SCS(CP): Trial and Error

*Chapter Two*

I ran down the corridor, as the dreadfully haunted chanting of multiple ominous voices pierced the air behind me. They weren’t speaking any language I knew, and that would be ten.

I had been fluent in English, Russian, Cantonese and Mandarin; as well as Japanese, and Latin since my early childhood and preteen years, around that time, also becoming familiar with Portuguese and Spanish. In my mid to late teens I’d picked up Arabic and Hindi, as India and various countries in the Middle East had emerged into profitable economic power houses worthy of investment.

These cryptic voices spoke nothing close to any of those languages, the dialect sounded broken and breathy, like dead at your door. It seemed to come from another time, but there was no discernible pattern to words or sounds, just these illegible moans and groans, so I gave up trying to translate. The hallway seemed endless and my legs burned from the exertion, it took everything in me not to give up.. I had to keep running.

*How the fuck did I get here?!.. And just who the hell are these people chasing me?* I thought frantically.

I had no recollection of the last twenty four hours since I had laid my head to rest, drawing a blank, if I to think of any detail or memory within that time frame. The chanting continued behind me, the footsteps getting closer and closer. Seeing an end in sight, my inner will pushed me to run faster. I couldn’t help the tears that trailed down my cheeks, I was filled with the most unbridled fear, it made the thumping beat of my heart race in my chest.

*I have to be dreaming, this just can’t possibly be real* I tested the theory out by pinching myself full force on the arm. My stomach sunk to the bottom of my belly, as the nerves in my arm reacted painfully.

“Holy shit! This is fucking real!” I exclaimed out loud in exasperation, picking up speed.

I wasn’t about to die here, I had to find a way to escape. The hallway lead out to what seemed to be a bedroom of sorts, I could clearly see the huge four post bed in the center and no windows to speak of. What had me confused, were the white chalky markings scribbled in an indecipherable haphazardly fashion all over the four walls of the room, these thick cream colored wax candles were strewn around in a broken circular pattern lighting the room in a dim eerie light. It was bright enough to see the dark blood red linen covering the bed had black rose petals sprinkled across them, even on the plush pillows lying near the head board.

My heart still continued to beat like a racehorse, as I realized this was a dead end. I turned to face my pursuers head on, but was met with a deafening silence and a wall where the hallway should have been. I screamed, as the thick muscular arms of a darkly complected man grabbed me from behind, throwing me like a feather onto the plush centerpiece of the room. My assailant grabbed my left leg, I instinctively went for a face kick with my right, but it was pulled to the opposite corner by strong and rough pale white hands. I struggled and fought like a rabies infected dog, but was quickly overcome by two more men, each taking hold of one of my wrists. With all my limbs held down I temporarily ceased my defensive struggle, catching a breath and finally taking inspection of my four captors.

Nude in all their glory, they each had magnificently sculpted physiques and were all well endowed. Faces covered by uniquely intricate half masks left only their lips to be seen, these men seemed to come in all flavors. The one I assumed was my assailant, stood at the foot of my bed, he had the darkest complexion of the group. His skin looked smooth to the touch, and the candles cast a seductive light on every cut, crease, and contour of his body; His supple dark skin resembling the onyx sky of darkest night. He had short dark hair that waved like a torrential sea breaching the shore, he must have had to brush his hair all day to achieve such a pattern. His mask seemed to have every shade of blue possible, a metallic silver dust shimmered on the surface. His lips framed by a sexy goatee, were full and supple.

At my right foot, stood a man of pale ivory, a true Adonis sculpted in marble. Except this Adonis was covered like a tapestry in tattoos, they told a story I had no present time to read. He was also the only one of my captors with a noticeable amount of body hair. The most visible, a light dusting of flaxen hair across his chest leading down, almost invisibly, into his treasure trail. His hair flowed down in waves of blond, thickly falling to his shoulders. A mask of many greens, golds, and browns hid his identity from me.

Restraining my right hand was a man pale in complexion but with a yellow tinted parlor, giving his skin a buttery appearance. He had a lean long frame that filled out nicely with thick lean muscle, he actually appeared to be the most ripped and cut. Not a blemish covered his skin except for a tattooed sleeve on his left arm, it depicted a red dragon entangled with a white and yellow one at the top of a mountain. A storming rain was depicted approaching, and fire spewed from their mouths. His short cropped straight hair crowned a face masked in White, with grey and silver detailing, bordered by chrome and eggshell.

The last of my captors at my left hand seemed the most ferocious, he seemed barely able to contain the rage clearly seen in those eyes. Easily perceived behind a face masked in scarlet and orange flames. The look in his amber colored eyes seemed to make the flames on the fiore patterned mask flicker with movement. His wild mane of thick coarse hair stood out in a sideshow bob-esque Afro of crowning glory. His deliciously smooth peanut buttery light brown skin was scarred, by what appeared to be souvenirs from countless epic battles and altercations. He looked absolutely tribal in a way, almost animalistic.

As they began tying my limbs with long thick cloth ropes, they ripped my clothes down the middle, leaving my body bare. I panicked, going into even further hysterics. The first thought to cross my mind, were the worst.

*Are these assholes going to rape me?!*

The harder I pulled on my bindings, the tighter they became. The first to climb on the bed and approach me was my original combatant. Starting at my feet, his hands and lips made their way up my body though my calves. The stroke he made glided like a gentle steam up my legs, he then rushed like a river, to end up between my legs. His pelvis crashed against mine, as his lips found their way to my belly button. He continued up, briefly stopping at my nipples, to give me a crushing kiss on my mouth. It overcame me like a tidal wave, I gasped for air on the first break of our lips.

“Please…Stop!” I cried out meekly, as I found myself succumbing to the temptations of my body.

He then kissed me again, this time his tongue broke through filling the inside of my mouth. I thought he’d drown me for real this time, but he abruptly receded, climbing off of me. My body felt exposed and vulnerable, my cries further went unanswered as the green masked pale skin man climbed onto the bed next. He crawled over me casting a shadow like a mountain over me, at first, his skin felt solid and smooth as rock, but as it brushed against me, I could feel the tattoos and body hair. His face came to rest over mine, his lips curled into a snarky grin, that sent a flash of heat through me.

His golden hair spilled over mixing with my own long dark tresses, it created a wall of hair that leaked little light through the curtain of hair. With a crash, he ground his hips and groin into mine. His lips followed suite, bruising my mouth with his crushing kiss. I moan and cried out simultaneously, ashamed my body was betraying me as my dick hardened. My current antagonist removed himself to be replaced by another, who would no doubt continue the molestation of my body. The pale buttery skinned white masked man made moves toward me next, no doubt to take his turn to steal his pleasure from my flesh. My body responded with leaking from my erection to the attacks, the tears burned as they fell from my eyes.

*What the hell is wrong with me, am I enjoying this sick shit?!* I thought, as the lust within me bubbled to the surface.

My body tingled as the white masked man began to blow gently on my cheeks, drying the tears softly with the erotic breeze that flowed from his plump lips. The feather light touches of his hands, felt like the summer breeze over the heat scorched earth. His touch seemed to be everywhere all at once, as my mouth finally felt his soft pillowy lips. He inhaled and exhaled my mouth, almost seeming to breath the life in and out of me. My mind felt high and light, my body weightless. When he released me from his tornado of pleasure, a burning sensation coursed through me. I now needed these men to touch me, their touch fed my lust starved body. Just then, the fiery amber eyes of my light brown skinned assailant, came to rest above my own.

His two heavily muscled arms held his body above mine, without us even touching I could feel the heat that emitted from him. I pulled at my restraints like a writhing whore in heat, I wanted to touch him; be consumed by him. His eyes looked up and down my body, he no doubt he felt as ravenous as I did. When our eyes connected, they spoke volumes to me. He seemed to be asking for permission, the wildest beast of them all had the gumption to ask my permission for it!

“Take me… Please. I need to feel you, give me all of you, I want it!” I cried, my voice hoarse and raspy.

It must have been all he needed to hear, his burning hot lips and tongue scotched my mouth inside and out. His hands stroked the fires of passion within my body, leavening burns where they licked and lashed my body. He had the most constraint, handling my body more gently than any of the others. The tenderness confused me but I took it in stride, why question it now. The other three soon joined us on the bed, mixing all the elements that fed my lust. I couldn’t tell where one touch began and the other ended, the combination of these four men making love to my body with their hands and mouths sent my senses into overload. Before climax could be reached, my captors suddenly disappeared. My body laid in aftershock, the remnants of the pleasures I received splashed with a sobering loneliness.

Another figure then step forward, it appeared to be a man with a body just as magnificent as the missing men from before. Something wasn’t right though, the eerie foreboding feeling from earlier had now returned. The man’s half mask was solid black, red markings cover it in symbols that matched those on the walls surrounding us. As he moved closer into the light, my breath caught in fright. The red markings were streaks of blood, they came from a huge wound on his left pectoral. It was a triangle carved into his skin, it was bleeding profusely.

The wound was placed over and around a tattoo of a crown, his golden tan skin was also marked in the bloody indecipherable symbols seen on the walls. He was olive toned, appearing South American or Spanish because of the dark anglo features he possessed. In his hand he carried a makeshift knife, the material looked like a broken piece of rusted metal. He looked terrifying and a bit rabid, he sure didn’t look to have romance nor any other such passion on his obviously manic mind.

He began his stalking approach, moving swiftly, I jumped back as far as I could in the restraints. He cut my feet free with a swipe of his knife on each side, I continued to scoot as far I could up the bed. He growled at me like a beast of sorts, pouncing on the bed, leaving a trail of blood on the covers as he crawled towards me like a predator stalking prey. Then in a flash he finally attacked, his calloused strong hands grasped my throat. He squeezed as he drew my face closer to his, our lips crashing hard. I was suffocating, spots came to my eyes. I struggled in vain, as my bodies last bit of instinctual fight secreted out of me.

Just when the merciful hands of death were about to grasp me, he released his hold. I inhaled, gasping, as my lungs burned from receiving the oxygen they so desperately needed. My throat felt crushed, it prevented any cries of help escaping my now blood soaked body. He began placing light kisses along my bruised and broken neck, making his way down to my collar bone. I kicked and pulled away in protest, but he had my body in a stony grip. He brought his mouth to my nipples, suckling them like a babe to a tit.

*What the fuck is wrong with this dude? Somebody, anybody, please help me!… Where’s Ti’Hatcha? ..I need to find a way out of here..AHOOhhh!*

I let out a gasp, when I felt him try to burrow the large crown of his hardness, into my crack. He was going to try to fuck me dry and raw, I bucked and kicked to remove myself from his grasp. He roared savagely at me, he grabbed the knife he had long discarded in his assault of my body. I backed as far away as possible, and he raised up on his knees. In a seething rage, he swiped his knife to slice the restraints on my arms. I reacted quickly to attack, but I wasn’t fast enough. He gave a sinister laugh of delight at the fact I still had any fight in me, holding my arms down without any apparent effort. Tears streamed out my eyes as I cried out in defiance, breaking past the searing pain felt in my larynx.

“Fuck you, you mother fucking bastard! You better kill me because I swear I’ll use all the fortune I have at my disposal to make you wish you had died, a thousand times over!”

As a response I suppose, he bit my bottom lip; he suckled it in his mouth greedily. He then pulled me up and began restraining my wrists together, then instantaneously I was flipped over onto my stomach with my arms trapped below me. He kissed his way down my back coming the round globes of my vulnerable ass. A kiss was placed three times on both cheeks before I felt the searing swipes of three strikes of his hard hand across my buttocks, I cried out in pain. He then spread my cheeks to gain access to my tender hole, sniffing at it greedily before giving it a wet swipe of his tongue. Three more consecutive slaps followed, reminding me this was for his pleasure … Not my own.


Unceremoniously, I was awoken in precipitation as five consecutive stinging whacks of a belt made contact with my exposed buttocks. I heard first, the sickening echo of the slaps reverberate off the walls, then the nerves in my spine reacting accordingly to the searing pain that instantaneously followed.

“Ooooh! I swear… you MOTHERFUCKER!” I screamed, turning my head swiftly towards the general direction I believed my attacker stood.

An aperture caused a break, that leaked enough of an incandescent light through the thick blackout curtains, sheathing my full length bay windows, this revealed the sylphlike but curvaceous silhouette of a woman with a deep ebony complexion. The opaqueness of her dark Opal skin further shadowed her identity, as my eyes still tried in vain to quickly adjust, this all happening concurrent with my brain finally revealing to me the evidence of a night of hard drinking and Mary Jane. I found myself safe, back in my bedroom, I guess it all had been but a dream.

*Every single part of that felt so real… the pleasure, the fear, and especially the pain.* I thought morbidly.

Such a lucid dream felt as if, had I died, death would have really taken me. I was shook from my thoughts, as the familiar light velvety pitched voice of my Head assistant, Yurika Ymoja, rang out. She berated and lectured me, further agitating the symptoms of my dehydrating hangover.

“Jynx, I don’t quite understand, how you could compulsively find the need to speak in such an acerbic fashion, You sound like absolute gutter trash! What would your father think if he heard such language slip through your tongue?! We’ve worked too hard, for everything to just.. IMPLODE because you rebelliously choose to carry yourself as a lower class serf! Everything in this life is about perception and reputation. So we certainly CANNOT be late!”

“Yurika! Shut. the. fuck. up already!” I interrupted crudely, going for the low blow I continued on with my verbal retaliation. “How dare you even think to put your filthy fucking hands on me you tranny bitch! I should beat you like a man in the streets for literally having the TWO BALLS to attempt such a thing… much less bringing the act to completion!”

She looked at me in a vexing stupor, absorbing the viciousness of my threat. Continuing with intentional obnoxiousness, I inquired with urgency, ignoring the grievance of her hurt feelings.

“Has my father called or text anything?”

“No, he hasn’t been in touch..” She replied, Her voice fractured off a bit at the end revealing the remnants of wounded pride due to my earlier words. “I’ve left message with his PA, answer should return promptly.”

Seeing she learned her lesson, I attempted to remedy the current situation swiftly. I began talking to her in a tone, more becoming of the truth of our actual relationship.

“Yuri, I apologize, I truly was just being facetious. I’m hungover and stressed out about everything that’s going on, This is all happening so fast! For the first time since I can ever remember, I’m unsure of what the future holds for me..”

My life thus far had been delicately manipulated by my father, my recently revealed independent ventures, threw in a proverbial wrench to his plans. Someone was pulling rank, forcing such public humiliation and pending criminal charges against me. I just had to trust that father would be able to renegotiate the terms of the reparations agreed upon, Ive sacrificed so much to make billions of dollars for him and his avaricious constituents, so there had to be a way. I could see Yurika contemplating my apologetic words, she nodded and smirked a mischievous smile at me.

Abruptly, she spun around, opening the curtains in one swift movement. It felt as if someone ripped off an old bandaid, my eyes burned, as they quickly tried to acclimate to the light. I screamed several expletives, as she tossed a dry cleaner bag onto the bed. Encased was a creamy off white slim cut suit I had just gotten tailored last week. She then commented snidely.

“I hope I don’t have to dress you as well, I thought we’ve grown out of such habits?”

With the introduction of light and my eyes finally adjusted, I was finally able to fully appraise her as she stood out against the backdrop of my monotone bedroom. Her most striking feature in my opinion, was her chocolaty brown eyes, marked by her father’s Japanese heritage with slanted edges and full lids. It gave an exotic accent to her earthy dark brown complexion, compliments of her Congolese mother. Her hair, au natural, was pulled up to resemble a pearl accented crown of kinky curls. She possessed deadly curves on a sleek nimble frame, giving her the appearance of a chocolate Jessica Rabbit crowned with a glorious Afro. She was draped in a white blouse, it showed just enough collarbone and a hint of cleavage. Her teal pencil skirt hugged her hips and accentuated her seemingly endless legs. Standing at a model-esque five foother nine, she held the envy of most woman and was coveted by countless men. She accessorized with simple pearls around her neck and creamy beige Red Bottom’s, effortlessly she encompassed the ideal of a feminine beauty.


A person of common means would cringe, aghast at the price tag for such womanly perfection. Especially when faced with the facts this woman was born in a body of male origins, I felt a sense of pride at the wise choice in investment. She had always been a pretty boy, but he was a mere caterpillar to the butterfly she was now.

When I first met the boy, then named Yurisaku, he was the tender age of fourteen. I myself, was 11 years old.. going on 25. I was always a knowledgeable and curious child, I knew how to take advantage of my elite position in life and influence the ‘common folk'(as mother liked to call them, at least in decent company) around me to fulfill my childish whims. It had all occurred during a continental tour of the great motherland, another ‘gift’ from father that was no doubt another diversion for mother.


We had been sent to many countries in Europe, South America, as well as Asia and its surrounding islands, whenever father needed us out the way; I had personally requested Africa for this continental road trip specifically. Father had always said there was nothing to see in Africa, “just animals living amongst animals” as he liked to crudely put it. I never believed such talk and at the bequest of my dearly departed Grandmother Cassandra Scarlette, she had set up a trust for me and the trip was a stipulation, plus, it was an act of my childhood rebellion.

We cruised over to Africa, landing in Morocco to begin our trip south along the western border. I felt a connection to the land and its people, something I couldn’t explain, and depending on where we were, the reception of a wealthy black american woman and her ‘white’ child differed. Some treated us as family and long time friends, but we found the wide consensus amongst the people, was that my mother was an uppity white man’s whore or a clever Black American thief. They treated mother like crap and refused to serve her at times, I on the other hand, received the same treatment as majority of white people were awarded with. They catered to my every whim and need, while they ignored my mother and probably would have fought her in the streets given the chance. She took to only eating from our accompanying personal chef, for obvious reasons, and it was one of the many times that I saw money, could ‘fix’ anything.

When we finally made it to Cameroon, we found father had payed for a stay at an exclusive luxury safari resort, located in the very heart of Africa. Five star treatment, and several exhilarating trips throughout the savannah, all accompanied by a South African tour guide, who was supposed to be an expert on the wonders the continent had to offer. She was such a striking pale blonde, with the most beautiful accent, accentuated by a gentle demeanor. We greatly approved of the hotel service upon arrival, after traveling for so long we were grateful to finally stay in one place for a bit of an extended period.

Unfortunately this was just two years after the First Congo War, and the the resort, unfortunately, was located just off the border of the country formerly known as Zaire. The grounds of the facility were advertised to be heavily fortified, and openly proclaimed mercenaries had been contracted for added defense. It appeared no expense was spared in construction of the reservation, the amenities were lavishly comfortable and accommodating, all with top of the line security systems.

We were enjoying our amazing stay without much incident, until the very last night, fifteen days into our stay at the reservation. Tensions had been rising on the border of the Central African Rep. for weeks now, things just happened to take a turn for the worse when we were visiting. I had been finishing a survival techniques class offered at the resort, much to Ti’Hatcha’s discomfort. My abilities of persuasion allowed me, an eleven year old, to take a class with an age requirement of 17. I was given a gun and taught to shoot, excelling of course, as I did in most things.

In the early evenings and late nights, certain wild predators and scavengers got close to the compound; posing various dangers on top of the increasingly volatile Congolese rebels to the southern border. On the last night of our trip, I wandered the facility alone, bold as a blue moon. Earlier that day, we received news of a Japanese owned Blood Diamond mine, across the border, was overrun by rebels who convinced many of the workers into revolting, and mutiny ensued. That conflict brought fire towards the resort, with it being so close in proximity to the border and the mines. The emergency sirens of the compound began wailing in protest, the sound sent the crew and resort patrons into a rioting panic. A thickly accented voice could be heard above the ruckus, he seem to try (and fail) to portray a calming authoritative tone.

— “Attention Patrons and Personnel, we are being attacked, on the southern border of the facility. ALL PERSONNEL MUST REPORT, IMMEDIATELY! Guests of the facility, please remain calm, as we have everything under control. Please rendezvous in the lobby, where we will begin emergency evacuation. We have helicopter evacuation procedures in effect! Please stay away from compound borders and follow all our procedures to ensure your safety!” —

He went on to repeat that message a few times, the severity of the situation being emphasized fully. I was sure Ti’Hatcha was scouring the facility for me, probably tearing the literal roof off the place, and I didn’t want to worry him too much. As I turned around to head back to the main building, I heard the haggard approach of something large in the bushes, it sounded like an animal being stalked as prey. I definitely heard the telltale signs signaling, that whatever it was, it was be being chased, as several other creatures could be heard. I paused in wait, raising my rifle in preparation.

In my intrepid youthful ignorance, I held my breath in anticipation of my first kill. The bushes violently signaled that whatever it was, it was about to break free into the clearing. The sirens still wailed, and an explosion on the other side of the compound signaling the viciousness of the impending battle to hold off the rebels. To the west, the sound of the helicopters and Evac Crew in approach, could be heard in the distance. What appeared to be a wounded animal broke free of the bushes, it was covered in mud and foliage from the jungle.

As it came closer, I could make out that this creature was a boy appearing around my age; I then recognized the camouflage technique, of mud caked with dry brush, from my earlier survival class. His left leg was bleeding profusely, and was slowing him down. I prepared my shot, lining up my target. I inhaled, holding it as I pulled the trigger just as three men dressed in ruddy and muddy fatigues burst through the bushes, coming out right behind the wounded boy. My shot connected with the first man, he dropped to the ground as his two comrades raised their guns to shoot in retaliation. I took my next shot, caught the man to left in his chest, and his shot misfired, missing me by a few yards.

The other man was able to catch the boy in his wounded leg, bringing him to his knees. I think it only grazed him, running on pure adrenaline, he stood up shakily to keep pushing ahead, towards me and possible safety. I missed my next shot, but the one after hit its intended target, the third man dropping to the ground in a lumping heap. I paused in shock at what had just transpired, patting myself on the back, internally, for good shooting, it didn’t even register to me that I had taken the life of three men.

The boy collapsed about a yard away from me, finally reaching the breaking point of exhaustion. I ran to him, but in vainglorious ignorance I wouldn’t touch him to avoid soiling my clothes. Besides, mother would have flipped had I been tainted by who knows what was, covering this boy and we were told all types of diseases were rampant in Africa. As I turn to run for help, I saw that it had finally arrived in the form of Ti’Hatcha. He accessed the bodies on the ground in the distance as he approached me and the bruised boy at my feet, I quickly filled him in on what transpired as he lifted the boy.

Exhausted and bleeding out, he was limp in the arm of Ti’Hatcha, he looked almost close to death. We ran inside the lobby of the resort, as several of the helicopters were already departing for evacuation. I wasn’t worried, we would more than likely have our own two or three to acquire us and our full traveling staff. We took the elevators to our room, finding mother with the assistants all packed up and ready to depart. She looked at us first with anger for being late, then with disgust as she saw what accompanied us. I told Ti’Hatcha to tend to our guest in the bedroom, he went to clean the boy up as I spoke to mother. She ranted, and raved, carrying on in the way she was so famous for in private. I explained what happened and I could see the gears turning in her head, she asked why the men were chasing him and I told her I failed to inquire when they were shooting at me.

She called for Ti’Hatcha to bring the boy into the living room of the suite, he entered after a few minutes carrying the boy carefully. Cleaned of all the camouflaging gook, he was revealed to be a handsome young boy, with the most beautiful obsidian complexion. He was stitched and bandaged, but appeared no worse for wear. Mother quickly started her twenty one questions routine, inquiring in depth about the identity of the young man.

He told us how he was the son of a Japanese jeweler that purchased a few of the diamond mines from the french a few decades ago, he informed us about how his father took to the indigenous women almost immediately. Taking his Congolese mother as a consort, she was quickly with child. Much to the chagrin of the father, his son came out to be a spitting image of himself but in a darkly hued skin tone, maybe just the slightest bit prettier. He was even more at a grievance when said son grew up to be, as delicate as a lotus petal, even having movements and mannerisms reminiscent of his own mother’s sex appeal.

The rebels had planned an attack on the mines when they knew his father and himself were on location, even worse, He had been caught by his father with one of the young miners kissing, and in experimentation he dressed in a wig and some make up. That was the last straw for his father, and he pulled a sword from a cane he carried, quickly ending the life of the mine worker with a slash to the throat. The boy then described how in the chaos of the rebel attack he was able to escape into the jungle, running north out of the Congo. He was being chased for days and was on little food and rest, the men his father hired pursued him up until the border.

When he got to the edge of the animal reserve gate, he heard the beginning sounds of the rebel attack on the resort. He tried to go around to the front for help, at first, but he had stumbled upon rebels who recognized him, they shot him in the leg. He was able to breach the outer gate to get through the animal habitats, covering himself with the elements of his environment. He made his way to the north side figuring it would be his best bet, he had to do his best to avoid the wild animals, as well as the following rebels.

Mother had sat silently, assessing her options, “You always have options, but just figuring out what they are is half the battle.” as She liked to say sometimes. She told the boy that we were evacuating to South Africa and then returning to America subsequently. The boy who we now identified as Yurisaku Kyoto, warned that his father would search for him at all airports and most certainly have him killed to preserve the reputation of his legacy. I had an idea, whispering the details into mother’s ear, she blanched at first but then nodded her head in agreement. She grabbed two of her assistants and the boy, rushing them into the bedroom with a few of her bags.

Things were beginning to sound even more nasty outside, if that was even possible at this point, and the building shook every few moments as the assault closed in, breaking through defenses. After a few moments, four women emerged from the room, TiHatcha’s jaw dropping in shock. While it wasn’t perfect, but it was passible. His angular but delicate features, accentuated by light makeup and a dark brown flowing mid back length wig. He looked like a prepubescent girl just in the dawn of womanhood, just a bit tomboyish in the dress but it gave a bit of a relaxed realness a young girl would have. We quickly regrouped ourselves to depart. Ti’Hatcha led the way to our EVAC helicopters carrying Yurika, mother had decided on the quick name alteration. We had just made it good into the air when we saw explosions from within the resort, everything being destroyed as the rest of what was left of the personnel retreated. We made our liaison in Cameroon that held our private jet, we also had Ti’Hatcha check if anyone was searching for our guest and to see if he can obtain fake documents from our connect in the country.

We were going to take Yurika back home with us, and in order to do that, we would need a whole new identity for her. That didn’t come cheap, Yurika had pretty much pledged her life to us to save her. We were her only hope, she would owe us for the rest of her life and that was alright to her. We got to South Africa and had a brief run in with Yurika’s father Maximo Kyoto, he was at the airport in the VIP. The wealthy had a cocktail lounge to themselves to relax before flights. He knew of us through father, they had done business together. I never had the pleasure to work with him in my adulthood though, so it had been a long time since I’d seen him, father liked to deal with certain clients exclusively.

He was a handsome man, graying at the temples, but barely a line on his face. He carried a cane with a bejeweled Owl head at the base of the handle, and the gold gleamed while the large diamond eyes sparkled. He seemed a bit creepy, looking at me with what looked like a sick hidden lust for my prepubescent body and I could feel him ogling me. Mother gave our condolences for his recently deceased son, apparently he had been kidnapped and killed by rebels during a raid, he didn’t really seem all that sad about it either. He really didn’t seem too suspicious, but was insistent on keeping us company, up until we boarded our jet. As we departed for our home bound jet to America, we hid Yurika amongst the many assistants and personnel, with the identity we created for her being the best there was available, everything was in full effect.

Upon entering the states, things had quickly returned to business as usual. Mother squired the newly blossomed Yurika as she further evolved into the perfect jasmine flower, giving her the educational support to craft what was quickly revealed to be an exponential mind. Her body grew in nicely and she had a few feminizing surgeries to hide any masculine tells. Her face, we never touched, as it was perfect all on its own.

Mother used Yurika as her Head PA to prepare her for a life as my eventual personal assistant and lawyer, she was groomed to be the best of the best, she never disappointed and could find information on anything, anywhere. We eventually became closer, over the years, as she was the only person I was in constant contact with anywhere near my age. She became as much a part of the family as Ti’Hatcha, maybe more. She handled everything for us down to the very last detail, we would probably be lost without her today. She received no compensation as all her needs were taken care of financially with a card directly to our weekly allowance of $500k for shopping and leisure. We took care of her, she took care of us.

Surprisingly, Her father never found any leads to us and eventually as time passed, we believe he moved on. Yurika later confided in me a deeper truth to her father’s pursuit of her, he had a series of files that are proof to his dealings with the rebels that eventually overthrew the French to take Zaire. She also had codes that acsessed several of his bases of operation, she could cripple all of his assets, but she never acted because she still loved him.

Abruptly, I was brought out of my thoughts to the present, as Yurika made her way to the door to my room, she clapped her hands to bring the lights on.

“Jynx, please just get ready as soon as possible, it’s almost seven thirty.. We can’t be late, haven’t you learned by now that not even YOU are above the law? We have to be there at eight thirthy sharp for the verdict and I’m still waiting on contact from your father… We just have to be patient and trust that he knows what he’s doing.”

She spoke in a slightly frustrated tone, as she made her departure, I just threw myself back on the bed in exasperation.

*How the fuck am I going to get myself out of this one..*

I cycled through nonexistent options, before I eventually dragged my hungover and dehydrated body to its feet, sluggishly dragging myself to the bathroom to start my morning hygiene ritual, that normally took an hour. Since I tied my lengthy hair up last night it cut that time in half, I was ready in record time to meet Ti’Hatcha in the dinning room waiting for me to join him at breakfast. When my parents were away I always allowed some of ‘the help’ to eat at the table with me, mother would have a fit if she ever found out. The chef had prepared my favorite dishes, her attempt to brighten my mood through my stomach faltered. I had no appetite this morning, managing to force down a small fresh fruit salad.

Ti’Hatcha was silent as always, but seemed to be concentrated on me more than usual, I caught him peering at me over the New York Times he read. I pushed my unfinished plate away, covering it with a napkin. Ti’Hatcha immediately rose to go prepare the guard team and the transportation, Yurika made her way into the room to fill me in on what exactly was on today’s agenda.

We discussed what would happen in a worse case scenario, I dreaded that outcome and I wasn’t sure I could handle going to prison, I couldn’t even fathom it. Ti’Hatcha returned to the room signaling it was time to go, we made haste to the group of nondescript hybrid black navigators. There would no doubt be a frenzy of media and spectators surrounding the courthouse, a few decoy vehicles would enter through the front and us the back. I couldn’t handle being in front of the cameras, dealing with such humiliation face to face. We departed, arriving at the back entrance with eight minutes to spare, the police escort Ti’Hatcha requested was our saving grace.

We enter the building, moving through security, to stand outside the courtroom. I was hit with a wave of anxiety and nausea, reality kicking me straight in the gut. Yurika saw the look in my eyes and quickly pulled me into her, as she whispered sweet words of encouragement in my ear, her phone started to sound and vibrate. She looked at her caller ID and gave me a cautioned look that could only be a sign of my father’s call, she stepped away to get more privacy, while we waited in the lobby. I turn around to see mother dressed in a blue blouse and a pearl pencil skirt, accented with her white peekaboo toe five inch heels. She approached me with her arms wide, pulling me in for a hug and kiss. She mentioned, she was there for emotional support and I was thankful. Just as we were summoned into the courtroom for the proceedings, Yurika returned whispering good news.

“Your father said ALL was taken care of, he mentioned speaking to the judge confirming the verdict. He said we needn’t worry about a thing.”

I smiled grimly at her, the relief rushed through my body releasing built up tension. *He FINALLY came through, I should have had faith that he would* I thought, as Yurika and I made our way into the courtroom. Ti’Hatcha and my mother took a seat in the row behind us, looking to my right put me eye to eye with the smug looking DA. We only shared a few seconds of intense gazing, before were ordered to rise for the so called honorable judge. He enters, taking his seat, immediately getting the ball rolling. The jury was then escorted into the courtroom, and the judge stated.

“Has the jury reached a decision?”

An older Asian woman stood up to address the judge in the affirmative, she cautiously began.

“We the jury, have come to a consensus on our verdict regarding the charges against Mr. Jynx Joseph Ellison.”

She handed a slip of paper to the bailiff to pass on to the judge, and he read the verdict. I caught his quick glance in my direction, before he passed the paper back to the juror through the bailiff. The jury forewoman stood, proceeding after prompting from the judge.

“In the case of Jynx Ellison versus the State of New York case #634275. We find, the defendant Jynx Joseph Ellison, on the count of Treason against the United States of America.. Not Guil..”

All my senses blacked out, I could feel myself still standing but I couldn’t hear, nor could I see, anything. I gripped the edge of the table, bracing myself so this anxiety attack or whatever it was, wouldn’t take me off my feet. Yurika grasped my arm and I could barely make out her elated voice saying something along the lines of “Two down, one to go”. My head spun dizzily, my life flashed before my eyes as though I were dying. All my most cherished memories and images of my mother, grandmother, Yurika, Ti’Hatcha, even some of my father filled my vision. I was brought to the present, when the verdict of the final charge was about to be read.

“On the final count of Money Laundering, we the Jury, find the defendant … Guilty.”


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  1. Sir Tiggy of Smalls says:

    And now the origin of Yurika is revealed!

    I never understood not truly loving your child. Perhaps there are more narcissists and sociopaths present than we think. To want to kill your child over their sexuality…do not wealthy families just cover that sort of thing up with beards? If your child repeats that you do not like another adult, do you not admonish them and tell them to keep quiet? Why not just make your child into something they are not? That at least has some validity to it, however misguided. abandoning the fruit of your loins, wanting to end your line because they did not turn out perfectly..mold them into you and pay for therapy later.

    Do not the disgustingly rich swing and traffic foreign sex slave workers for their amusement? I just…think perhaps the father has his own demons he is dealing with and cannot see them fulfilled in his child.

    So, Jynx may…actually be going to jail.

    Those dreams…you bite my lip…I spit up your nostril and headbutt you. I never understood pleasure being associated with pain. I understand scratching an itch to distract from the previous irritation, but hickeys, biting…no. Perhaps those are subconscious omens of the people who are plotting against him. All that power and found guilty…for helping people?

    Talk about “No good deed goes unpunished”.

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