over him.

“You not gonna disrespect my dead homie and his loved one, I done told your ass before, fuck you gorilla motherfuckers. I’ma hear what lil mama got to offer us and you gonna sit there and shut the fuck up.”

When Escro finished he sat back down and looked at me, we were all still in a bit of shock, as Chi picked himself up off the floor. He took his seat, rubbing his jaw, giving Escro an evil eye, but he didn’t say anything out loud. The Muslims didn’t even move from their seats, obviously not caring to get involved. The only reason these four men were even in the same presence is because they shared a familiar goal, other then that, they couldn’t really stand one another, I had to make this work.

“The third option, is to overthrow the King.”

“Are you crazy?!” Yelled Hassan, his brother hushed him, as someone might overhear.

“How do you plan on doing that? you don’t play with those kind of words and expect to come away with clean hands.” Muhammad said, voicing his skepticism, I didn’t hold it against him.

Even Obispo looked a bit uncertain, as I had yet to reveal all but his part in this, I don’t think he trusted these men. I could also sense a bit of jealousy from him, I guess he had romantic thoughts of us being able to do this as a twosome, how naive of him. I had to attack Ramon from as many different angles as I could, only then, would I be able to swoop in for a kill shot.

“Y’all niggas not see’n the bigger picture, we are just a small piece to the puzzle. I see what shorty trying to do.” Escro said, watching me this whole time.

“I just need you guys to get your crews to react together, timing would be crucial. Can I count of you for that?” Looking to Escro first, then making my way down the line.

“Yes.” He answered simply. I looked to the Muslims, they looked a bit unsure but then quickly decided my way was the most beneficial to them.

“We’re in.” Muhammad said, grinning. I looked at Chi, he had been silent since Escro put him in his place.

“Something is telling me, this ain’t gonna workout right..” He started to say. “but it’s better than being o Reis bitch, I’m in.”

All I could do was smile.

It was colder than usual in the yard, so Ramon had given me his coat, as I still had to walk around in those damn shorts. He had me on his lap, softly grinding his hard dick into my bottom the whole time. It was as if he did it absentmindedly, because he was carrying on his conversation with Cavaleiro normally, it made me feel kinda weird.

They were discussing the books and there seem to be some irregularities, it appeared Pandora was having an issue corralling the Prison punks and keeping them in line. Cavaleiro said that Heléno used to be his relay, as the rest of the harém hated Pandora, often opting to avoid dealing with him altogether. Many even had begun bringing their dues straight to Cavaleiro, things were totally unorganized. It wasn’t my problem, hell I hoped o Reis ‘businesses’ failed out right, further preoccupying his time. Ramon decided he’d give Pandora one more chance to get it together before stepping in. They continued to discuss more business and it began to get boring, so I started to survey the yard.

I could see all the ‘girls’ working, trying to make a buck. The guys knew better than to try and get freebies off ‘o Reis Putas’, the rumor was that you’d lose a nut for it. Ramon was skilled at controlling these men through any vice imaginable, sex was no less a product to him than the narcotics he had Obispo peddle to them.

Sure, some guys went without any sex at all, as not everyone engaged in the ambiguous homosexual acts found in prison. But the average sentence in Mythos was 18 years, so not many we’re so disciplined, Ramon made a lot of money from selling sex. It was easy now to pick them out amongst the crowd of prisoners in the yard. Not all were lewdly dressed, each having their own individual appeal. The only common characteristic, were the solemn eyes and broken demeanor. I could see some were strong willed, not allowing the system to break them, but those were few and far in between.

My eyes fell to the basketball courts were the Black coalition held their ground, Ramon had been pleased to learn they accepted his offer of the former treaty being reestablished, one less thing for him to worry about. I received, much to my embarrassment, a public groping and heated make out session. He was as comfortable with his exhibitionist public displays of intimacy, as he was behind those dark curtain covering his cell.

Looking to where the men played basketball, I could see now, how the crews were separated. Chi and his boys played on the court, their dark ebony bodies glistening in the cool air. Escro sat with his people, holding down the bench section. It was his group that allowed me to stay close near Peace, as he was friends with Stryfe, his beloved. I missed them so much, but I couldn’t dwell on those thoughts right now. The Muslims had the grass section, many with rugs down, facing their Mecca, to bow in prayer. I could see Muhammad was one of the few not praying, it didn’t seem he took Islam as serious as his brother, he was watching the game going on. Hassan, it seemed, was the leader of the prayer session.

I caught site of Pandora, he was arguing with a russet skin boy similar to Heléno. His hair was shorn short and he had these striking bright luminate brown eyes, he had a really nice physique that was athletically lean, in a way that accentuated his curvaceous lower body, I could see that ass from all the way over here. They were in each others face arguing, when the boy suddenly shoved his way past Pandora. Ramon squeezed me tight and brought his face to the crook of my neck, he sucked upon the tender skin.

“What has your attention, meu amor?” He asked, as he placed kisses up to my jawline, breathing in the scent of my hair.

“Oh nothing all that interesting, I was just watching Pandora arguing with that pretty brown skin dude with the nice eyes, over there.” I said, nodding my head in their direction, Ramon turned to look.

“You must mean Calypso, that was Heleéno’s cousin, that one has never been fond of Pandora. He gives him the most trouble, but Calypso is our top earner, so I could care less if he listens to Pandora or not. There is something about Boceta do Panamá, that keeps them coming back.”

The bell that signaled yard time was over rang loudly, causing us to move with the herd indoors. We made it inside relatively quickly, as everyone in the crowd let us through unobstructed. We weren’t in Ramon’s cell very long before we were interrupted by a visitor, it was Calypso. He wanted to challenge Pandora’s position in the Harém, that would entail a battle to the death, since Pandora had the position of Numero Uno.

Ramon thought it over for a moment and accepted Calypso’s challenge, the boy couldn’t help but smile, it seems this was a long time coming. Ramon summoned everyone to the common area, where the ring was set up and announced the challenge formally, Pandora looked taken aback but not all that surprised, Calypso was always gunning for him, and now, with Heléno out the way he could go for it.

Ramon had called all members of o Tribunal to witness, when they both entered the center ring, ready for battle, that was when I put the pieces together. I turned to Ramon and tugged his pocket, he gaze down at me, looking like a child at the circus being interrupted by a nagging parent.

“You guys mentioned that Pandora successfully ran the Harém when Heléno assisted him, maybe management isn’t his strong suit, and Heléno was the brains of the operation. Calypso is obviously a valuable commodity so it would be a shame to lose him, it’s possible this could turn out badly for him. I propose that you allow me jurisdiction over the Harém, with Pandora, that should allow things to run smoothly again, maybe even better. What do you think my King?” I asked of him, with all seriousness.

He looked at me for a bit, face unreadable, had I pushed the boundaries too far? My moves on the chessboard wouldn’t go unnoticed for long, at any moment he could just flip the table on me. He was always one for spontaneous unpredictability, so I shouldn’t have really been surprised when he grabbed me into a crush kiss, lifting my body from the ground. I wrapped my legs round his waist, my arms around his neck, bracing myself as best I could. I felt my skin flush with heat as my body betrayed me, my erection was grinding into his stomach and I lost myself in the kiss.

My mind seem to be overcome with a numbing inky blackness, I wish I could lie and say it came from him, but the truth is, I felt it emerge from within. I almost fainted and had a bit of a headache but Ramon finally let me come up for a breath, it was as if he was sucking the very air from my lungs. His kisses and intimate touches often tread on the border of pleasure and pain, but this was something different. I even felt different, and it scared me. I looked to him for answers, but when I met his cold black eyes, I was no longer sure I wanted them.

“I knew you had a thirst for power, it was bred into you, like it was into me. I told you we are more alike than you could have ever imagined, I’m sure you’ve even lied to yourself all this time, blaming your father solely for your rapacious bloodlust.”

I turned to look behind me at the incipient battle, but he turned my face back gently, i’ll admit he had me more than a bit unnerved. I looked into his eyes and it felt as if he was peering into my soul, but I knew he couldn’t see everything. Something told me I had him exactly where I wanted him.  Avoided seem to speak to me from deep within, beckoning me to let him look, let him see the darkness, let it free.

“You think you know me so well.” I replied, cutting my eyes at him, not in the mood for the games he played.

“And I want to know more..” He pulled me in closer, so close our noses touched gently. “I will accept your proposal, meu amor, but I give you this warning.. Do not fail me, for if you do, all favor will be lost and I will feed you to the dogs.”

“If that would please you meu Rei, they could tear flesh from bone.” I said with a wry smile, and he grinned back.

“This will be a collaborative effort, between you and Pandora, but I’m giving you the reins, So don’t disappoint me.”

He gave me another kiss before setting me down, and we watched the two men in battle. We had missed some highlights, but at this moment now, Pandora and Calypso were evenly matched. I looked to Ramon, and all he did was shrug, he didn’t move an inch to stop them.

As the battle commenced, and Pandora acted with feline quickness, he caught Calypso with a jab right left combo to the face, with the left landing successfully but partially blocked. Pandora continued his approach but Calypso was ready this time, with a swipe of his foot, he took Pandora off balance for a split second. It was just enough time for Calypso to deliver a deadly combo of his own, a left right jab and a haymaker to the body, that did considerable damage.

Pandora was not one to be counted out, and on their next clash, He was able to grapple Calypso into a choke hold, and it was working. I wondered when Ramon would stop this, I could see Calypso showing the signs of fatigue from suffocation. In a last ditch effort, he surprised everyone with a flip of his body, bringing Pandora’s head crashing down to the pavement, severely stunning him. They both rolled around on the floor, Pandora moaning in pain and Calypso gasping for air.

Calypso was the one to get his bearings first and he immediately straddled Pandora, gripping his neck to choke the life from him. I looked to Ramon, pleading with my eyes for him to say something, anything; finally I just got fed up.

“ENOUGH!” I screamed at them, everyone in the crowd grew silent, first setting their sights  to Ramon, but once he didn’t say anything they averted their eyes back to me.

Calypso had stopped his assault on Pandora, he stood shakily, he was out of breath but made it to stand on his two feet. He looked to me, his eyes defiant, but he didn’t say anything. Pandora had now gotten up and looked at me, then to O Rei for an explanation, Ramon then spoke out.

“Minha Rainha has once again shown you mercy, I hopes he breaks such a useless habit.” He looked to me when he said that last part, then turned his attention back to the rest. “Meu amor has also offered to take over my Harém, Eu concordei, you will assist him with anything he needs, I prefer his hands not get dirty lest I soil them myself. Am I understood?”

Pandora was in shock but he nodded anyway, for he knew once o Rei had spoken, his word was bond. After he was done, he leaned down to kiss me, then told me I had work to get to and he would leave me to it, I was to join him again at dinner. He took Obispo, Cavaleiro, and Torre with him when he left, because there was more business to attend to. I looked to the bruised and fiery eyed Calypso, ordering him to round up every single Harém member that still held breath, and meet us in the south corridor that I had asked to be cleared out just for us. He left without word, to carry out my request. Once we were alone, Pandora took advantage and approached me in anger.

“You just think you dime slick, but I got your penny change, bitch!” He screamed, getting real close to my face, then his voice got deep and his tone sharp. “Bet you think I don’t know what you up too? Walking up in here like you hot shit, when you’re nothing but a two bit ho just like the rest of us. You’re still the powerless skank that couldn’t do a damn thing, as the man you spread your legs for now, slit the throat of your best frie…”

I slapped him so hard in the mouth, it’s echo reverberated down the deserted hallway. My hand was burning, so I know his mouth hurt. I was just sick of all the dramatics, plus that slap was a long time coming, somebody had to check this bitch.

“You think this is a game? Both of our lives are on the line this time, I’m getting sick of saving your sorry excuse of an existence, when I don’t even care enough about you to even hate you for all the shit you’ve done.” I couldn’t understand why he didn’t see that, he was giving me eyes of death, so this time I got in his face. “Cut the bullshit, bitch! I don’t need you to like me, I just need your daft dummy ass to listen. I will be splitting the group in half, I will assign you the group, I, feel you can handle. And if I tell you to jump, you ask me which cliff, they go sailing off it with a goddamned smile. If not, I will immediately report to o Rei of my failure to control, thus ending both our lives! Test me and think I won’t..”

At that time, Calypso had returned with about thirty to forty boys, Calypso had entered first so he witness the very end of our conversation. He eyed us warily, as he approached, and I could tell he didn’t trust either of us.

“Is everyone accounted for?” I asked him, turning my back to Pandora.

“No, this is only a small number of them.” He replied, giving me the chance to hear him speak for the first time.

I had gotten used to the commonality of accented English in these parts, but his was melodic in a way that gave the English language a beautiful ring. After a moment, I fully registered what he said, splitting the Harém into two would need a little finesse.

“How many are there in total?”  

“One hundred an’ nine.” Pandora said with an attitude, a snarl still to his lips.

“Ok so, there’s one hundred and ten of you hoes, I’m going to need all of you to line up in a single file going down the hallway.”

“I said one hundred an’ nine, didn’t you hear me.”

“I know what I said, now get in line.” I said, turning my back to him once more, walking to the end of the corridor.

I had them get me a seat and some stationary to take notes, because there were allot of ho’s, and it was slightly overwhelming. This was ridiculous, all these poor guys, forced into sex trade, I couldn’t even imagine the horrors they’ve experienced.

These guys appeared so broke and beaten down, it was saddening, but I was on a mission. I had to pick those who still had fire burning in their eyes, defiance and disdain for their place here was also a desirable trait I was looking out for. With the group split down the middle, I gave the ‘soft’ ones to Pandora, I’m sure he picked up on it, he had a grin on his face, so I knew my work was cut out for me with my rambunctious bunch.

As if on cue, you could hear a commotion coming from the middle of my group. I told Pandora to dismiss his group and follow me, when we reached them I immediately saw the two boys arguing, they were speaking in Portuguese and I could only make out the curses amongst their distinct dialects.

There was a tall lean dark skinned boy, I remembered him because of his beautiful dark dusky complexion and long straight brown hair, he was quite exotic looking. Unfortunately, all that beauty came with one of the world’s ugliest of attitudes and personalities, safe to say, if I was trapped on a desert island with one person, I’d pick even Pandora over him. He was crass, boisterous, and loud.. in another word, the epitome of a ghetto ratchet.

He was clearly a streetwalker before strutting into Mythos, and always seemed to be in the thick of things, his name was Athéna, pronounced ‘Ah-Then-uh’, I found out after being rudely corrected the first time I said it.

He was in the face of a light skinned boy who was sort of the same complexion as me, he had short waves in his hair and a neatly trimmed goatee. I remembered his fiery medium brown eyes from the lineup, he had a thin lithe body but was clearly lined with sinewy muscle, slightly shorter than the tall darker Athéna.

It took me a bit to remember his name was Sujo, I believe that meant ‘dirty’ in Portuguese. He was never physically dirty, but he sure had a reputation for handling business that way. He fought dirty, played dirty, fucked dirty, and would do you dirty in a heartbeat. I was sick and tired of the bullshit thou, time was of the essence, and waning fast.

“What’s the problem here?” I asked, to which they started rattling off in their native tongue, I quickly held up my hand. “In English, por favor.”

“Mind your fucking business, how’s that for English, bitch!” Athéna said turning to me, rolling his eyes and crossing arms like a hood rat, I knew I’d grow tired of this rodent quickly.

“You do know who the hell I am, right?” I couldn’t believe this shit, this fool was wild.

“Another one of Os Reis gajas sujas!” He snapped back, spitting the words with an unmatched venom.

Pandora’s eyes got wide and he stifled a laugh, I didn’t really understand what he said, so I turned to Sujo.

“What did he say?”

“Another one of the King’s filthy cunts..” He replied with a face serious, I turned to Pandora, who was still giggling, enjoying this entirely too much for my liking.

“I don’t see why your guamless ass is laughing, he was making assumptions of me based on evidence of you.” I said, rolling my eyes.

All the other Harém members I had picked were here looking on, this was getting out of hand, making me look week, and that was not an option. I snapped my fingers at Pandora and told him to grab Athéna, he reacted quicker than I thought, snatching the boy by his hair and kicking the back of his leg. I think Pandora got off on giving others pain as much as Ramon, two peas in a pod, he would have been the perfect queen for for such a sadistic king, not me. I looked to everyone around, a sea of faces looking on, I had to make an example now to check these bitches, I pointed out a random member of the Harém.

“Does this bitch make money sucking dick? Do you know?” He looked nervous and didn’t answer, I looked to another, only to receive silence as well. I turned around and I finally saw Calypso, those bright eyes made him look a bit like a feline predator in the night.

“I ask again, does this bitch make money with his mouth?” I asked, looking him straight in the eye. He waited a moment, and looked down at Athéna before he answered.

“This boceta suja hasn’t made a dime sucking dick in months, he couldn’t even suck a dick if all he had was gums. The men only use his loose pussy for pleasure, never his mouth trap.” He replied smiling, I could tell he wasn’t too fond of this one either.

I turned to Pandora, who had been toying with his victim, like a cat playing with a mouse. The impish smile on his face, and the sharp arches of his thick eyebrows, made him look like a beautiful demon, and it was clear this monster of a man belonged in this cage.

“Since nothing useful ever comes from his mouth, cut out his tongue.” I said dismissively, these hoes are gonna learn today, I won’t be taken lightly.”

Athéna screamed and begged for mercy, everyone just watched jaws slack, some were indifferent, it could have been a rerun of a show on television for them. Pandora pulled what looked like a new shank from his ankle, he brought it up to Athéna’s mouth, but he refused to open it. Pandora pulled and twisted his grip on his hair but still to no avail, getting aggravated from the struggle, Pandora began punching Athéna in the mouth. Letting go of his grip on the hair, He used his fingers to pry the boy’s lips apart. As he brought the rusty blade of the shank to his tongue and was about to slice.

“Stop! Enough Pandora.” I ordered walking toward them, closing the gap. I brought my face down to level with Athéna, his mouth was bleeding and his eyes wide in fear. “I will afford everyone here a second chance, but you bitches have only ONE time to fuck up with me. Athéna, this was your one time bitch, favo-me entender?”

“Sim, I understand..” He spoke, with tears streaking his face, I pointed to Calypso, and gestured for him to stand next to me.

“This will be my second in command, if you must speak with me, you come to him. I expect you all to pull your own weight, you know how the fuck things go, so act like it. We keep o Rei happy, we will all be happy, it’s that simple.. You’re all now dismissed.”

I turned to Calypso, he had a look of confusion, probably wondering why I’d taken a fancy to one such as him. He was exactly what I needed, he might possibly be the alpha of this pack of prison bitches, and I could put that to my advantage. Pandora, of course, wasn’t happy with such an appointment but he wisely chose his battles.

The Harém quickly dispersed leaving just Pandora, Calypso, and I practically alone. Athéna had scurried away the first chance he got, Sujo lingered like he wanted to say something but decided against it. Pandora excused himself to check in with Cavaleiro on what the dues were, I knew that was a lie, the bitch couldn’t wait to scurry away like the rest. Calypso was silent for awhile, and I didn’t say anything either, I was too busy in my own head.

“Why would you pick me for such a position?” He asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Because I need you, plus, I believe you have the potential to be quite useful.” I said, turning to him, He looked at me with those bright auburn calculating eyes.

“You’re crazy as hell, if you’re attempting what I think you are.” He replied, picking at his nails.

“And just what might that be?” I asked, giving him a wicked grin.

“O fim do Rei, you wish to kill him.”



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    I’m not always on time, but eventually there when you call..oh wait..that’s now how Ashanti sang it.

    At any rate, I’m here, once again, to share my thoughts:

    “Ramon handed me a fork and requested I eat from his plate”

    haha, Jynx could have refused to eat with silverware and used his hands. That would embarass Ramon and make the other inmates think that he had no class. Surely would not be good for his image. Probably worth a few beatings and rib-deep rump diggings, but worth it to stick it to the man.


    “Surprisingly, they also felt slighted that I was taken”

    Interesting how one of the most despised groups…is also one of the most accepting.

    ““Your opinion, at this moment, is relevant because I say it is.. so answer the question.”

    I wonder why Jynx felt compelled to comply. There is nobody else Ramon can harm to use against him…

    Death might be a welcome escape…to being his plaything.
    ““Why him?” -in reference to Obsipso

    Jealous of someone whose heart you had to force…through murder. As disgusting as Ramon is..he still has very basic, raw feelings for..Jynx.

    “He expected me to change, right there in front of ALL of them,”

    It surprises me that Jynx didn’t toss his dirty undergarments in Pandora’s direction. I might have.

    ““I don’t know what ya see, the bitch look straight up common to me.”

    I could see him sodomizing Jynx as a sign of domination in that Ramon hasn’t had him yet and to assert himself.

    He would probably lick Jynx’s ear and then bite it as he flooded his insides, without lubrication or a condom of course.

    Watch your cheeks, Jynx


    “You could’a at least found a black dude to give you some real dick!” This came from Chi, and I knew then he wasn’t the alpha here, just a mouthpiece”

    haha, indeed. The alpha is silent and assessing the situation and sizing him up.

    “Chill out, this ain’t his fault, you wild’n out. Have a seat dawg…” Muhammad said, standing up for me.

    My, my, my. I always feel self-concious when someone who should not have my back, does. It is quite the peculiar feeling and a sort of unspoken..debt.


    “I had to watch myself around this one, he was charming and flirtatious, with an attractive swagger.”

    Charming to mask being deadly, most likely. The type to smile then crack a rib and walk away looking for a nurse because you “walked into a doorknob”.


    I’ma hear what lil mama got to offer us and you gonna sit there and shut the fuck up.”

    Lil Mama?

    I would have informed him then that the next time he referred to me as such, that I would use his blood to moisten my lips. I’d ask if he thought blood red would be my color, before continuing with my secret proposal.

    I wonder how Ramon would react to Jynx taking on lovers of his own. It would probably get Calypso killed and make Pandora hate him more. I am not so careless when it comes to taking a human life…but Jynx is not I.


    I felt my skin flush with heat as my body betrayed me, my erection was grinding into his stomach and I lost myself in the kiss.

    Ugh. I would flaggelate myself that evening.

    My mind seem to be overcome with a numbing inky blackness

    Not surprising. One must sacrifice their soul to surive such an environment.

    “Do not fail me, for if you do, all favor will be lost and I will feed you to the dogs.”

    Yeah..I do not believe that.
    *************** too smart for his own good.

    I have no idea what will happen next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As always your comment brighten my day and give me a different perspective of my own writing and dialogue.. good to see your back ! Thanks for commenting


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