SGG(1): Not In Vain..

*Chapter Three*

There was Peace..



Decadence and opulence that could only be found in the most heavenly of sanctuaries..

This was Zion.

The most exclusive five star restaurant in the city, the wait list was months long but somehow we walked in the door, to be seated in less than five minutes. Now, here we were in the center of it all, surrounded by movie stars, rock & roll gods, world renown sports figures, high stakes politicians, monarch offspring, gossip rag trust fund babies, you name it.

To my left was Harry, Will, and Kate. On my right Venus, Serena, Beyonce, and arriving last was Jay, who happen to show up late, much to Qing Bey’s chagrin.

Yes, I was paying that much attention, I probably look like a stalker or a freak, but Shaw simply indulged my fascination with these people who were simply just eating a meal around us, like regular human beings. When I finally allow my gaze to drift back to him, and away from the divinity of celebrity around us, he merely smirk as I blushed profusely, well.. as much as my earthy brown complexion could allow.

This place was amazing, quite immaculate in decor and taste, from the pristine silver tableware to the sparkling crystal chandeliers overhead. The wait staff had the most erect postures and served every guest as if they were the pinnacle of society, which was closer to the truth than not. I had never experienced anything like this, nor could I ever imagine, it was as if we transcended humanity and sat a mile above the rest, I almost felt as if I didn’t deserve to be here, this was Zion.

“Stop that.”

“Huh, Excuse me?”

“These people are just that, people, no one here is better than any other.. you fit in just fine Cydnee.”

I blushed again, wondering if he could see it, something in his smile told me he could. I had never met anyone like Shaw in my life, yet I couldn’t say I knew anything about him. He was a beautiful stranger, that was stranger than most, but that only seem to add to what made him stand out, sparkling, amongst this sea of diamonds and pearls.

“Who are you Mr McCreed, and what exactly are we doing?”

“We’re having dinner.. I thought that was evident.”

“No, no.. I mean..”

“You’re inquiring if this a date..” He replied, smirking once again, the arch in his thick brow causing me to take a nervous sip of minted water. “I suppose it is, do you mind?”

“Um, no.. I don’t mind. It’s just that I’ve never been on a date before.”

“What, you’re kidding me, right?”

If I wasn’t embarrassed at my admission, I might have had a snarky remark or I may have said something witty or funny, like Cedric would do, but my tongue was tied in knots. This was a date, my first.. I didn’t know the first thing about them, except for what I’d seen in movies or that Ced always got laid after them.. was I supposed to put out? because Grayson was right, I was practically a virgin, my only sexual encounter was with ‘Half Deaf’ Danica, the valedictorian of our graduating class in highschool, she was the only social pariah more pathetic than I was. We went to prom together and she insisted we go ‘parking’ after like everyone else, we had just gotten past third base, before I prematurely went sliding into Home, as she forced my barely hard dick into her. Let’s just say I’ve had hot pockets that took longer to cook, than my first sexual experience.

“I wish I was, then I’d actually have some idea of what to say right now..”

“How about we just talk, or if it suites you, how about we don’t.. there are many things to hear in what’s left unsaid.”

“I suppose we can talk, I was thinking, I don’t really know anything about you, nobody does in fact.”

“Well then here’s your chance for the exclusive.. ask of me what you wish.”

“I know you’re from Oracle Co. but what exactly did you do there?”

“I’ve had many titles working under the patriarch of the Ellison family, he considered me something of a ‘closer’ at the company, if a project was behind or in danger of failing, I was brought in to fix it.. under whatever circumstances necessary.” He answered quite ominously, sending the slightest chill through my body, giving goosebumps, I really didn’t know how to take that answer.

“Okay, why are you now here at Arkham?”

“When Arkham acquired Oracle Co. in the much publicized corporate civil war between father and son, I was seen as a valuable commodity to the company.”

“Valuable commodity? You make yourself sound like a product to be bought..”

“Well, when you’re as good at your job as I am, such branding comes with a price tag.”

“So you’re fine with being bought and paid for, is that anyway to move through life?”

“Depends who’s buying..”

He was definitely flirting, but I didn’t know how to react any other way than to break out into another sweat, I excused myself to the restroom and told him he could order for me if the waiter returned before I did. The bathroom was literally paved with gold.. gold basin, gold toilet bowl, all gold everything, it was ridiculous and obnoxious to be honest. The attendant eyed me warily, probably recognising that I wasn’t anyone of importance, which meant I needed to be watched I guess, but I didn’t mind he was just doing his job. I asked for a towel and went to wipe my face down, I hated how anxiety always found a way to literally pour out of me, it never fails.

“You look like you’re having the time of your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing here looking like at any moment now, you might shit a brick.” A stranger said, walking up to the basin beside me, he had meticulously curled and waved hair and skin the color of cinnamon, he looked famous but I couldn’t say if I ever saw him anywhere, he was dressed finely but I wouldn’t describe it as expensive attire, just fine. “Trust me kid, the key to working over these people, is to play the game better than they do.. if they’re rich, pretend you’re the richest bitch in Brooklyn, if they’re smart, act like a genius and put Einstein to shame, if they grab the bull by the horns, you catch hold of the tail, pull a bitch back an say.. ‘Naw, i got this one’. The master key to life is perception, and honestly, it’s probably the only thing we have control of. Be careful though, cause once you let someone else take over the narrative of who YOU are.. then they win. Never let them win kid, never let these bitches win.. how you like that advice Alfred? Should I tell Ilyanna to eat her goddamn heart out or what?”

“That was mighty fine advice you gave the boy, Mr Balthazar, would you care for a spritz of your signature fragrance before you get back to the game?”

“You know me so well, don’t mind if I do..” He held out a wrist to the attendant, who gave a single spray of cologne to his skin, to which he then dabbed behind his ears.

On his way out the door, this Balthazar character, pat me on the shoulders and wished me luck. I stood there looking in the mirror at plain old Cydnee, and decided then and there I was gonna be a winner, even if I had to fake to make it, I was gonna do what I had to do to win the game, whatever that meant. I look to the restroom attendant and he gave me a gentle smile and a spritz of fragrance to my wrist, nodding his head in approval.

“Now you look like a winner lad, you get back out there and let’s try this again.”


I return to the table to find an delicious display of lobster, steaks, and caviar. Shaw stood as I returned to my seat and I gave the smallest hint of a smile, behind him, just a couple tables down. I notice Balthazar was entertaining a small group of guests that included the aforementioned rock stars and prized athletes I’d been starstruck over. He had them laughing and practically eating up his every word, they were positively enthralled with someone they probably didn’t know from Adam or Eve.

“I wasn’t sure what you were in the mood for so I ordered a little bit of everything..” Shaw said, giving me that glistening smile of his, the one that normally made me swoon.

“It’ll do..” was all I replied with, before draping a napkin to my lap, giving him another hint of a smirk and a smize. “Shall we say grace?”

“If you wish.. normally I do so at home, but I didn’t want to impose.”

We bow our heads in silent prayer, I ask God to simply give me the strength, nothing else, oh wait, I did pray that the cook washed his hands before preparation of our food, but that was it, I swear.

“This looks and tastes amazing.. I don’t know if I thanked you for all this, really, I do appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it, everyone deserves a fine meal and a good time, especially with the day I’m guessing you had.”

“I wish I could say it was the worst, but it isn’t, as I’ve had many bad days this would have to contest with.. I can’t say I’ve had the easiest life.”

“Well I hope we can change all that, starting with tonight.” He said, lifting his glass, filled with bubbling champagne, so I grabbed mine and clinked with his for a toast. “To better days..”

“And even better nights.” I replied, narrowing my eyes seductively, surprising even myself, as this time it was his turn to blush, he reddened, nearly choking mid swallow.

I smiled inwardly, and caught sight of Balthazar leaving with his guests to what looked like the after party, he caught my eye and gave me a wink on his way out the door, gone as soon as he arrived like some mythical Fairy Godfather. His advice was perfect, it put everything in perspective, I was sick of being a loser, it was time for Cydnee Tyson to be a winner, I was going to win.

“Shall we order dessert or would you rather depart for the evening?”


“What do you mean?”

“Who needs a menu when dessert is ready to be served, how about we leave here an satiate our sweet tooth.. is your place good?”

He looked at me with wide eyes, shocked at my forwardness, but quick to recover and catch up to speed. He grinned and took out his wallet, throwing several hundred dollar bills down, barely counting the amount. He stood and held his hand out to me, I knew once again he was leading me to adventure, one that felt as dangerous as the helicopter ride here. My heart beat fast, and my nerves were lit aflame with a lustful fire that beg to be quenched, drowned even.

His hand was so warm, it was an inviting feeling given the slight chill of the night, I found myself sinking into the side of him searching for more. There was a luxury car waiting for us like a golden carriage in a fairytale ready to whisk of off, but I didn’t think too hard about it, because I was sure my bladder couldn’t take another death defying trip through the skies in a helicopter.

The ride over to his place was a blur, I could only recall the fullness of his lips and the wet penetration of his tongue into my mouth, the hardness of his considerably thick length pressed between my legs as I straddle him. In the elevator on the way up to his apartment was much of the same thing, I didn’t even have the nerve to be embarrassed at our lewd display in front of the doorman, the warmth between us becoming an all consuming fire of passion and lust. The doors opened up directly to his apartment, which was surprisingly homely and had a rich lived in feeling, the decor almost like a decadent cabin in the woods, except for the fact there was nothing but glass full panel windows surrounding the entirety of the space.

“Wait.. mmhm, wait please, Shaw.. can people see us? Why would you have windows like these?”

“Huh, what?” He was so into the moment, clearly intoxicated in all that was me because his face was buried in the crook of my neck, it took a few seconds for him to recognize my newly arising apprehension. “Oh, don’t worry about it.. it’s specially made transitioning glass, it darkens in daylight and it’s a mirror image on the exterior. Don’t worry about it babe..”

“Babe?” I asked, not able to stop the smirk from creeping across my lips.

“Hell yea, know from this day forward.. you’re mine, there’s no getting rid me even if you wanted to.” He replied, attacking my mouth and piercing past my lips once again with his tongue, our crotches crash together almost painfully, but it hurt so good.

My legs spread like butter, his hips, like a hot knife sinking and melting into the space between them. With the way my back was pressed up against the glass, it made me feel like I was floating in the air, my rear exposed to the sparkling lights of the New York City landscape. I could barely think, I couldn’t really breathe, nor did I care, this was bliss.. a sensation I had never felt before, a high unlike any other, an addiction I never wanted to kick.  

In the middle of the room there was a sudden familiar melodic sound of several tones, it was a call coming in from the holodeck module on a nearby coffee table, he didn’t even look to answer it but that didn’t stop the four dimensional figure from materialising anyway.

“Another notch on your belt aye, Mr McCreed? What’s this make him, number Thirteen or thirty one? I’ve lost count.. I will say, your reputation does proceed you, I’m astonished how fast you work your way through the ranks. That is some stamina, very admirable, I see I made the right choice in acquiring you as an asset.”

My jaw dropped and I must have turned the darkest shade of red imaginable, staring right into my face was my boss, Jynx Ellison, wearing the most impish smirk upon his face. Shaw must have been just as surprised as I was, because not even a second later I went crashing down onto the floor directly on my ass, as he let me go and spun around in shock. He tried to cover up the incamophlagable hard dick that tent out his slacks in a lewdly graphic display of arousal, while I tried to recover from such a painful fall and rising embarrassment, that seem only to entertain Jynx as it awkwardly went on. Shaw didn’t even offer me a hand to help me up, I had to pull myself to stand and didn’t even bother to straighten out my cloths as I started leave as fast I could.

“Aww, you poor thing?” Jynx sighed, causing me to pause and turn his way, he almost look the slightest bit compassionate for a moment, but it would prove to be as fleeting as this love affair. “Did you think you were the only one dear Cindy? Trust me, this boy gets around.. and you’re just another pound of pavement on Main st, made to be walked over till he gets to his desired destination. I have to hand it to him though, for it surely takes a skilled man to make a lump of cement feel like it can glisten like a diamond..”

He broke out into a riotous laughter, that seem to echo behind me as I angrily stepped onto the elevator to Shaw’s apartment, trying my damnedest not to start crying. I moved a hand up to wipe away any anticipated tears, but there were none.. I was all cried out. I had spent my life shedding those salty droplets and finally on this night, the source had run dry. There would be no more crying for Cydnee Tyson.. I was done.

No more feeling broken, no more being walked over, no more back seat driving while others take the prize when the race was won. This would be the night that would ensure I’d never be the same, because the old me would have to die. From this moment forward, I was going to rise above ruin, by any means necessary..

Cydnee Tyson would be a winner, be it Hell or High Water.

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  1. tiggysmalls says:

    Oh. A restaurant.

    I’m assuming Shawn can read his body language.

    Balthazar…interesting name, fairy…or demon whispering on your shoulder?

    YAY! I love a good twist. Was worried this would be a “even though I’m a plain jane, the most gorgeous of men swept me away and life is just daisies”.

    I do find it odd that Mr. Ellison knew his name…and the aerial vehicle waiting…this was a set up.

    Chapter 4 will be quite the read. I imagine their tryst was recorded and now Shawn will use it to blackmail him. I hope Shawn acts like nothing happens. The “It was a bet for Mr. Ellison to see how quickly I got into your pants..but I do care about you after one night” trope is half past tired.

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