SCS(CP): Hands Unclean..

*Chapter Nine*

We split the biscuit and finished off the platter O Rei provided, and afterwards, Cerberus made his exit but not before hinting at a surprise for me later in the day. I bid him adieu and laid back down for a nap, feeling full and heavy from the meal.

As the evening approached, Cerberus came to awaken me for REC and I was escorted through the facility, on out into the yard they had designated for those in the SHU. It was smaller than the yard space of both Hades and Purgatory, barely large enough to hold the two bench tables and weight set. There was someone out there already, dressed in orange, topped with a bushy mess of a mane similar to my own. My hair had taken a life of its own, as I had been without a comb or brush for several weeks. I often used my fingers and that seemed to prevent it from tangling into dreadlock, the bushy coils made me resemble a lion in the wild, my mane framing my face in all its unruly glory.

If my hair made me reminiscent of the king of beasts, then Wrath was the king of the jungle, black Tarzan in the flesh. His honey caramel skin coated in a light sheen of sweat as he used the weight bench, the sight of this wild man stirred my loins and I quickly admonished myself, the weakness of lust was strong and I needed all I had for what I was to face when I left protective housing. I couldn’t deny I was happy to see him, I truly owed Cerberus big time for setting up this meeting.

Wrath finally noticed me when we got to the entrance and Cerberus signaled for the tower to open the remote controlled gate. He put up the weights and sat on the bench waiting for us to be let in, he didn’t look as pleased as I was, it was a cold reception indeed.

“Ok, you two. I got the Warden to give you an hour and a half for REC, I’ll be back at seven thirty.” He turned to me directly, with a somber face. “Jynx, we have to transfer you back to A block by nine o’clock, you’ll get to eat dinner before we move you. Lights out is at nine thirty instead of ten for all the ruckus this morning.”

With that he left us to ourselves, the air outside felt great, it always did. The only con, is the bittersweet reminder of my confinement. I felt Wrath’s fiery amber eyes focused on me, he’d been silent since we’d arrived, so had I. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to say, or how to approach the man after all this. I had ruined his last chance at integration with the general population, he would do the rest of his time alone.

“I’m sorry..”

“Don’t say that.” He interrupted, his voice even and cold.

“Well, then thank you..”

“I don’t wanna hear nonna that shit either.”

“Then just what the fuck do you wanna hear?!” I asked raising my voice, the frustration taking over.

“Things didn’t have to happen that way, they didn’t have to go out like that! These were real fuckin people, not some hired hand of yours to take the hit for you. Yo triflin ass is straight selfish man, you could have came to me.. for help, I would have took care of things before they got this messy.”

“And then what Castor?” I asked cutting him off, he grew silent when I used his govt. name. “Be your bitch? Trade one master for another?! ‘Protection comes with a price’ Peace told me that from the very beginning. He was the first person I ever met that wasn’t on my payroll, who told me the straight up truth, sans pretense. He liked me for who I was at the core, me, with all the embellishments and glamour removed from the surface. He might have been the only true friend I ever made.. I’ll never find anyone like that again.”

I stopped mid rant, as I could feel the tears well up. I suppressed them with all I had, crying was useless and for the weak. The only exception was when in mourning, but I was through with that for now. Vengeance was all that was on my mind, but could I take it all on by myself? Wrath watched me as I tried to calm myself, before he began to talk again, softening his gruff voice.

“I ain’t lie to you yet, and that’s a first for me.. even my moms used say my first words were a lie!” He broke out into an infectious laugh, it was rich and hearty, I couldn’t help but join him.

“Thank you..” I told him sincerely. “Seriously, for everything.. You didn’t have to involve yourself by going for help, and then, to put yourself in harms way. I know this was your last strike, but I have resources, I can..” He put his hands up to my lips and stopped me.

“Someone already taking care of me, a lawyer named Yurika.. Yamjoose, I think, some shit like that. She’s the one that got me the yard time and got Muhg off my back. I don’t know her but she gettin shit done, so I’m not complaining. She supposed to be appealing my last strike and she said in a letter that she thinks she can get me back into Gen Pop. She also mentioned a possible reduced sentence for calling the guards and I heard Cerberus put a good word in for me.”

“I know her, she’s a valuable asset to have on any team, You can trust her.” I assured him.

“You sure?”

“Yes, she’s worked for me for years, and I swear, I didn’t put her up to it.. she must have heard about you and your heroics from someone else. You’re being rewarded for your service in a way.”

“And you had nothing to do with it?” He asked skeptically.

“No idea, I swear.”

“Then I’ll accept her gift as a gesture of good faith, but I’m not trying to be your bitch, working for you either” He said smiling, making me notice how white and even his teeth were, those lips look like succulent caramel treats.

I was amazed at how just the simplest of acts, smiling, could change his whole presence. Ninety percent of the time his entire demeanor was not unlike a wild beast leashed, tense, and always on edge. The moments like now, with just us two, allowed me to see the prince trapped within the beast. I knew I could trust him, but I think I always knew I could, from the moment I first saw those eyes. We sat comfortably in the silence, enjoying the last bit of the sunlight over the mountainous horizon. The wind began to pick up with a slight chill, I must have had some hair in my face because Wrath reached over and tucked it out the way. The lightest touch from him provoked an illicit fire to course through me straight to my groin.

*Fuck!* I thought to myself, I had to get myself together.

It had been so long since I allowed myself to feel the touch of another man intimately, going on three years to be exact, back then I’d had an extremely brief affair with the son of Indian oil tycoon who had a thing for American boys. We met when I was to broker a deal, for father of course, with a small village north of Dubai for zoning rights. I was able to persuade them with a water purifier, a few all terrain vehicles, a new town hall, and three hundred million rupees($5.1m USD). With business out the way, I was able to fly back to my hotel and enjoy the next few days in Dubai, plus all the amenities the hotel had to offer.

There is where I met Tajeen Ambani, he wasn’t anywhere near as attractive as Wrath, hell, even O Rei and some of his crew had him beat. One thing about him thou, he had one of the most charismatic and enchanting personalities, I’d ever come across. He was so charming and sweet, I disregarded my better judgement and went to his quarters for a night cap. It started as just playful banter and horsing around, next thing I knew we were in the heat of passion. Next day, he could talk of nothing but my father, seemingly trying to form ties through me. It was the same story with them all, they only saw him, his power, and riches when they looked at me. Peace didn’t and I loved him for that.

In this moment here with Wrath, I felt like I could trust him, at least more than any other inmate left alive that I’ve met so far. I needed any friend I could get and I was exceedingly pleased that Yurika was handling things efficiently without me, I had full trust in her with conservatorship of my financial assets. She knows I like to take care of those that take care of me, so it was right she step in to help the man, Castor Woodrow, anyway possible. Cerberus could be seen walking towards us in the distance, he seemed to be taking his time. I looked to Wrath once more, I’m sure I said all I needed to with just a look.

“What’s your plan for O Rei?”

“What makes you think I’m planning anything?”

“You seem like the type of bitch that always has a plan..” He replied, sending a quick run of heat through my body when he smiled afterward.

“I usually do, but this time, I just may have to see what the cards deal me when fate shuffles the deck.”

“When I hit him wit the one on, he spoke to me..” He paused, taking a serious tone when he continued. “He called you a siren, said you were drawing me in only to consume my heart, body, mind, and soul. That you’d leave me a hollowed shell of a man, once I was no longer..useful to you. He spoke of how you and him were the same, that you might be even deadlier than he ever could be. Tell me he was wrong about that..”

“If we are going to build a friendship based on trust, I can tell you no lie. The person I was known to be outside these walls would drop you like a hot pan, but as soon as I was placed behind bars, the curtains before my eyes were raised and I saw the real truth. I would like to think I’ve grown but that might just be wishful thinking on my part and possibly yours, so the odds aren’t at all favorable, I’m afraid.” Though answering so truthfully left me hoping my candid response would be enough, It took him several seconds to speak, and I could tell he was conflicting with his intuition.

“I’m willing to take that bet..”

Cerberus was here to escort from me from Hell to Hades, my time was up, I now had to face the demons of despair waiting for my arrival.

*At least they afforded me a last meal before my death sentence* I thought to myself, going for sarcasm but ending up just shy of morbid.

I always thought of myself as an optimist but at this point I failed to see any upside to this equation, inwardly I was freaking the fuck out. The walk between facilities felt like the walk to the electric chair, it didn’t last long enough for me, it seemed longer the first trip in the opposite direction. My mind was racing, my heart beat to a sporadic rhythm, my palms grew damp and clammy, and I just about shit a brick. The big old rusty steel bolt doors to A Block made that familiar creaking sound as it opened and I flashed back to my first time through these doors. This trip though, eclipsed that fear I felt then, by far. Cerberus gave me a pat on the back, I’d be riding solo from here.

I felt a rush of adrenaline when I heard the doors slam shut behind me, I had little time to spare and much to do. The noise of the inmates hustling and bustling around could be heard, it was just as crowded as I remembered. I weaned my way through the masses and only had one destination on my mind. I immediately ran up the stairs to my old cell, hoping I wasn’t seen by any of O Tribunal.

When I got there, I was shocked to find it had been stripped bare by scavengers, those bastards. Everything, even the damn toothpaste was taken! A few pictures were left on the wall near the top bunk, one was of Peace holding a dog brought in for an animal rehabilitation program, the prison held awhile back. Stryfe was behind him looking stern as usual, while Peace and the beagle, whose name was scribbled in sloppily as Buster, rolled around on the floor looking absolutely jubilant. The dreadlocked man was consistent, i’ll give him that, and he loved my friend to death, which made me respect him for all he was.

I snatched the photo and opened the side of the bed frame to see if Peace held anything in his stash. I found an electric Taser with an extra battery, I didn’t even know this existed, I guess we all have our secrets and I silently thanked Peace for his. I hurried and crouched down to move the secret brick Cerberus told me about, and grabbed the small parcel he had given me. It still contained the M.A.S.E and what was left of the Mary he supplied me with, I had traded the cigarettes early on, so that was all I had to take. I looked around the cell one last time, trying to recall every millisecond of my time with Peace. Things felt so simple and easy back then, such naivety was truly dangerous in these parts.

After I stashed the items and a few of the clothes I had left in a pillowcase, I exit the cell to go report to my new sovereign. I felt like the tragic Persephone herself, loathing the inevitable circumstance of forcibly being betrothed to the darkest of souls, if he even had one to speak of. I’ve dealt with apathetic men before, it was an undesirable trait that had its advantages in the world of business and finance. It seemed a necessity to reach the pinnacle of the wealthy elite, as it was a common character trait among the truly rich.

As I made my way down the stairs, I saw Torre, but for once he hadn’t seen me. He had a new ‘pet’ dragging behind him on a leash, the poor boy was trying his best to keep up on his bloodied and bruised knees, and those weren’t his only painful looking markings to speak of. He resembled a Dalmatian, no, better yet, a harlequin Great Dane. The bruises along his body, a sickening dark bluish green, were scattered indiscriminately in a wild pattern. I hurried past, as I didn’t want to be detected. I made my way further down the crowded corridor, I passed where they were taking bets on the fights.

There were always fights going on, if one had a grudge or quarrel with any man, no matter how small, it got settled in the ring. Three rounds, if the bout even lasted that long, and the loser will either pay bounty through indentured servitude or death, by order of the King. Cavaleiro handled the books and announced the judgements of the fights, he could be heard over the whole throng of screaming and barbaric sounds of men in combat. I also saw Obispo on the opposite end of the ring, his usual spot, where all his ‘customers’ knew where to find him.

He was the only one of the three that laid eyes upon me, we stood there in an impromptu staring contest, he gave me a sly grin and turned slowly to continue to scan the crowd, I noticed he didn’t blink, his open eyes taking in everything. I continued on, still with caution, I had yet to lay eyes on Pandora and that bitch could’ve been anywhere, he was the one I had to worry about the most. I’m sure he’s had to do the unspeakable to gain the favor of O Rei, only to be cast aside. If I were him, I’d probably hate me too.

I could finally see the cell door at the end of the hall, curtains blocked the two cells along that side of the wall. The door was open, an aperture in the curtain allowed light from the room to escape into the dim and dark area that surrounded it. All throughout A Block, there were lights missing sporadically, but here it seemed almost intentional. All the lights in the hall within 100 yards of his cell were blacked out, as I got closer I could see the that cells lining the parallel walls, on this bottom floor and above, was where ‘os Reis harém’ resided. I could hear lewd grunts, moans of ecstasy, cries, both in pleasure and pain; Those enjoying themselves seemed to be in the minority. The cells nearest to Ramon’s were unoccupied, and as I got to his cell door, someone stepped out from behind the curtain, it was Pandora.

“Her highness has finally arrived, take a detour along the way?” He asked snidely, his eyes move to my bag and he went to reach for it. I pulled back from him and slapped his hand away. “You fucking little bit..!” He started to say but was interrupted by O Rei.

“Let him through and leave us.” Ramon ordered from behind the curtain. Pandora growled at me, this was getting to him, just as I thought.

“You know this ain’t over between us.. I got you a good one waiting bitch, and you’ll never see it coming.” He said low enough just for me to hear, words dripping with malice.

He gave the slightest of bows, I would have missed it had I been foolish enough to take my eyes off of him. He stormed by me, shoulder checking me as he pass. I walked through the curtain, as soon as I entered, my eyes shot right to the center of the room. There sat a circular bed covered in lush red linen, shelves of lit candles strewn through the room. I stifled my gasp, and suppressed a shudder, as my eyes came upon the bed from my vision. Laid back on one of the oversize red pillows, which were clearly needed to accommodate such a large frame, was Ramon. His eyes were closed, but I knew he was awake, waiting, and waiting to see what i would do.

I decided to cut the bullshit, I’d treat this as it were. I knew what he desired, maybe it was time to give him just that. There are more subtle forms of control, it was time to test how much power of persuasion I possessed. I dropped my sack, kicking it to the side, under a sofa to my left. This room was huge, you couldn’t even tell it was initially two separate cells. I unbuttoned my newly issued sky blue jumper, and it slumped to the floor silently. I lifted my shirt over my head and it joined the pile on the floor, my underwear soon followed suite. I stepped out of my shoes, forward, till I reached the foot of his bed. He had yet to open his eyes, maybe he really did fall asleep, though I highly doubted that.

I took a few seconds to admire the man before me, so different from the boy I met all those years ago, but then again, this was the man not the boy. Physically, he encompassed all I could ever desire, even when I hated him to the very core of me, his body incited a thirst unparalleled within me. From his darkly featured handsome face, with its strong brow, regal nose, and full lips, to his muscled and cut olive toned body. He had one tattoo over his heart, it was of a crown, he had others scattered over his body but they didn’t seem to mean anything in particular. My eyes traveled down his rippling torso, to where his iliac furrow trailed an a path toward his groin. He had his orange jumper on, but I still could see the evidence of a sizable endowment. I ran my fingers through my hair, a nervous tick I’d unfortunately picked up, and smoothed it down before I crawled up onto the bed. I paused, his eyes were still closed, he gave no indication of registering my presence. I crawled slowly, my technique almost feline, making my way in between his out stretched legs, coming to a stop there.

*I should kill him now, while he sleeps* I thought, but that would be all too easy to hope for, exactly what he expects of me. Spontaneity would be my equalizer, it may even tip the scales in my favor.

I reached forward to touch him, my hand landing softly upon his crotch, his eyes shot open. His cold calculating dark eyes peered into my soft jade orbs, his face was as unreadable as it always seem to be, I tried to match with my own look of indifference. Our stare down lasted maybe a minute. I continued to rub up and down his length, finally getting a rise out of him. I had forgotten how much games like these quickly bored me, I removed my hand and turned to leave, a simple test that would tell me where I stood.

As I made my way off the bed he grasped hard to my wrist, and with a growl, pulled me with an unnatural strength, back, into his chest. He began to grind his cloth covered crotch into my rear, he breathed deeply into my hair before pulling it to the side, his mouth latched onto the left side of my exposed neck. He bit, licked, and suckled upon the skin, it felt as if he would consume me alive. The soft flesh he attacked fervently began to burn, my skin grew hot, his body gave off a feverish heat and it seemed infectious. He wrapped his strong arms around me possessively, the strength in his grip unyielding.

*Now that he has me in his grasp, would he ever let me go?* I admonished myself for such a foolish thought.

This was not a man of compassion, thou passion coursed his veins through the Spanish blood it carried. I tried to speak but he stifled my mouth with his own, his moist lips and hot heavy breath, was suffocating. His tongue penetrated my lips and he began an exploration of my mouth, Louise and Clark would be envious of. During his kiss, he had repositioned me, cradling my nude form in those arms of steel. Touching me with those murderous paws, the ones that stripped the life of my only friends in this place, taking them from this world. Tears escaped my eyes, searing their way down my cheeks. He licked them from my face, it seems he even fed from my pain.

This man truly was a demon prince, encased in mortal flesh, feeding off nothing but lust, death, and despair. I had no power here, I was foolish to even THINK I could control this monster with my body, when he’s had practiced consuming the flesh, mind, and soul of countless others in his time here at Mythos. What would possess me to think I was any different, especially given our history.

I pushed him back, well at least I tried to, it was like trying to push an oncoming freight train. He growled into my mouth and began to get more aggressive, pulling at my hair. I yelped and bit his lip, he moaned and continued his assault. Luckily, or so I thought at the time, in walked Cavaleiro. He paused when he entered, taking in the scene before him. Our eyes made contact, he grinned and rubbed himself, clearly aroused by what he saw. After a minute he reluctantly interrupted, much to Ramon’s disdain, but the matter was of some importance.

“Desculpas, sua Alteza. Obispo and Torre are fighting again, in a more public setting this time. It’s getting out of hand..”

“Can’t you handle it.” Ramon answered, muffled a bit, as he was necking me.

“I’m sorry to say, this was already a last resort.” He replied tensely, as if he fear retaliation as the messenger.

“Deus caramba!” He remarked, as he finally surfaced, to face Cavaliero in fury. “It better not be over that boceta suja from last time.”

Cavaliero remained silent, eyes downcast, his face said it all. With a frustrated sigh, I was tossed aside on the mattress and told to get dressed. He tossed me what I thought at first may have been a small towel but found to be these tiny navy blue shorts.

*What the hell? He can’t be serious, how would I fit into these, front or back?* I thought incredulously, I had way too much ass and dick to stuff in these children’s size bottoms.

I looked up at him, I could tell this wasn’t something up for debate. Sighing, I made my attempt to slip them on and struggled to get them up my thighs, I thought I heard some of the seams rip as I forced them over my behind and stuffed my junk in. They cut into my skin a bit, as the shorts stretched to accommodate my curves and assets, I’m sure everything I possessed was on display lewdly. He gave me a half smile, signaling his approval. He went to his dresser and pulled out the top drawer, he took out, what looked to be a sac, he turned back around and approached me. Standing in front of me he loosed the ribbon on the it, holding his palm out, revealing a diamond encrusted collar and a bejeweled hair comb clip. He took the collar and clasped it around my neck, it wasn’t all that thick but I’m sure it cost a pretty penny.

Such opulent embellishments were needless in a place like this, but I knew all too well what power the image of elitism held. People had to KNOW you were rich, in order for the money to hold any real influence. He took the hair comb and tucked the right side of my hair back, he mentioned it was his mother’s. The sentimentality confused me, I chucked it up as one of his many eccentricities. He pulled his pocket inside out and told me to grab it and don’t ever let it go in public unless he allows it, I was apparently on probation and he needed to keep me close for ‘my own good’.

We were led by Cavaleiro to down the dark corridor to where the ring was, I guess this really was going down in public. The closer we got the more men we passed, they all reacted with haste, moving out of the way. They gawked at us and some openly coveted my body, but I guess that’s the reaction Ramon wanted, I was just another symbol of his power.

We came upon a thick crowd of inmates all wanting to witness the fight, we could hear arguing and screaming from the center. Cavaleiro just pushed people to the side, roughly creating a path through the mass, leading toward the altercation. People began to notice and a silence fell across the crowd. We could hear the people in the center ring still were going at it, oblivious to our entrance. Everyone’s eyes were on me, I tried to ignore them, but I couldn’t help to feel like a lamb chop in a lions den. The crowd had split a path all the way to the ring, and Pandora came running up to us. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me, but he recovered quickly and turned to Ramon.

“Meu Rei, I tried to get them to stop, te lo juro, Heléno didn’t cause any drama this time. He stayed away from them both like you asked, I made sure of it!” Pandora lobbied on behalf of whoever this person was caught in between the two men, there was a good chance they were close friends.

“I told you what would happen if I found him to be the cause of such distractions again.” Ramon replied, not even stopping to look at him and Pandora had to keep pace behind us.

“I know, su alteza, I remember, but he isn’t the cause..”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Ramon said, cutting him off with a tone that implied the finality of the conversation.

I looked behind us and caught a glimpse of Pandora’s face, he looked scared, it was the first time I caught glimpse of his facade crack. We finally made it to the center of the commotion, I could see Torre and Obispo in each others face shouting. There was a boy in the middle of them, holding them at bay, but barely. He had a deep russet complexion and a thick head of curls crowning his head, I immediately recognized him. He was one of the guys that restrained me while that bastard Ramon took my friend from me, a hot flash of fury spread through me, it took everything not let it consume me. I had to play this game out, I couldn’t act in retaliation, at least not yet.

The boy was beautiful, and I could see why they fought to claim him. He looked to be Brazilian, or Dominican, it was a toss up until I heard the Portuguese escape his mouth, confirming my first observation. The two men argued literally over his head, they were talking in Portuguese, but so fast I could hardly understand them. From what I could grasp, the boy, Heléno, asked a favor of Torre almost a year ago and they came to an agreement of how he’d pay his debt. The debt would be paid in the currency of flesh, and it has been, but the boy also had physically intimate relations with Obispo as well. One thing these two did not do, was share toys. I pulled lightly on Ramon’s pocket to get his attention, he leaned towards me, giving me his ear.

“It’s hard for me to understand what’s going on, my Portuguese has been a bit rusty, and they are talking too fast.” I whispered, I also wanted to see if he would be malleable after my sudden come around to his will. It was all about giving a little and taking a little.

“Silêncio, e assim que desrespeitar e prejudicar-me na frente da minha nova Rainha?!” He yelled at them.

*Yes, it fucking worked!* I thought to myself jubilantly, *There just might be a way for me to gain the upper hand here.*

When Ramon’s voice rang out, I think that was the first time they noticed anyone but themselves, all three sets of eyes landed on me at once. I locked eyes with Heléno in the center first, from his dark eyes I could sense anger, jealousy, resentment, and even a hint of attraction, there was also an element of fear. I moved on to Torre, his libidinous stare was all too obvious, his eyes feasted upon my exposed flesh, typical. I then looked to Obispo, only to find a similar look but something was different. There was jealousy mixed in with a little something else, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

One thing was for certain, we now had their undivided attention. Pandora moved to stand by Heléno, pulling him close. O Rei looked at them for several moments, then he let his eyes scan the crowd. He had that indecipherable look on his face, it always unnerved me. His eyes went to Heléno, he motioned for him to step forward. Pandora took it upon himself to step forward as well, it seemed he was pulling his own trump card, using all the favor he held to save his friend. Oh, the irony of karmic justice.

“Falar menino, and know that the words that leave your lips may be your last. Have you continued to engage those two men behind you in private since the last incident?”

Ramon was talking in that deadly even tone I’ve come to recognize, I knew that’s when he was at his worst. Heléno grumbled in a low voice, no one could quite make out what he said, even Pandora.

“Speak up.”

“Si-Sim, meu Rei. They never gave me the chance to stop, they said..” The crackling pain of a resounding slap across his face from Pandora, stopped him in his tracks.

“Idiota! I told you to come to me! Now look at the predicament we’re in.” Pandora screamed as he grabbed Heléno’s face, tears escaped his eyes and they both began to sob. “How could you lie to me, I took your word, I could have protected you!”

“We discussed what the punishment would be if this happened again, didn’t we Heléno?” Ramon said, the sentimental display having no effect upon him.

“Mi Rey, por favor, se lo ruego..” Pandora pleaded for respite.

“You’ve been very faithful to me Pandora, I can admit that, you have proved your value to me many times over. That said, one of your greatest assets was your apathetic nature, a lone wolf amongst the pack. It disappoints me that you’ve taken to pets..” He paused and looked down to me, I feigned no interest in such affairs, breaking eye contact and stifling a yawn with my free hand. “So, I will honor your service, and defer the judgement of your friend to an impartial judge.”

Pandora gave a thankful smile, there weren’t many people present that wouldn’t kill to have ‘os Reis Amante’ owe them a favor, especially a life or death one. Ramon looked to me once more, he had a grin that would put a Cheshire to shame. He grabbed my hand that held tightly to his pocket, bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

“Meu amor, you have impressed me with the way you’ve quickly adapted to your new way of life, so in return I shall test you and reward you at the same time. Minha Rainha, will you cast judgement on my behalf?”

My mouth dropped in shock, this, I wasn’t prepared for, a quick look at the four men before me, told me it was quite the bombshell for them as well. Pandora had steeled his face, but the tears fell fresh now. How serendipitous that we stand here, tables turned, it would be so easy of me to enact due revenge here and now, but maybe just maybe, there was an easier path to my final destination. A way to cast my fury out on them with a wider hand, Pandora could be in debt to me, as well as his friend.

“I accept, meu Rei.” I answered, never breaking eye contact with Pandora as I said it. “What are my options? as I do not know of your laws.”

“As I see here, we only have three possible outcomes. He either goes to Torre, till the remainder of his debt is paid or becomes the ward of Obispo. Essentially voiding Torre’s contract and denying him restitution, the third option, is death.”

A whimpering cry escaped Heléno’s mouth and Pandora grabbed his hand to console him. His eyes never left mine, and his death stare softened slightly into something more humble, here he was, so vulnerable for the first time. I could see the pain in his eyes, the same look I had when they took Peace from me. I looked to Torre and then Obispo, they looked as if they could care less about Helena at this point, both were eying my body lustfully, Torre even rubbing himself a bit. In them I saw a future opportunity, they seemed easily influenced, though I’d have to be careful of the more cunning Obispo.

Lastly, I looked to Ramon, this judgement would affect how he saw me going forward. Had I truly succumb to my role as his queen or was there a slither of the old me left, hanging on to be rebellious at some point in the future. It was either take the hard road, or the easy road, both came with their own pitfalls. My mind was running possible scenarios like a super computer, I hadn’t had any premonitions lately to help with this decision. It was all on me, but I knew what had to be done. I turned to Ramon, closed the distance between us, while looking up into his eyes, I grabbed the out turned pocket. I took a step back and faced the four men, but I never broke eye contact with him.

“The way I see it, for ‘a Corte do Rei’ to flourish there is only one goal, one will, and one desire that matters.. and it’s that of the King. I pass judgement as I believe he would, so to preserve cohesion of O Tribunal..”

I finally turned to the boy, his eyes were closed and the tears were flowing, I truly did feel sorry for him. Suddenly, I saw Peace before me, the boy’s skin had turned to that rich chocolatey brown, those familiar hershey eyes, that smile.. the smile of an innocent. He nodded, as if to tell me it was the only way.

“Heléno, I sentence you to death, in the name of Meu Rei.”

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    I knew I could trust him, but I think I always knew I could, from the moment I first saw those eyes.
    Hmmm….sounds like the recognition of one’s soulmate with warranted skepticism and caution intertwined.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    I do not envy Jynx. Being society’s idea of beautiful and with money…you would not know if somebody saw your looks as a status symbol, wanted your money or your genes to have beautiful trophy children.

    However my cynicism tells me that Wrath will not make it out alive.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    I looked up at him, I could tell this wasn’t something up for debate.

    BAH! Oh, it would have been a debate. I would dare him to make me wear them. And if he foolishly did, I would in ways to rip and bust from the clothing.

    I would walk around naked, titillating all of those who longed to be in his place.

    I would act casual and nonchalant, oblivious to the tangible lust, constantly dropping things…Jynx is not as petty as I, haha

    Ramon would have me looking like a nun by the the hour’s end and probably blinded some on-lookers for coveting me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

      …I would move in ways to rip and bust…**


  4. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    holding his palm out, revealing a diamond encrusted collar and a bejeweled hair comb clip.
    And it would be slapped out of his hands, onto the ground and stomped on.

    My father left me to fend for myself. Cerebus is my only ‘friend’. My bunkmate and his lover are dead, because of association with me. This entitled psycho has been pining for what he could not have at a birthday party so many years ago…death would be a welcome exit.

    If Ramon says it belonged to his mother or grandmother, I would be surprised.

    A hair clip? Really? So he is one of those. That would get crushed under my heels as well. Ramon comes off as weak, to me. He is highly emotional and cannot function without everything going his way. When it does not, he throws tantrums. When The Hulk throws a tantrum, people die. So…I am supposed to be a fem puppy call girl queen-in-command?

    Sorry, I insert myself into stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    It disappoints me that you’ve taken to pets..”
    Ha! I would have had to muffle a sardonic laugh at this point. Half-past-ill-fitting cunty clothing, fancy courtesan necklace, a hair clip and you look down on pets. I might have even meowed as well.

    I’d get so many slaps and get throttled, I would need the necklace to cove his pawmarks on my neck. hahaha

    He uses intimidation, and fear of violence…so I would spit out blood and act like I enjoyed it. It would enrage him, because it seems clear that these brutes get off on inflicting pain. What will they do when somebody likes it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

      cover his pawmarks*


  6. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Pandora could be in debt to me, as well as his friend.
    Ehh, Jynx might want to rethink that. Pandora seems the type to pay you back your money, while he guts you with the other hand, then takes his money, as the dead have no use for wealth.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    What are my options? as I do not know of your laws.”
    He is really committing. I wonder if Jynx is going to have an “I am the queen….in the King’s bathroom break absence, I hereby decree” moment.


    I grabbed the out turned pocket.

    Okay, all of this “Am I doing good, Daddy?” mess Jynx is pulling, he had better turn on Ramon and have one of his bodyguards sodomize him.

    I wonder if Ramon will see through his faux submissive act.


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