SCS(CP): Thin Ice, Over Deep Water..

*Chapter Ten*

The alarm signaling lights out rang loudly, and if nothing, it helped to drown out the wailing of Heléno’s sobs. O Rei nodded to Cavaleiro, signaling the hit, and he moved in swiftly but was cut off by Pandora. 

He had a shank and screamed at Cavaleiro to get back, while holding Heléno behind him protectively, his eyes showing he’d do considerable damage to any who attempt an approach. It seemed no one wished to test him, so eventually he turned his attentions to O Rei and myself.

I could tell he was boiling inside, absolutely livid, and as far as I was concerned, it was mission accomplished. Emotionally stuck between an all consuming grief and an unfathomable fury, I could recognize that feeling all too well because I was there, this must have been what I looked like then. I wouldn’t be a total asshole, so I’d give him something I was never able to do myself. I turned to Ramon, giving the slightest tug to his pocket before I spoke.

“I ask humbly, meu Rei, that you at least allow them goodbyes. It is more than what was afforded to me.” I looked to Pandora as I said it, and he was seething.

As far as he was concerned, I had just twisted the knife that I gave him straight in the heart. That didn’t stop him from seizing the moment, as he turn to his friend and held him, they sobbed and cried into each other. Their heartfelt goodbye lasting about thirty seconds, before we saw Pandora discretely take the knife in his hand and brought it up to the back of Heléno’s neck. With deadly speed and accuracy, he raised it and plunged the shank into the space between the cerebellum and brainstem.

*Quite the technique for a prison queen.* I thought observantly. *I see I’m not the only one full of surprises.”

I had only seen contract killers or ex military, who in essence are nothing but Govt. contract killers, use such a precise and effective move. It was often used as a decency measure to put someone down as.. lets just say, as humanely as possible.

There was barely even a squeak from the boy, and Pandora now cradled his lifeless body. I looked at Ramon and was repulsed by the smile and repugnant sense of satisfaction I read in his eyes, he enjoyed the tragedy and tribulations of other people’s lives. If I had never seen him bleed and, disgustingly, taste the blood myself, I’d say he was a true to life demon, maybe even a devil.

I disguised my disgust, stepping closer to him once more, this game had already grown tiresome. I took no pleasure in the pain and grief of others, but my friends would be avenged, everyone remotely connected to the execution of Peace and Stryfe would suffer the same fate. All that had to wait thou, there were things that had to be set into motion, to ensure my survival when the rubble cleared.

The crowd of inmates had dispersed, as lights out was in a few minutes. Torre and Obispo cleared the body away, they came across entirely unaffected by Heléno’s death, I guess most of these hoe’s were seen as replaceable commodities. Ramon took my free hand and pulled me into a ferocious kiss, picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. He made my five foot eleven, hundred and seventy pound frame feel like a feather flung around by the northern wind, and I wrapped my arms around his neck for stability, as he walked back towards his cell.

He nibbled and kissed my collarbone trailing his way across the tender skin of my neck, on up to my ear. I paid little attention, my eyes were locked on what was behind him. It was Obispo, He hadn’t stopped watching and that ‘look’ had returned, I was sure one of the others may have noticed as well, so I had to tread with caution.

Right now, I was walking on thin ice over deep water..

When we entered the cell, I was immediately thrown onto the bed, Ramon stood there watching me for a moment with those dark and hungry eyes. The light cut out, and the candles that were lit, created eerie shadows upon the wall. Something else frightened me, sending a chill to my core, it was the curtain.

The dim light allowed me to see that it wasn’t all a solid navy blue like it initially appeared to be, now I could see what was woven intricately into the tapestry, it was a pattern I’d seen before.

*The symbols in my dream.. this really was the room* I thought, feeling delirious. “Was this why my grandmother suffered such psychotic episodes?”

It was becoming a hassle for me to keep a solid grip on reality. I had tried to ignore Peace’s presence when I sentenced Heléno to death, but now, I knew there was more to this gift then what was at the surface. I tried to put the curtains out of my mind and focus on the danger at hand.

Shadows danced and played upon the rippling curves of Ramon’s muscular body, I watched as he unbuttoned the orange jumper and let it drop to the floor. His dick, already hard, was lengthy with a heavy girth, that frightened and excited me at same time. He came forward, crawling towards me on the bed. I wasn’t as prepared for this as I thought, I truly hated this man, it took everything within me to control my initial instincts.

I had to be brave, yet I felt nothing but shame as I had to lay there and feel his touch upon my skin, even worse, I had to willingly do the same or my cover would be blown. Staying in character would be pivotal to my survival, I was already in no man’s land, at the point of no return.

Once he was able to reach me, he took hold of my legs and pulled me the rest of the way to him. He tore the shorts he’d made me wear off my body, the seams at the hip tearing away easily. I lay there, exposed in full to him, and he gazed at me with those cold dark eyes.

“You have no idea..” He spoke softly in a voice that was deep and husky, with this breathy tone, thickly overcast with lust. “The amount of times I’ve fantasized about this very moment. You’ve eluded me for a long time, meu amor, but I knew I’d have you one day, and I knew that day would come soon.”

He leaned over me, bringing his face to mine, so close we were literally sharing the same breath.

“You think you’re so clever, you’ve always thought that, I could see it all those years ago. Even now, I can see behind those eyes, you’re always observing, planning and plotting, always adapting.. Judging. It’s what has kept you alive so far, has it not?”

I didn’t answer, silence could be a savior sometimes.

“You think me a fool don’t you? I know your heart isn’t in this, and at this very moment now, you wish to see the death of me, and yet, you continue to submit yourself? I know you want vengeance, you despise me.. with all of your heart.” He brought his hand to my neck, grasping but not applying any pressure. “They say love and hate effect the same areas of the brain, essentially the same emotional trigger, so I stopped trying to get you to love me and accepted that it was fated to be the other. I had to fuel that hate, it was the only way I could have you to myself.”

He gave me a bruising kiss, suckling my bottom lip, as he put an arm under my lower back to lift me for leverage. He forced his tongue into my mouth and grabbed hold of my hair with the hand that once grabbed my neck. When he finished his exploration of my mouth, he yanked my head back to attack the flesh of my exposed throat. I could feel him grinding under me, his lengthy endowment sliding up and down my cheeks, leaving the crack of my ass wet with secretions due to his arousal. He growled into my neck, as he began to leave bites across my skin, they hurt, but I refused to squeal for him.

He lifted me higher and made his way down to my nipples, sucking and biting as he saw fit. I felt a flush of shame when my body began to respond in approval to the pleasure, tears threatened to break free and I was able to hold all but one. He lowered me, to gain access to my mouth once more, he nipped my lip and took hold of a tighter grip upon my hair. Continuing his kiss, he brought his arms down to adjust me on his lap. He aimed the head of his dick like a bullseye, breaching my cheeks, hunching at my hole like a dog in heat. I couldn’t take this any longer.

“Please, Ramon, can we wait for that?.. I’m not ready yet. I ask as sua Rainha.” I said, I couldn’t stop my voice from wavering, I was barely holding on by a thread. “I’ll let you have me soon, just please, not right now.”

He stopped what he was doing and looked me in the eye, I could tell he wasn’t pleased. Perhaps I’d misjudged my influence on him, I knew all too well how dangerous that could be. He grabbed my face in his hand and brought it close.

“I know you’re testing me, just as much as I am testing you. Don’t mistake my rare acts of kindness for weakness, I won’t take betrayal lightly, meu amor.” He kissed my lips and trailed them faintly along my jawline. “I will admit, you have pleased me thus far, surprised me even. How you could be so fearless in front of one as dangerous as Pandora.. I wanted to take you on the floor right there and claim you for all to see. I know you would never admit it out loud, but we are more alike than you’d think, a match made in Heaven, or as you would probably say, Hell. I’ll accept your request this time, minha Rainha, but don’t make me wait too long.. because the damage will be worse.”

With that said, he tossed me back on the bed, grabbing hold of my arms and placing them above my head. He assaulted my body once more with his mouth, a sharp pain followed every kiss upon my skin. I knew now, any gift of his would come with a price, a little piece of my soul bartered to this devil in exchange, each time.

For the next two hours, he explored every inch of my body by taste or touch, keeping his word, but letting me know with his ‘love making’ that he could, and would, do as he pleased with my body. When he finished with the front, he flipped me on my stomach and and continued. He made his way down my back, coming to the arch above my buttocks. He disappeared for a moment, and I wondered what he was doing, suddenly, I felt the stinging smack of his hand on my ass.

I couldn’t stifle the scream that escaped my mouth, and he laughed a bit, before bending down to blow cool breath on the area of contact. I winced from air currents caress of my searing skin, he then took his heavy meat and slapped it on my red and bruised rear. Tears had escaped at that point, and I was almost sobbing but it was choked up in my throat. He growled and roughly turned me over, he climbed my body to sit on my chest, his knees on my sides holding down my arms.

I thought he was about to forcefully face fuck me, but he just beat his dick and slapped it on my tear stained cheeks. It hurt a bit as he clubbed it on my mouth and smeared the sticky fluid across my lips, I tried to spit it out but he gave me look that quickly changed my mind.

“Open your mouth.” He demanded in a gruff voice, breathing hard.

I guess I took too long and received a smack across the face, stars and spots obscured my vision and my ear was ringing.

“Abrir a boca!” He was louder this time, I open up reluctantly. He continued to beat his meat over me. I could tell he was close, his breath had gotten short.

“Vir aqui, engolir tudo” He commanded, as he pointed his dick towards my open mouth, I soon felt the first few volleys hit the back of my throat.

It was hot and thick, forcing me to gag a bit. He made a sound between a roar and a growl as he orgasmed, bending over to bring his face over mine, he commanded to see his seed. I showed him the large amount that had pooled on my tongue, he smiled in approval, then proceeded to spit into my mouth and said to swallow. I stifled my gut reaction to spit it all in his goddamn face, and forced myself to swallow it down.

He climbed down off my chest and lay atop my body, between my legs, bracing his weight with his arms. He kissed me and ground his still hard dick into my own painful erection. It was the one bodily reaction I couldn’t will away, it had betrayed me the whole time, the biggest antagonist to my shame.

He grasped it into a tight grip and jerked it, he brought the same hand to my mouth and told me to spit, I obeyed. He spit as well and brought it back down to jerk it with a slick wet grip. He covered my mouth with his own and fucked it with his tongue. My orgasm had come so quickly, it was disorienting, he let go of my sensitive dick and continued to grind into me. He took his cum covered hand and smeared it across my lips, he tapped my lips one last time with his own, before rolling over, turning his back to me.

*Fucking bastard* I thought as I wiped my mouth, and looked at his broad back disgusted. *You sick mother fucker!*

I had never experienced anything like that ever before, I felt so degraded and filthy, I had also never been so turned on in my life. I was always a double shooter, so my dick was rock hard once again. I ignored it, Ramon wasn’t slick, I knew what that last bit was all about. It was all about conditioning, he didn’t care about me getting any pleasure from such a barbaric show of intimacy.

I was not a dog to be slave to a ringing bell, one thing though, I needed to get my shit together. I had to disassociate myself mentally from what I had to do, he wasn’t as dumb as one would assume a career convict to be. He had turned his captivity into his kingdom, and he’d proven he could be dangerously cunning. I got up to blow out all the candles, then returned to the bed, laying down facing away from him.

I found it hard to sleep, my mind racing, I knew it wasn’t possible but the thought of running came to me, and as soon as it arrived, he turned over to spoon me. He ground his still hard erection into my rear, and rest it between my thighs. Those muscular arms wrapped around my hips as he buried his face in my hair, whispering one word to me, before he dosed back off.


When I had awaken, the lights were on, so I knew we’d be called for morning showers and chow really soon. I felt Ramon’s arms still tight around my waist, and I could easily hear he still slept, sounding like a damn bear in hibernation.

I went to wipe some hair out of my face and felt a cold liquid smear across my forehead, I looked at my hands in shock, they were wet and sticky with blood, some of it had dried. I instinctively checked myself for a wound and happen to see the source of all the blood. Laying there next to me on the bed, surrounded by a wet dark red stain, was the shank Pandora had used to take the life of Heléno. I’m guessing the bitch was feeling some type of way, but that was fine, I had to get used to having people’s blood on hands anyway.

I moved Ramon’s arm softly with my elbow and crawled out of the bed, I went to his sink and rinsed my hands in the basin. After I dried them, I returned bedside and gently pulled off the bloodied, and cum stained, top sheets and bundled them for the trash. I looked at Ramon’s nude form for a moment, and I began to recall last night’s torturous encounter, still able to feel the aches and bruises.

I pushed those thoughts aside and continued to clean the mess before O Rei could see, all hell would break loose and I was the closest to the fire. I used a piece I had torn from one of the ruined sheets to clean the mess that was on the floor. I picked up the shank and rinsed it in the sink, quickly hurrying to the sofa I had kicked my pillow case full of personal effects. I checked on Ramon one more time, before opening it up and hiding it amongst the cloths, I made sure my M.A.S.E. and Peace’s taser were carefully hidden as well.

I felt a hand under the sofa and found the very bottom to be hollow, and covered by a taut fabric. Easily, I was able to puncture a hole, that was big enough to store my items discretely. I hurried back to the bed and crawled in, snuggling back up to Ramon, causing him to quickly wrap around me like a constrictor.

“Where’d you go?” He asked, still a little more than half asleep.

“I had to use the bathroom.. it’s not time to get up yet, go back to sleep.”

He had dosed back off before I could even complete the sentence, I knew I had to be more careful in the future, he wasn’t that deep of a sleeper. I laid there for about twenty minutes or so thinking over things, and I was sure I had fucked up last night for sure, he’d take note of any hesitation, any weakness to speak of. I had to be two steps ahead to keep from being six feet under, survival was my first priority, the second, revenge. I could already see the chinks in the chain, and I was determined to break them.

They look so formidable, outside looking in, but in reality, ‘a Corte do Rei’ was nothing but a flimsy, carefully stacked, house of cards. I just had to man up and quit bitching, I can cry when I’m the King.

I know it’ll be hard but I was raised by a man cold as steel with a poison heart, he hurt everyone he ever claimed he loved. I could do this, I had pretended to enjoy doing it my entire life. Yes, I’ve been the cause of ruin, in many people’s lives, all in the name of that very same man. Some would say I excelled at it, they might be right. It wasn’t always about money either, father was a callous man, he’d end a man’s way of life financially just for coughing too close at a fundraiser.

I never truly wanted to BE that person thou, I often had grandeur dreams of ‘saving the world’ with my father’s money, might be why I was dumb enough to interfere with aiding the civilian people of Syria to begin with. I just wanted to have a heart for once, I was tired of shutting off my every empathetic instinct for the sake of a dollar. And once I did, it’s been hell trying to do it again, like freeing a bird and expecting it to come back to the cage. I would have to thou, it was imperative to every breath I take, I have to be the type that just doesn’t give a fuck.

I rolled us over, till I was on top instead of on the bottom, wiggling myself loose and making my way down his body. Ramon hadn’t woken up, good, I knelt there between his legs, looking at his impressive endowment. He had grown into quite the man, muscled and cut in all the right places. His dick was swollen, his morning wood hung down and to the left, thick and heavy already. I leaned over and licked along the length, up and down a few times before taking the head into my mouth.

I nursed the crown, like a babe to a bottle, before taking a little less than half the length into my mouth. He was full mast by then, and I refused to be intimidated by his size, so I relaxed my throat and took a breath. This time I took about three fourths of the length, breaching the back of my throat, he woke up at that point with a deep moaning growl. I massaged his dick with my throat for a bit before coming up for a breath, I looked up and caught his eyes. They were glazed over with a ferocious hunger, but he let me do my thing, which meant I had him where I wanted him.

On my next descent I was ready, making sure to prepare a deep breath. I moved down the length of his dick slowly, giving me chance to properly adjust to the girth. It slid into my throat and I swallowed it down to the base, he grabbed a handful of my hair and held me there. At that moment, Pandora came through the curtain announcing time for showers. Ramon let go of my hair and I came up off his dick, sitting up, I got off the bed, not even looking to Pandora, he was irrelevant as far as I was concerned. Ramon hopped off the bed and stormed up to Pandora, so fast I almost missed it, backhanding him across the face.

“Don’t you EVER come into my room unannounced again.. plus, you think I didn’t know you were here last night?” He turned around, walking back to the bed to lay down. “Tell the Court we will be out momentarily, I wish go down as a group. Send, what’s his name..” It took a second to think, before he snapped his fingers. “..Léthi.. yes, send him to make sure they don’t use the hot water. Sua demitido!”

Pandora, didn’t hesitate, he vanished through the curtain, surely shamed. I had found the tattered blue rags that were once my navy briefs, and I looked to Ramon expectantly before tossing them in the trash with the bundle of bloodied sheets. He gave me an impish grin and stood up, walking over to his dresser where he had gotten my jeweled collar. He pulled out the bottom drawer and grabbed two towels and a bundle of white cloths, he threw me a towel along with something to wear.

There was a wife beater and some short boxer briefs, he pulled out a pair of slippers for me, they definitely weren’t prison issue. I slipped them on and wrapped myself in the towel, while Ramon had a full length one, mine was skimpy as could be. I ignored it and went to check the mirror before we stepped out, I gasped.

*What the fuck did he do to me?!* I thought in a panic, mentally screaming, at the sight of my condition.

My body was covered in a mess of bruises, hickeys, and teeth marks; all except for my face. They were all superficial and would disappear in a day or two, so I knew this was less about me and more about everyone else, I’m sure it would have its desired effect.

I stepped through the curtain, Ramon not far behind, once again all eyes were on me. I held my head high, wearing each blemish upon my skin as a badge of honor. Obispo looked upset, so did Pandora, but I knew why that was. Torre looked turned on, I’m guessing he liked his meat tenderized as well. Cavaleiro just stared, jaw slack a bit, he gave his lips a lick before turning to lead the way down to the showers.

There was a crowd of guys waiting, some had opted to just use the cold water and get it over with. We walked in as a group, passing everyone who had been lined up waiting. I picked a random shower head and ran the water till it warmed, when it felt comfortable, I took the collar and hair comb off. I took them to Ramon and asked him to have someone take care of them. Passing them off to Obispo, he turned back to me and grabbed my wrist, leading me under the warm spray. Pandora, Cavaliero, Torre, and Obispo took the other available shower heads.
Ramon washed me thoroughly, leaving no part of me untouched, he spent extra time on my bottom and the treasure between the cheeks. I washed and conditioned my hair as he washed himself, as he had turned down my advances to reciprocate the scrub down. He gave me a wide tooth comb, who knows where he got it from, so I could comb my hair. I looked at it like it had been gold, I gave him a sincere thank you, but it went completely ignored. He was finished before me, and commanded Obispo to escort me to breakfast when I was done.

I asked him to wait for me and take me himself, but he claimed his stomach couldn’t wait. He left, flanked by Pandora and Torre. After they left, the other inmates began to come in now that the shower heads were free. I rinsed my hair one last time and left to grab a towel, the men openly ogled my body and some felt upon themselves. No one approached me, they definitely knew better than to do that openly, thou I truly believed Ramon loved parading me around in front of them. I was nothing but a status symbol, a prison bitch tease, but at least I was an executive prison bitch.

I couldn’t find my towel anywhere, not surprised I’d lost such a skimpy rag so easily. Suddenly I was wrapped in a floor length towel from behind, I craned my neck to see who it was, finding Obispo’s cerulean blue green eyes. He had such a regal look to him, being one of the most ‘European’ looking of the Hispanics in Hades.

His light olive complexion accentuated his eyes, the creamy smooth skin of his body untouched by tattoos, he was so unlike the rest of the pack. While his skin was soft, his body was rock hard, and so was something else. I felt it against my ass, even though he was wearing his orange jumper. He didn’t take things any further, he just dried my body and hair. When he finished, he handed me the white tank and briefs, a pair of socks, my sky blue jumper, and a pair of white laceless slip on converses. I raised a curious eyebrow at the sneakers, and almost chuckle at the sight of them.

After I finished getting dressed, I went to walk towards the exit, but Obispo grabbed my shoulder, stopping me in my tracks. I looked at him expectantly, to find him smiling, still not saying a word to me. He had the collar and the hair comb in his hand, he handed me the comb to place in my hair and I held some of it up so he could place the collar. At that moment I notice he had an emerald encrusted ring on his right hand, I grabbed his hand to examine it closely.

“Oh wow, that’s an exquisite piece, where did you get it?” I asked, really just trying to make conversation. I don’t think I can ever remember him actually speaking to me before.

“It was from O Rei, I wear it on my right hand because I am his right hand man.” He spoke in a heavily accented English “ least, that’s one of the things it represents.”

“What else does it mean?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Certain stones and gems mean many different things, the emerald also shows the other inmates that I control the drugs, and other contraband, as an extension of the king.” He said nonchalantly, he watched as I twisted his hand to and fro, to check the clarity of the stone.

“And what do the diamonds on my collar tell the rest of the inmates about me? Wait, Let me take a guess, that I’m the King’s glorified prison wife?” I said, spitting the words out with contempt, He gave a chuckle before answering.

“Sim.. that is one of the more obvious meanings, but it may not be that simple.” He paused, he seemed unsure of himself, a rarity at best. He moved in close, after checking for prying eyes and open ears. “There is more, but I have to know I can trust you.. It could be seen as treasonous to speak of such things.”

“There are countless things that I think in the day that are most definitely treasonous, so don’t be afraid. Confiar em mim, nao vou vacilar.” I said, looking into his eyes, he still looked unsure whether to trust me.

“I overheard O Rei speaking to Muhg about the people that fund their operation, they spoke of certain people deemed submissive, to be used as ‘vessels’. They controlled these people, mostly women, through brainwashing. Something to do with tragic events making them susceptible to control, control by a carefully selected handler.”

“And O Rei is supposed to be mine, correct?” I said, piecing this all together.

“Sim, he is, but the diamonds don’t just go to anyone. They are meant only for the premier vessels, those essential to something more. They were light on the details, so I didn’t stay around to hear much more. I also know that he’s been in touch with your father.”

“That I’m not surprised about, I kinda figured there was a link between them. I just have to figure out what it is. We should go, I don’t want him to get suspicious, he seems to know just about everything.” I reply with frustration, wondering how O Rei seem to have an all seeing eye upon me.

“Let me ask you something, Has he.. Has he been able to claim you?” He asked, his speech deepening into a husky baritone.

*They are all the damn same and only care about one thing* I thought, shaking my head.

“No, I requested we wait and he granted it, I will give myself to him soon thou. Lest he take it first..”

“What if I were king? ..Would you stand by me?”

“What would you be willing to do to gain such status?” I asked, highly skeptical of the sincerity of his words, for any attempt on O Rei would truly mean death.

“I’m willing to do anything.” He said, his face spoke more seriousness than his words.

“Bom, meu amigo, I think I may have a plan, then.”


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  1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Oh my. I thought at the last moment, Jynx would extend a ‘pardon’ of sorts…of which Pandora would be too proud to accept and then end Heleno.

    What a disturbing turn of events. I wonder what Pandora’s past is. I…do not particularly care as he seems the type to spill a drink on your outfit because you are getting too much attention at a party…but the methods that Jynx noted…are not…common. Perhaps he grew up on a farm…or his father was a butcher.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    “…that frightened and excited me at same time.”

    That would scare me more than whatever about Ramon chlled him to his core.

    I have heard of hatef*cking, but…for me..once someone’s inner ugliness has reared its head, it manifests in everything about them. I am glad I would only be disgusted and hesitant at the pain of the coming ‘expanding of my horizons’.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Yooo, Jynx is tripping? He swallowed that demon’s juices…AND his spit? I would have spit it in his face, as he decided not to. Or fake gagged and spit it all over myself.

    “…leaving the crack of my ass wet with secretions due to his arousal.”

    He did not have to lie about not being ready. He could have demanded a condom and I am sure Ramon is too big for them, anyway. No glove. No love. No telling how many Ramon has sodomized to exert power over them. He probably has so many diseases.

    The 2 hours of having your body licked down…sounds like torture. I would have wanted to orgasm way before then.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Jynx needn’t be ashamed. Even during rapes..both men and women show signs of physical arousal. We torment ourselves too much for biological responses to external stimuli.

    Jynx is convincing even me…I would have brought myself to completion and done it on his back. Stay mad. This is a double shooting gun, Sucker!

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  5. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Obispo sounds…slow.

    He has to know he can trust Jynx..then just launches into it? For someone who wants to overthrow Ramon…he is way too trusting.

    Jynx will end Ramon and Obispo in a fell swoop.

    And maybe Jynx should dial back the is expected and so Ramon goes out of his way to ignore it, going off to breakfast without waiting, etc

    If he showed more cunning..Ramon might respect him. If you challenge a man with an army and beat him with one hand tied behind your back…he has no choice but to respect you, even if it hurts his pride.

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