SCS(CP): Take Me to the King..

*Chapter Five*

“Te ocurra poner un pie en la tierra reyes sin tener que pagar sus aspectos?” he asked, squeezing his arm tighter around my neck.

“Yo no hablo espanol, bitch!” I lied through my teeth, knowing the less they knew the better. “Plus, I’m not a damn Beano, I don’t speak that gibberspanglish!”

The arm he had around my neck, constricted tighter against my throat, cutting off air. When I started to see spots, I panicked, and my heart raced as his voice took a menacing tone.

“What the fuck did you say to me you cunt?!”

He told someone outside my line of vision to grab my things from the floor, I had dropped them in the struggle to defend myself. He started to pull me to the middle of the room, and the surrounding crowd ignited like a flame to gas. I was to be the last remaining prize auctioned off, sold like a slave to the highest bidder. He pushed me roughly towards the center, the floor still covered in teeth and blood. Pandora ripped at my cloths savagely, which for me was the final straw, I finally had enough of the bullshit.

Quickly landing an unexpected jab to his temple, I moved swiftly, following up with a knee to stomach. I would fight, even if my fate would mirror that poor boy from the bus. Pandora had fallen to the floor, his hands and knees touching the bloodied and soiled ground. It stained his clothes and the fury was written on his face, he made to lunge at me like a mauling panther.

“O suficiente!” A strong loud voice bellowed in a Portuguese tongue, the tone was authoritative and commanding.

The crowd grew silent, dead silent, to the point where you could hear the scurrying rats across the floor. All eyes turned to the man, I assumed, they were calling O Rei. Those cold dark eyes, with their lascivious gaze, left me with the same unease as the last time they were laid upon me. Pandora was in a fit of rage, carrying on comically like a toddler with a tantrum, no one paid him any mind.

There was sudden loud resounding bell that rang and the crowd started to hastily shuffle towards the doors I had just came through. Quickly, I moved to retrieve my things, luckily no one had been able to pilfer anything. Running back to the map by the stairs, it didn’t take long to locate my cell, which was on the fourth floor, cell GPA403.

It was empty when I arrived, so after situating my things on the empty bottom bunk, I took survey of the room and could see my cellies personal effects scattered around, but none of it gave me an idea of who he was or could be. I grabbed the black box I received from Cerberus, peeking inside, first thing to be found was a can of MACE, the kind issued to the guards, there also was about a gram of some dank smelling weed and several cigarettes. I assumed the drugs were for currency, but I decided to save the Mary for myself. I don’t mess with tobacco so, I’d have those for bartering if need be. I quickly found the loosened brick by the toilet and hid the items like Cerberus instructed, trusting he knew what he was talking about and there was no need to test the waters after what I’d seen so far.

My next move was to catch the tail end of the exiting mob, and I asked the man next me what was going on with the mass exodus of inmates. He gave a low grunt, which oddly sounded like “lunch“, so I followed the crowd, as we were shepherded to the cafeteria. Instinctually, I kept a keen eye out for Pandora, I was intent on being ready for his retaliation if it was attempted.

The inmates were lined against the wall and the line lead down a long hallway, I was one of last few inmates to arrive, finding the cafeteria was packed to capacity. So I got onto the line and received my measly meal of some dry looking chicken, a scoop of clumpy white rice, and a piece of spongy cornbread that was to be considered dessert. They gave us these little box drinks that were nothing but an antagonistic splash of flavored sugar water, doing little to quench one’s thirst.

While I was on line, I couldn’t help but notice that ‘o Tribunal‘ dined on tender steak as a main course, and what looked to be a cheese cake. The spread was impressive, but I wouldn’t let myself suffer the indignity of looking twice.

There was an open seat on the far end of the room, plus, I could see Cerberus keeping watch on that end. I figured the safest area would be in his vicinity, even though we couldn’t speak openly. There was the chance I could be labeled a snitch, that was worse than being a pedophile or raping women in here. I tried to discreetly make my way over there without incident, maneuvering through the complex set of tables. I had almost gotten to my destination, when a hand landed firmly on my shoulder.

I was brought to a halt and spun around, coming face to face with ‘a Torre’ and another imposing figure, immediately I recognized the auctioneer with his darkly tanned russet complexion. He was smiling, but I couldn’t help but be slightly afraid, especially with the looks and vibes he was giving me. Handsome in a classic sense but scarring and tattoos gave him a dangerously charismatic aura, he clearly was a fighter used to battle. The decorations that adorned his skin, displayed messages in Portuguese and spanish, they covered his entire torso and arms.

Both men gave me a quick appraisal, before the darker toned one spoke, his silky tone and accented English was admittedly pleasant to the ear, he sounded like the quenticential Latin lover. 

“You have been summoned by O Rei, he requests your presence at his table. An honor of the highest value for a fish such as yourself, I’m quite surprised.”

“And if I respectfully decline?” I asked in reply, having no wish to be in the company of this specter from my past.

Unfortunately, confrontation wasn’t going to be avoided so easily, he shook his head, and the smile disappeared from his lips.

“To decline such a gracious offer, would have to be done face to face with the man himself, We are only required to fetch you.”

A cryptic smile and ravenous look glazed over Torre’s face, as if he was hoping for me to put up a fight. With a sigh, I motioned with my hand for them to lead the way.

“Just take me to the king..”

We ended up in the far left corner of the room, away from most of the guards. Three tables were set up exclusively for vital members of ‘o Tribunal‘, with the king sitting at the center table, in the center seat. To his right sat Pandora, from the look on his face, I could tell he was still seething from our earlier altercation. To the left of O Rei was another man, he had a classically European look to him, so I assumed he may have been Colombian or a Spaniard. His complexion was a pale olive tone and his body looked sturdily built, if he had been standing, I would see that he was similar in height to the imposing Torre. He had semi-long thick straight hair, that was tousled messily on his head.

After my assessment of his companions, I finally let my gaze fall upon O Rei. He was as strikingly handsome as I remembered from my youth, if not even more so now. Tall, dark, and handsome with a rich medium tanned complexion. His body was built like a Grecian god, his superbly developed musculature could easily be seen through his clothing. This was a far cry from the thirteen year old boy I encountered back then, one look in those unchanging eyes told me this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity either. I took a moment to recall our ill fated first meeting, at the time, nothing more than young boys, on the cusp of manhood. I had been ten, him three years older, freshly turning thirteen.

Father had often looked for ingenious and unconventional ways to network with new investors and clientele, he wasn’t above using his child as a ticket in the door either. It happen so, he had been trying to get a meeting with the son of an aging tequila tycoon, who stood to inherit the business from the patriarch of the family. Also to be passed down, was the black arms business the Carlo family was infamously known for, making them one of the most notorious crime family syndicates in the entirety of the Americas.

Known as Sr. Ramon Carlo the third, and at the time, he was the hot new commodity on the scene. All the avaricious vultures, my father among them, jumped at any and every opportunity to meet with him. Father had heard of his sons upcoming birthday, so he got the clever idea to bring me to the glorified debutante ball, as a way in. He also heard of the Sr. Carlo’s fondness of equestrian sport and affinity for American grandeur. So father, always with a flair for extravagance, and never to be out done, bought thirteen thoroughbred stallions to the affair as a gift for the young boy. Flying in thirteen horses cost a pretty penny, as the ball was to be held at the ailing grandfather’s vineyard in Colombia, but father saw it as an investment.

Even though the Carlo family had dual American citizenship, they preferred Central and South America to the over industrialized North. Mother wasn’t allowed to accompany us, as father declared this a trip strictly for business. Plus, Central America was known for its elite often being kidnapped for ransom, so the less people to look out for, the better. I was awkwardly introverted in that stage of my life, it was before Yurika and Ti’Hatcha had, thankfully, taken a guiding role in my life.

It was around that age, I noticed the abundance of loneliness and solitude, in my privileged existence, so I wasn’t privy to playing the farce. But still, Father commanded that I make a good impression, telling me to turn on the charm, as there was no time for sulking when there was money to be made. I was to keep the birthday boy impressed and entertained, whilst father attempted to gain alliances within the Carlo family and the elite of Colombia.

When we got to the lavish grounds of the Carlo family estate, father opted to be his usual gaudy self, and arrive in extravagant style. We were announced, before leading the parade of magnificent beasts on horseback up the driveway to the main mansion. We were received as father had desired, the Colombians loving the excess that Americans had a reputation for. We got down and I followed father as he was greeted by Sr. Carlo, he was a very charismatically personable man. Giving me a hug, pinching and kissing my cheeks the way a loving grandfather would. I immediately liked him, though I couldn’t help but to feel apprehensive. After that little song and dance show, I was then quickly dismissed to go find the birthday boy and the rest of the children, so the adults can talk grown up things. Father gave me a look as he departed, a reminder to play my part, when engaging the young Carlo boy.

I made my way to the celebration going on in the back, to find the other children were running around rampant. Everyone I had spoke to since arriving had used Portuguese as their primary language, I had only studied the language for a year and this was the most I’d ever had to use it. It was hard to understand the exponentially vast array of dialects and accents, rendering my comprehension almost useless in most cases. The majority of the kids avoided me, and I had all but given up, on finding the birthday boy amongst all the festivities going on.

There we’re all types of games to partake in, as Sr. Carlo went all out for his only boy. There were several bounce castles, a small circus tent with clowns and animals, go karts… You get my drift. Opulence and arrogance reeked from every soul in the immediate area but the servants. I had made my way to an unused infinity pool, that was deserted, the view of the sea coast was magnificent. I took my shoes off and sat down, placing my feet and ankles in the cool water. The horizon went on forever it seemed, the crystal blue water glittered like a sea of diamonds. I leaned back and closed my eyes, basking in the glory of the sun’s rays. I had gotten tanned from our trip, turning an exotic golden bronze. My resemblance to my mother was uncanny at the time, father had even commented on it once or twice. He expressed his displeasure of course, preferring to see himself when he looked at me, so I was ordered to avoid the sun as much as humanly possible.

Suddenly, a shadow cast over my face but I ignored it, thinking it was nothing, maybe a stray cloud in the pristine blue sky above. That was until I felt the moist gust of breath upon my mouth, followed by the plush lips of a stranger. I opened my eyes in surprise, only to be blinded by the sudden glare of sun. The stranger held my arms down and was rubbing his hands under my shirt, I laid there in shock, unable to will myself to act. When I felt the stranger’s smooth tongue enter my mouth, I had had enough. A quick head butt, ensured the assailant released me. He gave a yelp and screamed.


The spots had cleared from my vision by then, revealing before me the boyishly handsome face of a kid that looked sixteen, maybe even seventeen. He was tall, and a bit imposing, with a musculature that belied his age. He looked at me incredulously as Portuguese expletives, I had never heard before, left his mouth. He was holding his head and rubbing it, looking at me confused. I quickly stood to my feet, and angrily began my inquisition of this strange kid.

“You asshole! What gives you the right?! You don’t know me from Adam!” I stopped to wipe my mouth. “Who the hell are you anyway?”

A Cheshire Cat grin broke out on his face, as he dusted off his silken cotton shirt and linen chinos. He had a cheeky grin upon his face and he stuck his hand out for me to shake, I ignored it, as he introduced himself in a slightly accented English.

“Someone as beautiful as yourself can refer to me as RJ, only Minha familia may call me that, which you’ll be soon enough.” He went to place a hand on my shoulder, but I brushed that off as well. “Now, is that anyway to treat a guy at his own birthday party?”

“I may be a Leo, but flattery will get you nowhere with me, senhor RJ. You’ve stolen the experience of my ‘first kiss’! I can only hope when my mind is fully matured I’m able to repress the memory.” I said in a snarky reply, my patience with this kids antics had grown thin.

He seemed unfazed by my rude posterior, continuing to hold his hand out to me.

“Well do I at least get a name and a shake?” He asked, and then I remembered what father had said, so I reluctantly took his hand in greeting.

“Jynx Ellison, I’m here with..”

“Your father, Larry Ellison, owner of Oracle Co.” He cut me off, and all I could give him was a look of confusion.

He smiled impishly, once he saw that I was caught off guard. I tried to remove my hand from his, as he tightened his grip. He pulled me against his body, while I struggled to free my self from his grasp. He brought a hand up to stroke my hair, continuing his revelation.

“I confess, meu amor, you are not entirely unknown to me. Meu pai e seus amigos have plans of their own, when it comes to the future partnership of the Carlo and Ellison family fortune.”

*Did he call me ‘my love‘? This kid must be crazy* I thought comically, pushing and pulling to further get away from him.

His grip was like one of those Chinese finger traps father would trick me with, I could only think of one way to get out of those. I calmed myself, figuring fighting was counter productive.

*I’ll play nice for now* I thought, thinking quickly of what I should say.

“Well I’m glad my father will get his wish, he was worried your father wouldn’t want to invest in the American market, he will be quite pleased”

“Meu pai has no interest in the American market, it’s over valued and over regulated, designed to crash, cedo ou tarde. I speak of stronger ties to bind our fortunes together.” He said dismissively, but it only further confounded me.

“O que? I fail to see where you are going with this?”

“Meu pai has promised you to me as minha noiva.. Normally, the fact that you are male, and have a carvao for a mother, would derail a union such as ours will be, but it’s been rumored that your father’s fortune will go to you after he.. departs. Meu Pai didn’t think I’d be open to being with a viado, lucky I don’t mind having a little Morde-fronha of my own.” He said with a laugh. I barely understood some of the slurs he used, but I headed father’s words and played passive.

“I’m sorry RJ, I don’t know how they do it here in Colombia but in America we get to CHOOSE who we marry. Unless you’re gay, that is…” I said, shaking my head at tragic irony of my words.

“You don’t seem to comprehend what I’m telling you” he said, his voice taking a menacing tone. “I get what I want or I take what I want! nobody says no to me… Hell, a ‘bicha’ such as you should feel privileged to have a man like me pursue your hand!”

As his grip tightened on my arms painfully, He was starting to scare me a little bit. This had taken a wrong turn, and I needed a quick escape, I looked around frantically for help.

“RJ, parar de me machucar. Please stop!”

“Give me a kiss and i’ll let you go” He gave as an ultimatum, licking his lips seductively.

I paused but eventually gave in and closed my eyes, leaning in close. As soon as our lips touched, I opened my eyes to see his closed as well. I knew this was the moment to act, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With the hardest push I could muster, I sent him sailing into the pool. I didn’t waste any time, running back to where everyone from the party was gathering. I quickly located farther amongst the crowd near the senior Carlo, I tried to even my breath before I reached them. I gave a wave and stood to fathers left flank, Sr. Carlo smiled jovially at me and asked.

“Are you enjoying the festival? If not, let me know what I can get for you little viado.”

“Everything’s fine, senhor Carlo” I said mustering my most charming smile before I continued. “May I ask why is everyone gathering around?”

“Oh, Sim! it is time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake, just wait till you see it, I had it custom made by the finest baker in Columbia!” He looked around excitedly. “Where is RJ? Have you two met yet?”

“Sim, senhor Carlo. We ran into each other earlier, but I couldn’t tell you where he could be now.” I said respectfully, while shrugging nonchalantly.

The words had just left my mouth, when RJ made his appearance. Dripping wet and soaked to the bone, his cloths translucent enough to lewdly reveal his man sized teenage boyhood to all the guests present. Sr. Carlo went off into a tangent, chiding the boy in front of everyone. RJ tried to explain, but his father wasn’t trying to hear any excuses. He sent the boy the house to change, giving him exactly five minutes to be dressed decently.

Upon his return, in blue shorts and a white tank, RJ gave me a look that could kill. I returned his look with a half smirk and an eye roll, clearly I had won, he should just get over it and enjoy the rest of his birthday party. Happy birthday was sung and cake was served, I did everything in my power to stick close to father and out of RJs path.

The party was coming to a close and the presents were being opened, but I had to use the bathroom. I figured this would be the best time to go, since RJ would be preoccupied with the gifting ceremony. I made my way into the mansion, marveling at its beauty, I had heard it was passed down through the family estate for the last hundred and fifty years. Unable to find a bathroom right away, I searched around for a maid or man servant. Yet after scouring the first floor, coming up empty, I decided to try the second.

Almost immediately I found the maid, she was coming out of one of the bedrooms. She didn’t speak English so I asked for the restroom in Portuguese, she directed me to the room she had just exited, as she had just finish cleaning it. Giving her a quick thanks, I into ran to the room, doing the pee pee dance most kids used to do. I made it right before my bladder burst, zipping up and washing my hands when I finished.

The old mansion was beautiful but decidedly creepy, so wishing to spend no more time in this house alone, I made haste towards the door, ready to exit the room. Only to find it locked shut, after twisting the knob and pulling the door to no avail, I heard a chuckle behind me, which cause me to whip about face, only to find RJ sitting on the bed, his eyes glaring in the dim light like a nocturnal predator.

“I already told you that you will belong to me, it’s inevitable. So why can’t we get to the fun part already. They say you Americans are sluts anyway, why are you being a prude with your future husband? Come here..” He lunged, lightning fast, moving swifter than anything I had ever seen before.

He grabbing me before I could react, swung me around, throwing me to the bed. I screamed, only for it to be stifled by his crushing lips. He suckled my swelling bottom lip, then slipping his tongue into my mouth. I bit it forcefully, drawing blood. Earning me a stinging slap across the mouth, busting my lip, as he nursed his stinging tongue. With a growl, he grabbed me by my throat with one hand, ripping my shirt with the other. My prepubescent body exposed, only added to my shame and embarrassment. I tried crying out for help once more, only to have him squeeze my throat blocking my trachea.

He kissed my mouth again, pushing his bloody tongue past my lips. My mouth filled with the wretched metallic taste of the bitter liquid, tears from my eyes burned streaks down my cheeks. At that young age, I knew what rape was by definition, but I knew then that I had no comprehension of the word or the act. He continued to defile my body with his lips and hands, when we heard the unmistakable sound of keys unlocking the door. I screamed out hoarsely for help, it was the maid who entered holding freshly laundered towels. She shrieked, yelling for him to get off of me.

“Oh meu deus acima, Jesus Cristo! mestre jovem, o que voce esta fazendo?”

All the commotion bought Sr. Carlo upstairs to the room, he looked shocked at the sight before him. He turned toward the maid, dismissing her from the room. He then went up to RJ and proceeded to smack the living daylight out of him before he began to berate him.

“Seu idiota!, this was not part of the plan! You just had to jump the gun didn’t you! voce estragou crianca, I can only blame myself. Now we have to go to plan B!”

“Mas o pai!, we can fix this!” RJ tried to reason.

“Nao!! I’m tired of cleaning your shit! We do things my way from now on!”

After he ended the conversation, he came to look me over as I sat on the edge of the bed. My shirt torn, my body beaten and bruised. My throat burned, my lip stung where it split. My cheeks wet with tears, my mouth stained with blood. I looked a mess! He crouched down to my level, face to face with me. He gave me that convivial smile, placed his hands on my shoulders and began to rub them. He attempted to soothe me, but the damage had been done.

“I’m so sorry, pequena Borboleta Please forgive me.. meu filho, it is my fault for spoiling him so. He knows not how to deal with a criatura delicada, such as yourself. Please allow me to make amends, I promise you, he will be punished and he will learn.”

He turned to RJ, my eyes followed suite, we looked at the boy who was standing off to the side, the look in his eyes only frightened me more. He looked like a rabid pitbull, only held back by the rusty chain in its owner’s yard. Eyes crazed and dark, face unreadable. Low growls escaped his lips, which were closed tight. His father yelled some more at him, berating him as he would a disobedient pet. He told him to clean up his mess, meaning me, as he had about fifteen minutes to return me to my father. Sr. Carlo supervised as he made RJ clean and bandage me, ensuring he treated me as delicate as fine china.

My shirt was replaced with one of RJs old unworn garments, that would no longer fit his large frame. Other than the busted lip, reddish purple neck, and bloodshot eyes I looked good as new. Sr. Carlo came up to access me once more, stroking a piece of my hair from my face. He then grabbed my hand, leading me and RJ back to the party that was finally wrapping up. My father waved us over, signaling he was ready to leave because we had a long trip ahead of us. Once we got close he could feel the palpable tension between me and the young Carlo boy. My bruises were blatantly apparent, my eyes still fresh with tears. Sr. Carlo immediately went into damage control.

“It seems boys will be boys, meu amigo.”

“Cut the pretense, what happened to my kid? Do you have any idea how much capital I’ve invested in this boy, just look at him!” My father screamed.

“They just got in a little tussle that got out of hand, nothing big.. right Borboleta?” He asked turning to me, my father looked at me expectantly.

Sr. Carlo squeezed my hand hard, sending a silent message. I got the hint and corroborated his story, my father yelled at me. He sent me to the awaiting limo after I was forced to apologize to Senhor Carlo for disrespecting his home and to RJ for ruining his party. He had a look of indignant satisfaction, as I had to also shake his hand before departing. His last words to me dripping with prescience.

“Ate eu ver voce de novo, meu amor… You will belong to me eventually, remember that.”

I swiftly departed to the awaiting car, refusing to entertain such indignities any longer, father stayed behind momentarily to have some last words with Sr. Carlo. Eventually they finished and we were ready to depart to the airport to board our private jet. On the ride over, we initially sat in silence. I just felt fathers eyes on me as I stared out the window. Finally he broke the silence and asked me what really happened, the whole truth. I gave him every detail from beginning to end, leaving nothing out. He sat in silence, watching, as I sat in newly minted tears.

“Cut that out! I’ll have none of that!” He told me, looking out the window. “Men don’t cry, they get even.”

In the end, he still wound up doing business with the Carlo family. I should have taken that as forewarning of his perfidious ways. I would see the Patriarch of the Carlo family several times over the years, he always had that convivial pretentious persona. I hadn’t seen the young Carlo boy in person again after that day, but I had heard many years ago he was charged with multiple international felonies dealing with drug and weapons trafficking into the United States, plus several counts of murder, all at the tender age of sixteen.

He was tried as an adult in the states and shuffled away to rot. Sr. Carlo never brought up his son nor did he show any grief over his transgressions, acting as if everything was going according to plan with no hiccups. I had totally forgotten about this maniac, successfully repressing the memories. Now here I was, under that concupiscent gaze. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Did grandmother see this happening as well, surely she’d know I needed more help than the Warden could give in a place like this.

The looks I got from the inmates that were seated around him ranged from indifferent to full disdain, the scene before me almost resembling the last supper. It was quite comical to me and I silently wondered if I was loosing it. Under such circumstances, no one could judge me for it. I was broken from my inner musings at the sound of his resonant and rough voice, it also caused the raucous sounds of the surrounding conversations to lull to a hush, as people started to listen in pryingly.

“Jynx Joseph Ellison, what an absolute pleasure it is to lay my eyes upon you, and once again entertain your presence.”

“I wish I could say the same about you, Ramon.”

Several gasps could be heard, some even before his name finished leaving my mouth. A few of his men immediately stood, I assumed to attack, ‘a Torre’ and Pandora among them. Pandora pulled from under the table, what looked to be a piece of jagged metal wrapped in duct tape, he pointed it at me before yelling irascibly.

“You fucking filthy cunt, how dare you call out O Rei by his Gov’ment Name! I should cut ya bold ass tongue from yo mouth, bitch!” He leaned over the table, spit flying from his mouth in fury. I turned my eyes back to O Rei, raising an eyebrow.

“Care to put your dog on a leash? Don’t forget the muzzle while you’re at it.” I snipped acrimoniously.

In a paroxysm of rage, Pandora jumped to attack, climbing up on the table like a maniac. He only got so far before he was grabbed by the back of the neck and forcefully flung four or five feet backwards through the air, landing on the ground with a resonating thud. Commotion erupted amongst the other inmates, who exactly was this fish that would cause ‘O Rei’ to cast aside his main bitch with such apathy. Pandora also lay there, flabbergasted at the current events. From the murmuring in the crowd I gaged this was unprecedented.

*I’m guessing he never laid hands on this bitch in public, I could only imagine the abuses that go on in private* I thought morbidly, remembering how physically abusing he’d been to me, all those years ago.

Everyone’s eyes were on ‘O Rei’, but his were focused solely on me, those inky black orbs threatening to trap me in their endless depths. He calmly took his seat like nothing had happened, making a gesture with his hand for me to take a seat across from him at the table. Everyone else began to sit down as well, except for Pandora, when he was making his way to his feet Ramon snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground. That had even shocked me, the group of men at the table looked on in surprise, the dark brown skinned guy with tats that escorted me here stood to Pandora’s defense, only to be silenced with a single look.

He turned his eye back to me as I was the only one still standing, something flashed in his eyes but he quickly covered it, returning to that indecipherable facade he was perpetrating, it seemed it was my turn to break the silence.

“I’m afraid I’ve lost my appetite, so i’ll just retire to my cell. I appreciate the hospitality, I truly do, especially given our ..complicated history. Please, do enjoy the rest of your meal Ra..”

“You used to call me RJ” He said, cutting me off, and another tense moment passed between us before I relied back.

“Hopefully that person is gone now.”

At that, I turned to leave, in a flash several men were up and armed blocking my departure. I readied myself for the impending fight, even though I knew I wouldn’t get away easily, but it was worth a try. Abruptly the inmates fell back, I went to take a step back as well, only to hit the unyielding wall of someone’s body, it was O Rei. I turned around, staring up into his coal colored eyes. He leaned in, I put my hand up between us, only to have him grasp my wrist tight in his hands. He continued his approach for a kiss and I moved my face, causing him to miss.

At this point, he was starting to look weak on front of his men. Not only was I a fish, but I denied the King’s favor, in front of the entire population of Hades. This time his suppressed fury broke through, he gave a roar of anger directly in my face, grabbing my jaw in his hands.

“Ive protected you from these animals since you first step foot in this place, I even kept you out of ‘o leilao‘! I could have gotten top dollar for this golden piece of ‘cona‘!” He lewdly reached one of his large hands down to my rump and grabbed one of my meaty cheeks, hurting me a bit for emphasis. “I even keep my wolves on a leash, as you stand here defiant of their master!”

“Want to know the difference between me and these decrepit castaways of society?.. You will NEVER be my master, nor my King.” I whispered, only for his ears to hear. “Your father promised you’d learn, that you’d change, but that was a lie. I see now that you will always be this animal, a monster, just like these beasts at your table. You deserved to be caged away from decent society, you’re a danger to others and yourself. Just cold hearted to the core, that’s why I will NEVER love you back.”

I gave him a look of steel, standing up to him once and for all, whether it prove me foolish or not. We stared each other down, oblivious to the going ons around us. A cryptic smile spread across his face, as he released me.

“You will find I can be very persuasive, meu amor. I told you before, you have been long promised to me and I have fulfilled all obligations to deserve my prize. I like that you have a bit more fight in you this time, it should prove fun to finally break my long awaited toy.. but for now, Minha Rainha, you may leave.”

“Hold the fuck up! Your QUEEN!?!” Pandora hopped to his feet to interject, storming his way over to us. “After all I’ve done for you O Rei? you can’t be ser..”

With a resounding, lightning quick backhand to the face, Ramon silenced him.

“Anybody else want to fucking question me?!” He inquired loudly to all present in the mess hall who stood there watching, staring all in the eye he continued on, pointing at me in warning. “See this one right here?! He belongs to me! I don’t give a damn whether, he, or any of you ‘filhos da puta‘ like it or not.. THIS, is ‘Minha Rainha’ and HE’S MINE!”

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    Ramon sounds like a jealous, crazed, insane being in Hulk form 24/7. The fact that he remembers Jynx all these years later, is disturbing at best. However I imagine he has never been denied anything in life, so having someone daring to be defiant would surely stick in his mind and motivate revenge.

    I wonder if his father set Ramon up to be in jail. He comes off as reckless and as if he might ruin his father’s empire over something petty involving his pride, so perhaps this was a way to get his son out of his hair.

    The potential rape was horrific. I would like to think only college frat boys and older engage in this heinous ploy for power, but…alas, chemical imbalances, entitlement and a lack of compassion abound.

    Ramon’s father, Jynx’s and Yuri’s might as well create a Deadbeat Father In Their Chilren’s Lives Society. They see their children as tools, not humans with feelings and dreams.

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  2. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    Ramon bellowing in exasperation that he has kept Jynx safe, reminds me of gangs hitting up local business for “protection”.

    Being demanded to repay with your body for protection you knew nothing about. I do not envy Jnyx, even if the other husks of humans in the prison, do.

    I am fortunate to not crave attention, so I was never the popular person’s flunkie. The fact that he seems to run the prison is horrifying. He is probably under surveillance.

    It seems like a hopeless situation where nobody can be trusted.

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